111 – See You Again (Spotify)

111 – See You Again (Spotify)

Nadja, Singer & Songwriter of 111, wrote 'See you again' for her best friend who passed when she was 18 years old. At that time she had no emotional tools to deal with the overwhelming pain and it almost tore her apart. Because of all the pain, for a long time she wasn't really able to feel the deep, beyond-lifetime connection between him and her. Now she does feel it and from this exact place comes this song!

Few words about 111:

With 111, Nadja and her producer pick up the idea of 'healing music' with its scientifically proven benefits and translating it into a new sound aesthetic for a wider audience: No eso -cliché, but a fresh, organic ambient -electro-sound that gives the listener a feeling of relaxation and warmth. A lot of the songs are presented in 432 hz instead of the usual 440 hz pop-songs are presented in. Studies prove, that this frequency has more relaxing and empowering effects because it matches the natural vibration of the human body. 111 combines instruments from different musical traditions which are known for their touching and relaxing sounds, for example the monochord. The lyrics sometimes embed mantras from different religions which are known for their strengthening and healing effects, and are always positive and empowering.

With their new approach and understanding of ‚healing music‘, 111 brings together artists from all genres and all over the world, who also believe in the positive effects of rhythm, sound and voice! For example, for their song ‚protected‘ Nadja worked together with award-winning L.A.-based producer Robot Koch, with whom she also wrote the newest track 'See you again'. The successful Berlin-based producer-duo 'Dasmo & Mania' didi the production!


Marcus Arch – Carnivore (Spotify)

Marcus Arch – Carnivore (Spotify)

We all have things we fight against. Sometimes they’re just in our heads, and sometimes they’re really out there. Either way the fight is always real.

Carnivore came about while experimenting with various sounds and samples on Logic. The opening rhythmic hook laid down the foundation which then further evolved. The song revolves around the idea of fighting a shadowy figure, real or imagined. The animistic vocal hook represents the primal struggle that we face - against the worst part of the human nature, or against a real life predator out to get us. The first half of the song is more subdued, giving an impression of quiet resistance, that becomes a much bigger fight or struggle, that in the end finishes with a blow - did I kill the Carnivore? Or was I killed?

Few words about Marcus Arch:
Australian Indie-Rock Trio Marcus Arch took their folk beginnings and fused them with elements of electro-rock, synth-pop and thick harmonies, landing with a dynamic musical experience.

Thoughtful lyrical compositions and reflections delivered in punchy pop-choruses reflects the analogue/digital crossover that is the basis of Marcus Arch. Earthy, yet covered in the pizazz of the electro-age, Marcus Arch takes you back and forward through a musical escapade that indelibly disrupts.

spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/5mCmnixZIe0D4fHnooNE5r
soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/marcusarch
youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJmiXTydOKoUg0y56ogVZ-w
facebook https://www.facebook.com/marcusarchband/
instagram https://www.instagram.com/marcusarch/

Nagamag ranking on Feedspot

Nagamag ranking on Feedspot


We are on Feedspot's ranking of the Top 200 Music Blogs on the Web!

We are very happy to announce that we have been selected and ranked at 126th place of Feedspot music blogs ranking (https://blog.feedspot.com/music_blogs/)

As there is a long way to top, we will not stop to deliver through our blog great music, songs, artists interviews and everything that matters to music and catches our attention and is also interesting for our listeners / readers to discover!

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Ada Morghe – Water Lilies (Video)

When you are an actress, a scriptwriter, a children’s author and a jazz singer, not to mention a mother, a friend, a lover and plenty else besides, how do you describe yourself? As Ada Morghe, Alexandra Helmig has the answer. Don’t put her in a box.

Today Ada Morghe releases the second single ‘Water Lilies’ from her new album ‘Box’ which follows on the 14thAugust. Listen HERE: https://backl.ink/142495393 ‘Water Lilies’ is a track influenced from her teen years when she moved to Paris at 19 and lived the bohemian dream of reading Sartre while hanging out in the cafes of the Left Bank, smoking Gitanes and wearing a lot of black. A soulful jazz glide and one of the most romantic songs on the new album, with something of the spirit of the great Chanson singers Edith Piaf and Juliette Greco. Watch the new video HERE.

