Stephen Weber – Solar Spectacle (Spotify)

Stephen Weber – Solar Spectacle

Stephen Weber is Professor of Music, Chair of the Division of Arts and Humanities and Ragan Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (USAO). At USAO Weber teaches studio and class piano, composition, World Thought and Culture III, Senior Seminar, Music Technology, Rhetoric and Critical Thinking, and other classes as needed.

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Pedro Meirelles – Tear (Spotify)

Pedro Meirelles – Tear

Pedro Meirelles is a classical/rock composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Rio de Janeiro.
Throughout time, while developing his hybrid alternations of dissonant minimalism and percussive orchestrations, Meirelles began building and licensing his extensive solo catalogue while also working with renowned names such as Gogol Bordello, Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Goran Bregovic and Andrew Scheps.
“Tear” is an expansive track, building from gentle trickles into a triumphant emotive escalation. The first section resembles the beginning of a snowfall, gentle in its introduction, before a blizzard envelops the night. The track manages to effectively convey a rising-and-falling feel in under two minutes, within a wintry atmospheric pull.

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Space Above, Tom Young – Nobody Home (Spotify)

Space Above, Tom Young – Nobody Home

The new single ‘Nobody Home’ was written with New Zealand’s Tom Young of popular band LEISURE and songwriter / producer in his own right.
Presented in a hypnotic space of glitch beats and rhythmical bass, the landscape of Space Above’s trip-hop influences and dark moods showcased allowed for Tom’s vocal to propel the track further in to a world of depth, suspense and crescendo.
Space Above is the atmospheric-electronic project of New Zealand music producer Aaron Short, formerly of The Naked And Famous. Space Above strays from pop structures in an exploration of ethereal sounds and dance floor progressions. Blending spacious vocal melodies from artists including Alisa Xayalith, BOYBOY, So Below, with intoxicating electronic twists, Short is always looking further outwards for inspiration.
The project began with a series of singles and remixes emerging from Short’s home studio in Echo Park during 2015, and a full-length album titled ‘Still’ following in 2017. With its lead single ‘Fall Through’ featuring as Todays Top Tune on KCRW, and its musical themes of deeply frozen escapism, the record made for a journey that caught ears from The Line of Best Fit and Hillydilly, and premiered on Consequence of Sound.

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Borey – Ocean (Spotify)

Borey – Ocean

The single opening an anthology is about the journey of Boreas, the God personifying the North wind, around the corners of our planet. This metaphor is designed to convey the craving and desire for creativity that the author feels, drawing inspiration from the world of nature that surrounds us.

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William Ogmundson – First Day (Spotify)

William Ogmundson – First Day

William Ogmundson is a pianist, lyricist and EMMY-nominated composer. He has performed all over North America and Europe (including the Vatican) and released nine solo CDs to date. For more information, go to

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Biiko, ttypes – Mixee (Spotify)

Biiko, ttypes – Mixee

A nostalgic and brokenhearted plea to an ex-lover covered in a dreamy and atmospheric haze. Influences ranging from lounge jazz to electronic psych pop and classic pop duets from the 50s and 60s.

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Andarctica – Held (Spotify)

Andarctica – Held

“held | pur” is the fourth release of the ambient music project, andarctica. Two live improvisations on guitar and pedals, “held | pur” begins with a bright, open-armed invitation before turning inward with the persistent pulse of “pur”. Composed as a meditation, focus or sleep aid, the simplicity and duration of the second piece lays a landscape for creative expression and losing yourself in thought.

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Sulkin’ Raven – Oxygen (Spotify)

Sulkin’ Raven – Oxygen

Los Angeles based producer and vocalist Sulkin’ Raven has tapped into a brilliant blend of lush, atmospheric synths with Gameboy-created beats on “Oxygen”. The final edition in a series of singles released over the past year, the spacey cut marks a point of deep maturation for Sulkin’ Raven as he meditates on the notion that “retreating to your comfort zone can leave you feeling suffocated from isolation.” It also comes equipped with his first music video, featuring choreographed dance and an analogue television installation piece from Slim Reaper.

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Merrill Crissey – Last Train Home (Spotify)

Merrill Crissey – Last Train Home

This piano piece has a driving rhythm and soft piano feel. The piece is about taking the last train home of the night.

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The Tristones – First World Problems (Spotify)

The Tristones – First World Problems

The Tristones, led by the energetic and charismatic blues rocker Tristan Clark from New York, NY, today releases, “First World Problems,” the second single from his upcoming album Camaro, out in April. The track was written by Clark and his good friend Jordan Venn, a frequent collaborator. “We had the idea of writing a first person narrative on how easy it is to get annoyed about social media and other trivial day-to-day events, but all with a sense of humour,” says Clark. The playful, upbeat tune addresses the anxieties and restlessness caused by living in a digital world, presented in a rocking, tongue-in-cheek tone. “I’ve got first order problems / of the first world,” explains Clark in the song.

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