Pablo Bolivar, Ben Preisinger – Dusk Light (Spotify)

“-Dusk Light- has its own special sound character. This gives it an exceptional personality. Madly atmospheric work with high affection to the listener.”

“Звуковая картина в -Dusk Light- своя, особая. Это и придаёт ей исключительную индивидуальность. Безумно атмосферная работа.”

Rich with minimal textures and refined electronic chords, ‘Dusk Light’ is progressively chilled as it incorporates the works of Pablo Bolivar and Ben Preisinger into one, cohesive creation. An ode to the synchronicities and complex behaviours found in nature, the single manages to create an organic atmosphere while only using rolling electronic instruments and entrancing synths. First glimmer of the upcoming album FRAMEWORK OF A DREAM.

Adam Tauber – Circles (Spotify)

“If you are a fan of techno, psybient, trance or similar genres then I urge you to check this superb, genre fusing track out. An extremely accomplished production of pulsating almost trance like kick & bass presented in a mellow, chilled fashion, with a pleasantly repetitive synth motif that will have you moving to the rhythm in no time.”

Adam Tauber a fresh but experienced talent in the electronic music scene was born in Germany and heavily influenced by EBM artists such as Anne Clark, Gary Numann or DAF in the mid 80s. In early years Adam got fascinated by electronic music and sneaked himself out of the house to play as a DJ all night long in a nearby Club. Throughout the 90s and 2000s he developed his career and played in the most famous clubs national and international such as Pacha Ibiza or Cocoon in Madrid. Unfortunately, he had to cancel his career due to a severe tinnitus. After many years of recovery, he decides to give his fascination of electronic music another chance by releasing modern state techno music in 2021 on Music Production Intelligence (MPI).

Pretty Pink – Awake (Spotify)

“"Pretty Pink" unfolds her artistry for one more time, in this excellent track. The German producer and dj captivates your attention and keeps you awake and mentally active with the secret power of Melodic Techno.”

“Awake” might be the most surprising release of Pretty Pink since her debute on Found Frequencies. Introducing darker sounds, the record starts off with an obscure synth that keeps on evolving until the last seconds of the track. Definitely a highlight of Lost Frequencies’ set for the Tomorrowland New Year’s Eve Livestream, “Awake” is one not to miss!

Risen from the deep & dark woods of the Harz in Germany, Pretty Pink made her way through the steaming and raging international club zone to manifest her belief into the most intimate basement raves and the biggest festival stages – ultimately settling into an exclusive group of DJs that have the skill to work both levels of the scene. Her unique performances cultivated a great following across Europe and continue to broaden the horizons of dance music. Pretty Pink never shies away from a challenge as she continues to grow and evolve in her career and in her sound.

Through a regular stream of high quality mixes in her radio show ‘DEEP WOODS’ she has begun to turn heads in underground circles. Within the span of two years, it landed on 30 leading radio slots worldwide and reached 1 million streams via her socials. ‘DEEP WOODS’ consists of DEEP SENSATION and KLING KLANG, Pretty Pink’s self-branded residency and well known event series that have attracted over 8,000 festival guests. After playing alongside respectable tastemakers at a myriad of revered venues in her homeland – Nature One, Sonne Mond Sterne, Airbeat One, New Horizon, World Club Dome and more – her loyal fanbase and bookings began to skyrocket. Pretty Pink has garnered a devoted fan base across the globe through her diverse productions, radioshow and stirring live shows, which launch listeners on an unforgettable musical journey. On stage she is known for her galvanizing stage performances as she continues to impress crowds with her dynamic natural ease, serenity and expertise.

