Harry Nathan – Frontin’ Me [Official Music Video] (Video)

Harry Nathan – Frontin’ Me [Official Music Video]

Just recently we were treated to the lo-fi psychedelic sounds of ‘Sweet Release’ by Australian artist Harry Nathan. That single also came with word of his upcoming sophomore ep and this week he is giving us the next taste of that ep with this chilled late-night groove, ‘Frontin Me’.

Harry Nathan delivers another fine example of his smooth lounge / disco house inspired music that washes over you in a warm nostalgic flow; imagine the bright neon lights passing you buy as you cruise through the streets of Los Angeles on a warm summer’s night.

“The song was recorded into a 1984 SONY M-10 microcassette recorder. I wasn’t really sure what I was singing, I was just jamming and mumbling, stream of consciousness kind of thing. When entering this kind of trance, my lyrics tend to reflect unsurfaced emotions, and it wasn’t until after I had finished recording that I realised the song was about people that are fake, putting up a façade trying to impress all the time.” – Harry Nathan

To help bring this track to life Harry teamed up with a few of his mates recently to shoot a quirky visual accompaniment. As Harry explains below, he did have a general idea going into this shoot but like all great things it took on a life of its own and went in a completely different direction…

Music Video: https://youtu.be/I_AZCOhTOPE

“We made the video with our mates, actors Odeya Rush, Ryan Lee and Christian Valderrama.The original idea was for me to perform the song, though it quickly evolved on the fly to me being on an ambiguous red carpet, being interviewed by Tammy. I entered a trance that took me back to my fourth-grade sleepover.” – Harry Nathan

‘Frontin Me’ is available everywhere now via French tastemaker label, Kitsuné.

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Noumenah – Prologue (It Floods Through) (Spotify)

Noumenah – Prologue (It Floods Through)

Noumenah – Prologue (It Floods Through) (Spotify)

An ambient track filled with dreamy textures and solemn energy from the debut album of Noumenah "Seer". A wise but slow progression which guide you in deeper emotional states with a relaxing atmospheric fog.

Noumenah is the electronica project of LA-based composer Andrew John Napier. This projects displays the titillating soundscapes of modern electronica/ambient music coupled with the formal dynamism found in film music.

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Matthew Avery – Lost (Spotify)

Matthew Avery – Lost

Matthew Avery – Lost (Spotify)

Matthew Avery is a composer based in San Diego, California and in this new release, with "Lost" deliver as an emotive cinematic neoclassical theme that goes beyong the clouds, beyond the mountains, deep in uknown territories, exploring how deep feelings can be.

Banana Belt – Cambria (Spotify)

Banana Belt – Cambria

Banana Belt – Cambria (Spotify)

Banana Belt with their Instrumental music"Cambria" inspired by 70's Latin Disco and Afro-Funk delivers the right chill funky vibes for the summer. A soft groove to start a wonderful day or end a great night.

Borg – Mission Impossible (Spotify)

Borg – Mission Impossible

Borg – Mission Impossible (Spotify)

More up-tempo, "classically pop" and straight to the point, "Mission Impossible" still dwells in the same landscape as the tracks from her first, more searching and experimental, release. A landscape where synths are ethereal, stories are strong and hearts are broken.

- "It's a song about dreadful indecisiveness. About a spring of going back and forth, only to realize that as autumn comes you're still in the same place.", Borg says. "I find my stories to find energy in that clash of sweet and dreadful, and I think it reflects on the sound."

About Borg:
After having spent a few years in different musical collaborations, lending her voice to acts as different as The Honeydrips and Olov Antonsson, Amanda Ingeborg Runestam sneak launched her solo project in December '19 with the "Honest and Cool" EP.

BORG, ”fortress” in Swedish, is a place for her uncompromising expression within the realm of pop. It's where she tells her stories of love and anxieties. Her voice, a natural force emanating from the deep, dark forests of Sweden, is supported by delicate, neon-like, soundscapes of arpeggiated synths, pads and precise percussion.


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Anthony John Armintrout, Paul Wayne Armintrout, Life as a Moon – She Waits for Morning (Spotify)

Anthony John Armintrout, Paul Wayne Armintrout, Life as a Moon – She Waits for Morning

Anthony John Armintrout, Paul Wayne Armintrout, Life as a Moon – She Waits for Morning (Spotify)

"She Waits for Morning" is the second release of "Life as a moon", a simple reflection on the small moments of beauty that exist as night fades into the new day, gently performed and well recorded unleashes is beauty and harmonics perfums in right steps. An emotive neoclassical theme.

