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periklis biskinis x xenia gargali – Feel the Music (Spotify)

“Feel this Funk / Jazz tune from a greek duo. We liked the lyric combination of both artists singing together and the clarity of music instruments. Recommended creation.”

A romantic letter to energy of music

Shadi G – The Wound is the Place Where the Light Enters You (Spotify)

“Neo-Soul always creates a unique and truly homely, cozy mood. Shadi G and Goldamin Records showcase to listeners a new composition 'The Wound is the Place Where the Light Enters You'.”

“Neo-Soul всегда создаёт неповторимое и по-настоящему домашнее, уютное настроение. Shadi G и Goldamin Records дарят своим слушателям новую композицию 'The Wound is the Place Where the Light Enters You'.”

The song moves you on a journey through the three seasons that can describe a relationship that has come to end.

In the verse we get introduced with the feelings of curiosity and insecurities. Moving onwards comes the realisation of the reality of your current situation, ultimately leading to an awakening and liberation.

Eve Adams – A Walk in the Park (Spotify)

“Just as folk music brings together genres of music and people, so is Eve Adams doing with us in their composition A Walk in the Park. The unobtrusiveness and ease of being that unites our hearts.”

“Как фолк-музыка объединяет музыкальные жанры и людей, точно также и Eve Adams поступает с нами в своей композиции A Walk in the Park. Ненавязчивость и лёгкость бытия объединяющая наши сердца.”

Independent jazzfolk artist Eve Adams follows her captivating "You're Not Wrong" single with her newest offering "A Walk In The Park," due out next week. As a captivating writer from Los Angeles who heralds the undying influence of 20th century Americana music, her folk-noir sound tells stories of "dark, domestic dramas unfolding behind closed doors, equal parts violence and romance."

"Just like a walk in the park, we can go on and on," Adams croons in the opening line of her new single. Delicate and naive vocals are accompanied by a jazzy bass line, dramatic, tumbling organ and hazy percussion. The song seems to creep in from down a dark hallway, where a woozy pair of high heels tap on the sticky linoleum floor. Eve questions fate in this new track and shares, "Romance can be such a perfect distraction. It's a shame it doesn't last."

"To me, this song is about escaping into the fantasy of a new romance. Like the feeling of getting to know someone new, walking around in the dark, with nothing but the night to notice," she adds.

Eve spent her formative years traveling to and from her family farm in the tiny town of Colcord, Oklahoma. Inspired by the pastoral landscapes and the nuanced characters she grew up around, her whimsical tales depict a world that is familiar yet surreal, haunted by apparitions.

Eve's coming of age coincided with her departure to Montreal at the age of 18. A fortuitous meeting with saxophonist Military Genius led to the recording of her first album "In Hell" (2017)- Part I of their "Divine Romance" trilogy. While writing Part II, the blossoming creative relationship was cut short when Eve had to return to California due to a family crisis. During this time of uncertainty, Eve self-produced and released her second album "Candy Colored Doom" in 2019.

In the emotional wake of a tragedy, Eve rejoined Military Genius in Vancouver to finally complete the long-awaited Part II.

Andrei Poliakov – La Promenade in Paris in the Moonlight (Spotify)

“A glass of warm, white wine, the dim light of your home and a bright, huge ball of the moon outside your windows. A balm for the soul to everyone and everyone who will plunge with us into this wonderful composition which performed in a virtuoso style. ”

“Бокал тёплого, белого вина, приглушённый свет вашего дома и яркий, огромный шар луны за вашими окнами. Бальзам на душу всем и каждому, кто окунётся вместе с нами в эту прекрасную композицию.”

Andrei Poliakov is a professional musician, composer and producer, who received a
fundamental classical music education as a pianist and an oboist in Russia, continued
with the professional musical career performing with world-renowned orchestras, later
diversifying his musical taste and capacity into jazz, rock, and pop genres, performing
and recording with various bands and solo.
The foundation of Andrei’s works is a well-educated classical, romantic soundscape,
but as soon as the music begins, it starts looking for cross-over opportunities to
develop into an exciting house-party, jazz, pop, or electronic music, all these easily
transforming to warm classical follow-ups – hence the eclectic style which helps Andrei
tell better stories without words.

“La Promenade in Paris in the Moonlight” is a solo piano work which fuses jazz
and neoclassic depicting a nocturnal vibe of Paris:
eclectic and nostalgic yet somewhat cheeky and mischievous at the same time.

Honey Made – Be True (Spotify)

“Honey Made teams up with Tamara Mack for song - Be True - , the #4 anthem of latest new album of Honey Made - Brand New -. Delivering us all the upbeat soulful grooves and vocals needs we have right now is this shady days, infusing us with good energy to step into the changes we want to make for the best of all. ”

Be True is about being true to your authentic self. The approval of others is fleeting while being true to yourself is lasting. Being true means being honest with yourself and others without concern about the approval of others

Austin’s Honey Made bring back memories of legends like James Brown, Sly and the Family Stone, and Earth Wind and Fire with their modern take on slamming primal soul and focus on their R&B roots. Having shared the stage with George Clinton & the Parliament Funkadelic, Sierra Leone Refugee Allstars, The Motet, Lee Fields, Roxy Roca and Flow Tribe, the band has already made quite a name for themselves locally, and are currently planning on rapidly expanding their audience beyond the Austin scene.

