Marco V, Vision 20/20 – RAB/BIT (Spotify)

“Marco V /Vision 2020 Rab/bit is an instant classic. The classic trance beat picks right up and organic electronic sounds fill in the background. Vocals are soothing with a touch of class that takes us back. ”

2021 currently belongs to Marco V, continuing to switch between styles and never holding back when it comes to giving you goosebumps. In vocal trance mode, sweet, angelic vocals, slicked back between fantasy and reality and with a taste for the bittersweet, skim across feverish beats. As ‘RAB/BIT’ starts its upward charge, it approaches the promised land of the euphoric but keeps its guard up, a shimmering, holographic synth pattern seemingly anticipating danger around the corner. Made for massive parties armed with supersized glo-sticks.

Sayved – Doppler (Spotify)

“The amazing mood of -Doppler-, makes its sound very pleasant and leaves only positive emotions. Techno & House melodic rhythms with very interesting mix. Also those artifacts in the second half of the track are crazy! It's obvious that -Sayved- know their business. Brilliant result!”

“Потрясающее настроение композиции, музыкально она звучит очень приятно и оставляет только положительные эмоции. Мелодичные ритмы Techno & House и очень интересная работа со звуком, интересные артефакты во второй половине трека сводят с ума! Видно, что -Sayved- знают своё дело. Блистательно!”

Blending an ethereal atmosphere with dynamic yet driving rhythms, the beautifully hypnotic soundscapes of "Doppler" simultaneously move hearts and feet.

Blinding neon light and the urban jungle of Zurich are the stage on which the musical drama of Sayved unfolds: Rufus and Billy conjure up electronic rock songs that are equal parts disturbing and beguiling. The tools that they make use of are analogue artifacts and digital devices, which serve to counterbalance the pathos and pop appeal of Rufus’ haunting voice.

This blend of analogue and digital also extends into their on-stage incarnation, in which two voices are joined by electric guitar and vintage gear. All of these organic sounds are further augmented by contemporary digital tools and gadgets.

Ecstatic and electrifying, their live-performances are exorcisms of the demons of modern metropolitan life.

Currently, the duo is moving further away from conventional song structures to maximize the impact of their music clubs and on stage

Leichsen, Lu:Lu – Who Are You – Short Edit (Spotify)

“Do we know who we really are? Taken from the "Lost" EP of "Leichsen", this dynamic House/Techno track will blow up your mind and leave its endless sign inside the brain. Mystic 3D synth waveforms enriched with super effects, can open the door to another reality.”

After the first releases on quite noticeable imprints Lump Records and MIR Music, the Brazilian producer Leichsen comes to Polyptych with his new EP 'Lost', made in collaboration with LUANA. A two-track EP that has the unique ability to immerse yourself. An incredible atmosphere and a little mysterious note permeate both tracks.

MiM0SA – Solitude (Spotify)

“A deep forest full of life where an angelic being stands echoing her soothing sounds. This is how Solitude by Mimosa pulls you in. The sounds builds and drums appear softly pulsing like the trees around you. The angelic being rises higher and higher with her smooth drawn out sounds pulling your attention towards the sky full of stars where are 3 moons await. ”

Solitude is a tune that can be described as a warm embrace from Mother Earth or some other matriarch, the beats imitating a heartbeat and while you’re back in a womb like place, the vocals serve as comfort. You’ll find it hard not to take a deep breathe and feel the peace and comfort of this beautiful tune.

QUIX, Jaden Michaels – Make Up Your Mind (feat. Jaden Michaels) – song by QUIX, Jaden Michaels | Spotify (Spotify)

“ Make up your mind (featuring Jaden.Michels) Is a bright DRUM and BASS track with nice clean transitions that engage the listener into the deliciously layered lyrics. Her voice draws one into the love story and energy pulsing behind the scenes. Midway the track breaks nicely and allows her vocals to really stand out, while the Drum and Bass build ups converge. ”

QUIX returns to Steve Aoki's Dim Mak imprint with his new single "Make Up Your Mind," featuring Nashville singer/songwriter Jaden Michaels, a drum & bass gem with QUIX's signature emotive punch. The heavy DnB influence pays homage to QUIX's homeland New Zealand, where this dynamic music genre has always had a powerful following. "Make Up Your Mind" opens with a heartfelt, soulful voice by Jaden and rides on a steadily building bassline that culminates in a high-energy, goosebump-inducing drop. The track follows QUIX's earlier release "IDK Vol. 2" from earlier this year and is his second collaboration with Jaden Michaels, after 2018's "Giving Up" who released recently her solo single "Every Last Thing." Read on for QUIX's story on how "Make Up Your Mind" came to be.

"I actually started writing this beat last year during a twitch stream; funnily enough, Jaden had already sent me the topline months before. Essentially, I mashed up the beat with her vocal and surprised myself with how well they worked together. I've never made a DnB song like this before, and I wanted to challenge myself to incorporate the mainstream style with my signature style. Thank you for listening, and hope you enjoyed yourself, especially on that last drop" - QUIX

Hailing all the way from New Zealand, QUIX initially traveled to North America in 2017 for 10 shows and finished up doing an astonishing 42 stops. He has been tearing up the trap scene ever since, continuously shaking the new ground with his unique sound design. Coming off three headline tours in 2018, including Coachella and support on Steve Aoki's Kolony tour, QUIX had a break-out year with his "Illusions EP" on Dim Mak. It has racked up millions of plays and creatively merged genres with powerful vocals while staying true to QUIX's signature sound. He has also been honored by Spotify to feature on the cover of their two biggest international dance playlists, "Mint" and "Dance Rising," and officially remixed the likes of Steve Aoki, GASHI, RL Grime, and more. Jaden Michaels is an American singer, songwriter, and musician. In her career as a songwriter, she has collaborated with some of pop music's biggest stars, including Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, Carly Rae Jepsen, Robin Thicke, and more. In 2012 and 2013 Jaden co-wrote one of the songs performed on the season finale of American Idol. Her songwriting work on Carly Rae Jepsen's album "Kiss" received the 2013 Juno Award for "Album of the Year." Stay tuned for more music coming from these exciting and talented artists very soon.