Life as a moon is music by identical twin brothers, both living in the Pacific Northwest. The music is emotional and thoughtful, combining both ambient and cinematic elements.

Emilya ndMe -Taxi Driver//Official Lyric video (Video)

Emilya ndMe -Taxi Driver//Official Lyric video

This song is about escaping from the daily routine to renew yourself somewhere else. Lauretta Grechi said: “I imagined a conversation with a taxi driver during a taxi ride explain him that I’d like to reach a new, special place where to live and spend my life leaving doubts, past and old loves affairs back”. Once you hit play the shine music layering lights all the shades you may had and the sweet voice of Lauretta Grechi and wonderful lyrics keeps your interest on making this “taxi drive” a good journey for the listener fullfilling his expectations to the end.

Few words about the artist:
Lauretta Grechi Galeno aka Emilya ndMe is an Indie rock, Electro-Pop song writer from Genoa

In love with music since an early age, Emilya ndMe initially approaches Jazz music (which she will never abandon) and Swing music. A musical journey full of experiences such as:

Participation in the Lunezia Award as song writer at the age of 20 and musical collaborations with the world of theater since summer 2016.

The sounds are straddling Indie rock and Electro Pop music international, crushing the eye to Trip Hop, to Downtempo and Glitch. The influences are multiple and revolve around the musical experiences of Emilya ndMe like Daughter, Florence and the Machine, Metric, Garbage, Jack White, Portishead without ever forgetting the cultural background coming from genres like Jazz, Swing and Grunge Rock.
….and more…
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Bad Money – Ashes (Spotify)

Bad Money – Ashes

Bad Money – Ashes (Spotify)

"Bad Money" an Indie-Pop Duo from Birmingham, UK. Just delivered their latest single “Ashes” which really touches home with the mental struggles everyone faces nowadays. The lyrics were born from the dark place that can be a real challenge to get out of, and tells the tale of the battle faced. A wonderful music production with funkiness which delivers a positive outlook.

Take Me There – Distance Is Our Enemy (Spotify)

Take Me There – Distance Is Our Enemy

Take Me There – Distance Is Our Enemy (Spotify)

A song from the 4th release from the swedish ambient artist Take Me There. In this release there is a heavier focus on minimalism and making the listener feel relaxed, lush atmospheric pads and slow ambient progressive which delivers the right pleasure to ears.

Take Me There is a experimental ambient artist from south Sweden, who makes instrumental music that is meant to be soothing, relaxing and to create other certain different moods and thoughts for the listeners. He is a new up and coming artist who is completely self-taught and has just started out making music after learning to play guitar and to produce through audio softwares like Ableton Live. With every song he tries to create a different ambient soundscape or feeling for the listener by mixing everyday ambient sounds with sustained sounds like ambient drones and instruments like guitar, piano and cello.
spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/4U5SwY8EauxTV4YATwDP7O
soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/elias-j-nsson-3
youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCREeywOdCmRT_ykp0CTKCTg
bandcamp https://takemethere.bandcamp.com/
twitter https://twitter.com/TakeMeT88351084

VoColor, Eldar – Until The End (Spotify)

VoColor, Eldar – Until The End

VoColor, Eldar – Until The End (Spotify)

"Until the End" is VoColor's second single feat. Eurovision 2011 winner Eldar from Azerbaijan. A song which allready has gained massive media coverage in Azerbaijan. Bright tight sound production with warm vocals and wonderful lyrics which leads to hope for the future

About VoColor:
VoColor is a project by Swedish singer/songwriter Sebastian Ekstrand, known as the vocalist of Metalcore band Escape The Day, and Greek lyricist Nikos Sofis.

They first met and started working in early-2016, when the two got together to work on Ekstrand's solo single "Come To Me". Having collaborated well together, Sofis involved Ekstrand on the song "If I Could" for Moldovan artist Max Fall, a song that was submitted to represent Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. The same year, the two worked on Ekstrand's next solo single, "Hold On". During the same year, Ekstrand involved Sofis into the writing process of Escape the Day's comeback single "Breaking The Tide", released in early-2018. The two have also worked together on the song "Hypnotized", released in 2018 by popular Azerbaijani pop star Samra. In 2019, Ekstrand and Sofis collaborated once again and wrote the song "Stop Breathing" for Angelika Pushnova, who tried to represent her country, Belarus, in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/7eAMAs8IoQonz26J6Xe5S0
soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/vocolormusic
youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMj87EnPHnjmbAuaajFaSmQ
bandcamp https://vocolor.bandcamp.com/
twitter https://twitter.com/VoColorOfficial
facebook https://www.facebook.com/vocolorofficial
instagram https://www.instagram.com/vocolorofficial/