Malene Markussen – Touch Fire (Spotify)

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“Don't be afraid to TOUCH FIRE with -Malene Markussen- which under the hookiest qualities of melodic and groove layers matched together through a solid mix, erupting above with her upbeat and entrancing vocals. ”

After releasing two Norwegian albums, I decided to release an Ep to expand my follower base outside of Norway. Touch Fire is the second single form the Ep which will be released 2021. A powerfull pop song with a bit of a retro vibe. The song speaks about the thrill of pushing limits.

Quencyland – Mais Bon (Official Lyric Video) (Video)

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“Serious retro synth design, happy melodies and beautiful vocals, making this a good mood synthpop song!”

One day, these two young men accidentally found a formula. They found a formula that could make the two of them nod their heads. They call it “The Nodding Frequency.” They decided to apply this formula to their musical work called Quencyland.

But something was missing, the two of them weren’t quite satisfied with their jobs, they thought “The Nodding Frequency” needed to be shared with the rest of the world.

Then the music album entitled “The Nodding Frequency” was born.

Will their goals be achieved? Can people all over the world enjoy the secret formula?

Only time will tell ..

andrei – World Away – Andrei Remix (Spotify)

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“A wonderful vocal synthwave track for all the retro hunters out there. World Away Remix by Andrei synth layering touches with the sweet warm vocals of Vanela which tickles your ears gives you quick back all the innocence of 80s. ”

Andrei Busuioceanu first met Vanela while touring the UK with his band, RDGLDGRN, back in 2013. They sparked a connection through their mutual love for European Pop, a genre which they are both heavily influenced by; Vanela being Italian and Andrei, Romanian. In February, Vanela released her debut single ‘World Away’, a sweet yet quirky pop song about long distance love. Andrei had the idea to transform it with a synth-wave feel, particularly inspired by the soundtrack from the movie ‘Drive’. The remix brings out the depth of the lyrics and takes the listener on a retro yet futuristic journey. This collaboration may be unexpected but it’s the nostalgic dive we need right now.

Andrei Busuioceanu’s musical portfolio has never quite fit into any category. From electronic, to indie and hip-hop, the Romanian-born artist has been bending genres in the same ways his biggest influences taught him. A member of RDGLDGRN, alternative hip-hop group championed by fellow Virginians Pharrell Williams and Dave Grohl, Andrei branches out with his solo project, exploring a unique sound.

Mr. Dawzo – Hypergalactic Overdrive (Video)

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Mr. Dawzo travels back in time to the ’80s with the instrumental Synthwave Anthem Hypergalactic Overdrive. The right retro vibes coming along with a good synthwave video and is hard to resinst its positive vibes. Timeless!

About the artist:
Mr. Dawzo is a breath of fresh air within the electronic community. The San Diego resident has been crafting a sound rooted mostly in the digital world, with computer generated vocals and Retrowave instrumentation galore. It has been a wild ride for the up-and-coming producer, who has moved across the experimental spectrum of EDM production to nail a style that is all his own while bringing the electronic community back to its roots. Chords that seem ripped from an Atari console are captured with the energy of an early Black Sabbath record. While Mr. Dawzo sticks to his guns, he never limits himself and he’s always seeking out new and innovative sounds.

With the debut of an ambitious new single, Hypergalactic Overdrive, his Synthwave muscles get to flex with boundless potential. An upbeat melody with a tropical undertone, the song feels fresh yet familiar, something Mr. Dawzo has looked to perfect in recent years. Man created everything we utilize in music and the digital soundscape, so the emotional core has always been a point of emphasis for him during this process. Hypergalactic Overdrive builds off his debut five-track EP beautifully, and establishes Mr. Dawzo’s name firmly in the scene for years to come!

Climate Zombies – I Feel So Alone (Spotify)

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Climate Zombies – I Feel So Alone

When you wake up early a saturday or sunday in the big city and feeling lonely. Climate Zombies is Ola Stålebrink who write and produce the music. For the singing parts he consults his friends Marcus, Mia, Lasse and Annette. The music is inspired by the 80s but with a modern touch. The first ever made song was in march 2019. The band name is the same as the name of the first single.

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