Shifting her focus toward production, Pretty Pink has amply proved her serious talent in the studio as well as behind the decks. Whilst Pretty Pinks DJ sets are very energetic, she also manifests her wandering soul on the producer side. Pretty’s own music has provided her with the chance to reveal a kinetic combination of dark, pulsating house and tech-house, driven beats, and natural energetic melodic compositions paired often with her own vocals. Pretty Pink had her recording debut in 2013 with an unforgettable edit of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’, which demanded the attention of the scene with massive national and international support. With her clearly uncanny ability to create instantly astounding records she extended with ‘GUNFIRE’ her follow-up EP on Suara, which climbed to #2 on Beatport Deep House Chart of 2016. Pretty Pink possess a long list of high conceptual tracks like RUN, MY KICK, FLURAMA, TRICK, CHANGE on captivating sounding labels like Suara, Armada Deep, Sony, Warner, and Universal. Forming tracks to uncommercial club anthems was her mission, which allowed her unique signature sound to make remixes for Armin van Buuren, Lost Frequencies and also for 90’s tastemakers. Gracing the pages of notable electronic publications such as DJ Mag Mexico, EARMILK, Magnetic Magazine and more, Pretty Pink is quickly becoming one to watch on the fronts of the electronic scene.

Things aren’t slowing down anytime soon as Pretty Pink’s most recent single ‘PURE’ topped the Beatport charts for over six weeks at #3 on Progressive House. The single has even caught the ear of uber tastemakers such as CamelPhat, Lane 8, Josh Butler, Monkey Safari and more who have all featured the single in their sets. On a hunt to envelop and solidify her sound, she jump-started her own record label, Wanderlust Music.

For now, with her upcoming releases, studio sessions, ongoing radio show to residencial performances, record label and a packed tour diary, Pretty’s showing signs of becoming a unique individual artist. Pretty Pink blends a tasteful sound with a twist of madness that elevates the crowd to new heights. With years of experience under her belt, the multi-talented workaholic has created a brand built to last. She will stop at nothing to continue cultivating and developing her sound. Time may pass and trends will fade, but the Pretty Pink’s sound will never cease to impress. Her massive accomplishments only mark the beginning of her future conquests.

Jickow – Pendulum (Video)

“Are you tired of typical sound? Do you seek some energetic beat with melodic outbrakes too? The “Pendulum” can reach your expectations. Let yourself be guided through those tripping electronic Techno loops. The ultimate underground experience is waiting you.”

After making a name for himself in the south of France, Jickow has been developing his reputation over the past few years in the Nightclub scene, where he has developed an intimate relationship with music. Throughout the years, he has developed a knack for music production through the incorporation of his rich and authentic sound, overall improving his visibility in the world of electronic music. Since, he has blossomed in the industry and has taken international artists like Oxia, Lee Van Dowski and Pleasurekraft under his wing to help them flourish, which has earned him a title in Word magazine, where he is referred to as the ‘top 100 most influential people of the Belgian night’. With an unstoppable work rate and the backing of many well-established record labels, Jickow is definitely cementing his place within the industry.

His latest release ‘Pendulum’ is on the way after a stream of previous successful releases, and it is definitely not one to miss out on. His new tune is set to be released on the renowned label Freegrant Music, which has an impressive eminence in the industry and definitely proves that Jickow is a testament to his hard work, as the label only deals with quality and it is evident that he fits the criteria. ‘Pendulum’ is chopped full of inimitable and atmospheric groove built upon otherworldly Arp synths that pair together with the rich bass kicks and intoxicating pad work to make up this undeniable dancefloor filler. This seamless blend of rich, psychedelic ambience is bound to go down a treat in any set.

After a string of poignant and inspirational releases thus far, it is evident that Jickow takes the time to produce music that he believes in, whilst remaining authentic through all of his performances. As the summer season draws near and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel for the pandemic, Jickow is ensuring he is there to be involved in the rejoice of club culture, and his inimitable flow and meticulous production quality will be there to make an imprint on the new wave.

Freegrant Music – move into the future with us!​

Sam Junk – Toxa (Spotify)

“Original Techno release for advanced listeners. High power of electronic synthesizers directly from "Sam Junk"; an old master in sound production. The best choice to keep you active and strong during a busy day.”

