Harriet Chung – A World Away (Remix)

“-Harriet Chung- managed to create the mood of a real fairy tale, the immersion in which will lead you to the gates of the surroundings. Yes, this is an amazing beauty of a musical work with amazing vocals and instrumental, symphonic arrangement. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Harriet Chung- удалось создать настроение настоящей сказки, погружение в которую приведёт вас к вратам зазеркалья. Да, это потрясающей красоты музыкальное произведение с изумительным вокалом и инструментальной, симфонической аранжировкой.”


A World Away (Remix), is a signature pop ballad from the award-winning musical, Golden Lotus, remastered and released on August 25, 2020.

Sung by award-nominated singer Harriet Chung and written by George Chiang, the song transcends time with a heart wrenching message about missing the person you love.

The refreshed track features a live orchestra with hints of pop and jazz; a modern fusion of genres to create a unique remix of a song whose origin began on stage.

Produced by:

Hayward Parrot

Music Arranger & Orchestra Conductor:

Warren Robert

Music Video Director:

Theresa Kowall-Shipp


Harriet Chung is an international singer, actress, and award-winning performer. She has appeared in The Phantom of the Opera (Toronto), Cats (Germany), The King and I, Iron Road, Fiddler on Fire, among others. Harriet played the title role in the award-winning musical Golden Lotus for which she received a Best Actress nomination in Hong Kong.

Her discography includes featured tracks in Golden Lotus: Sounds From the Musical. She will appear in more tracks in the Deluxe version of that album dropping later this year. A World Away (Remix) is her first single. She is currently recording her first solo album. Stay tuned…

Website: www.harrietchung.com

Manuela Verbeek – Spring

“Plunge headlong during the year in modern classical processing from unsurpassed -manela verbeek-. Feel how the singing of the cello passes through your body and, together with you, rises to the very heaven. There, high under the clouds, music begins. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Окунитесь с головой во Времена Года в современной классической обработке от непревзойдённой -Manuela Verbeek-. Почувствуйте, как пение виолончели проходит сквозь ваше тело и вместе с вами возвышается до самых небес. Там, высоко под облаками, начинается музыка.”


Spring is one of the tracks of Manuela’s new album “Season”! There are 4 tracks on it, one for every season, and 6 solo cello pieces. Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to watch the beautiful music video linked here as well!


Manuela Verbeek is a classically trained Dutch cellist and has performed and recorded with artists from various genres such as Blaudzun, Flor d’Luna and Paceshifters, and currently focusses on creating original neoclassical solo work.

Psy’Aviah – Can We Make It Rhyme (feat. Mari Kattman)

“The masters of electronic music “Psy’Aviah” have released another gem, this time influenced from a retro synth taste. The hookiest rhythmic patterns are fused with passionate vocals performed from Mari Kattman, for an irresistible and addictive result.”


This song is heavily inspired by synthpop and atmospheric but minimalistic synth use, yet the drums are inspired by the “big beat” and “jungle” era – but we did try to keep it in line to not go full on Prodigy or Chemical Brothers on it of course… It had to be a blend between the genres synthpop, triphop and synthpop – and above all stay poppy/catchy. The chord scheme was built up to be dramatic, yet trying to be accessible enough as well to touch hearts and minds.

From a lyric standpoint this track can be read as a love song or a song about humanity trying to get a grip and make it rhyme, sing the song again, listen to each other again vs all the left/right and black/white thinking… We wrote it as a love song, we wrote it because our heart sinks when we see images or conversations online & offline… Let us hope we can make it rhyme.

Full EP: alfamatrix.bandcamp.com/album/can-we-make-it-rhyme-feat-mari-kattman-ep


Tsunamiz – Sleepin’ with My Friendz

“The song reminds a bit of that 90’s energy in youth indie anthems (like “What’s up”) but with a fresh production that brings together perfectly, a minimal urban beat that gets you bouncing right away, symbiotic acoustic and electric guitars, quirky, nonchalant vocals and a mind-sticking chorus that will have you sing it over and over…and over again.”


