CtrlT – Hold On (Spotify)

“Nigerian born artist CtrlT’s new single ‘Hold On’ is out now. This Afro-fusion melody is gentle and persuasive. The singer has an attractive vocal tone, and puts real feeling into the lyrics, which are interesting and meaningful with some catchy phrases. Instrumentally, the song has a warm, rhythmic accompaniment that complements the vocal track perfectly.”


Born in Lagos, Nigeria, CtrlT (Control T) is an Atlanta, Georgia based Afro-fusion/ Afropop artist. He currently studies Mechanical Engineering in Kennesaw State University (KSU). His full name is Samuel Oloruntoby Oginni. His passion for music started at a very young age, when he would perform at small events in his high school, church and big ones like GCGT in Lagos, Nigeria. He attended Covenant University Ota, Nigeria before moving to the US with his mother. He is now looking to reach the world with his voice through his music.


Eydís Evensen – Midnight Moon feat. GDRN (Video)

“When emotions give rise to various feelings like waterfalls, when the melody pours boiling water and pulsates in red hot veins, then starts the deep instrumental piece -Eydís Evensen- from -Midnight Moon- in support of the talented performer -GDRN-.”

“Когда эмоции рождают водопады чувств, когда мелодия льётся бурлящей рекой и пульсирует в раскалённых до красна венах, начинается погружение в инструментальную пьесу -Eydís Evensen – Midnight Moon- в сопровождение талантливая исполнительницы -GDRN-. ”


Icelandic pianist and post-classical composer Eydís Evensen’s debut album BYLUR — which takes its name from the Icelandic word for ‘snowstorm’— will be released on April 23rd via XXIM Records, Sony’s new imprint for innovative, post-genre instrumental music. It features thirteen pieces written throughout her life so far for piano, with additional strings, brass and electronics on a number of tracks.

It also features a guest appearance from award-winning Icelandic singer GDRN on ‘Midnight Moon’, the album’s only track with vocals. The single is out now along with an artistic new video directed by Einar Egils. The track starts off with a string quartet instrumentation which feels like an Icelandic lullaby; comforting and constant.

The piece then transcends into the main movement which includes a piano, a string quartet and the Moving vocals of Icelandic artist GDRN. Valgeir Sigurðsson adds a soft wave of electronic textures throughout the piece, lifting it up to new heights.


Young Collective – Begin Again (Spotify)

“ ‘Begin Again’ is the first track on the new album ‘Rest Repeat’ by ‘Young Collective’. A Native of Kansas City, Zane Callister, an experienced guitarist, guitarist, In response to the relentless pace of modern life. Zane has created a peaceful, relaxing, track to help the listener release the tension of the day & simply relax. Space Ambient, drone like in nature, ‘Begin Again’ will wash over you & help you to chill.”


This is the first track on Young Collective's new album, Rest. Repeat, which was written in response to the world's continued state of hurry. Begin Again is a great example of this as it delivers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for the listener to sink into, allowing them rest and calmness that is not always prevalent.


Young Collective

Kansas City native Zane Callister is no stranger to the music industry. Having toured for years as a guitarist, he now uses his musical prowess to create sonic landscapes both for himself and for others. In his solo project Young Collective, the music welcomes the listener into an ambient, dreamscape realm that is both limitless and ethereal. His music has also been placed alongside brands such as NASA, Nike, Coca-Cola, and Adidas. More recently, he has composed original scores for Vimeo Staff Picked short films, most notably Portrait of a Black Man, as well as having music featured in many Apple and Spotify playlists, including Today's Chill and Viral Top 50.


Maddy Hartson – Woman (Spotify)

“Pure obsession can be the result from Hartson's new hit; "Woman". Commercial sound style with the singer's dynamic voice. Warning! 100% attractive, totally irresistible and addictive atmosphere.”


Making an explosive return to our airwaves, Maddy Hartson releases “Woman” - an energetic and passionate performance set to elevate Maddy’s status in the emerging pop scene.

Showcasing her wide array of talents, “Woman” includes all of what early adopters of her sound can already expect from this young and emerging artist. Empowering lyrics, strong vocals and fantastic production make this new release Maddy Hartson’s most exciting release to date.



