Echezona x JPRiZM – Arm’s Length (Video)

“Just released work from Echezona & JPRiZM. An attractive song in Afro-pop mood and quite good playlist choice. Now it’s time to break monotony and satisfy your ears.”

JPRiZM and Echezona began collaborating together about 4 years ago when Echezona was a 16 year old high school junior. Together, they’ve created troves of music including hip hop and many afropop-afrobeat-afrofusion songs drawing upon Echezona’s Igbo heritage. Arm’s Length is the first of their afropop releases. Chosen for its early 2021 release for its inspirational message about keeping negative forces at arm’s length. Many more afropop and afrobeat songs are to come, with an album slated for release late spring 2021. Echezona and JPRiZM also are known for their commercial hip hop hit Galileo placed in the 2K21 basketball sports game, ESPN TV airplay, FM radio airplay, and streaming everywhere.

4am Kru x Phoebe White – Your Only (Video)

“A selected Drum & Bass piece that matches the soft with the hard and the slow with the fast! Unique in a way that only 4am Kru can show, so don’t miss this candy.”

As the UK finds itself in another lockdown amidst a grey January, 4am Kru & Phoebe White’s new track Your Only captures the laid back, melancholic yet hopeful feeling enveloping London in 2021.

A chilled jungle roller, in the spirit of mid 1990s experimental breakbeat, IDM & glitch, Your Only is 4am Kru’s 8th release continuing their homage to old school UK rave culture.

Matthias Gusset – Into the Night (Spotify)

“Classical piano melodies by Matthias Gusset. Whether you 're tired of too complicated sounds or just want to clear your brain from irritating thoughts, this could be one of the best choices.”

Matthias Gusset composes and interprets neo to post classical piano music. With its fine melodies, soft harmonies and clear structures one can hear a resemblance to minimal music and film score. After releasing his debut album '3' in 2019, Matthias Gusset releases with 'Almost There' his first single of his upcoming album 'Inbetween Bird Songs'.

Hypnotic Peafowl – Understand the Universe (Spotify)

“Another twisting creation from Hypnotic Peafowl. The title "Understand the Universe" make us wonder how it all began while listening the craftfully composed sound vibrations.”

Aurélien Dornier, sound designer, musician and composer, releases his first album "Logorrhia" on the Hadra Records label with his Hypnotic Peafowl project: 8 new exclusive tracks, resolutely eclectic, which reflect the artist's advanced musical research. Hypnotic Peafowl breathes new life into his experiments and explores different soundscapes with a quality sound design. Always in a work of advanced hybridization, he brilliantly mixes his multiple influences: orchestral music, jazz, funk, bass music. In this opus, some sweet piano bar melodies and retro inserts with stoner rock influences, dominated by hypnotic, repetitive rhythms, accompanied by a very heavy bass with a warm envelope. A work that is at once colourful, festive and dynamic, enriched by collaborations with artists such as Bendja or the emerging French group Version Bizar.

Chapter 3 of a cleverly orchestrated narration, Hypnotic Peafowl transcends the simple sound production and has been working on a work that has been a common thread in "Pandora's Box" since its first independent release "Enygma". A work of intention where nothing is left to chance: from the visual aesthetics of each piece of work to the choice of sampling, Hypnotic Peafowl produces each release as a chapter in its history. After releasing its second release "The Mirror" on Zenon Records in early 2020, Hypnotic Peafowl is now laying the third stone of its building "La Boite de Pandore".


Aurélien Dornier is a French sound designer, musician and composer. Lovers of Jazz and orchestral music he also enjoys psychedelic electronic music.

In 2015 he decided to create his project Hypnotic Peafowl, a highly psychedelic project with jazzy influences, funky and bass music.

Music with heavy and tortuous atmospheres that he will seek in the depths of his subconscious, it is with great dexterity that he works his grooves and textures ...

