Eydís Evensen – Midnight Moon feat. GDRN (Video)

“When emotions give rise to various feelings like waterfalls, when the melody pours boiling water and pulsates in red hot veins, then starts the deep instrumental piece -Eydís Evensen- from -Midnight Moon- in support of the talented performer -GDRN-.”

“Когда эмоции рождают водопады чувств, когда мелодия льётся бурлящей рекой и пульсирует в раскалённых до красна венах, начинается погружение в инструментальную пьесу -Eydís Evensen – Midnight Moon- в сопровождение талантливая исполнительницы -GDRN-. ”


Icelandic pianist and post-classical composer Eydís Evensen’s debut album BYLUR — which takes its name from the Icelandic word for ‘snowstorm’— will be released on April 23rd via XXIM Records, Sony’s new imprint for innovative, post-genre instrumental music. It features thirteen pieces written throughout her life so far for piano, with additional strings, brass and electronics on a number of tracks.

It also features a guest appearance from award-winning Icelandic singer GDRN on ‘Midnight Moon’, the album’s only track with vocals. The single is out now along with an artistic new video directed by Einar Egils. The track starts off with a string quartet instrumentation which feels like an Icelandic lullaby; comforting and constant.

The piece then transcends into the main movement which includes a piano, a string quartet and the Moving vocals of Icelandic artist GDRN. Valgeir Sigurðsson adds a soft wave of electronic textures throughout the piece, lifting it up to new heights.


The Curfew – Playin’ with Fire (Official Audio) (Video)

“”Playin’ with Fire”! How many times you have cought yourself doing something very risky? And suddenly, when you realize this truth, you feel the adrenaline rush in your veins. Unfortunately, with this exciting track we obviously have the control.”


The Curfew is a pop band from Miami.


All The Queen`s Horses – Raised By Wolves (Video)

“This song will stay with you forever, even if one day will be lost in your playlist, -Raised By Wolves- remind that myself suddenly burst into life. Dark energy waves of mainstream rock music.”

“Эта песня останется с вами навсегда, даже если однажды она потеряется в вашем плейлисте, -Raised By Wolves- напомнит о себе внезапно ворвавшись в вашу жизнь. Тёмные энергетические волны мейнстрима рок музыки.”


Artist shared few words with us behind the inspiration of this song:

“I tried to colour in a scenario of someone who has been constantly let down. They can usually just swallow it and are resilient but on this occasion something changed and they’re not accepting it and they go very dark and no matter where they go their baggage comes with them.” All The Queen’s Horses



All The Queen’s Horses is a dark indie project by Cork artist Sean William Murphy. A signature blitz of sadness, darkness and poetry esque lyrics to a backdrop of piano, cello and some Joy Division synths. All The Queen’s Horses recently signed and teamed up with Echoism and Motor Music to release the new upcoming album, ‘The Dark Below & The Isle of Dogs’. The poetry of Leonard Cohen, the madness of Tom Waits and the intensity of Joy Division with subtle hints of Bright Eyes and Damien Rice. A Hieronymus Bosch hellscape transmuted to music, but there’s more, like Freidrich Neitze taking a day off to pick flowers, making sure he wasn’t followed. All The Queen’s Horses’ gothic folktronica evokes a desperate and beautiful darkness, a world we can escape to, where our fears and desires intertwine like rope around the subject of an Araki photograph. A very unique, out of box experience for those that enjoy different takes on the singer songwriter genre. After a year of global turmoil singer-songwriter Sean Murphy, has channeled this swirling darkness into a hauntingly beautiful album: ‘The Dark Below & The Isle of Dogs’. Originally from Cork, Ireland, living in Dublin and having spent the last 12 months in London, Sean Murphy has seen this last disastrous year through the lens of an artist. Working under the moniker ‘ALL THE QUEEN`S HORSES’, Murphy has crafted a raw, guttural and emotive response to what he has observed as a darkness bleeding across the land and in to all of our lives. A twisted narrative is weaved in folktronica-rock; a patchwork of poetry, cello, synths and mournful pianos. A kind of warped, contemporary tapestry, the story of 2020 unfolds in low light and fun-house mirrors.


Jaelee Small – All The Time (Video)

“It’s true that we don’t realize the value of certain persons in our life, until we lose someone. A loss is a loss, but the good memories remain forever and give the courage to go on. This is the message that we should get from Jaelee Small.”


Jaelee Small has written down her collection of roaming thoughts, short stories and soulful vocal harmony drenched monologues.

Memoirs (part ii) is part of a harmony-soaked concept album through a timeline of a teenage youth.

Painting a picture of her memories through catchy choruses and memorable melodies containing personal influences ranging from the well played vinyl of The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd and The Who to Aretha Franklin, Emeli Sandé and Haim.

A wide ‘Mixtape of Emotion’ resulting in a delightful blend of emotive pop and soulful rock.

With such diverse influences, her music transcends genres and has a unique sound and feel which is instantly recognisable, leaving a lasting impression. The impressive vocal arrangements add an extra level of sophistication to her songwriting.