“Sleepin’ with My Friendz” is the second single released from “Looney Tunez”, the new album from Tsunamiz, Bruno Sobral’s alter ego.

After the intense and explosive “Magickal Seeds”, “Sleepin’ with My Friendz” showcases a more laid back and melodic side of the portuguese artist and producer with a free love psychadelic rock hymn mixed with some urban intricate drum beats and a grandiose closing segment.

According to Tsunamiz: “This track sort of sounds like if Kurt Cobain made a Bob Marley song produced by Kanye West. I have no musical prejudices. This is the main reason why I’m still passionate about composing and producing music”.

The video was directed by Realish’ Films and features the skater Andreia Luz. The song and album are available on digital stores.


Nathan Kawanishi x Fletcher Reed – Queued Up

“Though only 2:30 in length, this track has all the time to tell a complete story. Perfect for a rainy (and groovy) afternoon mood. Nathan reveals that it’s “based on some electric piano samples pitch-shifted over a bass riff and a beat (…) Fletcher Reed added a lot of nice sonic elements to this piece to bring it to a place that I’m really proud of.””


Double Single Release – Link to “Together”: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKx1ekbbrKY

Today, lofi producers and multi-instrumentalists Fletcher Reed and Nathan Kawanishi release two singles – “Together” and “Queued Up” – from their forthcoming collaborative album, Recycled Tape (out June 17 via Nettwerk Records).

For the album, the two labelmates swapped unfinished material and added their signature stylings to complete the work into a cohesive blend of ten tracks. The end result is a dreamlike form of lofi instrumentals touched with notions of nostalgia at the forefront.

“This mixtape consists of a bunch of unreleased songs that Fletcher Reed and I had laying around,” reflects Nathan. “We sent them to each other to finish (or salvage), hence the name of the tape. There was really no formula, sometimes only minor tweaks were made and at other times the new track sounds entirely different from the old one.”

Fletcher Reed reflects, “the result is a project that hopefully feels very much like an organic mixtape instead of a linear album. Using our combined creative efforts, it became a fun way to re-invigorate some excitement in old songs and demos that were feeling incomplete. Both of us enjoyed the process so much that Vol. 2 is now nearing its completion.”


S-X – ‘Locked Out’ feat. KSI

““Locked Out” locks in on an exciting formula that somehow fuses an 80’s beat and mood with a modern, pop-punk attitude. The song splashes lots of energy packed into a neat production where the vocal duo fits perfectly both with each other, timbre wise and with the song’s theme.”



Critically acclaimed producer turned solo artist S-X resumes momentum towards his debut album release with new single ‘Locked Out’ feat KSI out today.

The third track to be released from his eagerly anticipated debut album set for release this Summer; ‘Locked Out’ follows previously released smash singles ‘All Night’ featuring multi-platinum selling US rap sensation Trippie Redd and ‘Who We Are’.

Continuing to make waves with his own brand of hiphop and alt pop-R&B vibes, S-X teams up with long-time collaborator KSI for this latest instalment. S-X says; ‘The song is a reflection of being “lockedout” of someone’s presence or energy. Feeling like you don’t know where you stand and going through ups and downs as a cycle.”

This is mirrored by the track’s high energy music video which features performances from S-X and KSI and is directed by trend-setting film director and fellow Wolverhampton resident, Troy Roscoe (Stefflon Don, Kojo Funds, Giggs, Yungblud, Fredo, Chunkz).

The official music video is available to watch at 4pm GMT [HERE]

KSI adds; ‘Sam has always said he’s wanted me on his album, but he’s waited till it was the right song. That song is now here, ‘Locked Out’ is one of my favorite songs to date. The whole process from recording the song to filming the music video was so much fun and I can’t wait for my audience to hear it, especially since I haven’t released music in a while.”

