Bebo Yau, Tres Dedos, Ecby – TELLA (Video Oficial) (Video)

Después del lanzamiento de su último sencillo ‘KARMA’ el artista BEBO YAU sorprende a su público con #TELLA junto a TRES DEDOS & ECBY, una canción que redacta la historia de una chica empoderada, que decide disfrutar su libertad tras una decepción amorosa.

La canción fue producida por ECBY con una mezcla de sonidos oscuros y ambientales, logrando obtener un ritmo fiestero y crossover. En el mix estuvo a cargo del reconocido ingeniero en mezcla Luis Barrera JR, ganador de varios premios Latín Grammys, que con su experienciay trabajo consiguió potenciar un color inédito al single. Sus últimos trabajos fueron: Hawái ‘MALUMA’, Vida de Rico ‘Camilo’ y entre otros.

El video #TELLA fue filmado y dirigido por Leoddy quien los últimos años ha venido realizando los videos más importantes de música urbana en el país. Tales como: LA DESPEDIDA Bebo yau, YA SE ENTERÓ Tres Dedos, PRENDE y otros más.

Titi Woo – To All Who’s Out There (Video)

“Одно из самых необычных и трогательных произведений, которые нам удалось услышать. Эта песня своеобразный авторский реквием, которая была написана Девидом за несколько месяцев до его кончины. To All Who’s Out There навсегда останется в наших сердцах.”

After releasing his debut album “Pollywogs”
which he wrote and recorded with his twin brother David.
Titi Woo returns with a brand new song – a farewell song
that’s been written by his twin brother – David and was recorded
and musically produced by Ori Shlezinger in Newtone studios.

David knew that he was terminally ill and felt the need to farewell
and say his final words.

This song is dedicated to all the people who exist on planet earth and
therefore comes the name : “To All Who’s Out There”.

Furthermore, he asked from his twin brother Jody that the lyrics
from the first verse of the song would be engraved on his gravestone
and so it was.

The animation for the music video was created by Anastasia Miasnikova
as it brings to life the paintings David created while staying at the hospital
prior to his death.

This is his voice and those are his final words.

Upper Reality – I Can (Video)

“Don’t miss “I Can” from Upper Reality. A light, pleasant song dedicated to the strong feeling of love. Taken out from a very fresh six-track EP in Alternative / Indie R&B style.”

Upper Reality grew up in Frisco, TX. hER life has taken many twists and turns, from getting a Bachelor’s in Economics at UT Austin to spending a year in Cape Town, South Africa, to finally being based in Los Angeles for the past 2 years. Her sound reflects that journey—an sensual electro-soul museum of Dallas neo-soul keys and synths, Cape Town house-jazzy percussion, LA indie grooves and sample flips, and flourishes of inspiration from artists running the gamut from Sade, to the Doors, to Roy Ayers, to Phoelix and more.

She creates from the burnt-out-overachiever perspective, soothing the mind and soul and reminding listeners that others’ validation is not worth destroying yourself over, and you are enough just because you are.

Emile Mosseri, Han Ye-ri – Rain Song | Minari (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Video)

“Two young artists work together in this soothing soundtrack which welcomes Winter in a really warm way. The unique Koreatic lyrics mainly focus on a -waiting for the rain- mood.”

Award winning composer Emile Mosseri, known for his music in The Last Black Man in San Francisco and Kajillionaire (which featured his collaboration with Angel Olson), is scoring the critically acclaimed A24 film Minari, out 2/12 via Milan Records.

The music is an emotionally evocative body of music that enhances the film’s intimate storytelling. Making its debut today alongside album preorder is the soundtrack’s lead single “Rain Song,” a hauntingly beautiful and moving piece featuring vocals from actress Yeri Han, who stars in the film as Monica. Performed by Yeri Han as a lullaby, “Rain Song” came together as a collaborative effort between Mosseri and Korean translator and lyricist Stefanie Hong, who worked with Mosseri to adapt his original English lyrics into the Korean language.

Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler – this is how you fall in love (Official Music Video) (Video)

“Sometimes we turn off our phones just to be alone. The curtains are drawn, the blinding light is out. It’s time to know in the secrets of silence how much we love. Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler tell a lyrical love story in their joint creation – This is how you fall in love.”

“Иногда мы выключаем телефоны, чтобы просто побыть одним. Задёрнуты шторы, погашен ослепляющий свет. Самое время для того, чтобы познать в тайнах тишины, как сильно мы любим. Jeremy Zucker и Chelsea Cutler повествуют лирическую историю любви в их совместном творении – This is how you fall in love. ”

Rekindling their undeniable chemistry once again, singers, songwriters and producers Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler return today with a new single “this is how you fall in love” out now—listen HERE!

“this is how you fall in love” heralds the arrival of their forthcoming EP, brent ii, releasing February 5th. Pre-order/pre-save HERE.

Additionally, they unveiled the song’s official music video, watch HERE.
“this is how you fall in love” is a smoothly harmonious song that brings Jeremy and Chelsea’s strongest vocals to the table in what they describe as “the kind of song to slow dance to at your wedding.”

In the middle of the global pandemic, Zucker and Cutler safely returned to the Connecticut cabin where they crafted their platinum single, “you were good to me,” and 2019 fan favorite EP, brent, to write, record and produce five new songs that continue the brent story. PAPER Magazine hailed them a “pop power duo,” as Ones To Watch said brent “beautifully showcases Zucker and Cutler’s stunning vocals alongside one another.” Check out the trailer for brent ii HERE.

