EDD-989 – Through The Nebula (Spotify)

“Taken from Russian producer ED-989's concept album "Journey To The Core Of the Galaxy", "Through The Nebula" is a stand out track, blissful atmospherics give way to an insistent groove, to make you feel like you're on this space journey. Highly recommended.”


EDD-989 is an alias for Eduard Korkin, a composer of electronic music from Saint-Petersburg. He produces mixes in a range of musical styles such as psychill, IDM, techno, ambient. Vibrant synthscapes by EDD-989 are imbued with deep bass grooves and fascinating ethnic instrumentations.

I Awake – Exoticas – I Awake Remix (Spotify)

“A hypnotic psychill journey which steps into ritual dub grooves, tickles you with mid range synth bliss and layered with lush reverbs and harmonies of spiritual mysteries. ”


Exoticas is the lead single of I Awake & Less new album "Tabula Rasa". An album grown from a collaborative idea of making two versions using the same stems, I Awake providing the downtempo/neo-ambient flavour, and Less the upbeat club-tracks. This downtempo soundscape journey is the perfect soundtrack for the well tuned ear, a blend between synthesizers and foley all written, produced and mixed for a horizontal experience.

Chromadescent – Apperception (Spotify)

“How many genre influences you can count in this colorful funky psychedelic electronica? We allready gave you a small idea here, yet harmonies and synhts flirting also with genres as synthwave and rock, a multilayered track with positive outlook vibes for lovers of shine mood.”


Psychedelic colors swirl in Chromadescent’s new single, “Apperception.” As the title, art, and video suggest, Chromadescent conjures the altered states that help us perceive the underlying unity of all creation, from clubs to cosmos, cities to the mountains Chromadescent calls home.

The second offering from up-and-coming Colorado producer Clay Meyer, “Apperception” features a progressive and engaging soundscape -- a fitting follow-up to his debut single that bloggers called “exciting," "gorgeous," and “dreamy” (NagaMag, AAA Backstage, At Cost Magazine).

With lush atmospheric textures, Meyer’s guitar work and downtempo design, “Apperception” is a perfect chill-out track that has the power to bring you closer to the mystical pulse of the cosmic spheres where worlds and ideas collide is a swell of iridescent color.

This is organic, ambient electronica vibe is perfect for getting high and going deep with your homies.

Pulsar R82 – Keepers of the Earth Peace Music Revolution (Video)

Pulsar R82 is a pulsating synth beat intertwined with piano, part of the “Mystic Dreams” album from “Keepers of the Earth Peace Music Revolution”,
a track that express the glory of ambient synth electronica through harmonics that offering a space travel through sounds.

Keepers of the Earth Peace Music Revolution is an art rock collective. The music explores the conditions of humanity and encourages perceptive emotions/thoughts on world issues. At the same time, KEPMR explores the imaginative and emotionally powerful aspect of music.

In’R’Voice – Aesthetica (Bandcamp)

Russia’s best kept secret of blissful synth magic is called IN’R’VOICE and he’s blessing Cosmicleaf Records with his album. Ambient aficionados will revel in this amazing artists’ cosmos of harmony and vibration. Den Kozlov has been making music since 1992 and is the originator of Synth Aesthetics, a genre that perfectly describes his beat-less works of beauty. In 2015 Den was invited to play at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Moscow, which turned out to be a majestic demonstration of what the new classical music of the future could be. Join this master on his long journey and see where it takes you.

Hardcore Buddhist – Breaks The Rules (Bandcamp)

Breaks The Rules, is not only about to “break” the rules but also its “breaks” that rules! Top notch psychill layering into a driving groove on and a tickling sound design, a music food that will satisfy your mind seek for psychedelic sound and your body needs for movement.

Kyoto – Skywolf (Remastered) (Bandcamp)

Microcosmos Records is happy to present the remastered album Skywolf by Kyoto. Album was written between 2010-2014.

Skywolf tells us a story of the Spirit and totemic relations between humans and wildlife.

Kyoto is Vitalii Zenkov, an electronic sound producer from Russia.
He releases high-quality chillout and trance music for more than 10 years. Kyoto’s sound is closely associated with natural and cosmic vibrations. It inspires deep emotions and brings waves of affirming energy.

A wide range of airy synth pads together with curvy guitar motifs twines into beautiful vortexes of melodic impressions, delivering a pure and relaxed state of mind. Elegant rhythm lines create astonishing visions of nature and space. All this takes the listener to splendid distant realities.

Last but not least, the album includes remix for the Sundial Aeon track.

Enjoy the brilliant renowned sound of Kyoto’s masterpiece.

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Zero Cult – Usual Unusual (Bandcamp)

The album title says it all, Zero Cult is back with his long anticipating new studio album
While here there are usual forms we all love from his signature style, he does a step further in more unusual synthesis, proving once more his timeless value as producer.
The sound quality here is deep and the listener pleasure endless

Earmake – Beyond Reality EP (Bandcamp)

FLYING HIGH, our consciousness strives beyond reality.

DANCING SHADOWS – This is a part of us that awakens in the rhythm of the music. That which we do not attach importance to during the day, but long for it at night. A considerable number of the same shadows nearby create a world in which we love to immerse ourselves with music. This world is as valuable to each of us as a rare EASTERN TREASURE is valuable.
Mysticism and hypothesis are an integral part of human consciousness. Nowadays, the time of high-profile scientific discoveries about space, one planet in the outer part of the Solar System is still a mystery. Does PLANET NINE exist? and how is it related to Jupiter?
After enjoying the SUNSET DEL MAR, each of us will begin to search for answers at night under a clear starry sky. In complete silence. And only the MOONLIGHT BREEZE will slightly distract attention with its coolness, desperately trying to catch its eye on such a mysterious satellite of the Earth.

Beyond reality is beautiful.

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