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Saah – Shine (Spotify)

“We know that many of you miss the warm days of a warming summer. Saah's new creation - Shine is an example of a perfect neoclassical piece. 4 minutes of summer in our cold, lonely hearts.”

“Мы знаем, что многие из вас скучают по тёплым дням согревающего лета. Новое творение Saah - Shine пример идеального неоклассического произведения. 4 минуты лета в наши холодные, одинокие сердца.”

"Shine" is an emotional, optimistic piano based instrumental. it is then accompanied by a gentle string orchestra.

Jayani – Cobblestone (Video)

“Feel the harmony of a tired city leaving into the sunset. Only you, the disappearing ball of the incandescent sun and Cobblestone music in your headphones. You have never been as calm as you are now. Only you. Only music.”

“Почувствуете гармонию уходящего в закат уставшего города. Только вы, исчезающий шар раскалённого солнца и музыка Cobblestone в ваших наушниках. Вы ещё никогда небыли так спокойны, как сейчас. Только вы. Только музыка.”

“Cobblestone” is an intimate narrative that shines a light on the heart of a wanderlust traveller. Smooth guitar welcomes you into an immersive dream-like soundscape, melting the floor as a valley of floating synths elevate around a soft, reminiscent pop vocal. Ephemeral sound-clips illustrate the scene and bring the story to life atop warm wooden percussion and a wavy, calming tempest of ~vibey~ bass. Max explains the inspiration behind the track:

I wrote “Cobblestone” in response to a summer of frantic travels following life at boarding school. It’s a melancholic, step-by-step retelling of my experience realizing something important. I used to believe that if only I could escape from the pressures and scrutiny of society – to post up somewhere in the middle of a forest – I’d finally feel free and happy. I mean, I’d still love to try that one day. But what I realized was… I expected peace of mind and a weight lifted from my soul from going solo. Instead, I found I missed my people even more. <3

Joshua Carlton – Her grand arrival (Video)

“Another perfection arrives from Joshua Carlton: “Her grand arrival”. Gently strong (Neo) Classical piece created for the rainy Winter days. A must for your ears and mood control.”

Oregon instrumentalist Joshua Carlton toured the world with post rock band This Patch of Sky for the last decade. This lead him to compose music for television and film such as ‘Brand, a Second Coming’ (a documentary film on actor Russell Brand and his battle with drug addiction), and the Vice channel. He has also been featured in the McDonald’s Ramadan commercial, as well as large brands such as Petco. Joshua’s excited to share his new solo project. “This is an album that I absolutely had to write” he says of 2021 debut ‘Moonlight Under the Black Flag’. Joshua was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in February of 2020 and found solace in purging his emotions through the music he was composing. “This music is truly my heart, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it”.

Conor Mulroy x Michael Feingold – The Moon’s Reflection Under the Water (Spotify)

“Conor Mulroy and Michael Feingold presented very cinematic material to their listeners. Deep, thick layers of ambient, hammer piano echo and drone fog around us. A treat for true gourmets!”

“Весьма кинематографичный материал подарили своим слушателям Conor Mulroy и Michael Feingold. Глубокие, густые слои эмбиента, эхо молоточкового фортепиано и туман окружающего нас дрона. Удовольствие для истинных гурманов!”

Conor Mulroy & Michael Feingold - The Moon’s Reflection Under the Water Song Bio:

In April of 2020 Conor Mulroy and Michael Feingold collaborated to create the album Echoes from A Fading Clocktower. Conor sketched out the music on his piano in Colorado, then created MIDI versions which he sent to Michael in Western Massachusetts. Michael used the MIDI piano reductions to orchestrate the pieces, creating an organic sounding album. Sketches started being created in late March of 2020 while waiting for the approaching pandemic. Michael’s thoughtful arrangements make it hard to believe that sending the music electronically across the country in the form of MIDI computer data was part of the creative process.

Conor Mulroy & Michael Feingold Bio

Conor Mulroy is a composer whose style covers a wide range of musical influences. He founded Melmac Records in 2015 through which he has released 11 albums. He has a master’s degree in music composition and is currently pursuing a doctorate in music composition at the University of Northern Colorado. As a composer he writes music that draws inspiration from a variety of genres. As a performer he plays electric, classical, and acoustic guitar, mandolin, and banjo.

Michael Feingold is an Orchestrator, guitarist & producer whose work covers a wide variety of genres. He has played guitar for artists such as Bruno Mars, Jay-Z, Erykah Badu, & Kanye West. Currently he is working as lead orchestrator for the video game series “Destiny" by Bungie as well as orchestrating for the upcoming TV series “The Old Man” starring Jeff Bridges.

Conor Mulroy & Michael Feingold have worked together on multiple projects, including 2 singer/songwriter records of Conor’s music, and the orchestration of a 15 minute piece composed by Conor arranged for symphony orchestra. In 2015 Michael orchestrated 3 short vignettes Conor had written, and after 5 years of brainstorming how to approach creating music together again they carefully sculpted Echoes From a Fading Clocktower.

Conor Mulroy & Michael Feingold Social Media

Phil Anker – The Longest Night (Spotify)

“The whisper of percussion in The Longest Night and light, unobtrusive elements of Future Garage are an amazing combination of sound ideas in one small but cozy composition from Phil Anker.”

