Juli Chan – Joe Le Taxi (Video)

“From the very first notes, you are amazed at how carefully the performer treated the heritage of the singer Vanessa Paradis and with great love made a gorgeous cover version of one of the best songs of 1987! Voice, presentation and beautiful modern arrangement here are top notch!”

“С первых нот поражаешься, как бережно исполнительница отнеслась к наследию певицы Vanessa Paradis и с огромной любовью сделала шикарную кавер-версию одной из лучших песен 1987 года! Голос, подача и красивая современная аранжировка сделали своё дело!”


Juli Chan rejuvenates the legendary French hit of the eighties with her delicate and sensual cover. Discover what Joe Le Taxi sounds like today, 34 years after it topped charts around the world.

Juli Chan has already got her fans used to her spectacularly sung covers. Recently, the artist paid tribute to Ariana Grande – her longtime mentor and music inspiration, interpreting the song “Bad Idea” from the bottom of her heart. Today she reaches for “Joe Le Taxi” – the essence of the 1980s POP. Introducing contemporary sounds to the French hit, she vibes with the song and her candid voice.

“Joe Le Taxi” is a song about a taxi driver who knows all the romantic streets of Paris very well. Joe loves the Parisian nightlife, with all the secret bars and shining bridges over the Seine. There is always good music in his cab. Standing in a traffic jam, the taxi driver Joe treats his passengers with a rumba, mambo, saxophone sounds and good old rock.

When I was researching the song I discovered a fascinating story behind the lyrics. Joe is the pseudonym of Maria José Leão dos Santos, Portuguese female taxi driver who fled to France in the 1970s. Maria José was persecuted because of her sexual orientation. When Mari José’s mother discovered her daughter was a lesbian, she took her to an exorcist, later to the hospital and eventually put her in a school run by nuns. In the French capital, she took the name Joe and a profession stereotypically reserved for men. She could be herself safely traveling around night Paris with guests of LGBT clubs. I think this story about the need for tolerance, non-discrimination, as a tribute to all strong women – it is worth recalling today as well as the beautiful melody of “Joe Le Taxi” from years ago.
-Juli Chan said

Julia Chmielarska is an ethereal and girly singer, performing since 2020 under the pseudonym Juli Chan. She professionally trained her voice and performed on stage across competitions and festivals from an early age. Often compared to Ariana Grande, she performed alongside CLEO in the Polish edition of the Voice Kids that brought the spotlight to the 16 year old powerhouse performer.


Lyric: Étienne Roda-Gil
Music: Franck Langolff
Music Production: Saint Rock
Vocal Producer: Przemysław Puk
Mix: Jarosław Baran
Mastering: Jarosław Baran
Executive Producer: Maciej Pichlak (Metascope Music)
Publisher: Agora Muzyka, under exclusive license from Metascope Music


XHOANA X – The Villain (Video)

“Enjoy the lung melody, angelic singing and an interesting selection of chords. The bold rhythm section, which seems to be dug in your brain, and dramatism allocated on a general background adds energy and lush atmosphere to the already bright work!”

“Наслаждаетесь лёгкой мелодией, ангельским пением и интересным подбором аккордов. Дерзкая ритм-секция, которая словно впивается в ваш мозг, а ярко выделяющийся на общем фоне драматизм лишь добавляет и в без того яркую работу долю энергии и пышной атмосферы!”


Albanian born XHOANA X takes her dark, Eastern European heritage very seriously. From an upbringing of one of the most tolerant spiritual cultures in the world, comes a unique style of art, with a mixture of freedom, rebellion and heroism.

The relaxed form of culture from Albania is the driving force here. You are in the darkest little corner of your room. And yet, this is where you find that you are most comfortable. Although perhaps you also find yourself a bit surprised at the ease in which you exist here.

The unexpected seems natural.

The rich enthralling darkness is the vibe.

Following in the footsteps of early musical influences the likes of Massive Attack and ‪Portishead, XHOANA’s music takes us on a spellbinding journey, as if we are preparing for a series of pagan rituals based on mystical beliefs.

Make no question here, she is the high priestess, and in full control of the ritual. The journey is a web in which we are caught, but you’ll find it hard to turn your ears away. You are trapped in a web of intrigue and sensuality while a neo noir movie plays in your head.

Her look and fashion is no less captivating, additionally filled with occasional David Lynch-esque twists and turns. Although her main ambition has always been on developing her musical recording career, XHOANA has also worked both as an actress, influencer, and model.


