Thomas Tempest – Life

“The UK rapper "Thomas Tempest" sheds light on the main characteristics of life through his groovy rhythmic elements, effect-driven vocal samples and a realization of being stronger than the average people. A uniquely artistic Hip-Hop release based more on sound than lyrics.”

Artist said about this song:

"The title track from my album 'Life' which was written during a very uncertain time in everyone's lives. Composed during lockdown 2021, LIFE is a collection of experimental instrumental tracks seasoned with thought provoking moments and big drum beats.

Valuing things of no worth. Re-evaluating dreams. Laboring ceaselessly against the current. Seeing less, wanting more, having enough.

This is LIFE. "


“Based on a main guitar pattern, oldschool kick and distorted vocals, this single from "KARDO" can stick out in its category. The lyrics reveal a rebelious mood with a taste of lurking madness among the most raw emotions. An undoubtedly straight and sencere production.”

Artist said about this song:

"My debut single “GROOVE” takes you through my mind during a psychedelic trip, where I realize I have been held back by society’s lack of acceptance. My eagerness to break through society’s “chains” causes my reality to become skewed and in turn, makes me paranoid.

“GROOVE” has elements of indie as well as pop and hip hop music. The eerie acoustic guitar consistently played throughout, paired with infectious hard hitting 808s & low-cut distorted vocals makes for a combination that generates feelings of nostalgia but also makes you want to run into a wall. "

Leif Shively Band – Pretend

“As its title reveals, this Acoustic song from "Leif Shively Band" states the presence of fake feelings between two people. when we're afraid to express our true emotions, choose to pretend. The singer reveals a bitter truth in a peaceful Acoustic background mix.”

This a song about living with someone that you know in you heart isn’t right for you but, you stay anyway because staying feels easier than leaving. So you go on living life playing pretend.

berj – CRMBZ!

“Just a little over one minute in length, this track still manages somehow to set a nostalgic mood. A lo-fi beat with niftily employed romantic vocal samples over a longing guitar hook, that give a cinematic ambiance and feel.”

berj is an up-and-coming producer from Lebanon, Beirut, whose live drumming ability is complemented by a knack for selecting and manipulating soul-moving jazz samples. He also has a very eerie, unusual way of producing Lo-Fi songs which ironically attracts and interests listeners.

berj also comes from an artistic and musical family, with his father being the Artistic Director & Principal Conductor of the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra, and his grandfather being a renowned Lebanese actor and theatre director. berj started gaining interest in the drums at age 6 and started playing at age 12. My musical palette ranges from Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz-Hop all the way to Reggae and Ska.

Courtney Cotter King – Conversation

A well fitting title as even the instrumentation feels like a playful dialogue between strings and piano with discrete guitars widening the ambiance. Within this mood that borders between a love confession and sweet melancholy, Courtney’s sings with candor about the passing of time in the absence of the other and how her “heart's evolving quickly.”

Courtney Cotter King was born with a piano as an appendage and is inevitably attached to the keys. A raw talent, with smooth vocals and lyrics beyond her years, Courtney commands a room with merit for listening. Courtney’s artistry at the piano drives her blue-eyed soul, singer-songwriter genre. Of her unique sound, Marmoset Music Publishing said, “Piano-driven arrangements informed by classical and jazz come off effortlessly, evoking both early 70s Stevie Wonder and 90s Tori Amos. Smart, soulful, and surprising, Courtney's tunes easily marry sound with story.” She has performed with a long list of artists including, Meghan Trainor, Melanie Safka, and Courtney Marie Andrews.

soran – What If

“A soulful reflection of what is wasted when lovers are trying to hide and forget to trust each other that gradually shifts into a hopeful confession of love. What makes this song stick with you is Soran’s intimate, deeply felt vocals, brilliantly mixed and contrasted alternatively in a close and further away space.”


Singer-songwriter Soran returns, with brand new 5 track EP Space Boy. Following on from his recent offering, the honest and confessional ‘Way Up’, the cosmic ‘Space Boy’ and the electronic alt- pop, sad bop ‘Tired’, later 2021 into 2022 has seen Soran truly come into his own. Showcasing incredibly sophisticated songwriting, Soran radiates honesty throughout his lyricism and delivers this via an authentic confessional style narrative.

Beautifully using his music as a method of helping uncover and discover who he is as a person and as an artist, piece by piece, layer by layer, Soran’s unique puzzle is slowly slotting into place, revealing a coming of age story like no other.