Jaelee’s musical journey guides the listener through the process of her self-discovery and the search for her own identity.

Maybe we find out who she is.


flyckt – One Day (Video)

“How much magic can be hidden in just one song? One day you’ll find out! Listen to “Flyckt” fresh piece of true art. His advanced vocal skills give a personal character to this Commercial sound. For an even better experience don’t forget to watch the video clip too.”


flyckt is an utterly modern artist from Sweden that blends pop melodies with big, sentimental and euphoric productions.

flyckt says “One Day and the upcoming EP is a step in a different direction. My new music sounds happier and more hopeful in a way. At least sonically. I guess I´m feeling better about myself?”

His new video, One Day, represents a humorous time of longing for hours, days and weeks to pass. It’s a knowing that things will get better, you just have to be patient. flyckt states that “One day we will make it right. One day everything will be fine. One day she will love you. One day you will love her. One day is a song about that one day.”

flyckt is an artist that grew up surrounded by his family’s equally creative journeys. His father, a world-renowned, Grammy awarded mixing engineer, threw flyckt into the studio at a young age and encouraged risk and experimentation. Due to this early musical nurture, flyckt has gone to thrive in multiple projects in the industry. flyckt was a member of the band Urban Cone that’s recognised for hits like Old School and Urban Photograph. He also flexes his production skills in the dynamic musical trio named Moodshift, that’s grown alongside fellow members Lucas Nord and Oliver Nelson. It marks another successful project for flyckt that’s garnered millions of streams on Spotify alone with singles Chemistry and What About My Love.

“In the One Day video, we aimed to capture the feeling of making time pass while waiting for the day when everything will be different. There is desperation and boredom but also hope for a change! The imagery relates to the track but also to the times we all are going through now. The obvious darkness in the not self-selected isolation turns humorous when emphasized on camera, right?” – FLYCKT


Aidan & the Wild – It’s Alright (Video)

“This track took us back to the heady days of Laurel Canyon. A gentle, tuneful blend of southern rock, folk & country that would not have been out of place alongside the greats that graced the stage of the Troubadour in West Hollywood. A nostalgic journey back to the good old days!”


It’s Alright is a folky guitar-explosion filled with jumpy melodies, multi-layered soundscapes and an ear-catching hook. The song was inspired by the phenomenon of the poppy flower, which blooms particularly well after the ground has recently been disturbed. Aidan & the Wild subtly draws the analogy to his increasingly difficulty coping with society’s ignorant attitude towards the current climate crisis. By talking about the heavy topic in a light-hearted way he hopes to keep the conversation going and perhaps even inspire some change, however small that may be.


Being fascinated by the guitar at the early age of eight Aidan & the Wild, the moniker by which Eindhoven based musician Diederik van den Brandt tells his musical tale, holds a deep passion for the instrument that has only been growing ever since. While his folky open-tuning guitar style can be linked to influences such as Ben Howard and the Tallest Man On Earth the singer-songwriter looks towards the direction of Nashville just as often. Packed with an intrinsically unconventional play style and disarmingly honest voice his songs result in a timeless blend of folk and americana that has a unique freshness to it.

Over the years his love for the guitar branched out to a wider range of instruments such as the pedal steel guitar, banjo and mandolin, which he can be found playing as a side man for various other acts almost as often as at the front of the stage. This skill reflects back to his work as a producer for his own records, on which he arranges and plays the better part of the instruments.

With over 450 shows in the past the 25 year old musician has ran a fair share of millage. Some highlights include airplay on NPO Radio 2 & 5 and 3FM, shows at the Naked Song Festival and Ilse deLange’s Tuckerville and various support shows for artists amongst whom Hiss Golden Messenger and Dan Owen.


Gently not Judgingly by Sweet Imperfections (Video)

“Acoustic piano and violin piece written for all different people. “Sweet Imperfections” aims to emphasize the fact that we shouldn’t discriminate between human races. Impressive melodies binded with meaningful words.”


Sweet Imperfections said about this song:

“” We wrote this song during the “Black Lives Matter” movement over the summer with a desire to help this Country feel loved again and hopefully heal the deep divide between our people. Gently not Judgingly is calling out to us to; “Take a walk in my shoes and you will see, you’re not that much different from me”. We wanted to inspire people to understand and sympathize with our differences instead of condemning and judging people. We believe it’s time for real change as depicted in the bridge, “It’s time to let the past times pass through us, find a new way to make waves of real change”. “”


Sweet Imperfections is led by singer songwriter Bri Schillings and a collective of Southern California’s most talented musicians and writers.

ME is better with WE!


Bukola – A Good Thing (Video)

“Our lives may not actually be as we wish, but from time to time good oportunities appear. Do we recognize the good things or let them pass away? Listen to this cheerful song from Bukola and find out what we mean.”


Vancouver musician Bukola has been dreaming of releasing her own music since she was 9 years old and now her dreams are coming true with the launch of her debut single and video ‘A Good Thing’.

The first single from her debut EP The Chronicles of A Teenage Mind which is set for release this summer, ‘A Good Thing’ is all about knowing your own worth and not settling for anything less.

