Lisa Andrea Torres, Hadrien Feraud, Stephan Oberhoff, GREG DIAZ, Jimmy Branl – Bedtime Story – song by Lisa Andrea Torres, Hadrien Feraud, Stephan Oberhoff, GREG DIAZ, Jimmy Branly | Spotify (Spotify)

“From the first chords you dive into the musical whirlpool and plunge into a beautiful story, whose melodic component is able to influence even the most sophisticated listener! Enjoy some rustling elements of percussion, keyboard patterns and also the charming voice of -Lisa Andrea Torres-. High concentration of positive energy guaranteed!”

“С первых аккордов ныряешь в музыкальный водоворот и окунаешься в красивую историю, чья мелодичная составляющая способна вскружить голову даже самому искушённому слушателю! Шуршание перкуссионных инструментов, клавишные и очаровательный голос -Lisa Andrea Torres-. Высокая концентрация положительной энергии вам гарантируется!”

Lush beautiful strings, soft breathy lead/background vocals, and imaginative woodwinds set with percussion, electric bass and drums makes this derivative work of Herbie Hancock’s instrumental “Tell Me a Bedtime Story”, a gorgeous symphonic rendition complete with lyrics and new 6/8 meter. Arranged by Stephan Oberhoff, this magical, fully-orchestrated take on the 1969 jazz classic, delivers a fresh, enigmatic and romantic version of Herbie’s beautiful and soulful composition. Recorded in Los Angeles, CA 2020 – 2021 and co-produced by lead vocalist/songwriter Lisa Andrea Torres and musician/arranger Stephan Oberhoff as he leads the way playing Rhodes, guitar, percussion, virtual strings, and background vocals. Also singing background vocals, tenor sax soloist Greg Diaz enriches this song by his woodwind arrangement and precision phrasing. Outstanding performances by world-class rhythm section players gives this song a unique texture and feel as French bassist Hadrien Feruad lends his solid groove and subtle nuances along with Cuba-born renown sensitive and creative, drummer Jimmy Branly. Mixed and mastered with impeccable sensitivity and color by grammy-nominee, MarTeen, this rare gem offers ear candy to both jazz lovers AND music lovers in general.

Fable – Guilt Of The Act (Lyric Video)

“”Fable” is preparing something strong and here’s a taste of what is going to come soon. Electro Pop single with funky chorus and fast up and downs. Real gem for those who seek for the unexpected in music.”

Much heralded singer-songwriter, Fable today releases her brand new single, ‘Guilt Of The Act’ via Naim Records. The track is the latest offering from her forthcoming debut album, ‘Shame’ and has been locked in for a pre-release daytime premiere on 6Music, following in the wake of the trip hop-infused singles ‘Orbiting’ and ‘Womb’, which drew praise from the likes of 6Music, The Independent, NME and many more.

Interweaving between funk-pop and sun-soaked rock, Guilt Of The Act is topped by Fable’s signature vocal. The catchy chorus, “Can’t walk in these shoes I’m giving them back” sounds like the dancefloor filler of 2021 we’ve been waiting for. In Fable’s own words, “Guilt of the Act, is so immediate and sharp. I’ve cut off all my frills, which has resulted in what I would call ‘Danger Pop’”.

“The song itself is about voting with your ethics when being represented – about not taking the path of least resistance because of financial incentives.”

“Reflecting on Freedom” the Alon Farber Hagiga (official album)

“Work with incredible surrealism which you can absorb with small sips. Uncompromising sound with absolute professionalism, which fascinates and practically make you pay attention to every note! Lovely jazz!”

“Невероятный сюрреализм, энергию которого впитываешь небольшими глотками. Бескомпромиссное звучание, профессионализм которого очаровывает, завораживает и практически заставляет слушать и слышать каждую ноту! Прекрасный, нестареющий джаз!”