“In the studio, I was able to tap into a more bold side of songwriting, one that simultaneously demands attention while still feeling evasive. I spent about an hour alone without anyone else in the room, left with a melody and a blank sheet of paper. I thought about things I'd wished to write about but never did. The feeling of feminine power, confidence, and bravery were all key emotions that played into the creation of this song. That's when Woman was born. ."

Maddy Hartson


Based out of Michigan, Maddy Hartson’s speciality is alternative pop that seamlessly blends midwestern grit and rustic glam. The key facet connecting the two styles is found in her work ethic that has delivered skills of exceptional songcraft at a young age.

The cornerstone of her creations is the simple ethos that there is beauty all around us if we are willing to look just under the surface. While the catalogue Maddy Hartson has released clearly demonstrates that she can relentlessly roll out ‘song of the year’ contenders, her dynamic live performances leave no doubt she’s the real deal. Hartson’s onstage reputation is of someone who commands every stage and invites every crowd to a unique reality for the night. The experience is a cathartic one that dissolves every tether of cynicism in its path.

Having garnered 10k Spotify Streams for each of her releases so far, expect 2021 to be the year Maddy Hartson grows into the mainstream pop scene.


The Curfew – Playin’ with Fire (Official Audio) (Video)

“”Playin’ with Fire”! How many times you have cought yourself doing something very risky? And suddenly, when you realize this truth, you feel the adrenaline rush in your veins. Unfortunately, with this exciting track we obviously have the control.”


The Curfew is a pop band from Miami.


Steve Ryan – Reach – Funk Version (Spotify)

“Very happy song, in original Funk mood. Steve Ryan unfolds his singing skills with some super positive ideas. Lyrics of deep meaning, friendly emotions and your soul elixir is ready. You only have to grab this chance!”



Steve Ryan constantly stays busy with project after project. His music has been described as inspirational, ground breaking, thought-provoking and highly enjoyable. His lyrics are just outright magical.

In Music and Moonlight, the nineteenth century poet Arthur O'Shaughnessy wrote: "We are the music makers, / And we are the dreamers of dreams.” This popular line of poetry defines present-day musician and songwriter Steve Ryan.

Inspired by his own dreams, he helps others make theirs come true! He does this through a motivational and inspirational blend of pop, rock and r&b. With a subtle change to the quote above, we can call Steve Ryan a “dreamer of music, and maker of dreams.”

Steve Ryan’s musical background was primarily a songwriter before he released his first album. He wrote songs for other artists and originally found his way into the music industry through songwriting and occasional performances at various shows.

He made his official debut as an artist in 2010 with his first release, ‘’Steve Ryan Presents.’’ This album was meant to be a demo and it received a surprisingly overwhelming positive reaction from new fans and solidified Steve Ryan’s influence as an Artist.

In 2012, he released an EP album called intermission. This Album made it into the best sellers category on Amazon that year.
In 2013, Steve Ryan released his 2nd full length album called ''Boundless Moments''. He follwed up in 2014, by releasing his 3rd full length album which was an all instrumental album called, ‘’Feel at Ease.’’

In 2016, Steve Ryan released his 4th full length album titled, ''Smooth Melodies.'' He followed up with single releases in 2018, ‘‘Movin On’’ and in 2020, '‘Miracle of Love.’’

In April 2021, Steve Ryan released, ‘‘Proud of Me’’, a tribute song to his father who passed away. Steve Ryan is currently working on his next full length album. Stay tuned for more amazing music from Steve Ryan.

Paul Cafcae – Downtown (Spotify)

“-Downtown- is a competent combination of elements of Native American genres. Traditional country music, a bit of folk and rock, a definite hit from -Paul Cafcae-, which brought together the best creative and musical quality.”

“-Downtown- грамотное сочетание элементов исконно американских жанров. Традиционная country музыка, немного folk и rock и перед нами однозначный хит от -Paul Cafcae-, который собрал воедино лучшие творческие и музыкальные качества.”


Sometimes you just need a jam song — a song that gets the feet moving and gets you lost in the groove. That's "Downtown," by Paul Cafcae. It's got a country two-step feel but quickly whisks you away in blues appreciation with its many licks, head-bopping lyrics, and a harmonica solo by Venezuelan, Hector Alexander, that can cut glass.

