KYTES – Apricosa

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Remember that after the inclusion of this track, you will find yourself in the music captivity in -kytes-. IndietRonica mood is traced in each second; Whether it is the original melody or interesting and memorable vocal samples. Feel your desires and make the right choice.”

“Запомните, что после включения этого трека вы окажетесь в музыкальном плену у -KYTES-. Настроение Indietronica прослеживается в каждой секунде; будь то оригинальная мелодия или интересные и запоминающиеся вокальные семплы. Почувствуйте свои желания и сделайте верный выбор.”

Munich based indie-pop quartet KYTES start the new year in style with a infectiously vibrant indie-disco bop 'Apricosa' out 25th March through their very own label Frisbee Records.

The track is a forerunner to the ‚Apricosa' EP out in summer - the band continue their message of positivity, laced with indie-disco vibes and breezy indie-pop melodies.

The band say: "Apricosa expresses our desire to come together, our metaphor for ease and our wish to dance again in the here and now.Apricosa is a journey, our own journey to discover the more electronic and disco side of Kytes. We feel great freedom exploring new styles and nuances."

Kevin McKay – Goodies (Spotify)

“Kevin McKay's new tune can be considered everything but ordinary. House and Commercial mix of samples forming dynamic patterns. The chorus effect adds extra colour in the sound and those vocals captivate your mind.”

Dance music figurehead Kevin McKay has released 'Goodies', the new single from his brand new album of the same name; a superb collection of his most standout recent tracks, looking back over a massively productive 15 month period. The essential selection takes in a broad array of remixes and originals from the Glasgow Underground label head, world-renowned DJ and tireless producer.

The single 'Goodies' is a rework of Ciara's 2004 R&B classic ‘Goodies.’ Talking about the new single Kevin McKay said, "This track started as an edit I made of the Ciara original to play out. I love the simplicity of Lil Jon's production (musically, it's almost all on one note!), and Ciara's rhythmic delivery makes for a great dancefloor mover. So I've taken the signature chorus, wrapped it up in a heavy tech beat and developed the Ocarina synth in the original into a big drop synth. It got a wicked reaction when I played it at the GU party at NT's Loft in January."

Even by his high standards, Kevin McKay has had a landmark couple of years. His label is closing in on an incredible 700th release, and the man himself continued to turn out a high-grade, non-stop selection of vital sounds that covered a wide spectrum of house styles. Back in 2020, he dropped his well-received 'Summer Of Love' LP which perfectly captured the club experience in one indispensable album. There was also a huge collaboration with French house producer Norman Doray on "Let Me Work On You" while the Glasgow Underground label continued to make exciting new talent signings with the likes of prodigious producer Harvee quickly making his mark.

All this of course comes after Kevin has spent many years deeply entrenched in the scene. In that time he has earned a deserving reputation as one of house music's most hard-working figures and has done everything from working in high profile collaborative duos with Omid 16B, creating numerous dance floor anthems, discovering and co-producing Mylo’s seminal album, ‘Destroy Rock & Roll’ album and holding down a residency at Mick's Garage in London.

The new album features plenty of new vocal tunes such as "Take It Back", "Open Your Heart" and "Voices", but the majority of the tracks are classic songs and samples re-imagined with a 2022 groove, including his huge new rework of Ciara's "Goodies".

Per QX – The Time Is Now – Radio Edit (Spotify)

“Fresh and shinny, this House track carries all the energy that you wish to replenish. When we tend to persue a bright future life, we usually end up losing the present magic. The time for sound enjoyment is now! Will you grab this chance?”

Walk Of Shame's label boss, Per QX, is back with another banger. His recent releases have been supported and featured in the tracklists of none other than The Blessed Madonna, Jamie Jones, Fatboy Slim, Nicole Moudaber, David Penn, Horse Meat Disco, Mark Knight, and Illyus & Barrientos.