“Reflecting on Freedom” was written and arranged by Alon Farber for the “Alon Farber Hagiga” . It is a really funky tune with exciting arrangement for 3 horns and rhythm section (with an extra percussionist)

The tune is actually an homage to a great Jazz tune called “Freedom Jazz Dance” by Eddie Harris, which is quoted at the end of it

Great solos here by Yehonatan Cohen, Alon Farber and Eden Giat

Playing here:

Alon Farber- Alto sax

Yehonatan Cohen- Tenor sax

Oded Meir- Trombone

Eden Giat- Piano

Assaf Hakimi- Electric bass

Roy Oliel- Drums

Rony Iwryn- Percussion

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Damien Sebe, Chill Moon Music – Lavender Blue (Spotify)

“Soft chill-hop rhythms and a singing guitar melody. A state of calmness, pacification and enjoyment of being. Music, which conquers any negativity, paints a smile on the face with an invisible brush and accompanies its listener to the very end. Necessarily to acquaintance, sincere work.”

“Мягкие ритмы Chill-hop и поющая мелодия гитары. Состояние спокойствия, умиротворения и наслаждения бытием. Музыка, которая побеждает любой негатив, рисует невидимой кистью на лице улыбку и сопровождает своего слушателя до самого конца. Обязательно к ознакомлению, душевная работа.”

MDQ, Osa World – Under the Palms (Spotify)

“Mesmerizing delicacy and heart felt grooves. A bit on the bossa nova side with trip out echoes that reverberate so good. Quality production is evident of this organic gem.”

Under the Pams is the jazz/bossa nova vibes of sunny beach, summertime and sweet romance.

NY based songwriter/producer/guitarist MDQ fuses all kinds of chill music, from bossa nova to neo soul to beats to house music. At his core he's both emotional & optimist that's why his music resonates with a whole spectrum of people.

OSA World is a recording artist, singer/songwriter, dancer, and energetic creative from Moscow Russia; currently based in Brooklyn. Osa is the first artist signed to the music label Music Unites Souls Everywhere. She blends sounds from house and disco to create uptempo emotional and inspirational dance music. Osa’a voice holds a strong vibrato similar to Madonna and Cher. If you like UK House, EDM, Dance-pop, festival going music you will love the high level energetic vibe Osa brings.

David Longoria – Bitcoin Billionaire (Video)

“This is what happens when you apply great big band style jazz to ultramodern ideas of cryptocurrency. A tune is born that is as catchy as ever with lyrics that embrace the idea of financial freedom. ”

Organa – Shine (Spotify)

“Some songs shine like bright stars in the night sky and this one's not an exception to the rule. The Californian band "Organa" has cleverly used elements of Jazz and Funk in their fresh creation, which you must listen carefully!”

"Shine" is the new single released from Organa on 10/1/21. Organa is from Los Angeles CA, and is an eclectic mix of funk, soul rock and jazz. Founded in 2016 by bassist / vocalist – Corey McCormick, (Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real, Neil Young and Chris Cornell) guitarist – Nick Lewis and vocalist / percussionist – Gabe Velasquez, These three gentlemen came together to fulfill their need to make art that tells a story and also makes you move.

Tim Reynolds ft Nikki Glaspie – ‘Guardian Angels’ Official Music Video (100% of Proceeds to PHAR) (Video)

“Forward thinking movement encapsulated into a beautiful natural musical pattern. Like a free-flowing mountain stream put together with some very talented jazzy cats. ”

Tim Reynolds, two-time Grammy nominated composer / performer and guitarist for the Dave Matthews Band, in conjunction with the non-profit record label, CommunityZ RecordZ, is proud to announce the release of his new single, Guardian Angels, featuring Nikki Glaspie (ex Beyoncé, The Nth Power, Maceo Parker, Kamani) on drums and percussion. On September 24th, the single will be exclusively available for purchase (not on any streaming platforms) but only on the CommunityZ RecordZ official pages (links below), with 100% of proceeds going to support the Charlottesville Public Housing Association of Residents (PHAR-CVille). PHAR’s mission is to educate and empower low-income residents of Charlottesville, VA–a town undergoing sweeping cultural changes–with the ability to protect and improve their community through collective action. The organization is dedicated to advocating for and working closely with public housing residents and is entirely governed by public housing residents and one Section 8 resident. Tim’s partnership with CommunityZ RecordZ allows him to give back to his former hometown where his musical journey began, as well as contribute an earnest effort to protect the integrity of Charlottesville, a diverse and evolving community that acts in parallel and in reflection to the rest of the country, if not the world. The mission of CommunityZ RecordZ is to connect artists with their formative roots and save the world one song, one artist, one community at a time. Rarely does the moment meet the music, but in this case, and especially in this time, it felt imperative to ensure that it does.

