Sentimony Records – Zymosis «Timeless» (24bit) (Bandcamp)

Sentimony Records – Zymosis «Timeless» (24bit)

Sentimony Records proud to present «Timeless» – new full length album by Zymosis, from Ukraine.

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LAB’S CLOUD – Underwater Galaxy (Bandcamp)

LAB’S CLOUD – Underwater Galaxy

Raul Jordan is well known for his ‘soft-as-silk’ chill-out melodic and down-tempo dreamy, hypnotic sounds. He’s crafting an unique style since his debut album, praised by the ambient aficionados everywhere on the planet.
Three years after his last opus “Connecting on a Deeper Level”, Raul is coming back for our greatest pleasure with another full-length album of an irreproachable quality to gently soothe all of our senses. Uplifting melodic synth lines and soulful grooves included.
Thanks to you for stopping by the Underwater Galaxy !

Shunkan Idou – Outworld Breeze (Bandcamp)

Shunkan Idou – Outworld Breeze

Outworld Breeze is the new cosmic spacey ep of Shunkan Idou who return more active and creative than ever, inviting listener from first seconds in their intelligent sound design and ear tickling atmospheres. Harmonic lush and emotional space abyss bundles balanced their minimal downtempo electronic story.

Eguana – Numbness (Bandcamp)

Eguana – Numbness

Cosmonautics Day is an anniversary celebrated in Russia and some other former USSR countries on 12 April. 12 April was declared as the International Day of Human Space Flight in dedication of the first manned space flight made on 12 April 1961 by the 27-year-old Russian Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Gagarin circled the Earth for 1 hour and 48 minutes aboard the Vostok 1 spacecraft.
Eguana delivers us his new space ambient chill album inspired from that fact and his unique magic touch.

Dense – Taking No Prisoners (Bandcamp)

Dense – Taking No Prisoners

Dense is taking no prisoners in this new brilliant chillgressive journey. Juicy layering and ear tickling sound desingn for a wide chill trance experience, including everything you love in this genre and proves why trance is timeless. Acid lines here are the extra spice to boost your pleasure on Denses 10th solo album.

Mystic Sound Records – Maiia – Love Is The Answer (Bandcamp)

Mystic Sound Records – Maiia – Love Is The Answer

Enjoy a fascinating ride on the swing of love presented by swiping and melodic rhythms. The sound is rich: with the diversity of instruments and the uplifting kick. A flute and a funky guitar, shaky arabesques, romantic synths – Maiia is striking again with the experiments. It gets rough and straightforward at some point, but that’s why we love swinging!

Sundaze – Saturnia [24Bits] (Bandcamp)

Sundaze – Saturnia [24Bits]

This collection of tracks represent some of the diverse and interesting moons of Saturn and combines that with earth like tones.

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Giant Ibis – Terraform (Spotify)

Giant Ibis – Terraform

Giant Ibis – Terraform (Spotify)

Algorithms is an incredible EP of tunes that are uplifting and deep, a great listeners journey, delving into deeper halftime DnB, Hip Hop beats with whomps, some great squelches and melodic journey tunes with ethereal vocals and fantastic atmospheres.

CHRONOS – Helios II (Bandcamp)


A masterpiece wanting to be a dedication of love to his recently deceased lovely mother Natalia Klimenko, Chronos aka Nick Klimenko is back after a long absence on Altar.

An album of great sonic purity which offers to the listener to enter in a deep relaxation state and tells a unique story of its kind.
If you liked his first opus “Helios” ( ) seven years ago, you will fall in love with this suite of great beauty and maturity, never equaled before.

Nick has traveled again to the magical places of Crimea and for the third time was so inspired that he immediately wrote a new chillout album.
All of these named album tracks are connected with one special place in South Crimea and was made after visiting all twelve of them:

Rising Galaxy – Love,Trance & Potatoes (Bandcamp)

Rising Galaxy – Love,Trance & Potatoes

Rising Galaxy delivers this tasty melodic psychedelic trance ep full of memories and influences from his adventures during his gig at Hadra Trance Festival 2019. Opening in the memory of the bodylight performance during his set, teasing our dub chillout artist Translippers who maybe there listened the most trance of his life, himself for all the dance and potatoes he enjoyed at Hadra and his label manager Nick at Cosmicleaf as his menu was repeatedly pizza and beers. Enjoy the madness and good trance memories in this beauty!