From the release of his critically acclaimed EP ‘A Repeat Wouldn’t Go A Miss’ last year to his collaborations with the industry’s biggest names including Lil Wayne, Childish Gambino, Chance The Rapper, J. Cole and Skepta; S-X’s sounds have long been shaping the industry. The release of his debut album in June will fully allow his voice to be truly heard, as he pushes his art into new dimensions and cements his status as an unstoppable artist in his own right. The Wolverhampton wonderkid has a producer’s ear, a pop-star’s voice, and is one of the nicest guys in the business to boot.

Heading out on tour for first time since his live dates were rescheduled due to the pandemic, S-X will embark on a full UK tour starting on the 1st June in Nottingham and wrapping up in Dublin on June 11th.

Meanwhile, S-X is the first A&R and production consultant for Wolves Records, the first record label to be launched by a UK football club. Wolves have teamed up with Warner Music UK’s Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA), the multi-award-winning label services division to launch an ambitious and unique proposition that will unite two of the world’s biggest passions – music and football. S-X will help to identify the next wave of grassroot musical talent.

‘Locked Out’ is out now and available on all streaming platforms via BMG / RBC Records lnk.to/S-X_KSI_LockedOutnq

About S-X

S-X has already more than proved himself as an artist. His sounds have long been shaping the industry but it is now, for the first time, that his voice will truly be heard.

The Wolverhampton Wonderkid has spent years making a name for himself with his production prowess, working with the likes of Lil Wayne, Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper and J. Cole. There’s his Grammy-nomination and gold and silver-selling records as well as international touring with Lily Allen. After years in the making, his debut album marks the 28-year-old’s arrival: a graduation into a class of his own. It was worth the wait.

It’s a step-up S-X has been preparing for since childhood. He was the class beatbox at school, the soundtrack to MC-battles; he started DJing – and making his own tracks – at his estate’s youth club in his early teens. S-X quickly tapped into raw talent, drive, and determination: he’d travel down to London and stand outside the Radio 1 studio with copies of his mixes, desperate to ensure the result of endless hours spent perfecting his craft received the audience it deserved. And it worked.

Even back then, S-X’s output was prodigious – he’d written Woo Riddim (grime’s biggest instrumental) and collaborated with Chipmunk, Wretch, Tinie Tempah and Skepta before he was old enough to buy a celebratory pint.

Despite being signed to Warner Chappell, and producing for iconic artists from London to Los Angeles, in 2015 – with all eyes and ears on him – S-X stepped away from music completely despite his ascendancy. “All I’d ever wanted to do as a producer was work with Lil Wayne,” reflects S-X today. “My life goal? I’d achieved it. I needed time to work out what next.”

Taking a warehouse job at his beloved Wolverhampton FC, he started a family and dedicated time to his head and heart. Unknowingly, he began to lay the groundwork for his musical progression as well. “For the first time in years,” S-X says, “slowly music once again became a project of passion. I was writing both beats and lyrics on my own terms.”

With no pressure or expectation, he uploaded self-produced tracks which built a buzz of their own volition. As his numbers started clocking up higher and higher, so did the quality of his catalogue of work. It’s no great surprise that soon S-X returned to making music and working with big-hitters: he has a producer’s ear, a pop-star’s voice, and is one of the nicest guys in the business to boot.

“Coming out of the pandemic, I’ve signed a new record deal and am making my best music,” S-X says. “The time is really now for me to prove to the world what I can do. For the last few years, people have said I’m underrated and need more exposure. The music and energy I’m channelling now is going to put things right.”

Taking inspiration from Phil Collins to Pharrell Williams, S-X is now a man on a mission: “I’ve got nothing to prove anymore,” he says, “I don’t need to blow my musical load in minutes. I’m finally making the music I’ve always wanted to make. I’ve evolved into an artist. The time is now, I don’t want to waste any more of it.”

S-X has arrived, and it Feels So Good.