“I feel incredibly lucky to even be able to support a group like PHAR, and that they exist in a town that is forever dear to my heart. As far as the chance to work with someone of the musical caliber of Nikki Glaspie, I couldn’t jump fast enough,” states Reynolds.

Musically, Guardian Angels began as a track that Reynolds recorded on a four track at his home. CommunityZ RecordZ, the brainchild of Will Bradford (SeepeopleS, theWorst, RascalZ RecordZ) and music artist Sparxsea with board members from the American Special Hockey Association and Payback, as well as Nikki Glaspie herself who serves on the advisory board, had expressed interest in releasing a collaborative song for charity. Reynolds had known Bradford from years of touring and recording together, and with artists, musicians, and activists connected during the covid lockdown of 2020, the project and mission were born. This collective vision to help make artists and their music essential again via the direct support of a grassroots support charity, will perhaps offer a more meaningful way for musicians, audiences, and communities to interact and co-exist.

Upon collaboration with Nikki Glaspie, Tim’s song took on a new life and became the rare unreleased gem that is now Guardian Angels. The song was lovingly edited, mixed, and mastered by Will Holland (Pixies, Dead Can Dance) at Chillhouse Studios in Boston, MA. The accompanying music video, filmed and edited by Sparxsea (drone footage by Andrew Doody) features scenes from the removal of Confederate statues in the former heart and soul of the confederacy, a seminal event of this past summer in Charlottesville. It is fascinating to think that Reynolds recorded the original composition long before he and Glaspie so accurately captured the uncertain, cautious, but strong and hopeful emotions surrounding this important juncture in time…as well as ambitions and aspirations felt by the residents of Charlottesville, a city that has become ground zero for the racial reckoning across America. This is literally a city changing before our eyes. With Guardian Angels, Tim Reynolds and Nikki Glaspie have given us a truly heartfelt musical offering and we kindly ask for your support to help make this gift one that gives back as much as possible–not just to Charlottesville–but our entire global community as well. We thank you in advance.

For more info


For more info on Tim Reynolds


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Georgia Cécile – Come Summertime (Video)

“Her voice carries hope and a bright light. Delicate night of passion and essence embraced by the southern skies. All this on a top-notch melody with feeling and we have a winner. ”

One of Jazz’s hottest new prospects, Scottish singer and songwriter Georgia Cécile is fast building a reputation as one of the UK’s finest vocalists. Tipped as ‘One To Watch’ by BBC Introducing and Jazzwise Magazine, winner of ‘Best Vocalist’ at the 2019 Scottish Jazz Awards and ‘Vocalist Of The Year’ nominee at the 2020 Jazz FM Awards, Cécile’s stock has been rising on the strength of her live performances and songwriting partnership with award winning pianist and composer Euan Stevenson.

After releasing a series of singles this year, Cécile is set to share her debut album entitled ‘Only The Lover Sings’. Being released independently on 17th September, the highly anticipated LP features ten original songs co-written and arranged with Stevenson, featuring a lush acoustic palette of jazz quartet, Hammond organ, strings and horns. The elegant collection of songs showcase Cecile’s hugely impressive natural vocal ability and take the listener on a journey through heart wrenching moments to elevating highs, with lyrics which bare her soul and touch on themes such as love, loss, nurture and spiritual growth.

Described by Jamie Cullum as a “songwriting pair to watch out for”, the songs bear the fruits of a decade-long songwriting partnership between Cécile and Stevenson, a collaboration which sees the pair draw inspiration from an era when composers such as Burt Bacharach, John Barry and Marvin Hamlisch enjoyed mainstream appeal whilst wearing their jazz credentials proudly on their sleeves.

