Nagamag wishes to you a Happy New Year full of Amazing Harmonies!

Melkisedek x The Marksman – Spiritual Intelligence (Spotify)

“148 bpm of melodic, psychedelic trance in your playlist. 8 minutes of explosive energy from the Melkisedek and The Marksman collaboration. We guarantee that the single Spiritual Intelligence will not let you fall asleep in the next 24 hours!”

“148 bpm мелодичного, психоделического транса в вашем плейлисте. 8 минут взрывной энергии от коллаборации Melkisedek и The Marksman. Мы гарантируем, что сингл Spiritual Intelligence не даст вам заснуть в ближайшие сутки!”

Talamasca – Sensory Depravation (Spotify)

“Cedric Dassulle and his project Talamasca are deservedly considered one of the leaders of the international trance scene. Thanks to Special M and Unstable for the dynamic remixes of the original Sensory Depravation.”

“Cedric Dassulle и его проект Talamasca заслуженно считается одним из лидеров международной транс-сцены. Спасибо Special M и Unstable за динамичные ремиксы оригинального трека Sensory Depravation.”

Neelix x Interactive Noise – Hello (Spotify)

“The collaboration of two Progressive Trance gurus, Neelix and Interactive Noise, is a combination of competent chord placement and a clear, impeccable bass line. Feeling of movement and rhythm.”

“Совместная работа двух гуру в жанре Progressive Trance, Neelix и Interactive Noise, это совокупность грамотного расположения аккордов и чёткая, безупречная басовая линия. Ощущение движения и ритма.”

Ritmo x Talpa – The Unknown (Spotify)

“Ritmo and Talpa delight their listeners with quality Psytrance for more than a dozen years. Their new, joint work The Unknown, which came out on their native Iboga Records, in the best traditions of the old school. In Trance We Trust!”

“Ritmo и Talpa радуют своих слушателей качественным Psytrance уже не один десяток лет. Их новая, совместная работа The Unknown, которая вышла на родном Iboga Records, в лучших традициях старой школы. In Trance We Trust!”

Ritmo and Talpa team up in their first ever collaboration, and invite us to dive into the endless starry abyss of The Unknown. This is what lies at the core of our humanity - we are literally wired to thrive in the presence of the unknown - and in facing it we find not only ourselves, but the limitless nature of our capabilities.

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