Ori Dagan – Rebirth of the Cool

“The melodic jazz in the framing of atmospheric tones, bursting all your exposed soul. Let into yourself the melody of a living, instrumental orchestra, feel his breath and feel all the warmth and professionalism in the person of the performer -ori dagan-. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодичный Jazz в обрамление атмосферных тонов, распирающий всю вашу обнажившуюся душу. Впустите в себя мелодию живого, инструментального оркестра, почувствуйте его дыхание и ощутите всё тепло и профессионализм в лице исполнителя -Ori Dagan-.”


From Jazz singer, Ori Dagan’s new album “Click Right Here” Rebirth Of The Cool is an ode to America’s gift to the world, the legacies of yesterday’s jazz giants remain relevant as ever, now and forever.”


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Kyle Quentin & The Kyles – Call Me Sunset

“Having charged with a certain mood, turn on your player and plunge into the beautiful world of music along with -Kyle Quentin and The Kyles-. Feel the Wave of the Chill-Hop rhythm, plunge to the very depths of the surging emotions and try to distract yourself from the fuss. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Зарядившись определённым настроением, включите ваш проигрыватель и погрузитесь в прекрасный мир музыки вместе с -Kyle Quentin и The Kyles-. Почувствуйте волну ритма Chill-hop, окунитесь на самую глубину нахлынувших эмоций и постарайтесь отвлечься от суеты.”


With a jazzy beach feeling we're watching the sun go down in this chilled-out instrumental track.

Kyle Quentin and the Kyles is the instrumental-only creative outlet of a former DJ and current designer from Switzerland trying to bring some new aesthetic to the lofi & jazzhop beat game with a unique visual approach.

More information about the Artist on www.thekyles.ch/

nz -friends

“A universal track that can be listened anywhere and in any weather. Warm rhythms and melody Chill-Hop, beautiful intersperses of the piano, interesting sound effects and atmosphere of complete calm. Enjoy the greatness and beauty of nature, coming from its bowels. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Универсальный трек, который можно слушать в любом месте и при любой погоде. Тёплые ритмы и мелодия Chill-hop, красивые вкрапления пиано, интересные звуковые эффекты и атмосфера полного спокойствия. Насладитесь величием и красотой природы, доносящимся из её недр.”



Harriet Chung – A World Away (Remix)

“-Harriet Chung- managed to create the mood of a real fairy tale, the immersion in which will lead you to the gates of the surroundings. Yes, this is an amazing beauty of a musical work with amazing vocals and instrumental, symphonic arrangement. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Harriet Chung- удалось создать настроение настоящей сказки, погружение в которую приведёт вас к вратам зазеркалья. Да, это потрясающей красоты музыкальное произведение с изумительным вокалом и инструментальной, симфонической аранжировкой.”


A World Away (Remix), is a signature pop ballad from the award-winning musical, Golden Lotus, remastered and released on August 25, 2020.

Sung by award-nominated singer Harriet Chung and written by George Chiang, the song transcends time with a heart wrenching message about missing the person you love.

The refreshed track features a live orchestra with hints of pop and jazz; a modern fusion of genres to create a unique remix of a song whose origin began on stage.

Produced by:

Hayward Parrot

Music Arranger & Orchestra Conductor:

Warren Robert

Music Video Director:

Theresa Kowall-Shipp


Harriet Chung is an international singer, actress, and award-winning performer. She has appeared in The Phantom of the Opera (Toronto), Cats (Germany), The King and I, Iron Road, Fiddler on Fire, among others. Harriet played the title role in the award-winning musical Golden Lotus for which she received a Best Actress nomination in Hong Kong.

Her discography includes featured tracks in Golden Lotus: Sounds From the Musical. She will appear in more tracks in the Deluxe version of that album dropping later this year. A World Away (Remix) is her first single. She is currently recording her first solo album. Stay tuned…

Website: www.harrietchung.com

berj – CRMBZ!