With his ever evolving style Soran has truly landed with his explorative concoction of alternative RnB, Lo-fi, spacey electronics and buttery soft vocals all of which are perfectly displayed in this turn of the tide project ‘Space Boy’ via Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company.

A beautiful balance resides in the EP itself, with half containing elements of Soran's past and the other representing his interpretation of his future. Referencing specifically that previous single ‘Tired’ and ‘What if’ are from before, ‘Don’t’ as a transitional piece and ‘Way Up’ and ‘Space Boy’ are defined as his newest offerings, providing insight into the direction he’s heading artistically and sonically.

‘Space Boy’ was a particularly poignant release for the young artist as it not only marked his return but was also a direct ode to his late mother who sadly passed last August. “

“That song means so much to me. My mom named me after the anime Space Boy Soran. In Japanese, there are three different alphabets. She decided to write my name as ‘Universe’ in Japan. Lyrically, it’s about a character who goes out to save the world.”

The tragic loss of Sorans mother continues to surface in his songwriting, but not always in the way you might expect. Each single is a true homage to their relationship and her memory. It’s almost as if Soran is sending a direct message to her through his music, which at times albeit heartbreaking it’s also such a beautiful means of communication and a highly intimate part of himself that he is openly sharing with his listeners.

“It’s ironic, because I’m doing all of the things that she wanted me to do now, but she’s gone. It sounds like me, yet so much of it is my mom. I find a way to celebrate her in every song.”

Soran invites you in, in a way unlike any other, showing and sharing pieces of his Mother within his songwriting and therefore also directly with his fans. With each release her memory continues to live on and although she may not physically be here to be able to share in Sorans successes, she is an integral part of him and is carefully and beautifully interwoven into the art he is creating.

“Space Boy tells my story in parallel with the Japanese anime "Space Boy Soran" from which my mother was inspired to choose my first name. Each song tells an experience that I lived the past 3-4 years and you can hear at the same time the evolution of my sounds shape. This EP is the introduction to a world where I, Space Boy, am about to dive to become the Soran invested with a mission: to reinvent the perspective of what is ‘Pop’.”

Entirely hands-on from conception all the way through to producing, Soran explores and absorbs it all, with genre being one of his favourite galaxies to traverse. Alongside writing for his own artistic project, Soran is also working with and writing songs for some other huge names in the industry such as Johnny Orlando, Alessia Cara, Zack Zoya and Anna Sofia.

Soran lives, eats and breathes music, from not being able to sleep without water sounds gently playing in the background to having his laptop set up on the tour bus in order to make tunes whilst he travels. Soran is following in the footsteps of the 1960s anime hero he was so aptly named after, with his super power and mission to explore and create music wherever it takes him, his dedication is clear and with this set in his sights, the universe is truly the limit.

Suzanne’s Band – Night Blues

“With influences from country, blues and pop this is a soundtrack for a get together night with your friends where the mission is: “get away and shake those night blues”. And indeed Suzanne does some serious groove shaking on this new drop. A musical encouragement to set aside your worries for a while and just let a bit loose.”


“The latest single from the polyvalent artist Kid Travis shows an undeniable evolution and that he’s very comfortable mixing different genres. And he does that with extreme naturalness, everything just comes together in “By the Way” – an alternative indie-pop song with catchy rhythms and guitars and driven bassline that simply oozes with good energy.”

Landsailors – Wishful Thinking

“The magnificent guitar intro instantly tunes in a lyrical way. Music -Landsailors is like lazily floating clouds that remind you of whipped cream for your favorite cake. So sweet and tasty sound diluted with a romantic duet. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Великолепное гитарное интро мгновенно настраивает на лирический лад. Музыка -Landsailors- словно лениво плывущие облака, которые напоминают вам взбитые сливки для вашего любимого торта. Настолько сладкое и вкусное звучание разбавленное романтическим дуэтом.”

This is an acoustic based song that has a haunting, edgy, warm sound. It is a vocal duo that carries power and warmth and a song that goes on a journey from zero to one hundred. It's about feeling like everyone else in the world is running your life for you and the desire to want to be free to be your own person.

Leelee Haas – Pleasure and Pain

“The total integrity and monolithic of the track acquires in your imagination not only the lyrical component, but also the musical one. The Electro POP melody and the download rhythms set the desired emotional mood, and the vocals are -leee haas- complement the general picture. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Общая целостность и монолитность трека обретает в вашем воображении не только лирическую составляющую, но и музыкальную. Мелодия Electro Pop и ритмы Downtempo задают нужный эмоциональный настрой, а вокал -Leelee Haas- дополняет собой общую картину.”

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