“Шепот перкуссии в The Longest Night и лёгкие, ненавязчивые элементы Future Garage - это удивительное сочетание звуковых идей в одной небольшой, но уютной композиции от Phil Anker.”

John Bickerton – Daybreak (Spotify)

“Home is where the heart is. John Bickerton tells us a life story that is like a mirror to each of us. The piano sounds in this neoclassical album work wonders. Heartland is our choice, which we are happy to share with you.”

“Дом там, где сердце. John Bickerton повествует нам историю жизни, которая словно зеркало каждого из нас. Звуки фортепиано в этом неоклассическом альбоме творят чудеса. Heartland - наш выбор, которым мы с удовольствием делимся с вами.”

The Regular – Don’t Let Me Go (Video)

“Freedom and independence. This is the first thing you’ll feel when you first fill the gap in your playlist with this soulful song from The Regular. This unusual and memorable vocals with elements of country music will resonate in your soul with a positive wave for a long time.”

“Свобода и независимость. Это первое, что вы почувствуете, когда впервые заполните пробел в вашем плейлисте этой душевной песней от The Regular. Этот необычный и запоминающийся вокал с элементами музыки кантри будет ещё долгое время резонировать в вашей душе позитивной волной.”

Don’t Let me Go is a hands on the wheel, windows down, volume up type of tune that you can’t help but sing along to.

The Regular is an indie-folk band based in Denver, Colorado. Creating a captivating sound inspired by artists like Bob Dylan and The Lumineers. Their music offers a variety of sound, which takes shape from the catchy, off-your-feet melodies to the raw, slow and sultry ballads.

dudegotosleep – The One (Spotify)

“Warm and happy House tune with steady beat and leading piano melodies. Do you feel bad? We recommend this track to take away any feelings of sadness and melancholy.”

A beautiful lofi house tune we feel the world needs in a time when were all forced to be so separated from our loved ones. - dudegotosleep

With high quality and hard work ethic as the backbone, dudegotosleep is the first all-genre experience of its kind. It's creators have performed on various stages from LA to Miami, have logged many hours producing for the project, and will be releasing mass amounts of tunes in all bpm's over the coming decade. From beautiful house to complex oddities, there is most certainly going to be something for everyone. Tune in, listen close, and come see yourself the freshest tunes this side of the Mississippi.

Maryna Aksenov – Expectation (Spotify)

“Waiting for the kiss of a loved one. Waiting for the sun to rise and the lonely face of the moon. Waiting for travel from edge to edge. Expectation from Maryna Aksenov - everything that we all love and certainly wait at the temple of our desires.”

“В ожидание поцелуя любимого человека. В ожидание восхода солнца и одинокого лика луны. В ожидание путешествий от края до края. Expectation от Maryna Aksenov - всё то, чего мы все любим и непременно ждём у храма наших желаний.”

Cosmyte Interview on Nagamag



What are the genres that describe better your music style?

Always Galactic, either Ambiant/Chillout and/or Electronica/Techno/Psychedelic

Few words about your musical background and career?

Since 2014 Profesor Galacticus and Captain Frictus are colaborating as a galactic team in other project, Neenboo, a 7 musicians world music project.
In 2017, they decided to create Cosmyte.

This atypical crew is constantly evolving by creating its own galaxy, led by Pr. Galacticus (machines) and Captn Frictus (handpan), it includes talented companions met during music tours around Europe, Russia, India, China and Latin America, bringing a unique experience to each appearance. A journey between organic human vibrations, cosmic instruments and mechanical machines oscillations, Cosmyte is a real musical android.

In 2019 the Cosmyte Spaceship joined the Hadra label Team (Hadra Alter Vision Record).

In 2020 the Cosmyte crew droped out two EP's: Pyramyte Awake Side and Pyramyte Dream Side

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

There are a lot of moments, concerts, people, places, that gave us the right impact.
One of them is traveling as "pre-profesional" musicians with Super Cumbia band, some Argentinian friends, touring in Europe. We were spending so much good time as a band, as a family, as travelers, by traveling and playing all together.
Other is a concert of Djamanawak, a french band, when they played a 3h30 improvised concert. We were like "wooow, so nice, we want to do that" !

Do you have some project that you want to talk about for 2021

We are working on a Lullaby project.
It's about musical ceremony, a 7 hours night playing, with people sleeping, or dreaming, or just flying inside.
We try explore music as a channel to connect with bigger space in this crazy times, in this crazy world.
We want to explore more about this project.

You recently talked in social networks about an "inversion of the polarity of human consciousness". What about it?

We don't really know more about it, but we can say you that Jbiboulak community announced us by a sercret chanel, that hapenned on the 17 december 2020 this "inversion of the polarity of human consciousness". A kind of global mental change that can happen on earth by the dreams.
They also gave us a link as a cosmic gate to connect to it:
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Music has no borders and many of us we may listen to more genres that we are mainly involved. So share with Nagamag which track comes first in your mind from music but is NOT similar to your genre?

Super Cumbia y la liga de la Alegria "La vida está hecha pa' otra cosa"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Symbolico Triptrap

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