XHOANA X – The Villain (Video)

“Enjoy the lung melody, angelic singing and an interesting selection of chords. The bold rhythm section, which seems to be dug in your brain, and dramatism allocated on a general background adds energy and lush atmosphere to the already bright work!”

“Наслаждаетесь лёгкой мелодией, ангельским пением и интересным подбором аккордов. Дерзкая ритм-секция, которая словно впивается в ваш мозг, а ярко выделяющийся на общем фоне драматизм лишь добавляет и в без того яркую работу долю энергии и пышной атмосферы!”


Albanian born XHOANA X takes her dark, Eastern European heritage very seriously. From an upbringing of one of the most tolerant spiritual cultures in the world, comes a unique style of art, with a mixture of freedom, rebellion and heroism.

The relaxed form of culture from Albania is the driving force here. You are in the darkest little corner of your room. And yet, this is where you find that you are most comfortable. Although perhaps you also find yourself a bit surprised at the ease in which you exist here.

The unexpected seems natural.

The rich enthralling darkness is the vibe.

Following in the footsteps of early musical influences the likes of Massive Attack and ‪Portishead, XHOANA’s music takes us on a spellbinding journey, as if we are preparing for a series of pagan rituals based on mystical beliefs.

Make no question here, she is the high priestess, and in full control of the ritual. The journey is a web in which we are caught, but you’ll find it hard to turn your ears away. You are trapped in a web of intrigue and sensuality while a neo noir movie plays in your head.

Her look and fashion is no less captivating, additionally filled with occasional David Lynch-esque twists and turns. Although her main ambition has always been on developing her musical recording career, XHOANA has also worked both as an actress, influencer, and model.


Duo Lumimare – Light Is Coming (Video)

“The Duo Lumimare have produced a beautifully calming piece for piano and flute called Light Is Coming. If you allow yourself to be lulled by the sweet melodies and breathy evocations of the piano and flute you too will feel that the light is coming for all of us. ”



Mookee, Skysia, Equanimous – Ensō (Spotify)

“Brilliant minimal approach but at the same time absorbed all the best of the Trip-Hop and UK Garage style. The listen becomes quickly interesting and gives rich pleasure. Sounds are shimmer from one to another, floating and competently replacing each other. Indescribable beauty!”

“Трек звучит в минималистичном жанре, но при этом вобрал в себя всё лучшее из Trip-Hop и UK Garage. Слушается очень интересно и максимально насыщенно. Звуки переливаются из одного в другой, плавно и грамотно сменяя друг друга. Красота неописуемая!”


Equanimous and Skysia team up with Mookee for a full on melodic vibe


Jo-El Sii – Abracadabra (Spotify)

“Exuberant vocals from -Jo-EL Sii-, with character and timbre with a convincing feed that plays a primary role. Ceativity with diversity and a song that you will be attached surely as listener if you are lover of genres of Blues & Afrobeats!”

“Безусловная сила в голосе -Jo-El Sii-, поскольку его характер и тембр с убедительной подачей играют первостепенную роль. Автору огромное спасибо за такое неожиданное творчество. К ознакомлению каждому любителю жанров Blues & Afrobeats обязательно!”



Joel Fofie, professionally known as JO-EL SII, is an Afrobeat and highlife singer/songwriter signed to DKA Money Music. He hails from the city of Accra in Ghana, where he expresses his musical/lyrical talents expressed in his love of music from early childhood. Being inspired by legendary artists, like Daassebre Dwamena, Kojo Antwi, and others, JO-EL Sii aspires to carve out a niche for his brand and fans globally.

Wallners – Dracula (Spotify)

“The bright title of track -Dracula- can instantly cause attention. It traces a clear thread of narration, style and integrity. Probably one of the few works where Indie & Dream Pop are so competently matched. Valuable sound and professional mix!”

“Яркое название трека -Dracula- моментально акцентирует на себе внимание. В нём прослеживается чёткая нить повествования, стиль и целостность. Наверное, одна из немногих работ, в которой так грамотно подана энергетика жанров Indie & Dream Pop. Выверенный звук и профессиональная подача материала!”


Wallners are back with their new single "Dracula" and dive even deeper into their mysterious dream pop world. Not quite a year ago as one of the most important newcomer bands from Austria, the success of the four siblings has long since exceeded that. Wallners are a band with an international stature that continues to write, record and produce its music on its own at home. With "Dracula" Wallners take a step further in their development and also in the expansion of their unmistakable, mystical-wonderful sound. The music video is once again provided by the award-winning director Rupert Höller, who most recently won the Austrian Music Video Prize with the video for Wallner's single "All Again" was nominated.


Wallners sind zurück mit ihrer neuen Single „Dracula“ und tauchen noch tiefer ein in ihre geheimnisvolle Dreampop Welt. Vor nicht ganz einem Jahr als eine der wichtigsten Newcomerbands aus Österreich gehandelt, geht der Erfolg der vier Geschwisterschon längst darüber hinaus. Wallners sind eine Band mit internationalem Format, die ihre Musik nach wie vor im Alleingang zuhause schreibt, aufnimmt und produziert. Mit „Dracula“ gehen Wallnerseinen Schritt weiter in ihrer Entwicklung und auch im Ausbau ihres unverkennbaren, mystisch-wunderbaren Sounds.Das Musikvideo liefert einmal mehr der preisgekrönte Regisseur Rupert Höller, der zuletzt mit dem Video zur Wallners Single „All Again“ für den österreichischen Musikvideopreis nominiert wurde.