With an esteemed reputation in the art of music production since 1988, Tech and House addicted Sam Junk returns to the scene with his new release ‘Toxa’. Following an impressive past in the industry with massive club hits being played globally and previous chart hits reaching a whopping 25,000 records being sold, he is a living testament to his hard work and devotion. Sam is making a return to the Tech – Trance – House highway, where he originally began his career from humble beginnings, learning to make sounds using old-school C64 and AMIGA computers. With sounds coming straight from Slovenia, we’re all strapped in tight anticipating the ride.

Sam Junk has delved deeper into the Techno scene, where he is adamant to display his infectious, genre-bending capabilities with the world. He does justice to this through his new tune Toxa, which features a thumping bassline and heavy, acidic synth-leads that tie in to make this melodic-Techno slammer with a huge dancefloor potential. With an overall high-energy groove that is just too good to miss, Sam Junk has done an excellent job in crafting this Techno hybrid and is sure to bring more gas to the fire he has already built. On the other hand, the Archeee remix flips the tune on its head to deliver a seriously powerful and intricate flavour, which provides us with the industrialised flair we didn’t know it needed. Paired with its swift, bombastic percussion that delivers a punch and its added layer of delicious, dark leads, this remix delivers an undeniable mixture of massive groove and power.

Having previously worked alongside Lakota Music to showcase his inimitable knack for music production, he is now in the position to bring us more music and fun than he’s ever brought before – he is definitely not one to be slept on. If you’re into punchy tech beats, filthy underground sounds and old-school, acid-esque homages, definitely give him a listen!

Download Stream and Buy Here:

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Lakota Music:

Bratři – Running (official video) (Video)

“Feel the speed of Bpm conquering your body and your heart beat accelerating from these Techno sound reefs. The exlposive mix from Bratři is already blasting out from your sound system or at least keeps you company while rushing for your daily duties.”

The electronic duo Bratři (i.e. Brothers) in their new single Running offer an image of an escape from the pandemic chaos. The twins Ondřej and Jiří Veselý used vocals for the first time, and the other ingredients are sprinkled with an accurate and effective ratio. They combine tension, techno and slightly raw straightforwardness. Run with Bratři and head off from the lockdown trap.


For the last single before the autumn release of the full album, Bratři chose a song with vocals. “Our friends from the band Teepee also have a bit of a share in Running. We did a remix for their song Parallel World and we liked their vocals so much that we also used it for Running. At the same time, we wanted to leave our sound and dance vibe,” says Jirka and Ondra adds what makes the song different from the previous singles Signal and Rise. “During the autumn lockdown, we moved to a small cottage surrounded by forests and pure nature, where we could work in peace during the week and escape a little from the stereotypes of the big city. The first motives were created here and I think that the forests and pure nature can be felt in Running.”


The whole single is shrouded in fog, which gives it a kind of tension. “We added hope and a positive mood to Running at the same time. But we are certainly influenced by the current pandemic in our work now, and this is exactly the result of the current situation. Escape, lockdown crisis and hope.”

Bratři are a new face on the Czech electronic music scene. Twins Jiří and Ondřej conceived the music project, which oscillates around a combination of catchy electronic dance, techno and ambient. The central driving forces are Jiři’s live percussion/drum beats and the melodic motives and sequences created by Ondřej on analogue and modular synthesizers, two captivating streams converging on stage in one uncompromising flow of electrifying energy.

In 2017 Bratři released their first EP Monster and followed it up in 2018 with a new single called Manual. Since their inception in 2016, Bratři have played a large number of concerts and festivals; Colours of Ostrava, Rock For People, Beseda u Bigbítu, to name but a few. They have also supported artists such as Jan Blomqvist, Rone, Chrome Sparks and in March 2019 opened for Jon Hopkins at the Forum Karlín. In April 2019 they released a single and music video called Monarch and took part in the showcase festival Tallinn Music Week, where their liveset was chosen among the TOP 10 live acts. In July 2019 Bratři played to much success at the prestigious Chateau Perché Festival in France. From September 2019 to February 2020 Bratři took part in various showcases, namely Nouvelle Prague, BUSH, MENT, and Eurosonic. In February 2020 Bratři commenced work on their debut album.

