someofw – Movement

“This piece of music is one of the best I've heard in a while. Beautiful themes, strings sections, lush piano, arranged perfectly. I hope that this would feature in some movie soundtrack one day. Something that I played in a loop for an hour, just amazing, pure musical art.”

Paul Sawyer x Ana Be x 08 Pulse – Waiting All My Life – 08Pulse Cinematic Remix

“An interesting remix of the successful "Waiting All My Life" is ready to satisfy your ears . Immerse yourself in the delicate soundscapes of Ambient & Drone as they follow those heartwarming vocals. Deeply emotional and also expressive result.”

Waiting All My Life originally released on Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto Records now remixed by 08 Pulse who completely transforms the track to a cinematic soundtrack that takes your breath away

Jon Ososki – Socialization Saturation

“Jon Ososki unfolds his artistry in the scene of Downtempo and such work couldn't pass unoticed. Mysterious, dynamic and somehow unpredictable in flow "Socialization Saturation" surely left its mark in our minds.”

Socialization Saturation is the second single from Jon Ososki's latest album Our Failure Of Imagination. This single along with the first single from the album garnered wide support from electronica A-listers, including Laurent Garnier, Chicane, Dan Hegarty, Sista BB (Triple R), Danny Briottet, and Chill FM. Jon Ososki is an electronic music artist creating instrumental downtempo, chill, and cinematic electronica.

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Sleeping Lily – On It Goes

“The breathing of the chamber orchestra and the lonely crying of the piano in the middle of the ice lake. Music, which constrains your hearts, connects the lonely souls of everyone who has lost their way in the darkness and is looking for a satellite. Here it is - your music is a guiding star. Take her hand and follow her where the light is. The heart will not deceive.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Дыхание камерного оркестра и одинокий плач фортепиано посередине ледяного озера. Музыка, которая сковывает ваши сердца, связывает одинокие души всех, кто заблудился во тьме и ищет спутника. Вот она — музыка ваша путеводная звезда. Возьмите её за руку и иди за ней туда, где свет. Сердце не обманет.”

Vic Tøry – WEKND

“The track for those who are going to spend the next night with their soulmate. Above your naked starry sky, the noise of the wind and the lights of sleeping cities. -VIC TWERY will do everything so that you feel the warmth of his music next to you. That night, his melody Afrobeats will be with you.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Трек для тех, кто собирается провести очередную ночь со своей второй половинкой. Над вашей голой звёздное небо, шум ветра и огни спящих городов. -Vic Tøry- сделает всё для того, чтобы вы почувствовали тепло его музыки рядом с собой. В эту ночь его мелодия Afrobeats будет вместе с вами.”

Scharliina – Maybe

“Voice -scharliina- like a capture of hummingbirds in the air - the same weightless, airy and light as a feather. There is something fabulous, elven and serene in it. Instrumental music very beautifully complements and reveals the entire angelic essence of the singer.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Голос -Scharliina- как полёт колибри в воздухе — такой же невесомый, воздушный и лёгкий как пёрышко. Есть в нём нечто сказочное, эльфийское и безмятежное. Инструментальная музыка очень красиво дополняет и раскрывает всю ангельскую суть певицы.”

Maybe is a powerful, deep and hopeful pop ballad.

Written whilst in therapy recovering from a serious eating disorder. This message becomes very clear in the song, talking about inner wars and battles. But the song represents and carries a lot of hope. That is why we decided on making the song very ethereal. with many choirs, violins and powerful drums. The song has been in the making for almost 2 years, with 3 different producers, all from different countries. Adrian X- from Canada, Swedish Tim Norell - known artistically as: ¨Mydo¨ and Scharliina- The artist herself, from Finland.

¨Maybe¨ is the artists most mainstream song, that captivates audiences with its powerful lyrics, piano, drums and voice.

Using music as a therapy tool. Inspiring others with raw and honest stories. The artist's greatest wish is to help others heal or cope with their own pain through her music and songs.

Panda On The Bamboo Tree – Shanti Shantaia

“Merging a panoply of electronic subgenres into an explosive package, "Panda On The Bamboo Tree" offer a special listening experience. Prepare for a psychedelic, hypnotic and meditative touch which can leave its mark inside your head.”

Variegated electronics and deep bass are harmoniously diluted with ethnic motifs and even acoustic Indian vocals. The musician combines such genres as downtempo, chillout, lounge and others, creating unique psychedelic music piece by piece.

J Perry – Tylenol

“Excellent work with percussion elements that are so pleasantly rustling throughout the panorama. A soft barrel dictates to us his Afro-Pop rhythm, the heart begins to jump inside the chest, forcing him to stand up and start to sing with -j Perry- his new track!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Прекрасная работа с перкуссионными элементами, которые так приятно шуршат по всей панораме. Мягкая бочка диктует нам свой ритм Afro-pop, сердце начинает прыгать внутри груди, заставляя встать со своего места и начать напевать вместе с -J Perry- его новый трек!”

Dan Pye – Funny Way of Dying Kid

“The chic indie folk from a parallel universe, where in the multi -colored rays of the purple sun sounds a melody of the new track -dan pye-. In your hands, something amazing your imagination, in the melodies of which your feelings are so tender. A real outbreak of emotions is provided to you.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Шикарный Indie Folk из параллельной вселенной, где в разноцветных лучах фиолетового солнца звучит мелодия нового трека -Dan Pye-. В ваших руках нечто поражающее ваше воображение, в мелодии которой так нежно плавятся ваши чувства. Настоящая вспышка эмоций вам обеспечена.”

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