“A long time ago I had a love story that was body-driven, a chemical romance,” she says of the song’s inspiration. “It should have led to something more, but it was too destructive. That kind of love affair is addictive, I guess. I had the image of water lilies on the ground — something that is doomed.”

The new album was launched by the release of first single ‘Oh My Love’ – watch the official video HERE. Elsewhere, ‘Box’ stretches from the tight, upbeat funk of ‘Wake Up’ to the melancholic elegance of ‘Rainy Day’, or the jazz seduction of ‘Sugar Lips’, a perfect vehicle for the warmth and smokiness of her voice. Another highlight, ‘Don’t You Put Me In A Box’, was co-written with a kindred spirit in the shape of Andrew Roachford (‘Cuddly Toy’). Ending with the beautiful ‘Demons’, an orchestral epic with shades of Scott Walker and a message of self-acceptance, ‘Box’marks a true coming of age.

Alexandra’s career in music began in earnest three years ago, after she wrote and starred in a play, then a film, called ‘Mother Bee’. A pun in its German title, Frau Mutter Tier, refers to an overprotective mother. Having been encouraged to also write songs for the film, those compositions fell into the hands of former Prince collaborator Hans-Martin Buff and just six week later, Alexandra found herself recording at Abbey Road. That ultimately putAlexandra in the relatively unusual position of releasing her debut album ‘Pictures’ in her 40s, which has gained over a 1 million streams across DSPs.

For someone who cannot be put in a box, how does Alexandra feel about being labelled as a jazz singer of verve, passion and elegance?

“Music makes sense to me because everything is in there,” she replies. “There is the writer, the musician, the performer. And this album is about where I am now.” As Box demonstrates so gracefully, Alexandra, as Ada Morghe, is in a very good place indeed

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Panicwhenyourecalm – Endless Monotony: Is There Light in the Dark? (Spotify)

Panicwhenyourecalm – Endless Monotony: Is There Light in the Dark? (Spotify)

USA producer "personPanicwhenyourecalm" with his track "Endless Montony: Is Ther Light In The Dark?" a long downtempo chillout/lounge track with continues layering changes and wonderful production to laid back, flirts with dark and light moods, bring a wonderful final result to the listener, even if that comes through its 9min but the whole listening trip worth it!

Pávva – Ševnjut (Spotify)

Pávva – Ševnjut (Spotify)

Ševnjut means Darken and is written in one of the Sami languages,a traditional singing style of the Sami people. Homestead to northern Scandinavia. A wonderful hypnotic ritual song with deep feelings.

Nibana Interview on Nagamag.com

Nibana Interview on Nagamag.com


What are the genres that describe better your music style?

There is no "fit all" description as I'm producing quite a lot of diverse genres but most likely chillout and downtempo, some psybient, some bass music and glitch ... I like using the more generic genre electronic or electronica. I've produced some heavy psytrance for a bit, but I didn't stick to it after I released my album.

Few words about your musical background and career?

I'm quite a newcomer in the electronic music genre even tho I've been producing it for a few years (about 8 now). I was mostly raised on my dad's hard rock playlist, 80s music and then fell in love with the metal scene. I've been a metalhead for most of my music journey, listening to the darker genres of it (hence my . My first approach to electronic music and the genres I produce now has been while playing video games (one of my biggest passion), and later during my first raves in France. I then got frustrated to not be able to tweak what I heard and decided to start my own music project. It then grew to an unexpected size and I've been able to tour all around the world and collaborate with my heroes whom many became my friends.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Honestly my entire childhood was filled with music. Both my parents enjoyed it a lot, despite no being musicians, and I've always been highly emotionally struck from movies' scoring to my parents playlist. I started playing guitar as soon as I could and it led me here. I was never planing to become a full time musician (I'm more of a science guy) but seeing my project get bigger motivated me to quit everything for it.

Music has no borders and many of us we may listen to more genres that we are mainly involved. So share with Nagamag which track comes first in your mind from music but is NOT similar to your genre?