“‘A Good Thing’ was originally written as a way of me poking fun at the ‘player’ mentality that quite a bit of people my age adopt,” says Bukola. “So when you listen to the song, you’ll notice a bunch of witty lines and references to them needing to grow up and to ultimately recognize ‘A Good Thing’ when they see it. However, as I’ve gotten to live with the song, it’s also taken on an anthemic role as it serves to remind myself and hopefully others that we are all deserving of someone who will treat us right.The song reminds us we are good things, and if someone can’t see that – it’s on them.”

Recently hailed by the CBC as one of the Top 10 Soulful Female Artists in the 2020 CBC Searchlight competition, Bukola blends the sounds of contemporary R&B and Jazz music to create her own soulful sound. She’s deeply influenced by artists such as India.Arie, Daniel Caesar and H.E.R., and worked with Grammy Award-winning producer, Chin Injeti, and Juno Award-winning producer Ben Kaplan on her soon to be released debut EP The Chronicles of A Teenage Mind.

Bukola’s new single ‘A Good Thing’ is available now on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers and streaming services worldwide. For more info, please visit www.bukolamusic.com/

Jax Anderson, K.Flay – I Don’t Care Anymore (Video)

“This work is insanely creative and full of positive energy. -I Do not Care Anymore- Basically having affections from indie & lo-fi pop and demonstrating quality humor by -Jax Anderson and K.Flay-.”

“Безумно креативная работа наполненная позитивной энергией. -I Don’t Care Anymore- вереница из таких удачных звеньев, как indie & lo-fi pop и качественный юмор от исполнителей -Jax Anderson и K.Flay-.”


Today, newfound friends Jax Anderson and K.Flay team up for their self-empowerment track “I Don’t Care Anymore”, released via Jax’ label Neon Gold Records HERE.


Jax started the song as a demo on TikTok www.tiktok.com/@jaxandersonmusic/video/6938879468085857542 where it tracked 400,000 views and proved to be an undeniably relatable bop. She decided to invite K.Flay along into the studio, as well as producer Tommy English, to bring the song to life while creating an important dialogue at the same time.

Jax says: “Someone commented recently that I Don’t Care Anymore is a song about nihilistic optimism & I’d say they’re totally right. I’m saying “nothing matters, but isn’t it freeing?” It’s my way of fully accepting who I am & rejecting any standards that I’ve learned to carry. It’s incredible how freeing life is when you choose not to give a fuck, right? All I can do is live as myself, truly & fully & it’s been awesome.”

K.Flay adds: “This collaboration came about totally organically. Jax posted an early version of the song on TikTok, people loved it, and a bunch of folks commented that I should feature on the track. So we made it happen! The lyrics really resonated with me. For anyone who’s felt like an outsider, you eventually reach a point where you actually stop caring what other people think. And you embrace yourself with a newfound sense of confidence and swagger and kindness. To me, that’s what this song is all about.”

Jax Anderson, who changed from her Flint Eastwood moniker to her real name, has built a reputation for writing alt-pop anthems that boldly speak to overcoming the forces in the world that try and keep us from loving ourselves and actualizing our full potential.

About K.Flay: The Chicago-born K.Flay’s near-undefinable amalgamation of dark-electro soundscapes, art-pop sensibilities, spitfire rhymes, industrial rock backbone and versatile chameleon-like vocals has led the songwriter/artist/multi-instrumentalist to two GRAMMY nominations (Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical for ‘Every Where Is Some Where’, and Best Rock Song for “Blood in the Cut”), tours alongside Grouplove, Imagine Dragons & Thirty Seconds To Mars, and festival spots at ACL Fest, Bonnaroo, Coachella, Treefort, and Riot Fest. She most recently dropped her ‘Don’t Judge A Song By Its Cover’ EP via BMG in December where her transportive musicality takes a blindsiding trifecta of 90s rock staples (Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff”, Green Day’s “Brain Stew” and The Offspring’s “Self Esteem”) and reimagines them into another dimension.



Holy Moe x Kash Verrazano – Who Get Ya Love (Video)

“-Who Get Ya Love- is the result of a lively and colourful music technique, accompanied by rich sound and rhythms. It uses extended percussion breaks, professional mixing and expressive scratching.”

“-Who Get Ya Love- это живая и яркая техника исполнения в сопровождающей музыке и ритмах. Использование расширенных перкуссионных брейков, профессиональное микширование и выразительный скретчинг.”


“Who Get Ya Love” Is consider one of Holy Moe’s most lyrical records in recent time. He shares the stage with long time friend Kash Verrazano who does nothing but elevate the record with great delivery and elite word play.


Holy Moe, well known figure in the Staten Island Community for his charitable ways, Athletics ability and as of late his music talents. The artist has been given back to inner city youth since 2008. Holy Moe has also made his way through the music industry over the years. He’s been featured on Hot97, Power 105.1, and also had his Single “Where I’m From” featured on BET Jams. New Realest Single “No Beef” has also made it to radio with a New, New York sound. Stay tuned as Holy prepares to drop more new music this year.


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