It is in 2018 that he will play his first date and very quickly his project this remark of the general public, with a summer spent in the four corners of France to play in festivals with artists like Halfred, Sumiruna, Hypogeo, Tribone...

His passage in the south of France did not go unnoticed. And because of his energetic performances have allowed him to attract the attention of some French programmers allowing him to regularly perform in parties in Paris, Lyon, Besançon, Grenoble, Nantes, Avignon ...

2019 will mark for him the release of his first album "Enygma" a self-produced album But not that!

He continues to be noticed by his musical eclecticism, in fact mastering himself Peafowl is not content to produce music Psygressive intended for the dancefloor, lover of alternative musical culture he has another facet to his credit.

He likes to produce songs where he gives free rein to all his imagination where the words of others would not be only dancefloor but also musicality, subtlety and travel. Music where he likes to take the time and embark with him in another world ... always accompanied by Jazz sound he loves so much.

You will understand, Aurelien did not stop surprising us that it is on the dancefloor and on an alternative scene there is a good chance for you to meet him in the course of this year 2019!

Sulkin’ Raven – Okay, for Real This Time (Spotify)

“Brand new and very emotional chilling work from Sulkin' Raven. An electronic music producer who combines the ambient sounds for passive listening with the grooves for the active ear.”

Artist shared with us few words about this song:

"When I wrote this EP back in 2016, it was the first time I set out to release music on my own without any collaborators. I had worked with my band members or worked with filmmakers on musical projects in the past but never solely by myself, so this was a new adventure for me. At the time, I was still very unsure how to capture the sound in my head, and what I ended up releasing wasn't very representative of what I wanted at the time. I didn't know who I was as an independent artist, and I lacked the skills to manifest the sounds in my head without others' help. Following my first EP's release, I continued to experiment and develop as an artist, leading to better and better music from Sulkin' Raven. Now I feel like I have found myself as a craftsman, a composer, and an artist. Because I was so unsure of myself when releasing my first EP, I never promoted the songs much because I knew deep down they weren't me, and they weren't representative of the sounds that were in my heart. Now I've re-made, re-shaped, and re-released the EP, bringing it up to my current standard for my music. Now it’s a release I'm truly proud of and something I feel excited to share with everyone in the world. Okay, for Real This Time represented how I felt then, and it is how I feel right now with this new version of this old track"

Sulkin' Raven is the brain child of Kevin De Nicolo. Combining elements of synthwave, chiptune, psych-rock, and ambient music. Kevin performs live stream jams on

Ape Suit – Beat 4 (Spotify)

“If the music can be called aesthetic, then this is Ape Suit. Delight in every beat. Nostalgic and surreal sound You Are Going to Die and Everything is Ok is 24 minutes of pleasure that will seem like eternity to you.”

“Если музыку можно назвать эстетичной, то это Ape Suit. Наслаждение в каждой доле. Ностальгические и сюрреалистическое звучание You Are Going to Die and Everything is Ok это 24 минуты удовольствия, которые покажутся вам вечностью.”

You may feel a sense of melancholy from the title, You Are Going To Die And Everything Is OK, and you would be correct, except that it also provides a sense of warmth, soft and tender hope and chilled out vibes for your soul. Whether it’s a cold day snuggle, an early morning sunrise with a brisk breeze, a springtime celebration or a stoned days in sweltering heat, somehow this EP will still find a way to fit that exact moment.

Deca – “All In A Dream” (Video)

“”All in a Dream” is a sophisticated Hip-Hop diamond taken out from Deca’s “Snakes and Birds” album. Enjoy the mind-blowing lyrics while watching his video clip too. ”

New York-based artist Deca continues to demonstrate his incredible talents as a producer, emcee, and visual artist in his surreal new video for “All in a Dream,” a psychedelic journey through time and sound.

The hypnotic visuals center on a small character who makes their way through an ever-changing world of colors and varied imagery. Some of it relates to Deca’s rhymes like hidden Easter eggs, while other bits are more in line with the track’s title. It almost feels like an understatement to say it feels as if you’re in a dreamscape alongside his rhymes and production, but that’s exactly what it’s like.