“Just a little over one minute in length, this track still manages somehow to set a nostalgic mood. A lo-fi beat with niftily employed romantic vocal samples over a longing guitar hook, that give a cinematic ambiance and feel.”



berj is an up-and-coming producer from Lebanon, Beirut, whose live drumming ability is complemented by a knack for selecting and manipulating soul-moving jazz samples. He also has a very eerie, unusual way of producing Lo-Fi songs which ironically attracts and interests listeners.

berj also comes from an artistic and musical family, with his father being the Artistic Director & Principal Conductor of the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra, and his grandfather being a renowned Lebanese actor and theatre director. berj started gaining interest in the drums at age 6 and started playing at age 12. My musical palette ranges from Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz-Hop all the way to Reggae and Ska.


“This melody is able to touch you to the core with its simplicity, jazz accompaniment and warmth of vocals -max retaino-. Each of you will be able to find something of its own, so close in spirit and, possibly, something native. Real music with genuine energy! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Эта мелодия способна тронуть вас до глубины души своей простотой, джазовым сопровождением и теплотой вокала -Max Restaino-. Каждый из вас сможет найти что-то своё, такое близкое по духу и, возможно, что-то родное. Настоящая музыка с неподдельной энергией!”


Released 11th Feb, Girl Of My Dreams is track #7 on the new Jazz/Pop Album, Another Rainy Night In Paris by Max Restaino . A fun, spritely, upbeat song, with a big band, swing vibe and great Jazz/Pop vocals. This is a toe tapper that leaves you singing the chorus out loud all day. If you need a song to lift your mood, sing along to in your car, or dance around your kitchen with your kids, your partner or even your granny, this is the one for you. It is great for any Jazz, pop, party or mood enhancing playlist - has a vintage vibe with an extra modern twist thrown in for good measure.


Thanae – You and Me

“The greek singer “Thanae” is back with a single in favourite Adult Contemporary style. The artist shares thoughts of personal happiness through her emotionally affected lyrics and proffessionally performed acoustic instrumentation. Already out from November, this gem shouldn’t miss from your music collection.”


Thanae returns after launching her Album “Between 2 Doors” in 2018 Her new single “You and Me” is out now, after having a tough time as many people around the world this made her think of what is important in life, family, and close friends. “Becoming a mother is life changing” She named her daughter “Aristea” which means “the best kind” and expressed her feelings through her new song.


Tetel Di Babuya – Clean Cut

“All you need to do is to lay all the pressing affairs, pour a glass of your favorite drink, throw off tight shoes and turn on the new composition -tetel di babuya-. Enjoy the charm of the rhythm and melody of Jazz Fusion and remember that your mood is in your hands. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Всё, что вам необходимо сделать, это отложить все насущные дела, налить бокал любимого напитка, скинуть с ног тесную обувь и включить новую композицию -Tetel Di Babuya-. Насладитесь очарованием ритма и мелодии Jazz Fusion и помните, что ваше настроение в ваших руках.”


Tetel says "Clean Cut is a Shaft soundtrack inspired tune sung from what seems like a femme fatale perspective. SPOILER ALERT, it’s really about my 14-year-old diabetic cat who was in a bad place and in need of reassuring."

She continued "It's the cutest story. My oldest cat got sick almost three years ago. It was sudden and he had to stay in the hospital for a week, and he came back much weaker and thinner. I thought, I’m going to write a song that reverses the roles and it turned into as if she were a femme fatal. I wanted words and phrases that were related to feline animals, but I still used the word mutt. He’s a tiny cat but he sees himself like more than he is, like a ferocious panther."


Dale Edward Chung – It’s Over

“The composition -Dale Edward Chung is a melodic, rhythmic gamut of sounds in the framework of the Retro Soul genre, which brings enormous satisfaction when listening. The vocal -saturated troops is a great way to ponostalgia. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Композиция -Dale Edward Chung- представляет собой мелодичную, ритмичную гамму звуков в рамках жанра Retro Soul, которая приносит громадное удовлетворение при прослушивании. Насыщенный тембральной окраской вокал прекрасный способ поностальгировать.”


“It’s Over” is about rising above and moving on, crushing the stereotypes that try to define us, breaking free and starting anew. Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith to discover we can fly!

“It’s Over is only the beginning!”


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