463 OSAMA – Realest Sh*t I Wrote (Swizzy runnit) | Shot by Paynefilmedit

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“Cinematic beginning with strings theme that sets beautiful mood, song steps into the hip hop world smoothly with its first verse. Vocal is dreamy, soft, feels like and homage the the old school sound, fitting so well with the song groove and vibe”


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Hilding – Girl

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“Subtle beats in the background gives a steady groove that are layered with wonderful guitar riffs and themes. Piano theme feel melancholic and very emotional, same goes with the vocal, that is edited at times really good. ”


Track Sources:
Spotify: open.spotify.com/track/0Jt02I64Lj8viIejtnXNng
Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDjSg-VuTKw
Apple Music: music.apple.com/us/album/girl/1659252561?i=1659252562
Deezer: www.deezer.com/track/2065766597

Joshua Singh x Rachel Singh – Make Believe (feat. Rachel Singh & Ajay Jayanthi)

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“Μια όμορφη και παραμυθένια μελωδία γεμίζει ηρεμία τη μέρα. Τα φωνητικά απαλά σαν χάδι γλυκαίνουν την όψη μας και μας χαλαρώνουν. Ο αργός ρυθμός μας δίνει τα περιθώρια να σκεφτούμε και να ακούσουμε τα συναισθήματα μας. Η αλήθεια μας περιβάλει και ερχόμαστε αντιμέτωποι με αυτήν.”

“A beautiful and fairytale melody fills the day. The vocals gently like a caress sweeping our appearance and relax us. The slow pace gives us the chance to think and hear our emotions. The truth surrounds us and we are confronted with it.” (Automatically Translated)


Lutman – Anthem for a United World – Inno per un Mondo Unito

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“Epic and full cinematic experience every listener will endure while listening to this piece of musical art. Composition is fully layered with strings themes, that are arranged in perfect manner. Just love the transitions it have, how the themes are playing with each other. ”


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Website lutman.one

Spotify spoti.fi/2WLblIN

Twitter twitter.com/Lutmanworld

YouTube bit.ly/3g7Ibeu

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Muenster – Fake News ft Jsun the Prophesor & Kilathon

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“Highly charged rhythm and melody that electrifies the atmosphere. The flow of vocals fits perfectly into the scene. Words and thoughts to be said have found a way out. The dynamic expression of emotions gives the right tone to the style of the piece.” (Automatically Translated)

“Έντονα φορτισμένος ρυθμός και μελωδία που ηλεκτρίζει την ατμόσφαιρα. Η ροή των φωνητικών ταιριάζει απόλυτα στο σκηνικό. Λόγια και σκέψεις που πρέπει να ειπωθούν έχουν βρει διέξοδο. Η Δυναμική έκφραση συναισθημάτων δίνει το σωστό τόνο στο ύφος του κομματιού.”


youtu.be/VPwztz2WlBI class=”iframe_media”>


Muenster is a versatile wordsmith, a polished and flashy orator, and a prolific national performer. This Austin native/Denton transplant is not your typical Texas rapper. The rhymesayer’s résumé boasts more than a decade of experience and dedication to his craft, evidenced by hundreds of live performances, several Warped Tour regional circuits, and a collection of meticulously crafted recordings that seemingly have no low points. His albums are the listen-on-repeat kind, ones that never give you the urge to skip a track (which is a rarity, especially in the hip-hop community). Muenster seamlessly blends an array of vocal cadences reminiscent of the UK grime scene with a delivery as varied as a late-90s Project Blowed mixtape. Listeners will find sincere, insightful poetics that aren’t afraid to grapple with provocative social and political topics. His cerebral, timely lyrics result in a more fulfilling experience than your typical club banger, but Muenster’s tracks still bring the bang. He showcases technically complex delivery matched with quick-paced lyricism, which comes off as natural and almost effortless, deploying surgically sharp enunciation and precision that somehow results in an insidiously listenable swagger.