It's the kind of track that makes you miss live music and would fit nicely in a dimly-lit, underground blues bar that you happen to stumble upon in the middle of the night. And that's kind of the point of the song; making light of the cultural differences of the big city big wig people—the yuppies—and the rest of the world who grooves in the fringer parts of society. The hole in the wall establishments full of energy, art, and a DIY attitude.

This thought is sealed with Cafcae's lyric "do this dirty, dirty, thing playing blues all the night." Immediately after comes a sensational 12 bar blues solo and then Hector's brief moment in the spotlight. Cafcae will probably get back to playing blues all night once the pandemic lifts.

"It's a slightly satirical song," says Paul Cafcae.


Lewis Bolland Interview on Nagamag

The Latest


Which are the genres that describe your music style better?

Lewis Bolland:
Modern Classical, Relaxing Piano, Lightly Cinematic.

Few words about your musical background and career?

Lewis Bolland:
Performing the piano since the age of 7, Lewis’s home life was filled with music. His formal music education began early with piano lessons given by his grandmother Elsie. By the time he was 14 Lewis was being called up as the pianist & keyboard player in school performances and at the age of 15 he was in the rehearsal room as a student teacher, giving lessons to his contemporaries.

After composing and performing for his GSCE & A Level music exams, Lewis went on to support some of the UK’s biggest artists and toured the country multiple times as a session pianist & keys player. In late 2014 Lewis set up ‘Private Piano Tuition UK’. A modern classical piano school who teach over sixty students per week and currently holds a 100% pass rate with Royal Schools Of Music. During the summer of 2019 Lewis performed as a dinner pianist on ships across Europe and came home to start his residency with the Four Seasons Hotels in September. This has seen him go on to perform in front of celebrities, high profile figures, royalty and in the homes of some of the wealthiest families in the world.

After discovering composers such as Ludovico Einaudi, Hans Zimmer and Yann Tiersen in piano lessons with his grandmother, Lewis fell in love with writing modern classical and started working on an EP with close friend Ben Selley. Following six months writing originals and re-arranging well known tracks Lewis & Ben recorded their debut EP ‘TIME’ at Air studios, London and released it on the 19th August 2019 under ‘Bolland & Selley’.

‘Moments’ is the first solo release from Lewis in 2021 and was inspired by the different seasons and the feelings they conjure up during the course of a year.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Lewis Bolland:
I remember my grandmother teaching me how to compose and I fell in love with writing piano pieces. Most days I would write a new piece just to get better and better and I still love composing just as much today!

Many artists listen to genres that they are not producing music for. Which track is your favorite that is NOT similar to yours?

Lewis Bolland:
Sigala "Sweet Lovin'"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which is the track from a similar artist you admire?

Lewis Bolland:
Ludovico Einaudi "I Giorni"

Discover & Listen to Lewis Bolland

Lewis Bolland on Spotify

Lewis Bolland's Signature Track

Lewis Bolland on Social Media


Lewis Bolland's Website


HarveyDent, Ev Thompson, Kurlz – Feel It (Spotify)

“‘Feel It’ is the first track on the debut EP by Canadian rap duo HarveyDent. Namely, EV Thompson, & Kurlz. Grimy, hard hitting with high energy, ‘Feel It’ is a bold & unashamed shout-out to the golden era of rap. An underground vibe that cuts across & balances the divide between old school & currently relevant.”


This is the first song from the first ep released by HarveyDent. We formed the group throughout the pandemic and since we couldn't attend our usual studio we recorded the entire project DIY. It's a grimy, lyrically brazen collection of songs. Lots of mic passing, and draws comparisons to golden era rap groups with a flavour that works in 2021.


HarveyDent is a Canadian rap duo with a lyrical style reminiscent of underground rap from both coasts, and transcends eras with an old school vibe in a relevant style.

The group is comprised of internationally touring artist Ev Thompson, and his crew mate Kurlz who has played shows across 4 Canadian provinces. Together they bring a high energy style that's refreshing to hip-hop purists.

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