Honey Made began performing in 2018 and has become known as one of the best live bands and party bands in town. As one reviewer said; “You can’t help but smile at Honey Made. Its hard not to delight at their athletic musicianship, their infectious hooks, or hairpin turns between the entire canon of funk feels-hard funk, hip hop groves, or James Brown – you name it, they did it. If that was all it was, I’d still call Honey Made a great band, but it’s more than that, it’s their willingness to bring you into the fold makes seeing Honey Made a great time”

Honey Made derives the diversity of sound mentioned above from many influences. These include James Brown, Parliament Funkadelic, Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings and Prince. Honey Made delights in bringing all of these influences into its music.

The band’s EP titled “Couple Few” released in 2020 shares these influences. This EP of five tracks includes influences of funk, rock and soul. The Word is Bond blog states that the self-titled track Honey Made (

“… is rife with all the goodies of the vintage funk-rock and soul jams from yesteryears. The production is super funky and edgy while the vocalists bring that catchy, call and response type performance to the forefront.”

The A&R Factory states that the track “Perfect Getaway” (

“.. contains enough Soul to induce goosebumps from the first few notes in the prelude. As the drippings of soul nostalgia intensify in Perfect Getaway, you’ll find yourself in an effervescently shimmering soundscape where every instrumental in the arrangement exudes fluid expression.”

Now the band has released its first full length record titled “Brand New” in November of 2020 produced by Steve Berlin of Los Lobos. The record is comprised of ten tracks of original music. The title track “Brand New” is about how finding the right person can make all things “Brand New.” It also speaks to the emergence of Honey Made new music and a new direction. “Chicken Sweats” is about one of the band’s favorite foods but also let’s the listener know that there is more going on here. “Be True” is a more of traditional soul sound. Then there is funky instrumental “Southern Fried Funk” and the feel good track “So Good.”

In a review of the album Take Effect Reviews states (

“ An album that parallels the energy of George Clinton And Parliament Funkadelic, but also possesses the capacity for slow burning timelessness, too, Brand New is an excellent starting point for a band we will all be hearing much more about in the future.”

Honey Made band members include: Willie Barnes, Vocals; Donald Ford Jr., vocals; Brian Cokeley, Keys; Lee Braverman, Bass; Chris Barnes, Drums & Vocals; Mark Saldana, Percussion; Dustin Hunter, Tenor Saxophone & Baritone Saxophone; Joseph Marrow, Trumpet & Flugelhorn; and Donald McDaniel, Trombone.

Follow Honey Made on social media for tour updates, new music releases, and special announcements. Facebook: @HoneyMadeATX. Twitter: @honeymadeatx. Instagram: honeymadeatx. You can also follow the band at

The Freedom Warriors – Dance Away (Video)

“The groove and harmonic chemistry between THE FREEDOM WARRIORS and Kim Cooper is amazing, through a quality performance and a brilliant mix, top notch sound production deliver us their full funkiest magic which tickles our listening radars. Pushing out any black thoughts like wind the clouds from the atmosphere. Total good mood here!”

Total exploitation & destruction of our only planet and idiots in power everywhere free of empathy where it would really need wise people to steer in the right direction: climate change, racism, refugee misery, corona fear … In order not to despair it is a positive force – dancing to ecstasy can be such a force – “Dance Away”

Totale Ausbeutung & Zerstörung unseres einzigen Planeten und dabei überall empathiebefreite Idioten an der Macht wo es doch nun wirklich weise Menschen brauchen würde um in die richtige Richtung zu steuern.Klimawandel,Rassismus,Flüchtlingselend,Corona Angst,…Um daran nicht zu verzweifeln braucht es eine positive Kraft – tanzen bis zur Ekstase kann so eine Kraft sein – “Dance Away”

Blue Psyche – Common Theme (Spotify)

“Blue Psyche with their new single Common Theme under Peace Dragon Records imprint, introduce us through their early funky vibes to more loungish atmosphere, with an elegant minimal groove and sensual abundant vocals, music that flows softly in a good laid back mood. ”

The music of London based psychedelic indie band Blue Psyche takes you on a journey of colourful astral sonics that resonate with the dark and experimental ambience of Trip-Hop.

With influences from the likes of Morcheeba and Portishead, their' debut single, "Common Theme" emerges from the obscurity of trip hop, mutating in vivid harmony, warm, reverb drowned vocals with florid guitar and keys, making the distinctive sound of Blue Psyche.

Celest Lamberti, lead singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer paired with Otto Kampa, saxophonist, drummer, and multi-instrumentalist, and Flynn Mulcahy, lyricist, poet and bass player make for a great listen. Theo Hayes also features on this song, playing keys.

