Rosanne Baker Thornley – Sorry I’m Late

“This track as an easy reminder to many of us, which and who in our life is most important. This is a small, personal drama, which is beautifully packed in a musical box and is presented to its listeners. Charming vocals accompanied by acoustic music.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот трек как лёгкое напоминание многим из нас, что и кто в нашей жизни важнее всего. Это небольшая, личная драма, которая красиво упакована в музыкальную коробочку и преподнесена своим слушателям. Очаровательный вокал в сопровождении акустической музыки.”

Sorry I’m Late features the vulnerable and introspective title track, which gently pieces together the hectic nature of a day in Thornley’s life, as well as the most rewarding experiences she’s had, such as raising her daughter.

Over hypnotic acoustic guitar, drums, and lilting piano, Thornley straddles the line between entering into the future’s unknown and grappling with the present’s quickening pace.

Paul Moody – Pop Star

“The ability to reach the hearts and souls of people with the help of sound vibration is like a gift from above. You can consider for a long time the talent -Paul Moody- like something magical in our world, but a special charm is captured in its last single. Listen and see for yourself.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Способность достучаться до сердец и душ людей с помощью звуковых вибрации — это как дар свыше. Можно долго рассматривать талант -Paul Moody- как нечто волшебное в нашем мире людей, но в его последнем сингле улавливается особый шарм. Послушайте и убедитесь в этом сами.”

Junglehammer – Boots

“This one makes you move your whole body, with vocals that can stand on their own, music is just as beautiful. Like an all time jazz classic, from funky bass line, guitar riffs that stays in your head instantly to saxophone solo that is just as magnificent as everything else. ”

Boots' features the extraordinary vocals of Junglehammer collaborator, and soul/jazz singer Lily Dior. The cut showcases some delicious interplay between the sax of Morphett, and guitarist Serg Demetrijevic, (who is originally from Sydney and a touring member of Earth, Wind & Fire), and is the perfect introduction to the unique musicianship of Junglehammer. Reminiscent of jazz/pop collectives and studio project creators of the past, Junglehammer sets the mood for an exciting introduction to the genre for newer and uninitiated fans.

The 'Boots' music video is created by director Bernie Zelvis, who painstakingly and ingeniously matched the lyrics and music to footage from the 1934 Betty Boop classic cartoon "Poor Cinderella"; melding an amazing visual and audio synchronicity that will surely feature on video screens in lounge and cocktail bars in cities from Sydney to New York, London and Paris

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Signe – Back to Center

“The track that acts as a binder between two people sharing a large distance. A good supply of all material within the framework of the Chamber Pop genre, simple and affordable arranging and incomparable vocals -signe-, which will echoing in your head like a lonely, warm wind.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Трек, который выступает в качестве связующей нити между двумя людьми разделяющих большое расстояние. Хорошая подача всего материала в рамках жанра Chamber Pop, простая и доступная аранжировка и бесподобный вокал -Signe-, который будет эхом гулять в вашей голове словно одинокий, тёплый ветер.”

"Written while on an extended back packing trip to northern Thailand, Back to Center is a letter to my partner. It asks him to hold on to our connection just a little longer, that I too could feel it about to break, but I would be home within the month. It’s one of my greatest love letters."

Jakob Lindhagen – Here, Before

“Just love the production on this piece, all the details it have, noises, fx, but the heart, the heart is that lush piano with an amazing cello, that is so moving, sad and at the same time full of hope. Amazing how it captures all emotions you can feel at the same time, like a remembrance, images of the past you will have forever.”

Lyrah – In the Leaves

“Very moving voice, verses, with perfect production. Everything fits together just as it should be. Love the stutter edited vocals, adds the different flavor to already very balanced arrangement. Piano themes keeps the mood together with, again, very beautiful vocals. ”

Quote about the track:

"I wrote this song about a dream I had before I decided to quit my stable, full-time job.

In the dream I kept waking up outside, like on the sidewalk in San Francisco and in the leaves by a road. I kept choosing that over my bed or car, and it felt surprisingly calm when I’d wake up outside of my home.

I had a session with Benji of Slenderbodies and we talked about this dream and how it seemed to mirror my life choice of staying in the comfort of a full time job or leaving and being satisfied with less.

I quit the job and I kept the song."

Not a Star* – The Empire Strikes Black

“Atmospheric HIP-Hop track capable of showing you that it is on the other side of the moon and send you to a distant, but such familiar galaxy. The rhythm and melody will help you relax and listen to the text. High-quality work that came from the immortal era of the 90s.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Атмосферный Hip-Hop трек способный показать вам, что находится на другой стороне луны и отправить вас в далёкую, но такую знакомую каждому галактику. Ритм и мелодия поспособствуют тому, чтобы вы расслабились и прислушались к тексту. Качественная работа, которая пришла из бессмертной эпохи 90-ых годов.”

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