Duo Lumimare – Light Is Coming (Video)

“The Duo Lumimare have produced a beautifully calming piece for piano and flute called Light Is Coming. If you allow yourself to be lulled by the sweet melodies and breathy evocations of the piano and flute you too will feel that the light is coming for all of us. ”



Roses & Revolutions – Lower Than Low (Video)

“So gentle and delicate. Minimal approach to rhythm and sprinkled with a beat lead by the piano. Superb vocals express ones interpretation of living alone. ”



Indie-pop duo Roses & Revolutions has just released “Lower Than Low,” the new single from their forthcoming ‘Midnight Monsters’ EP, out October 15th via Nettwerk Records. Featuring gorgeous, stacked harmonies that envelop the listener with an expansive and heartbreaking quality, the song beautifully captures the utter stillness found in the day’s earliest hours. “’Lower than Low’ is about thinking you’re at your lowest and realizing there’s actually a level below that,” the band explains. “While the lyrics might be dark we wanted the melody and production to hint at some glimmers of hope.” The video for the track was created by director and animator Nikita Biswas.

The songs on ‘Midnight Monsters’ were written in the middle of the night, in the strange hours before dawn when the world seems to stand still. There’s a quality of magical realism in each of the six tracks, where synth and analog sounds mix to create something otherworldly. But the album could only have been written during this past year, as the world experienced a collective warping of time and place. Inspired by the dystopian quality of quarantine and the emotional demons that hit hardest at night, the band created a sweeping album that blurs fantasy and reality with a sense of timelessness and escape that unfolds like a short film noir.


“Lower Than Low” follows the release of the EP’s closing track, “I Remember Dancing,” a subdued, indie-folk song laced with grace and vulnerability, about a kind of reminiscing that’s become all too familiar this year. “I remember playing it,” says vocalist Alyssa Coco. “And as we were figuring out chords, I actually started tearing up.”

Called “spellbinding” by Atwood and “musical alchemists” by American Songwriter, Roses & Revolutions is comprised of longtime collaborators Alyssa Coco (vocals) and Matt Merritt (guitar). Based in Rochester, NY, they first connected through music, playing in various bands together until it became apparent that there was a special creative alchemy between the two. They gained traction with their hit single “The Pines,” leading to 11 million+ streams, a headlining tour, and syncs from Netflix, ABC, NBC, and more. But when lockdown threatened to deflate the momentum they had built, the duo took the opportunity to explore a new way of making music, turning their dark experience into a thing of beauty.


“There’s a little town near us, and at night it was completely deserted, so we would go for a walk,” recalls Matt. “At the time, it was winter, and we would come home to our bedroom studio and just write and record.” Alyssa adds, “As the sun goes down, I get down, and it’s always been like that for me. But that also happens to be the time that Matt and I are most creative. So, we were capturing those midnight monsters and getting them into song.”

Characterized by a sweeping nostalgia that oscillates between impassioned bursts of rock and soft, acoustic storytelling, Roses & Revolutions invites us into a world of alternating realities over the course of six spellbinding songs, an eerie landscape that feels at once like a vast desert landscape and an intimate space among friends. Kicking off with “Feeling Like Myself,” which deals with the emotional fallout of not being able to experience the success of their last EP, the album also includes songs like “Coffee,” an upbeat track with the electropop artist Lostboycrow, that still manages to maintain a sense of intimacy and simplicity. There’s a thread of drama and storytelling throughout the EP, with tracks like “Lower Than Low” capturing the utter stillness found in the day’s earliest hours, and “The End Of The World” speaking to the abandoned nature of places that used to be so full of life.


But after the night comes the morning sun, and while Roses & Revolutions explore darker territory with skill and nuance, they also radiate strength and hope. It’s a delicate dance between the dark and the light, but on ‘Midnight Monsters,’ Roses & Revolutions have mastered it.

Roses & Revolutions have just announced a string of tour dates in March 2022, opening for the acclaimed, gold-selling singer/songwriter Joshua Radin. Stay tuned for additional updates.

