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SØLYS – Tranquility (Spotify)

SØLYS – Tranquility

“Tranquility” by Canadian composer and multi-instrumentalist SØLYS (Michael Chambers) is lilting atmospheric piece centred around a simple piano motif. About halfway through the song a glockenspiel enters like a soft lullaby. The piano motif finally returns, joined by a rich backdrop of lush guitars and synth pads. Perfect for sleep and relaxation playlists.

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Shortwave – Frozen Waves (Spotify)

Shortwave – Frozen Waves

Music composed for Frozen Lake Michigan & a companion to drone footage – peaceful piano, acoustic guitar, and a strings. The piano morphs into an atmospheric electronic tone that carries to the end.

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Hopeful Child – The Return To The Garden (Spotify)

Hopeful Child – The Return To The Garden

Hopeful Child is a producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Eugene Oregon. A holistic lifestyle in the forest has influenced the frequencies and healing energies that resonate in his sound. Hopeful Child fuses nuances of world music, bass, hip-hop, Jazz, and Reggae to create a lush sonic pallet that connects a broad audience of people together through sound. Organic textures, hypnotizing melodies, and captivating percussive elements form a meditative safe space for the mind to wander and explore a new reality.

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Michael Baker – One God Damn (Spotify)

Michael Baker – One God Damn

One God Damn mixed by Aldous Harding/First Aid Kit Oli Baldwin and features Pedal Steel from Jack Whites band member Maggie Bjorlkland .

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Simon Husung – Transience (Spotify)

Simon Husung – Transience

The intention of this music piece is an acoustic interpretation of the continuous adaption of nature and individuals as well as the fact that everything is transitory.

The transformation from icebergs, via glaciers to floating meltwater is symbolic that nothing is forever. (see Iceberg Cover, which was shot by Simon Husung in Iceland)

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Giant Ibis – Terraform (Spotify)

Giant Ibis – Terraform

Algorithms is an incredible EP of tunes that are uplifting and deep, a great listeners journey, delving into deeper halftime DnB, Hip Hop beats with whomps, some great squelches and melodic journey tunes with ethereal vocals and fantastic atmospheres.

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Raymond Yan – absence (Spotify)

Raymond Yan – absence

a peaceful, slightly sad piano composition, all atmosphere

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Malmo, Enlia – Memories of Joi (Spotify)

Malmo, Enlia – Memories of Joi

Memories of an artificial person; what are we without our own memories..? A song that inspired by the Blade Runner universe.

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TonyModi – Panorama Point (Spotify)

TonyModi – Panorama Point

TonyModi please us with his second chapter of loops and harmonies, an instrumental hip hop and chillhop sound design for ultimate easy listening.

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Dissolve in Sepia – Between Violet and Green (Spotify)

Dissolve in Sepia – Between Violet and Green

Dissolve in Sepia is Ramon Fassina from Curitiba, Brazil. Utilizing eurorack modular synthesizers + acoustic instruments, he creates beautiful soundscapes and unique rhythms that are heavy with feelings of nostalgia and warmth.

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