The newcomers Wallners - four young siblings from Vienna - feel comfortable while dreaming and playing with thoughts. The story of Nino (20), Max (23) and the twins Anna and Laurenz (25) almost sounds like a dream itself: After years of tinkering in the living room, they sent demos to various labels without any great expectations. Never ever would they have imagined that they would land straight at Universal Music. But you can hear why: The quartet's debut single compares to a gaze into an enchanted kaleidoscope, presenting itselfas an unmistakable and highly polished sound. Wallners’ hypnotic dream pop will take theirlisteners on an exciting journey somewhere between illusion and reality.

LF-Flo, Honey-B-Sweet – Upper Ground – Radio Edit (Spotify)

“High-quality mix and pleasant vocals are combined with many unique sounds that are very competently connected to each other. Dynamic and furious; this is what determines -Upper Ground-. The track that will play in your audio system for a long time.”

“Качественная аранжировка и приятный вокал интересно сочетаются со множеством уникальных звуков, которые очень грамотно соединены друг с другом. Динамичность и драв - вот что определяет -Upper Ground-. Трек, который станет гостем в вашей аудиосистеме на долгие времена.”



Sonare (Official Video with Score) (Video)

“We know that among many of you, there are fans of real art in the world of music. -Sonare- will be a real gift for you, like opening the package of which you will instantly feel the breath of a light breeze and the smell of meadow flowers. Soft, but incredibly rich piece of music art!”

“Мы знаем, что среди вам много поклонников настоящего искусства в мире музыки. -Sonare- станет для вас настоящим подарком, открыв упаковку которого вы мгновенно почувствуете дуновение лёгкого ветерка и запахи луговых цветов. Лёгкое, но невероятно насыщенное произведение.”


Lose yourself in the resonance of composer-pianist Martin Graff’s Trips for Piano: eight evocative piano pieces made to move the soul and light the imagination. Graff’s affecting harmonies, soaring melodies, pensive compositional style, and impassioned playing conjure the most beautiful colors from keys of black and white. The final track, “Sonare,” is an increasingly virtuosic celebration of the full expressive range of the piano, a dramatic crescendo of enveloping sonority…


Iderdown Interview on Nagamag



Which are the genres that describe your music style better?

I like to think of it as leftfield music, influenced by a wide array of genres. They all get blended together when I start writing, so any track at any time will be a mixture of noise, prog, post-rock, ambient, drone, glitch, trance, industrial and breakbeat.

Few words about your musical background and career?

Well, I was in an industrial band in high school and at the same time playing around with screamtracker. This was followed by some indie rock years in bands and toying with 4-track bedroom lo-fi songwriting. I started releasing my instrumental electronic music as iderdown in 2003 and continue to work on diverse projects like the dark folk band Within and playing as part of the drone collective Cosmic Homeostasis.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

I have been making melodies in my head for long as I can remember and grew up in a house full of music but the first time I heard the songs that made me want to create was during high school, where I was lucky to have a group of friends who explored strange worlds of music.

Tell me about your latest release?

iderdown's last release was a collaboration ep with Arcane Trickster called Snowbird. It's an ambient soundtrack for a tranquil shore.

What's coming up in the future for iderdown?

A five track Lp of Ambient music that I wrote mostly inspired by the music of Peter Namlook. There will also be a companion set of remixes by Tempest Recording and Slice Records artists.

Many artists listen to genres that they are not producing music for. Which track is your favorite that is NOT similar to yours?

Japanese Breakfast "Posing In Bondage"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which is the track from a similar artist you admire?

BVDUB "Never In The Prison Of Their Stars"

Discover & Listen to Iderdown

Iderdown on Spotify

Iderdown's Signature Track

Iderdown on Social Media


Iderdown's Website


Boogie Hill Faders – Be Happy (Spotify)

“Comprehensive work with sound that interacts with the listener. The vocals in -Be Happy- along with its construction and transitions, form a combination of Electro Pop and Nu-Disco. It draws a bright and very positive picture to which you want to return again and again.”

“Комплексная работа со звуком в целом, которая производит взаимодействие инструментов друг с другом. Вокал в -Be Happy-, построение композиции, переходов, сочетание Electro Pop и Nu-disco и многих других элементов, рисует яркую и очень позитивную картину, к которой хочется возвращаться вновь и вновь. ”


Following the success of “In A Minute” with Disco Fries & Big Nab, and “The Spot”, the new Boogie Hill Faders single “Be Happy” is the 3rd release from the upcoming debut studio album “The Formula” from Liftoff Recordings.

A crossover feel good dance track with that trademark Boogie Hill Faders bounce & groove. Deep basslines, flipped sample magic, and polished studio production.

Absolutely dripping with positive Summer vibes; put your shades on, crank up “Be Happy” and head to the beach.

Thank you so much for any and all support you can provide. For more on Boogie Hill Faders check out the official website at www.boogiehillfaders.com


OVRGRWN – The Riders – Instrumental (Spotify)

“Retro never sounded so good. Synth me up baby this is the way. Instrumentals as this really make the 80’s vibe pop. ”



Blending the synthscapes of ‘80s film scores with contemporary indie pop, San Francisco-based duo OVRGRWN has developed a remarkable creative formula that is richly atmospheric, sweetly melodic, and frequently willing to tap into its dark side. Balancing a seriousness in the music with genuine enthusiasm, the group’s songs captivate listeners with immersive production techniques and a serene singing style.

OVRGRWN consists of Brandon and Danae, two California natives who met in 2012 when Brandon answered a “drummer wanted” ad on Craigslist to be part of a garage/surf rock project Danae was organizing. The two formed a creative synergy over six years of playing together in the band before branching out into new musical territory with OVRGRWN.

The group’s debut EP, O Well, landed in 2019 and immediately resonated with fans of synthwave and indie pop music. The early success of the album put them on the radar of retro synth label FiXT Neon, which signed the group to a deal in 2020. O Well was re-packaged and re-released through the label later that same year, and OVRGRWN has new material scheduled with FiXT Neon for early 2021.

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