Super Flu – Go (Spotify)

“Real connoisseurs of Melodic Techno & House , will appreciate the so clear high quality work here. Who can save this world, if not music? Right! And such work focus your attention on yourself. In a moment you forget every worries and strains.”

“Настоящим ценителям Melodic Techno & House и так ясно, что пред ними работа высочайшего качества. Кто может спасти этот мир, если не музыка? Правильно! И подобные работы фокусируют своё внимание на себе. В мгновение забываешь всё, что тревожит и напрягает.”

Super Flu are former gunslingers who are addicted to music. Randomly they get the chance to challenge Johannes Albert to a duel. But Johannes has his unerring 303 with him. The mysterious dealer Monaberry sells them all an elixir, which guarantees them accuracy and top 10 chart positions. During the duel, all 3 quickly realize that everyone has taken the same elixir. They agree on a common EP and are happy about this fact, because a won duel leads to the fact that one can never go the wrong way with this EP.

Third Person, Malika Yamila – Shoot Me To The Sky (Spotify)

“The duo's love for the music of the Melodic Techno & House genres is heard in every note and it immediately captivates. The sound is filled with magic and the more you feel it, the stronger you will intercept your breath. If it turns out, then try to take a break, surviving the heard and trying to hurt the wrecking storm of emotions!”

“Любовь дуэта к музыке жанров Melodic Techno & House слышна в каждой ноте и это сразу же подкупает. Звучание наполнено магией и чем сильнее вы это почувствуете, тем сильнее у вас перехватит дыхание. Если получится, то попробуйте сделать перерыв, переживая услышанное и пытаясь угомонить разыгравшуюся бурю эмоций!”

Moszq – Wingspan (Spotify)

“The open skies await as we take flight. The complexity of the arpeggiators in this track are divine. A high energy creation with a deeper purpose. If you need a quick lift to the stratosphere, this one if for you. ”

A deep Dive into Melodic House with a track inspired by my lovely parrots (Moog & Roland). Soothing and dreamy chords with a floating melody combined with deep basslines

Deeparture – Malfunction (Spotify)

“Right out the gate the energy of the track is real. Well placed minimal vocals add to the ambiance of the build up. Less is more and with precision of placement beauty is found in the raw emotions of the beat. ”

Dutch producer Deeparture makes his debut on Running Clouds bringing his unique blend of melodic house and progressive sounds to the label. Off the back of releases on This Never Happened (Lane 8's label), DAYS like NIGHTS, Armada and Anjunabeats, Deeparture bring us his stunning 3 track EP 'Malfunction'.

On remix duties we have label favourite 'Massano' who returns with a powerful remix in his distinct driven and mesmeric style.

Tadulka – Journey From Earth (Spotify)

“Good, rhythmic principle that sets the right tempo to the whole track. The melody helps the consciousness to break away and ride on smooth, warm sea waves. Magic synth sounds that will accompany you on the way to this -Journey from Earth-.”

“Хорошее, ритмичное начало, которое задаёт нужный темп всему треку. Мелодия помогает сознанию оторваться и прокатиться на плавных и тёплых морских волнах. Магические звуки синтезаторов, которые будут сопровождать вас на пути в этот волшебный мир -Journey From Earth-.”

Enrico Podda – Twins (Spotify)

“Very dynamic and pleasant club track in Melodic Techno & House style. Its melody, gradually introduces into a trance and that rhythm fascinates with its magic. The perfect option for relaxation and meditation.”

“Очень динамичный и приятный клубный трек в стиле Melodic Techno & House. Мелодия постепенно, шаг за шагом вводит в транс, а ритм очаровывает своей магией. Идеальный вариант для релаксации и медитации.”

Melodic, Open Air Techno is the way that Enrico Podda describes his music. German producer and DJ Enrico Podda's music is designed to make people fall into a relaxed state of mind. His tracks resemble a creative catch of the moments he experiences in life - this results in clean melodic techno tracks, with a little spice. Music has always been a part of Enrico Poddas life.Having played three instruments as a child, Enrico already started putting on music in Clubs when he was still in High School. This was how he fell in love with the Berlin Techno scene eventually, where he played in clubs, raves and parades. "Techno music is not just there to make people dance," he says. "It is a way to bring people together and see themselves as part of the world. All of this through an intimate way of expressing myself." Enrico Podda now started producing Techno music himself and is now on a journey to make a name of himself.

Innervoix, Marzinek – Synergy (Spotify)

“From the beginning the melody builds beautifully. Elements are added and subtracted accordingly, interlocking a synergy in the background. One is teleported to a place of grandeur where classic electronica lives. ”

NoNameLeft – Illusions (Spotify)

“Clean production skills are evident in this piece from the start. A balanced throbbing tempo with many elements that do not overcrowd one’s senses. Precisely layered and so deliciously repetitive. ”

Illusions is a balanced and driving melodic track from us, great mix of harmony and energy.

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