Scott Fisher – The Right Way (Spotify)

“In a world of much electronic noise its refreshing to hear the natural sounds of instruments powered by creative humans. Lyrics are very poetic and stitched by the beat of the drum to perfection. ”

Los Angeles-based producer and singer-songwriter Scott Fisher has shared “The Right Way,” the first single to be released from his forthcoming album 93 Million Miles, out October 26th via 1 A.M. Music. The groove-filled, slow burning jam features Enrique Gonzalez (Los Lobos) on the drums, and marks the first music Fisher has released since his 2019 album Songs of Jerry Garcia and Others. Speaking on the origins of the song, Fisher writes “...[“The Right Way”] was born out of the isolation of the pandemic and a little too much wine. Ultimately, it has a hopeful message of self-confidence and staying true to one’s first principles.”

Joshua Moshier, United States Army Field Band, Jim Keen – A Portrait of Honor – song by Joshua Moshier, United States Army Field Band, Jim Keene | Spotify (Spotify)

“This soundtrack is for everyone who loves to meet the evening at the TV screen, enjoying their favourite movie. It also creates a special aftertaste. Just listen and it may become an excellent part of your music collection for a long time!”

“Этот саундтрек понравится всем, кто любит встречать вечера у экрана телевизора, наслаждаясь любимым фильмом. Бывает, что хочется насладиться послевкусием, послушать понравившийся саундтрек и эта композиция станет отличным подарком и частью вашей коллекции на долгие времена!”

Navona Records presents SOUNDTRACK OF THE AMERICAN SOLDIER, an album of contemporary works for wind band performed by The United States Army Field Band. Led by Colonel Jim R Keene, the Army Field Band is the U.S. Army’s premier touring musical organization. In SOUNDTRACK OF THE AMERICAN SOLDIER, the Army Field Band presents music of classic American films and video games, and in doing so celebrates the stories they portray and the men and women who inspired them. Monitored and mixed in IMMERSIVE DOLBY ATMOS® (5.1.4), SURROUND (5.1), and STEREO, the album immerses the listener in a multi-dimensional soundscape that creates a deeply meaningful connection to the music and the stories it portrays.

Teaming up with some of the most-heralded composers in Hollywood—including Laura Karpman, Joshua Moshier, and Jeff Beal—the Army Field Band performs fresh arrangements of music from the 1941 Gary Cooper classic Sergeant York, the legendary Electronic Arts video game Medal of Honor, and everything in between. SOUNDTRACK OF THE AMERICAN SOLDIER begins with Brass Ceiling: The Journey of General Ann Dunwoody, honoring the life and work of Four Star General Ann Dunwoody who was the first woman to achieve the rank of four star general. The music is meticulously crafted with latent symbolism, such as a fanfare that portrays the movement of “supply lines” like those Dunwoody oversaw when she was in charge of the Army’s logistics.

Later we hear an arrangement of the 1917 classic, “Over There,” which became a hugely-popular anthem during both world wars; this time, it is reimagined by the Army Field Band as only they can. March from 1941,written by film-scoring legend John Williams, captures this Spielberg film’s lighthearted humor and underlying emotional gravitas. The album concludes with an unexpected treat and homage to the Skywalker Ranch, home of Skywalker Sound where the album was recorded: “The Jedi Steps and Finale” From Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

SOUNDTRACK OF THE AMERICAN SOLDIER is both a moving tribute to military heroes and a fresh look at stories and sounds of struggle and ultimate triumph. SOUNDTRACK OF THE AMERICAN SOLDIER is a unique and deeply memorable recording that is not to be missed.

Clifford – Love is Real (Spotify)

“This song is very emotional due to its sensual vocals, beautiful instrumental touch and Indie Folk atmosphere. All these sound soft, fragile and well smoothing. Is there love? Definitely yes! Listen and enjoy!”

“Песня очень эмоциональная благодаря чувственному вокалу, красивой инструментальной составляющей и атмосфере Indie Folk. Всё это звучит мягко и красиво, хорошо сглаживая и дополняя друг друга. Существует ли любовь? Да. Однозначно! Слушайте и наслаждайтесь!”

What motivated you to write this song?

I wanted to write an acoustic song. One that would be intimate and personal. Which of course brought me to the topic of love.

How is this song personal?

The lyrics describe my biggest hopes in a relationship.

Why did you write this song?

I wanted to express my frustrations about the difficulties of dating during a pandemic. But I also wanted to write a song that was a bit ambiguous so that anyone in a relationship would relate to the song as well.

How is it ambiguous?

The line “I need to help myself to find you”…which could be taken literally or metaphorically.

Favorite lines in the song:

“I just want to grow old with you

and tell you every day,

I love you…”

Any particular anecdotes while making this song?

I unexpectedly found myself tearing up during my favorite lines, which are the actual takes I used for the song.

What did you learn from making this song?

It’s really tough to sing softly, on key and with emotion.

What instruments did you use in this song?

Acoustic guitar, Dunun, a Bell, String Orchestra, and Vocals.

With all the love songs out there, what do you think makes “Love is Real” stand out?

Reality vs Dreaming: There are double meanings throughout the song about someone’s want for love vs the truth about love. The want for love is about the self while the truth for love is about reality.

A loving relationship is a two way street in that you can’t have a strong relationship with someone without having a strong relationship with yourself.