Départe "Wither"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Solar Fields "The Missing"

Discover & Listen to Nibana

Nibana on Spotify

Nibana's Signature Track

Nibana on Social Media


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Dolche – Big Man (Official Videoclip) (Video)

Christine Herin, previously known as Naif Herin and now known professionally as Dolche, is a Rome based Italian-French singer, songwriter, composer and record producer who already boasts a 20-year music career and more than 500 concerts in Europe with and key collaborations with Grammy Award winning professionals. Her work is well- known for its distinctive musical style and blending of different genres such as folk, chanson française, world music, classical music, funk, electronic. She now releases the second single of her forthcoming album Exotic Diorama (out Oct 2020) – is the bold track Big Man, out now.

Big Man throws a challenge out to society: What would happen if all the ones who feel superior took a DNA test? This is the provocative question Dolche asked her fans when announcing her powerful new song. In the end we are all made of the same imperfect mix of cultures and races. The ‘Big Man’ she sings about is a symbolic creature incarnating all differences and all outcasts. “All white supremacists, homophobes and fundamentalists will hate this song” she writes in her socials but she declares that her hope is to inspire them to think differently. We all felt excluded, feared, judged or refused for our differences but those are what makes us unique. The human race is in constant evolution. ‘Contamination’ is what makes us stronger and more beautiful.

Dolche wrote this song because she felt inspired and outraged by the spreading culture of fear and hate promulgated by too many political representatives (might it be ‘building walls’ or letting fleeing refugees die at sea). “I love the Big Man” – she sings in this song as a joyful, strong and powerful response to that. We are, despite the protestation of the metaphorical divisive ‘Big Man’, one in humanity and by recognising this fact we find our power and freedom.

In this song Dolche, who composes, arranges and plays all of her music and most of the featuring instruments, chose to enrich the sound using different types of percussions (including some traditional Japanese ones). The tribal, powerful soul of this song is a crescendo of sounds and emotions leading to a cathartic final explosion.

What you see in the video to the new single has literally never been done before thanks to Extreme Deep Fake technology. This is the first time that the technique is used to mix more than 2 faces and there are more than 14 face mixes here. Some of the characters have many different faces mixed up!

The video was shot in the built up, bustling streets around Union Square in NYC last November around the theme of ‘contagion’. This was the concept before Covid -19 and so the coincidence is strange and, indeed, striking. The video, created and directed by the talented Chris Shimojima (Wild Factory Production), tells the story of a ‘disease’ that spreads around people in the streets of NYC, the disease of diversity. This contagion generates fear, violent reactions and derision for the first two characters getting infected in the beginning. But it is than embraced and celebrated by the following characters. The faces of the many actors mix into a superior/wild creature that symbolizes the power of diversity and union.

The resulting effect is scary and fascinating at the same time. Genders, ages, religions, different skin colours mix up creating more powerful and free beings. In a real life parallel – the Covid-19 epidemic spread and physically divided people. But through it we are discovering that we all are truly in this together; belonging to one big world, in unprecedented times. We can see that same message of union and empathy in Dolche’s video: a call to be ‘as one’

GET THE SONG HERE: https://ffm.to/dolchebigman

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odol – One small thing (Spotify)

odol – One small thing (Spotify)

The lead song from their newly released EP, “essence of life” was composed to be the original theme for the brand movie of “radiko”, a Japanese web radio. Created while exchanging ideas with the film director, it’s based on the theme of the little pleasures and happiness that we can find in everyday life. Ryo Mizobe’s sweet and clear vocals bring us back to our childhood and its innocence. It’s a pop song that places importance on giving an analog and organic feeling, and the use of real strings in the recording adds a rich and deep color to the song.

Few words about Odol:
odol is a five-piece band established in 2014 in Tokyo around Ryo Mizobe (vo.) and Koki Moriyama (pf./syn.).

Putting their unique innovative spirit into arranging freely their music regardless of genre, odol manage to update themselves every time they release a new song.

Koki Moriyama, who studied at the Tokyo University of the Arts, is the sole composer of all their work, and writes music for other artists, theatrical plays and movies too.

In July 2014, they performed on the rookies stage of the biggest festival in Japan, FUJI ROCK.

Four years later, they played at the same FUJI ROCK festival 2018 on one of the biggest stages, the “RED MARQUEE” one, establishing their fast success.

They have released three full albums apart from EPs and singles : “odol”(2015), “YEARS” (2016) and “Ourai suru mono” (2018).

In December 2019, vocalist Ryo Mizobe sang together with the famous singer YUI on “Bara no Hana x Native Dancer”, which gathered a lot of attention.