Supported by Creative Scotland, the album was recorded throughout 2020 at GloWorm Recordings in Glasgow, engineered, co-produced and mixed by Iain Hutchison. Featuring top UK session players such as violinist Seonaid Aitken and trumpeter Ryan Quigley, the album has a timeless, cinematic quality, fusing classic jazz and soul influences as diverse as Duke Ellington, Nancy Wilson and Stevie Wonder with a contemporary edge in the vein of Gregory Porter, Norah Jones and Melody Gardot.

The album follows the singles ‘He Knew How To Love’ and ‘Always Be Right’ which have picked up plenty of media support ranging from BBC Radio 2, BBC Introducing and Jazz FM to The Independent and Wonderland Magazine. Also this year, Georgia marked International Women’s Day by performing live for the BBC’s Jazz Nights show and she was included in Jazzwise’s ‘Women In Jazz’ feature that day.

The official album launch concert will be held at Edinburgh Queen’s Hall on 16th of October and will feature Cécile’s eleven-piece ensemble, including live strings and horn section. She will also be performing at the Limerick Festival in Ireland in September, and in November she will be opening the prestigious London Jazz Festival with the Guy Barker Orchestra as part of the ‘Jazz Voice’ concert, which in previous years has hosted vocalists such as Jacob Collier, Paloma Faith, Gregory Porter and Corinne Bailey Rae. In previous years, Cécile has performed sell-out concerts across UK jazz festivals, notably London Jazz Festival and Cheltenham Jazz Festival.

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Joakim Daal – Shelter (Spotify)

“An incomparable composition! The text reveals all feelings - from joy to pain. It is amazing how such works touch the souls of people. Rich sound, a bit of jazz, folk, rustle of percussion and so touching vocals of -Joakim Daal-.Generating feelings that will never leave you.”

“Бесподобная композиция! Текст раскрывает все чувства — от радости до боли. Поразительно, как подобные произведения трогают души людей. Богатый, насыщенный звук, немного джаза, фолка, шелест перкуссии и простой, но такой трогательный вокал -Joakim Daal-. Чувства, которые не покинут вас никогда.”

Shelter is a timelessly beautiful debut single from Helsinki based Finnish-American Joakim Daal. His music uniquely combines 2020s art pop, folk indie, 60s cool jazz, poetry and a cinematic touch. The effect is crowned by Daal’s classic, soft singing voice.

Shelter sounds like Chet Baker, Kings Of Convenience and Bon Iver came together to craft a late night gem. The fragile yet warmly familiar melodies flow around the pulse of a sophisticatedly off-kilter rhythm.

“Shelter explores the confines of the intimate, sometimes difficult yet expansive world that two people can create with the passing of enough time - where alternately the smallest aggravations can snowball into a barely contained torrent while the most tectonic shifts and difficult events that test the foundations, ultimately solidify this world and perhaps even dissipate.” - offers Daal about his debut single.

Joakim Daal grew up in the suburbs of New York with his Finnish parents. Although he studied jazz and classical music in his youth, he only began to consider creating music of his own after moving to Montréal in the early 2010’s for university. In Montréal, Daal became acquainted with the burgeoning DIY pop community that had grown around the Lab Synthèse art collective. Experiencing the vastly diverse approaches to self-expression explored by various artists, helped Daal break free from his preconceived notions; to experiment with creating his own meaningful spaces and aesthetic experiences. After years of patiently brewing, this inspiration finally takes form in the debut single, Shelter.

Shelter was written, produced and recorded by Daal himself, mixed by Jarno Takkumäki (the artist behind Lac Belot) and mastered by the multiple Grammy Award winning Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone. Calbi and Fallone’s lengthy discography includes classic albums by Taylor Swift, John Lennon, Big Thief, Bon Iver, Paul Simon and Bruce Springsteen. The drums feature The Holy band's Eero Jääskeläinen while the layered woodwinds were performed by the saxophonist, Jussi Hurskainen.

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