SVNF8 – Fall Free (Spotify)

“Extra deep and strong Techno single from "SVNF8". Pure power compressed in five minutes, which can change the way you think about music. Warning; this is not for all listeners!”

Up and coming talent SVNF8 is here with his new EP ‘Fall Free’, and he is on a mission to change the way people perceive Electronic music. The enigmatic Producer and DJ made his first appearance in 2019, as he introduced us to his work through his track ‘Facing Reality’ on Mau5trap's ‘We Are Friends, Vol. 9' compilation. He has since been working with the Mau5trap label founded by ground-breaking Electronic music producer deadmau5, a renowned bastion for trailblazing and genre-defying artists. SVNF8 proves to be in good hands considering Mau5trap has curated success for huge names in the industry which includes Skrillex, Zedd, Noisia, Chris Lake, and Madeon.

SVNF8’s latest release is a powerful culmination of dark, forceful Techno combined with complex electro sounds that make up the 4-track EP, which will definitely have Techno fans rejoicing. The second tune is called ‘Sayin Nothin’, which starts off with an entrancing lead that develops into an intense drop where the main body of the song kicks out into an explosion of blood-pumping bass which kicks off the tune as choppy percussion fills the gaps. Just when you thought ‘Sayin Nothin’ had delivered its full potential, a vocal break resets the pace, making room for another spinetingling build-up and vigorous drop that delivers pure techno brilliance. The third tune on the EP is titled ‘Sector K’, where SVNF8 manages to ramp up the pace with thumping snares and a driving bass, overall emanating a more manic feel to it.

The star of the EP, and 1st track,  called ‘Fall Free’. It takes a slightly slower but deeper approach, which sends all of your senses into a frenzy and in turn hypnotizes you in the best way possible, leaving you totally consumed in the wildness of the music. Easing us into a solid beat with abstract synth work paired with vocal sounds, the song then erupts into a deep and dark frenzy of driving bass that instantly ramps up the pace, demonstrating that he definitely means business. The track then drops out into an aggressive bassline that proves to be infectious, accompanied by a string of industrialized sounds that layer another symphony of Techno excellence as SVNF8 once again shows off his incredible talents.

Last but not least, SVNF8 ensures the EP goes out with a bang as it finishes with ‘Won’t Go’. This speaker-splitting track features a dark, punching bassline that proves irresistible to move to as it transcends into an insatiable, hard-hitting groove that leaves you wanting to press replay as soon as it finishes. With an inimitable knack for music production, we can’t wait to see the huge impact SVNF8 has on the Techno scene, so be sure to mark your calendars in time for his next release.

Three CP – Save Your Soul (Spotify)

“Do you feel exhausted because of spending your day in various boring activities or duties? Now it's time to get your energy back! "Save your soul" with the innovative sound of House/Techno master "Three CP". Ultimate uplifting sensation coming from a higher state of existence.”

For more than two decades, Three CP has been producing innovative electronic music that continues to be refreshing, hypnotic and mood-inducing to listeners of all ages around the world.

Heavily influenced by the 90s house and rave scenes, along with the trip-hop movement, Three CP started creating his own brand of electronica at age 16. His first tracks were primarily Tech and Progressive House, Techno and vocal-based songs in Electronica and Downtempo genres. Today, Three CP’s music can be heard on popular channels including Kiss FM, DI.FM, Frisky and many others. He has released multiple Beatport Top 10 hits and regularly appears on the playlists of leading world-renowned DJs like Solarstone, Paco Osuna, Airwave as well as Gene Farris, DJ Taucher.

Deasil – Ave (Spotify)

“One of the finest tracks in Melodic Techno scene has come for the fans outhere. Discover the ultimate magic through its touching melody, strong kick, rich pads and effects. Prepare to dive deeply in the vibrating waves of sound.”

Ave is our second release that will be released on our own imprint 'ECLIPSE.'. Ave is a deep and touching melodic techno track that takes you into a deeper state of mind. Emotional uplifting melodies with atmospheric pads and driving bassline are the core of Ave.

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