"The Time Is Now" is a thumbs-up to anyone who feels they're spending a crazy amount of time worrying about the future instead of enjoying what's in front of them.

Having faced a particularly challenging period himself, Per QX has dedicated this track to all those seeking to let loose again on the dancefloor finally.

Drew Dapps – Alto Plaza (Spotify)

“Quite attractive release for all fans of House; "Alto Plaza" promises to satisfy your ears and boost up the mood. Minimal style and light mix of sounds, ideal to lift you up from the ground and -why not- start the dance!”

Light & bouncy b-side to the Dirty Dancing EP, leaving room for lots of funk and fun!

Lee Hazard – All It Takes (Spotify)

“"All it takes" has a dose of hidden energy, which gradually flows from the speakers. Original electronic sounds with catchy delay effects and ghostly lyrics. Lo-fi House, made for the most selective listeners out there.”

Lee Hazard - All It Takes [CLIPP200] - : "Our 200th release is a dual occasion. First a huge landmark for us and secondly the welcome return of Lee Hazard, a fav 2021 newcomer who creates sublime & transcendent modern electronica. "All It Takes" completes his triptych of releases on and is a deep expedition into borderless dub techno, as reimagined via romantic lo-fi house banger. Swirling delays, a propulsive synth stab and Lee’s own haunting vocals, underpinned by a relentlessly driving groove give All It Takes its own cinematic sheen, which in a landscape fixated on minimising, reductive thought and constraint, music that projects large is an ever welcome addition in our house. It sounds better as you go deeper and louder. Which is why we felt it fit so well here for our 200th. Lee’s lyric “It takes some time to love, but I'm loving you” also spoke to our humble little imprint of our own journey and hopefully that of our beautiful supporters - after all we are locked together like the two fish of Pisces, eternally swimming away from one another in an ongoing mesmerizing dance - like the needle and the groove. And we couldn’t be more proud of the work thus far and the immersive sonic tapestry contained in our discography - one that has introduced a galaxy of bright new stars along the way and perhaps cemented an aesthetic that will ever be connected to raw electronica & dance tunes in this moment. What started with exponential energy and barely containable weekly release schedule has admittingly slowed with age (more accurately gliding to a semi-halt in 2021 while we worked hard on our sister-label), but like most good things has gotten better with age. A bit sharper. A more complex taste. Fruity aromas. Or maybe we’ve just been staring too long at the half-finished bottle of vino sitting here while thinking of something creative to say. Either way, we’re far from half-finished (with the concept that is, not the wine), and as long as the groove is alive we know you’ll hear from us for many more moons. Always on the edge of something new. As we continue to develop the ever important VIBE! All it ever takes is some time."

Chris Gerber – CU (Spotify)

“We really like the funky breaks intro before the house kicks in. This is one very danceable track with plenty of old school elements integrated. Something about those single phrase repetitive house tracks that works its way deep into one’s psyche. ”


New Release: Chris Gerber heralds a post-pandemic rave age.

“CU at the Venue” a phrase we haven’t been able to say for a too long time was packed by Chris Gerber into a 2 track maxi single to herald the walk into the clubs post corona disaster. After a long break from releasing, Chris tweaked his synths and tried his hand at various versions of “CU at the Venue”. The file Final_version_85_finafinal then embodied the two tracks “CU” and “At the Venue”. Alongside tender vocals from Fabian Baumert, a close friend of Chris’, the release reels out as an ode to pioneering UK clubs that played a major role in shaping electronic music.

The record kicks off pretty busy as different worlds collide in “CU”. In the intro you are greeted by a breakbeat, which develops into a straight four on the floor rhythm with iconic 909 drums. Vocal chops, bongos and recorded leads straight from a 1984 Casio synth take you back to an age when the internet still made dial-up noises before you could access colourful websites through Netscape. A breakdown in the center of the track presents the soft and almost eerie vocals in their full splendour. With renewed breakbeats and an aggressive synth bass, you find yourself in a call and response thunderstorm in combination with the vocal line.