Fragile – Carlos Maya – Neoclassical piano (Video)

“With Fragile, Carlos Maya provides the listener with delicate solo piano stylings and Melodys to ponder. The piece builds in intensity as the track progresses revealing the complex nature of human fragility. ”



“Fragile” is a piece written from an emotional perspective, my music creates an emotive atmosphere that evokes in the listener a path for his own imagination.

ig: www.instagram.com/carlosmayaofficial/

fb: www.facebook.com/carlosmayaofficial

Listen to the album “Isolation Songs for Piano” of Carlos Maya here:


The Mountain – Sargeant X Comrade feat K-Riz (Video)

“Organic and dope, clean jazzy beat with immaculate lyrical style. This track preserves Hip Hop in its true format. ”


The mountain is high. Do you have what it takes to climb it? This is the first single from Sargeant X Comrade’s upcoming album dropping in November 2021 on Mo Gravy Records.


FREEDOM TREE – Cold Shower (ft. Steinar Aadnekvam, Rubem Farias, Deodato Siquir) (Video)

“Live musical performance always causes a special storm of emotions and this work is not an exception. As a result, you can only enjoy musical accompaniment. Excellent symbiosis of jazz and alternative rock, which will delight his sound even the most sophisticated listeners!”

“Живое музыкальное исполнение всегда вызывает особую бурю эмоций и данная работа тому не исключение. В итоге музыкальным сопровождением можно только наслаждаться. Прекрасный симбиоз джаза и альтернативного рока, который порадует своим звучанием даже самых искушённых слушателей!”


LEAD SINGLE FROM THE UPCOMING ALBUM (Sept 24) “Modern Acoustic World Jazz Rock”

This multicultural group has achieved international popularity among music fans for their eclectic performances, drawing from 3 continents. Together, guitarist Steinar Aadnekvam (Norway), bassist Rubem Farias (Brazil) and drummer/singer Deodato Siquir (Mozambique) have performed hundreds of concerts in some 17 countries across Europe, Eurasia, Africa and the USA before making this album.

Performed in studio in one take, originally intended as an online stream during the 2020 pandemic. However, when we heard the result we realized that the recorded music needed to be treated properly and presented as an album. After all this is a band that has played several hundreds of concerts all around the world over the past 5 years and we feel you can hear that in the maturity of these performances, the tightness of the interplay, the effortless manner with which the songs unfold. Just as they were always intended.


KB Mike – Used To (Video)

“You can hear how a vocalist imposes every moment that seemed suitable for imparting an atmosphere. Magnificent Hip-hop rhythms instantly attract attention on -used to- with a need to repeat again and again.”

“Слышно, как вокалист улучает каждый момент, который показался подходящим для придания атмосферы. Великолепная подача материала, насыщенные ритмы Hip-Hop мгновенно притягивают к себе внимание и заставляют включать -Used To- снова и снова.”


In the visual directed by AJ Spitz [G Herbo, Lil Eazzyy], KB Mike sits at an old school typewriter where he punches out one letter after another to his ex. Those letters pile up on her bed only to be discarded in a flurry of tears. Despite looking for love elsewhere, they both magnetically find one another again in a romantic reunion. The breakup-to-makeup story serves as the perfect complement to the track.

“Used To” continues to gain traction, racking up over 11 million streams to date. At the same time, he’s already received looks from HotNewHipHop, REVOLT and more.

About KB Mike:

From the Marquette Park and Gage Park sections of Chicago’s historic Southside, 20-year-old KB Mike dodged the pitfalls of violence and poverty through art. “Music is what keeps me focused and out of harm’s way. That’s really how I navigated through all of Chicago’s stuff,” the fresh-faced artist with the confident flow and melodic voice admits. After a breakthrough 2020 that included high-six-figure engagements on Soundcloud, Instagram, and Facebook, Mike is already revved up for 2021, when he will release his anticipated full-length debut.

From a young age, KB Mike endured losing loved ones to the streets and drugs. Having found popularity in high school and the community, KB Mike tried his hand at rapping in 2018. What began as acapella freestyles to others’ songs during house arrest evolved into something far greater two years later. “Deep In Love” blends soft strings and accents with an authentically contemporary understanding of young romance. That knack for relationship rap also shines on “Drunk Texting,” a song where listeners can hear Mike’s emerging singing alongside his in-the-pocket flow. With over 2 million streams combined, these songs are two of the dozen or so that introduced a talented artist in 2020. On the heels of late January’s successful video single “Revenge,” Mike vows to step forth with his debut mixtape. In the meantime, a standout versatile voice from the Windy City is taking flight.


Unheard Sirens Inc. – All We (Video)

“The unworn atmosphere of Synthpop, which absorbed all the best! Very serious performance, all layers are heard clearly and brightly in the mix with vocalists having abundant performance. A very rich and bright track!”