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The ACT Americana Trio – True North

““True North” has this instant, pack-n-go effect on you. The song has both a candid, nostalgic sweetness to it and a straightforward confession to the group’s roots. The band’s vision of Americana music aligns consistent aesthetics with seasoned songwriting and skilled arrangements where the language is authentic and knows how to use its dramatic potency.”


True North’, the title track from their new EP, is The ACT’s anthem for the magnetic draw to where we come from, and where we are going. It’s for anyone who’s ever felt too far away, for far too long. When everything else in the world seems a little too uncertain, it’s good to know True North will always lead you home.


K Harrison – Fire Fire

“A track that packs some summer swag for sure blending in a most catchy way tropical vibes with charming vocals, afrobeats and a smooth flow. “Fire Fire” will find its ways to many of this year’s hot beach parties without a doubt.”


You know what? Not many rappers in the UK scene can say they’ve been co-signed by a major US rapper after their first release — but that’s exactly what kind of power K Harrison harbors. Hailing from Derby, the rising East Midlands wordsmith might only have one official song out, but he’s already championed by Compton rap legend The Game, as well as working side-by-side with the nation’s favourite redhead Ed Sheeran. Following his highly successful debut ‘Boss (Call Away)’, K Harrison is back with his sophomore single ‘Fire Fire’.


Once again opting for a tropical soundscape, K Harrison delivers a sun-warped Mediterranean-inspired banger, housing a syrupy vocal timbre and breezy flows. Despite its three-minute runtime, “Fire Fire’ is jam-packed with K Harrison’s signature charisma and charm, reminding us why he’s befitting of his ‘Fresh Prince of Derby” moniker.

Bringing the heat to the glass and concrete-bound Derby metropolis, ‘Fire Fire’ couldn’t come at a better time as summer planning, antics and hot weather creep up on the horizon. Standing worlds apart from his fellow Midlands MCs (Sainté, MIST, M1llionz etc.) K Harrison aims to provide party soundtracks, sharp lyricism and pure musical escapism, which is aided by the accompanying visuals that feature model Mina Jay, who has just won the ‘Miss Europe Continental’ title.


Fire Fire’ follows directly on from the aforementioned ‘Boss (Call Away)’ which released back in March 2022. The Certi Beats-produced track was an ode to the titular female ‘Boss’. Currently, ‘Boss (Call Away)’ is sitting at well over 62,000 streams on Spotify and 170,000 views on YouTube respectively. Considering ‘Fire Fire’ is a step-up evolution-wise for K Harrison, there’s no telling what he’s capable of.

Outside the studio, K Harrison is anchored by his deep-rooted love for performing — rocking international stages in Europe and Asia. The spitter also fronted the stage at BST Hyde Park festival in front of 70,000 people, performing a full set on the Barclaycard Stage to roaring crowd applause!

Currently, K Harrison is putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming debut LP, and ‘Fire Fire’ is a great taster of we can expect from him in the near future.


Thanae – You and Me

“The greek singer “Thanae” is back with a single in favourite Adult Contemporary style. The artist shares thoughts of personal happiness through her emotionally affected lyrics and proffessionally performed acoustic instrumentation. Already out from November, this gem shouldn’t miss from your music collection.”


Thanae returns after launching her Album “Between 2 Doors” in 2018 Her new single “You and Me” is out now, after having a tough time as many people around the world this made her think of what is important in life, family, and close friends. “Becoming a mother is life changing” She named her daughter “Aristea” which means “the best kind” and expressed her feelings through her new song.



“A classic dance beat laced with charming highlights and carefully crafted loops and vocals. The groove is addictive and full of bright colors. No sleeping on this one as your body s taken over by the funky breakdowns. Surprising us further with a great voice and proper lyricist skills. ”


“I’m the Boss” is currently playing on terrestrial radio in countries around the globe, including high-profile stations like 102.7 KIIS FM in Los Angeles. Along with lyrics conveying a message of female empowerment, this pop song draws on styles including dance, funk, disco, and rap.


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