Leila – By You Now (Spotify)

“-By You Now- is the new single of -Leila- under SubtleFreak Studios imprint, a blend of bright sound elements and heartwarming vocals generating the right good atmosphere for all the background moments with friends, your love or holidays shopping.”

Leila couldn't be further from your typical indie artist. Hailing from Neverheardofit Pennsylvania, her sound and lyrics carry their humble roots. A little Jazz, a little soul, a hint of strange and three shots of romance will keep this spellbinding cocktail of uncanny ballads in your head forever. Having grown up playing piano, singing, and dancing in recitals and competitions she was exposed to the industry at an early age, setting the stage for this artistic endeavor. Her love for Chopin and Debussy heavily influences her songwriting, infusing her sound with a musical maturity and sophistication.

Primarily inspired by late romantic classical composers and vintage Italian film scores, Leila describes her sound as "Subtle Freak Hawaiian Prom." A syrupy vocal and hypnotic wave of guitars wash you away from wherever you’re sitting and into a velvet armchair at a sparkling B-list dinner party.

All songs, artwork, and music videos are painstakingly created by the artist herself by way of a full time career in software engineering. Her sheer determination is the driving force behind her upcoming debut album Glass Highways. Produced with Tim Carr (The Americans, Fell Runner), the ten-track release is a breakup album exploring the stages of romantic loss. Beginning with doubt and moving all the way through to reflection. Leila confides, “I tried not to be too prescriptive in my lyrics, but rather acknowledge the varied and at times dissonant emotions we face amidst heartbreak.”

Glass Highways is a vocal-heavy album, featuring bittersweet lyrics, inviting the listener to consider the dark and light of life in tandem, adding candor and humility to Leila’s story. Thematically, the album is romantic and lush, consisting of long, dramatic songs oozing with cinematic flair. The songwriter reveals, “During production of my songs, I try to feel like I’m enveloped by them. I want them to wrap me in sound and feeling, as if pulling me into a daydream, or LeilaLand, for that matter.”

Single “Missing You” describes a narrator aching with nostalgia musing over the next time she’ll encounter her lost love. She imagines running into them in various scenarios, describing how they’ll react with each other in this new and uncertain distance they’ve created. Then there is “By You Now”, a two-phase epic of wistful confession. Leila expresses, “Despite how emphatically we attempt to distract ourselves, the reality of heartbreak inevitably sets in. That’s the arc I was going for in ‘By You Now’ with a vibrant upbeat opening that ultimately leads to a somber and lonely ending”.

Upon moving to LA, Leila joined the Angel City Chorale touring England and ultimately performing with the London Philharmonic and recording at Abbey Road Studios. While singing in this choir, she began writing and producing original songs, many of which are included in Glass Highways, slated for release in fall 2020.

Erika Soteri – The American Dream (Spotify)

“Erika Soteri through a jazzy cozy sound atmosphere with her new single -The American Dream- and her hookiest vocal performance qualities, offer as a soulful chill song full of sweet harmonies. ”

The song is reminiscent to Hollywood's golden age. From the sound of the instrumentation to the texture of the vocals. From the style in which it was recorded in the studio, to the aesthetic of the cover art. The lyrics of the song shed a light on the corruption of the music industry and the sacrifices one must make in order to attain 'The American Dream'. It carries a melancholic tone, as it plays with the innocence of a child's dream versus the dark reality of trying to work towards achieving that dream. The track has a raw, authentic feel, in its lyrics, instrumentation and production that will speak to people's souls.

Erika Soteri is a powerhouse performer and a jazzy, soulful singer-songwriter who was born in London, England and raised on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The up-and-coming artist recently gained exposure following her success on the talent show The Voice of Greece. All 4 judges instantly turned around and fought to have Erika join their team. After her decision to join Eurovision’s sweetheart, Helena Paparizou’s team, Erika made it through the semi-finals of the show.

Born into a family of musicians, Erika began dancing, acting, singing and playing the piano at the age of 3 and began writing music by the age of 10. Her musical influences consist of Jazz, Funk, Neo-Soul, Latin and RnB and include artists such as Sade, Amy Winehouse and band Hiatus Kaiyote. Erika’s rich tone and retro, sultry, silky vocals, as well as her lyrics make her seem wise beyond her years. Her style is classically elegant and refreshing; an artist that will in no-doubt be cutting through mainstream and introducing the industry to a sound that is timeless yet still thoroughly original.

Stella Soul – Part of You (Video)

“-Stella Soul- with -Part Of You- deliver us her funk neo-soul jazzy grooves to bright your night, make your favorite corner more comfort and cozy and let you enjoy your favorite cocktail in a total positive mood. Upbeat music, music which invites you to step into your favorite bar. ”

This song is a pop/soul with dance vibes. It is about having something that was so good, but they are no longer there and you want them back and you want to be with them, and be part of them because that is what you need.

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