BOSCO – Lady Laces

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“Classic Pop Rock, as if arriving from another dimension with a reminder of himself, as an immortal genre, driving crazy for more than one generation of listeners. This is the work of a high level of skill, in which each element of arrangement is honed to shine!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Classic Pop Rock, словно прибывший из другого измерения с напоминанием о себе, как о бессмертном жанре сводящий с ума не одно поколение слушателей. Это работа высокого уровня мастерства, в которой каждый элемент аранжировки отточен до блеска!”


www.youtube.com/watch?v=79b8yWPbFYk class=”iframe_media”>

From the moment 5-year-old BOSCO got his hands on a guitar, his love and desire for making music emerged. He grew up listening to Johnny Cash and The Beach Boys on his record player and took to songwriting at 14. As he played and practiced, the rhythm and words would take control of him until he eventually completed a song. Now with years of experience going through the creative process from start to finish, BOSCO knows precisely how to go about crafting appealing instrumentals and catchy hooks. He did it with “Wicked Woods,” “Raven,” and “Brothers,” and he has done it again with “Lady Laces.” With its lyrical and visual storyline, it could be the best BOSCO project yet!

Every word builds this love song for “Lady Laces.” While we do not know who she is, it never matters because for BOSCO, “Lady Laces” is a love song to music – specifically, the music you can hold and own through records, an art form often overlooked in the present day. BOSCO lives on to appreciate that flavor of vinyl music coming out of a record player. He said, “Everything that happens in our lives can be tied to music. What a sad, sad world this would be without it.” That is the whole point of this single. Today’s music listeners don’t often collect physical versions of their favorite artists’ releases with so much music readily available a few clicks away, yet there is something more personal and intimate about connecting with the artist and their work via the old-school favorite medium. BOSCO continues to collect and revere records and record players for this reason, and this roots rock hit spotlighting his undying love for them latches onto your mind with a gratifying earworm chorus that you will subconsciously have on repeat after only one listen.

Within the first minute, BOSCO is texting a “record thief” to have her retrieve the record for the song stuck in his head. It could very well be “Lady Laces.” In between the clips revealing how she tries to get her hands on the package, he narratively sings “Lady Laces” to the person beyond the camera with his apparent passion. In the end, right around the key change, a couple of kids end up with the record – who are actually the executive producer Jared Sagal’s son and his friend. It represents BOSCO’s hope for the love and creation of music and the exploration of the arts as a whole to continue in the younger generation and those to come as much as possible.

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iDaWiLL – The World Is Ours

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“Great sampled vibes, piano riffs, string parts, a bit old school atmosphere, with good vocals. Mixing that 90’s style of hip hop with some African influenced elements, well mixed and produced, great song. ”


iDaWiLL is a born Sierra Leonean musical author/composer based in the United States(DMV). His style is best described as a blend of Reggae, Pop, R&B, Afro Music and Hip Hop with lyrics in both Krio and English. He debuted his first single titled “Time Nor Day” in 2020 and has collaborated with acts like Gillie Da Kid(Gillie Da King) and Ray Lavender on “Let’s Make Up”.”The World Is Ours” is a motivational record which serves as a reminder to us how precious the globe and resources are. It also displays iDaWiLL’s ability to rap using countless punchlines and metaphors.


Tamas Bulla – Shower Thoughts

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“Pizzicato strings, so beautifully used, every part of the song is based around them. That electric guitars in the background are so perfectly placed, so well produced song, with amazing vocals, that are layered with such a detail in some parts, really great one.”


Generation Z has proved time and time again that age has nothing to do with raw talent, and Tamas Bulla is a shining example. The musician, singer/songwriter, and actor’s growing discography highlights that he is the next big thing to hit the airwaves. At age 12, he released “Out of Time,” an emotionally charged pop anthem that touches on the harsh realities of childhood and growing up. His ability to write about profound themes and experiences showcases his ability to connect with audiences on a mature level. Between focusing his time learning the ins and outs of music production at his Votech High School to booking acting gigs and mastering his sound, Tamas Bulla is dedicated to becoming a well-rounded creative. He has come a long way from making beats by drumming on pots and pans as a toddler, and as he enters his teenage years, Tamas Bulla continues to expand upon his natural gift of creating music that speaks to the soul.

They say some of the most remarkable and introspective ideas have been sparked in the shower. There’s something about being left to nothing but your thoughts in a warm, relaxing environment that allows the mind to wander freely. In “Shower Thoughts,” Tamas Bulla takes this experience and pens a song that speaks to this phenomenon with booming vocals and cascading instrumentals. You can feel the intensity reverberate through the speakers with an infectious chorus. The music video has sharp visuals conceptualized by the artist himself, as he sings his heart out under the running shower and dives deep into a backyard pool. Both the song and visuals emphasize the meaning of the song and work together to elevate Tamas Bulla’s creative vision.

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