“At the Venue” takes over the second half of the maxi single introducing a dry breakbeat from second 1 which meets hard 808 basses. With a nod to “CU”, hazy Trance pads then take you on a journey through a jungle of vocal chops and before you realise it, you end up back at the starting point of the track – a self-contained cycle.

“CU at the Venue” embodies the debut of Chris Gerber’s newly established label “Computer Toys”and can be heard worldwide starting 5th November 2021. Who knows, maybe we will see each other on the dance floor soon.

About Chris Gerber

Complex, cohesive, rough and atmospheric at the same time – to get to the bottom of Electronica producer Chris Gerber’s sound, these terms only scratch the surface. As a teenager, the Hanover native couldn’t find any bands in his scene, that he fit into, so he decided to take his musical visions into his own hands with his guitar and a loop pedal. With the discovery of Ableton Live, the wonderful world of electronic music was revealed to him. So Chris dove further into the playground of synths and drum machines, forgetting more and more about his guitar. With inspirations and role models like Jamie XX, Bicep and Denis Sulta, he creates his version of contemporary Electronica, with strong influences from the 1990s and early 2000s. Breakbeats, 909 hits and hard 808 basses, that are combined with warm synth pads and almost cheesy Casio-synth leads are part of Chris Gerber’s agenda. His productions are physically thrilling but emotively driven, while his approach is rather playful than serious. Despite Gerber’s musical complexity, you always intuitively know where the journey is going. The new maxi single “CU at the Venue” embodies the debut of his newly established label “Computer Toys” – satisfaction guaranteed.


Produzent Chris Gerber feiert Label-Kick-Off mit Maxi-Single

“CU at the Venue” – Einen Satz, den wir schon zu lange nicht mehr sagen konnten, verpackte Chris Gerber in eine 2-Track Maxi Single, um den Gang in die Clubs Post-Corona-Disaster einzuläuten. Nach einer längeren Veröffentlichungspause, schraubte Chris an den verschiedensten Versionen von “CU at the Venue” bis die Datei “Final_version_85_finafinal” schlussendlich die beiden Nummern “CU” und “At the Venue”enthielt. Neben Vocals von Fabian Baumert, einem engen Freund von Chris, ist das Release eine Ode an die UK Clubs, die für die Entwicklung der Rave-Szene entscheidend waren.

Zu Beginn der Maxi-Single treffen in “CU” verschiedene Welten aufeinander. Das Intro wird durch einen Breakbeat getragen, welcher sich dann zu einem straffen Four on the Floor Beat mit ikonischen 909 Drums entwickelt. Vocal Chops, Bongos und eingespielte Leads, direkt von einem 1984 Casio Synth, versetzen einen in das Zeitalter, als das Internet noch Dial-Up Geräusche von sich gab, bevor man über Netscape bunte Webseiten besuchen konnte. Ein Breakdown in der Mitte des Tracks präsentiert die sanften und schon fast gespenstischen Vocals in ihrer vollen Pracht. Ohne Vorwarnung befindet man sich in einem spannungsgeladenen Call and Response Gewitter zwischen den zarten Vocals und einem aggressivem Synth-Bass.

“At the Venue” übernimmt die zweite Hälfte der Maxi-Single mit einem trockenen Breakbeat und harten 808 Bässen. Mit einer Referenz zu “CU”, begleiten einen trancy Flächen auf einer Reise durch einen Dschungel von Vocal Chops und bevor man es realisiert, endet man wieder am Beginn des Tracks – ein in sich geschlossener Kreis.

“CU at the Venue” ist das Debut von Chris Gerbers neuen Labels “Computer Toys” und kann ab dem 5. November 2021 weltweit gehört werden. Und wer weiß, vielleicht sieht man sich ja bald auf der Tanzfläche.