“Нетленная атмосфера Synthpop, которая вобрала в себя всё самое лучшее! Проведена очень серьёзная работа над треком, все инструменты слышны отчётливо и ярко ощущается весь необходимый колорит. Хорошо, когда у вокалистов такой исполнительский диапазон. Очень насыщенный и яркий трек!”


A stirring synthwave track about all beings on this Earth, and our connections to each other.


David Shane & Forbes – Endlessly Billboard Breakdown (Video)

“You can listen -Endlessly Billboard Hot 10- alone or with a friendly company, at midnight or at dawn. It can instantly capture your consciousness and draw multicolored images on it. The track will open access to high-quality sound, which will stay in memory for a long time!”

“-Endlessly Billboard Hot 10- можно посоветовал слушать наедине и в дружной компании, в полночь или на рассвете дня. Она мгновенно захватывает ваше сознание и рисует в ней разноцветные образы и символы. Трек откроет вашему пониманию доступ к качественному звучанию, который останется в памяти на долгие времена!”


Breakout vocalist David Shane and fast rising producer Forbes have come together on sumptuous new dance-pop tune ‘Endlessly’ for vital EDM label UFO Recordz. Out today, September 3rd, it is the first of a pair of new singles from this Arizona-based, red-hot team and already feels like a sing-a-long summer anthem in the making with Shane’s soulful vocal and lush synths from Forbes. It comes hot on the success of David Shane having collaborated with Nicky Romero and signed to BMG Publishing, and Forbes picking up over half a million streams for each of his last three singles. It also comes with a beautifully shot, official music video featuring Shane and Forbes on location from Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and feel good beach scenes in Malibu. Stream the new single across all platforms here: youtu.be/szu5r11njgc link.uforecordz.com/dsfEndlessly and check out the video here:

Singer/songwriter David Shane is having his most successful year yet. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, his music has been supported by the likes of Afrojack, Steve Aoki and Timmy Trumpet and he has worked with artists such as Taylor Sparks and Hagay Mizrahi. His big hit ‘Hero’ came on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak and has clocked up over four million streams. David is no stranger to headline shows having played the likes of MTV SnowGlobe, Shambala, EDC Mexico and many more. He has most recently worked with Nicky Romero on ‘Into The Light’ for Protocol Recordings and is now on path to many more huge collabs with Top100 DJs and Top 40 pop acts in Los Angeles.

The career of fellow Arizona-born DJ/producer Forbes, aka Forbes Ploszaj, almost took a different direction when he began playing hockey at collegiate level. Realiasing his true calling wasn’t on the ice, but in making slick beats, he learnt how to produce and never looked back. His singles, ‘Undercover,’ ‘Tame Me’ and ‘Numb’ have all made huge impressions with more than 500k streams each and counting. He has had big support on influential YouTube Channels and has supported Autograf and DLMT at major shows as well as playing the likes of LA’s Oasis Festival and Catch One. His contemporary production is already in hot demand as proven by this new link with David Shane.

Says Forbes of the hook up, “David and I have worked together since the beginning of my professional career. ‘Endlessly’ was something we had both envisioned. A summer anthem with uplifting vibes and a lot of positive energy. We went into the studio as we had done several times before, but this time with a clear vision of where we wanted to go with the song. A few amazing sessions later, ‘Endlessly’ was created.”

Since 2015, UFO Recordz has established itself as a leading label in the global EDM scene. Founded by Jacques Maurice Julie and Darren Bezuidenhout in South Africa, it has become a standout platform for exciting artists who go on to make a big mark with their fresh sounds. The label’s more than 300 releases have clocked up millions of streams and views on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, where the label has a vast following of over 100%,000 subscribers. Key artists to date include Rudeejay, Da Brozz, Mark Stent, Pascal & Pearce, BADDIES ONLY and many more, with David Shane and Forbes now joining the ranks.

The pair make a superb job of ‘Endlessly,’ a beautifully uplifting and accessible dance-pop number. It has chunky drums that will get any party started, and lush, bright synths filling the airwaves with joy. A tender acoustic guitar adds plenty of emotion while the stunning vocal tugs at the heart strings as David Shane soulfully sings about young love.

This is a brilliant outing from these two talented artists with a big follow up already in the works for later in the year.

David Shane & Forbes ‘Endlessly’ is out now on UFO Recordz: link.uforecordz.com/dsfEndlessly


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