In a love relationship both play an important part because reality is now and dreaming is the future.

Julie Elody – Pedestal (Spotify)

“Very dynamic and detailed work, also preserving melodiousness and harmony. Music that is firmly entrusted to your brain and does not fade away. Its waves run through the body one after another. Big and enchanting Dream Pop rhythms.”

“Детально продуманная работа, очень динамичная, но при этом сохранившая в себе мелодичность и гармонию. Музыка, которая прочно въедается в ваш мозг и не даёт передохнуть. Одна за другой волны пробегают по телу, всё большое и больше очаровывая ритмами Dream Pop.”

New Orleans singer/songwriter, Julie Elody has had quite an impressive run this summer with releasing a single every month and her new song "Pedestal" is the cherry on top. "Pedestal" tells the story of her craving admiration, and doing just about anything to get it (i.e. the lyrics, "sneaking out the door, I should have stayed home").

Julie has released over 20 singles and has hopped on features like "Down" with Mark Mendy, "Pennies" with Just Chillax, and even a feature with Pitbull called "Your Love".

Fresh off the success her latest single "Love A Good Release" (which is currently sitting at just over 30,000 streams on Spotify). Julie returns with her infectious style to start the autumn season off right.

RUNAE – You’re My Wild Storm (Spotify)

“Juicy modern mix, angelic voice and pleasant warm atmosphere. Sound elements equally occupy a music space and seems to whisper on the ear, I'm with you, I'm near. Casting melodic work!”

“Сочная, современная аранжировка, ангельский голос вокалистки и приятная, ламповая атмосфера. Музыка обволакивает, равноправно занимают музыкальное пространство и словно шепчет на ухо, - я с тобой, я рядом. Цепляющее мелодичное произведение!”

Runae shared few words behind this song inspiration with Nagamag:

"I wrote this song myself this summer in my bedroom and home studio in Hundested in Denmark where I live. The song is about feeling attracted to the wild and tells the story about being in love with this wild person who is unpredictable but at the same time has a power over you. I am inspired by nature and like to use elements from nature in both my lyrics and visuals.

The song has a romantic soft pop mood."

Bjorn Rydhog – Let’s Not Get Old (Spotify)

“Very fresh release from Bjorn Rydhog with positive mood. The sweedish artist has a pleasant Indie sound with some retro taste, which bring nostalgic memories in our minds. Also clear and well-built "Let's Not Get Old" can surely attract our attention.”

Bjorn Rydhog (swe) releases the single “Let’s Not Get Old”, from his upcoming third EP. Together with the producer Johan Sigerud (JRSS), Bjorn Rydhog continues to take his melodic indie pop further into an electronic and beat-based realm. Melancholic progressions are blended with a modern retro sound inspired by Dua Lipa and The Radio Dept. A logical continuation of their previous collaboration, the singles ‘Just to Be with You’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Alone’ which were picked up by the Swedish radio.

"The single ‘Let’s Not Get Old’, has a celebratory and hopeful feel. This time the music goes even deeper, trying to express the beauty and love that’s all around. Music that’s perfect for listening alone under the starlit sky, as well as accompanying the warm and sweaty post-pandemic party nights. A musical companion guiding us over troubled water.

Mokita – colorblind (Spotify)

“Light and full of emotion Electro pop creation by "Mokita". The song starts smoothly and goes on with etherial lyrics followed by background soft melodies. A real pleasure to listen and spend your lonely moments.”

Raw and emotional new single from Mokita going through the struggles of depression. Beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Following up recent singles More Than Friends, Love Alone as well as collaborations with Lost Frequencies and R3HAB.

Hideyuki Hashimoto – Shin (Spotify)

“Charged with a certain mood, we hurry to close the curtains, turn on the player and plunge into the world of neoclassical music. We hear how the piano mallet gently taps on the copper strings, drops of autumn rain flow down the window one after the other, and the world seems to freeze for a moment ...”

“Зарядившись определённым настроением, торопимся задёрнуть шторы, включаем проигрыватель и погружаемся в мир неоклассической музыки. Слышим, как фортепианный молоточек нежно постукивает по медным струнам, по окну стекают одна за другой капли осеннего дождя и мир, кажется, замирает на мгновение...”

"Shin" means something like core in Japanese. This is the fourth entry from the new solo piano series by Hideyuki Hashimoto, very warm tone melodies float freely around the core.

Super Flu – Go (Spotify)

“Real connoisseurs of Melodic Techno & House , will appreciate the so clear high quality work here. Who can save this world, if not music? Right! And such work focus your attention on yourself. In a moment you forget every worries and strains.”

“Настоящим ценителям Melodic Techno & House и так ясно, что пред ними работа высочайшего качества. Кто может спасти этот мир, если не музыка? Правильно! И подобные работы фокусируют своё внимание на себе. В мгновение забываешь всё, что тревожит и напрягает.”

Super Flu are former gunslingers who are addicted to music. Randomly they get the chance to challenge Johannes Albert to a duel. But Johannes has his unerring 303 with him. The mysterious dealer Monaberry sells them all an elixir, which guarantees them accuracy and top 10 chart positions. During the duel, all 3 quickly realize that everyone has taken the same elixir. They agree on a common EP and are happy about this fact, because a won duel leads to the fact that one can never go the wrong way with this EP.

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