“All in a Dream” is but one of many highlights off Deca’s most recent LP, Snakes and Birds, which dropped in late October of last year. And the video feels like a companion piece of sorts to his previous video for “Clay Pigeons,” which felt more like an interpretation of a capitalist nightmare than the overall dreaminess of “All in a Dream.”

Check out the visuals and head over to your preferred digital retailer or streaming platform to support Snakes and Birds which is available now on vinyl in limited quantiies exclusivey through Deca’s Bandcamp page.

The Ghosts of Liberty – Daddy’s Daughter (Spotify)

“Emma Millard's deep, rich lead vocals, Tyler Millard's mesmerizing folk-rock, blues and soul music. An excellent and original duo The Ghosts of Liberty in their genre.”

“Глубокий, насыщенный лидирующий вокал Emma Millard, завораживающий фолк-рок Tyler Millard, нотки блюза и соул музыки. Великолепный и оригинальный дуэт The Ghosts of Liberty в своём жанре.”

Dark and moody, Daddy's Daughter is an anthemic warning song to any groom out there who would even consider leaving his bride at the altar. A blistering female vocal features plenty of tongue-in-cheek reasons not to mess with a daddy's girl on her wedding day. Accompanying the vocal are acoustic guitars, mandolins, and a marching rhythm which give Daddy's Daughter a swampy insistent feel.

The Americana roots duo that would evolve to become “The Ghosts of Liberty” got its start long before Emma and Tyler Millard knew they would be eventually be married.

When Tyler was 21 sitting in a doctor’s office after having noticed that his peripheral vision had been giving him some trouble during a college game of ultimate frisbee, he received some bad news from his doctor who said, “You’re slowly going blind. You have RP. There’s no known cure.”

Tyler did not let his diagnosis slow him down. He picked up a guitar for the first time and began playing obsessively. His career in teaching was ended with his blindness. He put together a local blues-rock band in his small North Carolina town, and began playing full-time. Over the next several years, his musical chops got sharper as his vision slowly but surely continued to betray him. Tyler exclaimed, “It felt like a race against time!”

Emma taught herself how to wail and belt just like all the country greats as a little girl growing up in the heart of Texas. As life went on, from church choir to classical opera, musicals, and fronting an alternative pop-rock band, she saw a lot of different audiences for a lot of different reasons, but one thing remained the same, which is how much she loved singing for every one of them. Emma reflected on one of her deepest challenges, “Throughout my lifelong struggle with depression, and for all of life’s celebrations, music is my source of purpose."

Fast forward to 2014, Emma met Tyler for the first time at a “jam session”, and they immediately hit it off as friends. She began opening up for his band at local gigs. Meanwhile, she spent hours offstage with him writing and bonding over late night milkshakes at rural dive bar booths. Over time this bonding led to the realization that they make the other better in both life and music. Tyler’s steady, funny, and loving personality gave Emma the confidence to believe in herself and to continue chasing her passion. Emma’s spontaneous and sentimental nature provided Tyler with a ceaseless supply of inspiration and motivation. In 2018, under a giant oak tree, they made their union official in a beautiful late summer ceremony.

In January of 2020, six years after they met and hundreds of live shows later, “The Ghosts of Liberty,” their first child, is officially born. The duo worked with a three time Grammy nominated composer/producer to create a series of singles, one of which is "Daddy's Daughter." You will find the song on all streaming platforms.

Gobi Desert Collective – Mångata (Spotify)

“The sounds that the exotic Mandolin instrument emits enrich our souls with harmony and contemplation. Thanks to Gobi Desert Collective for giving us such an unforgettable experience.”

“Звуки, которые излучает экзотический инструмент Мандолина, обогащают наши души гармонией и созерцанием. Спасибо Gobi Desert Collective за то, что подарил нам такое незабываемое впечатление.”

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