Über Chris Gerber

Komplex, rau und zugleich atmosphärisch – so könnte man Sound des Electronica Produzenten Chris Gerber umreißen. Als Jugendlicher fand der Hannoveraner keine passenden Bands in seiner Szene, weshalb er sich entschied seine musikalischen Visionen mit der Gitarre und einem Loop-Pedal selbst in die Hand zu nehmen. Durch die Entdeckung von Ableton Live offenbarte sich ihm die wundervolle Welt der elektronischen Musik. So tauchte Chris immer tiefer in den Spielplatz von Synthesizern und Drum Machines ein, wodurch seine Gitarre immer weiter in den Hintergrund rückte. Mit Inspirationen und Vorbildern wie Jamie XX, Bicep und Denis Sulta kreiert er seine Variante zeitgenössischer Electronica-Musik mit starken Einflüssen aus den 90ern und frühen 2000ern. Breakbeats, 909 Hits und harte 808 Bässe, kombiniert mit warmen Synth-Pads und schon beinahe kitschigen Synth-Leads vom Casio Keyboard, sind bei Chris Gerber Programm. Seine Produktionen sind mitreißend und emotional zugleich. Seine neue Maxi-Single “CU at the Venue” ist das Debüt seines brandneuen Labels “Computer Toys” – satisfaction guaranteed

Saxongroove – Can You Hear It (Spotify)

“"Saxongroove" new delivery in Deep house style. The old masters always know how to keep us active and ...awake! The track has a strong kick and a huge variety of sound FX, pretty enough to start the dance. Can you hear it?”

2nd track on the 'No Need To Sleep' EP

The Mayans – Not A Doctor (Spotify)

“The rhythm in "Not A Doctor" is unlikely to keep you from the desire to make a few energetic movements ahead. You immediately feel in your breast all the power of sound, fall in love with the mix quality and amazed by its variety of sound elements and the vocal approach!”

“Ритм этого трека вряд ли удержит вас от желания сделать несколько энергичных движений головой. Сразу чувствуешь в груди всю монолитность звучания, влюбляешься в качество сведения и поражаешься разнообразием звуковых решений и подходу к семплированию вокала!”

This is the second release for us (we have just signed another 6 tracks to three different labels, including some quite exciting ones) and the first on our own new label. We plan to release one new release on our own label every 6-8 weeks. The next is scheduled for release in November. Our production ethos is simple - combine the best of old and new technology to make music that is inspired by - but not a copy of - classic late 80s and early 90s house music. To do this we combine genuine 12-bit samplers (modern and original 80s models) and analog synths with modern production and mixing tools (Live and Pro-Tools), topped off with some not-so-secret 90s production weapons, like our beloved 90s Alesis 3630 compressor, the machine that gave Alan Braxe and Daft Punk that distinctive pump.

Anton Kling Interview on Nagamag


Which are the genres that describe your music style better?

Anton Kling:
Melodic, Organic, Progressive, Minimal with a lofi touch

Few words about your musical background and career?

Anton Kling:
I started in a music program called E-jay when I was 8 years old, then when I was 12 I started making music in fl-studio and when I was 16 I started in Ableton live where I create music these days. I have been making music since I was very young but I started to take it more seriously in the last 6 years.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Anton Kling:
I don't remember the first connection with music because there has always been music played at my house when I was young. I remember when my dad showed me Kraftwerk for the first time and I was in awe. But the biggest thing has to be when I discovered Daft Punk at a very you age. I sat on our computer in the early days of the internet and found their music and that just changed everything. I just couldn't stop listening to them, all they did was so new and interesting for my ears. I guess that was when I truly fell in love with electronic music.

Many artists listen to genres that they are not producing music for. Which track is your favorite that is NOT similar to yours?

Anton Kling:
Red Hot Chilipeppers "Californication"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which is the track from a similar artist you admire?

Anton Kling:
Extrawelt Zu Fuss

Discover & Listen to Anton Kling

Anton Kling on Spotify

Anton Kling's Signature Track

Anton Kling on Social Media

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