Of “this is how you fall in love,” Jeremy says, “we wanted to write an iconic love song – Chelsea and I always seem to gravitate towards heartbreak, so writing ‘this is how you fall in love’ was a ton of fun for us. as on the nose and cliché as it sounds, it’s a song we imagine people in love slow dancing to.”

Chelsea chimes in, saying, “‘this is how you fall in love’ is easily one of my favorite songs Jeremy and I have written together, and we knew as soon as we wrote it that it felt really special. it really shows the direction of the project and the growth since brent.”

Atomic – Hip Hop Til We Die (feat. Queen Azurine) (Video)

“Atomic and Queen Azurine present “Hip Hop Til We Die”. Obviously dedicated to the Rap scene and fans outhere, this dancefloor hit can surely bring in mind the 90’s gold sound.”

18 year old rapper’s heartfelt tribute to 90s Hip Hop

KYŁO – Undertow (Video)

“Undertow is Kylo’s way to express all feelings of pressure which may result from a relationship with an unpleasant person. This song is the right choice to help you escape from stressful situations and also something light to relax with.”

Undertow is a vibey breakup song about feeling smothered by a person and needing to let go and move on. It truly takes on the essence of the words, feeling as if one is sucked into the undertow/drowning as a metaphor for how you can feel when you’re with a person that you no longer want to be with.

KYŁO is an electro-pop artist based out of Toronto, Ontario. Consistently creating catchy yet experimental tracks, her vocals demand attention as they spring forth from enchanting, echoed layers. Following the release of her debut EP Phases, she teased us with two singles, ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Your Eyes’, before dropping her latest EP EXIT (Oct 2019). EXIT delivers KYŁO’s signature atmospheric and sultry vocals, while tapping into a darker, more seductive side that listeners haven’t seen from her before, and each track comes as a welcome addition to her repertoire. KYŁO has been described as “talented, precise, succulent, and devastatingly fabulous to listen to” (Come Here Flloyd) and has been featured on Noisey, CBC, and KALTBLUT. As a Toronto local, she has played various venues across the city including the Mod Club, the Baby G, and the Drake showcasing interactive, fan-focused sets. KYŁO shows no signs of slowing down as she just released her latest single ‘Undertow’ and is working on a new project for 2021.

Jayani – Cobblestone (Video)

“Feel the harmony of a tired city leaving into the sunset. Only you, the disappearing ball of the incandescent sun and Cobblestone music in your headphones. You have never been as calm as you are now. Only you. Only music.”

“Почувствуете гармонию уходящего в закат уставшего города. Только вы, исчезающий шар раскалённого солнца и музыка Cobblestone в ваших наушниках. Вы ещё никогда небыли так спокойны, как сейчас. Только вы. Только музыка.”

“Cobblestone” is an intimate narrative that shines a light on the heart of a wanderlust traveller. Smooth guitar welcomes you into an immersive dream-like soundscape, melting the floor as a valley of floating synths elevate around a soft, reminiscent pop vocal. Ephemeral sound-clips illustrate the scene and bring the story to life atop warm wooden percussion and a wavy, calming tempest of ~vibey~ bass. Max explains the inspiration behind the track:

I wrote “Cobblestone” in response to a summer of frantic travels following life at boarding school. It’s a melancholic, step-by-step retelling of my experience realizing something important. I used to believe that if only I could escape from the pressures and scrutiny of society – to post up somewhere in the middle of a forest – I’d finally feel free and happy. I mean, I’d still love to try that one day. But what I realized was… I expected peace of mind and a weight lifted from my soul from going solo. Instead, I found I missed my people even more. <3

Joshua Carlton – Her grand arrival (Video)

“Another perfection arrives from Joshua Carlton: “Her grand arrival”. Gently strong (Neo) Classical piece created for the rainy Winter days. A must for your ears and mood control.”

Oregon instrumentalist Joshua Carlton toured the world with post rock band This Patch of Sky for the last decade. This lead him to compose music for television and film such as ‘Brand, a Second Coming’ (a documentary film on actor Russell Brand and his battle with drug addiction), and the Vice channel. He has also been featured in the McDonald’s Ramadan commercial, as well as large brands such as Petco. Joshua’s excited to share his new solo project. “This is an album that I absolutely had to write” he says of 2021 debut ‘Moonlight Under the Black Flag’. Joshua was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in February of 2020 and found solace in purging his emotions through the music he was composing. “This music is truly my heart, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it”.

The Regular – Don’t Let Me Go (Video)

“Freedom and independence. This is the first thing you’ll feel when you first fill the gap in your playlist with this soulful song from The Regular. This unusual and memorable vocals with elements of country music will resonate in your soul with a positive wave for a long time.”

“Свобода и независимость. Это первое, что вы почувствуете, когда впервые заполните пробел в вашем плейлисте этой душевной песней от The Regular. Этот необычный и запоминающийся вокал с элементами музыки кантри будет ещё долгое время резонировать в вашей душе позитивной волной.”

Don’t Let me Go is a hands on the wheel, windows down, volume up type of tune that you can’t help but sing along to.

The Regular is an indie-folk band based in Denver, Colorado. Creating a captivating sound inspired by artists like Bob Dylan and The Lumineers. Their music offers a variety of sound, which takes shape from the catchy, off-your-feet melodies to the raw, slow and sultry ballads.

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