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EchoStorms – Tidal Wave (Spotify)

“A track like -tidal Wave- leaves strong impressions after listening. It seems to have some extraterrestrial light and very positive air. This is exactly what lacking in the modern world and what makes us people. Cheerful, but at the same time, the most soft and soulful rhythm with charming vocals too.”

“Трек -Tidal Wave- оставляет сильные впечатления после прослушивания. Он кажется каким-то внеземным; лёгким, воздушным и очень позитивным. Это именно то, чего так не хватает в современном мире и то, что делает нас людьми. Бодрый, но в то же время максимально мягкий и душевный ритм и очаровательный вокал.”

Electronic duo EchoStorms release their debut single Tidal Wave: a soaring, melodic dance cut with stunning vocals, backed up with a thumping remix from Chapter & Verse (Repopulate Mars, Atlantic).

EchoStorms are Ben Locke and Katya Fadeeva. Born out of their mutual love for electronic music and informed by their disparate but complimentary musical backgrounds, Echostorms make full-blooded, emotionally-charged dance music that incorporates elements of melodic techno, indie dance and house, resulting in a highly distinctive and electrifying production aesthetic.

With a sound coined as cinematic tech house, EchoStorms inspired by Ben and Katya constantly travelling the world and absorbing cultural markers on their way, with debut single Tidal Wave announcing the project in highly impactful fashion.

Creating an atmosphere that’s both reflectively melancholic and incredibly uplifting, Tidal Wave is dance anthem for the ages, with punchy bass and sidewinding synth lines providing the bed for Ben and Katya’s rich, evocative vocals.

On the remix they’ve enlisted the talents of Chapter & Verse, whose previous releases have landed on storied imprint such as Repopulate Mars and Wyldcard. His remix is a bass-heavy, tech house thumper that still manages to preserve some of the ethereal qualities of the original.

Born and raised in Russia, Katya became involved in dance music when she moved to St Petersburg and being heavily involved in the local rave scene, organising and eventually playing at parties. Hailing from Cheltenham in the UK, Ben has been involved in the music industry for years as a producer and writer, with credits including Timbaland, Jason Nevins, Snoop Dogg, Jim Beanz Lil Wayne. He’s also DJ’d at some of the world’s most renowned venues, including Pacha, Ibiza Rocks and P Diddy’s Grammy Party.

Following the release of Tidal Wave, EchoStorms next single is a collaboration with Chapter & Verse which will land on Atlantic Records on 13 August. Their debut live show of 2021 will take place at Cacao Beach, Bulgaria

Phonez – Secret Pot (Spotify)

“An Imaginative, guaranteed floor filler that is easy on the ears. ‘Secret Plot’ by ‘Phonez’ will appeal to your mellow side and your get up & dance side in equal measure. Extremely well produced, this thoughtful, gently appealing, melodic track has a hypnotic, (trance anthem like), continually shifting rhythm. True progressive House with ever changing sequences & dynamically haunting vocals. Ibiza bound.”


“A unique & stylish rendition of Futuristic Progressive House, with a strong Bhangra meets Trance flavour. ‘Obey Van’ by ‘Gruenheide’ pulsates, swirls & stomps it’s way through an ever changing surrealistic soundscape before banging it out in a tight, controlled four to the floor conclusion”

GRUENHEIDE the producer is a riddle wrapped in an enigma, but in a past life/parallel universe has developed an individual skill set revered by those that know. The gospel according to the ‘Church of Arpzilla’ bears all the hallmarks of making futuristic engineering a reality, with the promise of more to come.

Loxy & Ink – Phoenix Rising (Video)

“Like in a dream, sweet particles of sensation broke out as if something unearthly penetrated into the soul and does not let you wake up. It’s amazing how easily that Drum & Bass rhythms can enter you in a state of trance and meditation. Present miracle!”

“Словно сквозь сон наружу вырывались сладкие частицы ощущения, будто что-то неземное проникло в душу и не даёт тебе проснуться. Поражает, насколько лёгкие ритмы drum & bass могут вводить в состояние транса и медитации. Настоящее чудо!”

Breakbeat titans Loxy and Ink have done nothing but bring to the table excellent sounds – soaking their gritty UK sound in a soothing warmth, ‘Phoenix Rising’ (Taken from the forthcoming E.P. ‘Manifested Visions’) hits home with undeniable force. A follow up to the hip hop track ‘Manifested Visions’, this track goes on to demonstrate the duo’s mastery of fluidity in sound. As an uncompromising drum ‘n bass pattern propels us forward, the imagination is tickled and teased; in this multiverse, the world appears shattered and beautiful, leaving it to the artist to pick up and patch the pieces. As vocal samples soar through an open sky, heavy bass keeps us grounded in reality; one that, however real it may feel, can shift shape at the blink of an eye.


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oYYo, Aven – Eyes (Spotify)

“Listening to this track it turned instantly charming. Feel the whole depth of those Drum & Bass rhythms and understand that -Eyes- is so deep that the vibration of sound waves absorbs you from the inside.”

“Включив этот трек мгновенно очаровываешься его лёгкостью и непринужденностью. Чувствуешь всю глубину его drum & bass ритмов и понимаешь, что -Eyes- работа настолько глубокая, что вибрации звуковых волн поглощает тебя изнутри. ”

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