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CAB 3 – Let You Go (Spotify)

“808 bass in the genres of Drum & Bass is more the rule than the exception and the single Let You Go is undeniable proof of this. The energy of female vocals in your vibrating speakers will charm and impress even the most sophisticated listeners!”

“808 бас в жанрах Drum & Bass скорее правило, чем исключение и сингл Let You Go тому неоспоримое доказательство. Энергия женского вокала в ваших вибрирующих динамиках очарует и не оставит равнодушными даже самых искушённых слушателей!”

5th Release from CAB 3, and the 2nd drum and bass tune being added to the catalog. Liquid drum and bass, with an outstanding female vocalist Shelly Harland who had worked with many trance artists in the past. High energy, big bass, dnb banger.

Sensualism – Prelude (Infinite Sense Mix) (Spotify)

“The prelude in musical form emphatically conveys the whole range of emotions, forcing to empathize with the author and his work. The Sensualism project and its single Prelude (Infinite Sense Mix) an exciting adrenaline rush straight into the blood!”

“Прелюдия в музыкальной форме эмфатически передаёт весь спектр эмоций, заставляя сопереживать автору и его произведению. Проект Sensualism и его сингл Prelude (Infinite Sense Mix) возбуждающий импульс адреналина прямо в кровь!”

VEHA – Traverse (Spotify)

“Progressive and at the same time melodic notes of Deep House, small pauses with piano and vocals - a good mood from VEHA and his single Traverse.”

“Прогрессивные и в то же время мелодичные ноты Deep House, небольшие паузы с пиано и вокалом - доброе настроение от VEHA и его сингла Traverse.”

Yousy – TopKapi (Spotify)

“Melodic rhythms of Techno and House music and light, unobtrusive, almost airy vocals, adding a variety of percussion sounds to the sound palette. This is the new work by Yousy on TopKapi.”

“Мелодичные ритмы Techno и House музыки и лёгкий, ненавязчивый, почти что воздушный вокал, добавляющий в звуковую палитру разнообразие перкуссионных звуков. Всё это новая работа Yousy - TopKapi.”

A Winged Victory For The Sullen – So That The City Can Begin To Exist (Invisible Cities, 2021) (Video)

“When viscous silence instead of a thousand faceless words fills your insides. When the gray colors of gloomy cities remain on the horizon. When two worlds unite – the world of Neoclassical and Ambient, the immersion into the new single A Winged Victory For The Sullen – So That The City Can Begin To Exist begins.”

“Когда вязкая тишина вместо тысячи безликих слов заполняет твоё нутро. Когда серые краски угрюмых городов остаются за горизонтом. Когда соединяются два мира – мир Neoclassical и Ambient, начинается погружение в новый сингл A Winged Victory For The Sullen – So That The City Can Begin To Exist. ”

A Winged Victory for the Sullen, aka Stars of the Lid founder Adam Wiltzie and L.A. composer Dustin O’Halloran, share the contemplative, blooming album opener “So That the City Can Begin To Exist” from the upcoming Invisible Cities LP, out February 26th 2021. Releasing on their own Artificial Pinearch Manufacturing label, the album comes as part of an agreement with A Winged Victory for the Sullen’s current label, Ninja Tune.

It’s a collection of their music from the critically acclaimed theatre production directed by London Olympics ceremony video designer Leo Warner. On the album, the music is distilled into a 45-minute version that draws on expansive worlds, hopeful compositions, and ominous soundscapes.

End of Code – Deep Into Your Soul (Spotify)

“Have ever listen to a new song and realize that this is it - made for you? Deep Into Your Soul does what title says, shuddering into you, into your soul. Memorable!”

“Бывает, включаешь новую, ранее не слышанную композицию и понимаешь, что вот оно, - твоё! Deep Into Your Soul полностью соответствует своему названию, содрогая вас и вашу душу.”

The music was composed by Nicolas Saad, keyboard player, dj and music producer from France. The beat was made with the patterns of the legendary TR-808 drum machine and its design was used for the cover of the single.

The lyrics was written by Shawn Pereira who is a guitar player and singer for End of Code living in California. « It’s about trying to write a song with the title referring to the confinement period. I tend to write a lot of metaphors and images. The song's meaning is all in the hook. Now as we close again you can’t go out so you have to go in and down down deep into your soul, before you loss control

The Fox – With her ( chill lofi ) (Video)

“Light, non-compelling music of the Chill-hop mood with elements of Jazz-hop, in which the inclusions of Japanese instruments sound so unobtrusively but sincerely.”

“Лёгкая, не принуждающая музыка настроения Chill-hop с элементами Jazz-hop, в которой так ненавязчиво, но задушевно звучат вкрапления Японских инструментов.”

Chill lofi song, with a small touch of Japanese instrument.

CRSHR – Daydream (Spotify)

“Taken out from the CRSHR Soundscapes EP, "Daydream" is the result of a very talented artist in the House music scene. Ideal for all listeners who can discover the hidden good aspects of every singe day!”

Atmospheric, euphoric, mesmerising - just a few keywords to describe CRSHR's unique style. London based music producer, Tamás Fodor was born in Hungary, 1992. At a very early age, Tom started to show interest in electronic music. He was fascinated by computer-generated sounds and dance music from the 2000s blasting out of cars. After a few years of exchanging CDs, listening and experimenting with dance tracks, he eventually started producing music in his high school years, resulting his first official release back in 2010. From that point on, he dedicated his life to his passion for electronic music. His years spent in making trance and progressive house music have definitely influenced his current sound, just as well as his recent EDM alias "Tom Crusher".

His releases were regularly supported in most popular radio shows like Armin Van Buuren's A State Of Trance, Above & Beyond's Group Therapy (also Trance Around The World back then) and Markus Schulz's Global DJ Broadcast. He also won the 2nd place for one of Armada's remix contests in 2012.

In early 2016 he had his debut release at Hardwell's Revealed Recordings with 'In Control' which was included on the label's compilation 'Miami Sampler 2016'. The track was supported by a fair amount of the biggest DJs across the world.

Throughout his nearly 10 years in the scene, he developed his technical skills and melodic character. Always looking for new challenges, interesting ideas, mystical soundscapes and atmospheric vibes, this new underground project is set to be an artistic expression free from any confinement of genres and labeling.

Andrey Kadyshevsky – Dawn With You (Spotify)

“What remains at the end of the dying day and leaves behind an invisible thread of events disappearing on the horizon? The rhythm of our heart with you. Andrey Kadyshevsky and his new, dynamic work in the genre Melodic Techno & House creates a special mood.”

“Что остаётся в конце уходящего на закате дня и оставляет за собой невидимую нить исчезающих на горизонте событий? Ритм нашего с вами сердца. Andrey Kadyshevsky и его новая, динамичная работа в жанре Melodic Techno & House создаёт особое настроение.”

Charas Lounge – Portoverde (Spotify)

“Let yourself forget about the worries of the past days and plunge into the world of Chill Out music together with Charas Lounge. Everything that was has passed. Only the warmth of our bodies remains.”

“Позволь себе забыть о заботах прожитых дней и окунуться в мир музыки Chill Out вместе с Charas Lounge. Всё, что было, прошло. Осталось лишь тепло наших тел.”

Artist shared few words with us about this song:

"Portoverde" is a real place in Italy (near to Rimini), where i lived for over 10 years of my life. As an Lounge Music Producer this place on the beach was always my greatest inspiration. I shot also the picture of the cover. I composed and played all instruments on the song, it contains no samples. It´s a deeply sincere track expressing my love to that place and the people. Thanks for listening !

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