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Gobi Desert Collective – Mångata (Spotify)

“The sounds that the exotic Mandolin instrument emits enrich our souls with harmony and contemplation. Thanks to Gobi Desert Collective for giving us such an unforgettable experience.”

“Звуки, которые излучает экзотический инструмент Мандолина, обогащают наши души гармонией и созерцанием. Спасибо Gobi Desert Collective за то, что подарил нам такое незабываемое впечатление.”

GLISZ – Himba (Video)

“A very interesting symbiosis of rhythm polyrhythmy and vocal images. The new work from the Italian duo GLISZ – Himba will remain a favorite in your collection for a long time.”

“Очень интересный симбиоз полиритмии ритма и вокальных образов. Новая работа от итальянского дуэта GLISZ – Himba надолго останется фаворитом в вашей коллекции.”

After “Hunt”, “Himba” is the second lo-fi release by Glisz that comes out this year. The track is a mystical journey dominated by percussion which reminds of tribal sounds.

Glisz is an Italian duo born in 2019, characterized by a fusion between electronic and downtempo sounds. Their debut EP, “Bloom EP”, has been well received by the audience, reaching almost 100k streams in the first six months.

Glisz is a newcomer Italian duo born in 2019, characterized by a fusion between electronic and downtempo sounds. After years spent producing for several music projects, the duo makes its official debut with “Bloom EP”. Azhar, Keraal, Organica and Shadows are the four tracks composing the Ep. Common features characterize them such as the ambient sound and the sense of restless energy, transmitted in different ways. The combination of these contrasting details creates a fascinating final result. These tracks will bring you into another dimension, an abstract journey through the essence of music.

Glisz started their musical career in an electronic band which reached the MTV New Generation Artist in 2015. Thanks to this recognition, they spread their music in different clubs and events, worked with international artists and got in touch with music gurus, such as Dave Isaac, Francis Buckley, Crookers, Adam Kagan, who taught them a lot about mixing, mastering and music production.

Ajay Stevens – i need a vacation (Spotify)

“Add this one into your playlist and start making plans for a big break. We are all tired from this covid situation and ready to get off far away, we need vacations! Not now, yesterday! Ajay Stevens sings that theme for us ina joyful way.”

2020 was quite the year wasn't it? It makes you feel like you need a vacation. Kick back on the beach and relax with some good friends.

Formally known as Ajay Stephens, Ajay Stevens is best known for his viral cover of “Memories” by Maroon 5 which has over 10 million streams and counting. With over 3M followers on TikTok and Instagram, Ajay is a superstar in the making. His fans frequently compare him to acts such as Jason Derulo, Akon, The Weeknd & even Michael Jackson. His sound primarily consists of catchy pop melodies infused with other elements such as Reggae, R&B, EDM, Alternative Rock, & Soul. You don’t want to be late to this party.

Alewine – Hallucinations (Spotify)

“The broken rhythms of Trip-Hop, vocals that penetrate like water into all corners of our consciousness and the magical, trance-inducing name Hallucinations. An unforgettable journey to the worlds of Alewine.”

“Ломаные ритмы Trip-Hop, вокал, который проникает словно вода во все уголки нашего сознания и магическое, вводящее в состояние транса название Hallucinations. Незабываемое путешествие в миры Alewine.”

Hark – Ranjhan (Spotify)

“Oh God. These intoxicating dope of oriental vocals. What will happen if all this beauty is diluted with a gorgeous bass line and a supernatural, unearthly rhythm? Snakes x Ladders and Hark Music answered that question in their oriental EP called The Mystic.”

“О, Боги. Эти опьяняющие дурманы восточных вокалов. Что будет, если всю эту красоту разбавить шикарной басовой линией и сверхъестественным, неземным ритмом? Snakes x Ladders и Hark Music ответили на этот вопрос в своём восточном букете EP под названием The Mystic.”

Hard-earned production chops meet an almost supernatural sense of rhythm in this tribute to Eastern sounds, bass music, and an old-school hip hop sensibility. Eminently danceable, but somehow also perfect for chilling out - Hark’s music is chameleonic - it just always works. Hark is one of the most sought after producers in the Punjabi music industry - having written and produced for artists like Mickey Singh and Jasmine Sandlas. He also owns and runs new Vancouver-based record label Desi Soul Records. However, Hark’s dark and mystical side comes out late-night in smoky studios of his native Abbotsford - slyly reminding us of 90s Asian Underground and old-school hip hop - the meeting of which he likes to refer to as the ‘Eastern Wave’.

Hark is a force of nature. Having cut his teeth and racking up millions of streams in the high stakes world of Bollywood and Punjabi music, Da Re Da, his second release on Snakes x Ladders, continues his exposition of his darker side. Trap infused and with his signature callback to 90s hip hop, Hark’s second single features an eastern vocal clip, a dance floor friendly bounce, and a drop that will feel at home at any club (or virtual club!) from Mumbai to Toronto.

Dub Adventure – Eighteen Thirty (Spotify)

“It's time to listen something different. 18:30 is a pleasant Dub track full of creativity and music expression. The sound transitions reveal an exceptional work too!”

Blending breakbeat with rock and dub bass

Thessaloniki, 2015, seven players and friends gathered and formed the Dub Adventure. Since then, they practice dub forms in reggae bass and space area.

Almaghoot – Deep Blue (Spotify)

“Deep blue Sea. Icy sadness and carpets of fog over the water. Almaghoot invites all of us to plunge into the atmosphere of a light, cool Ambient & Drone in his new work Deep Blue.”

“Глубокое синее море. Ледяная печаль и ковры туманов над водой. Almaghoot предлагает всем нам окунуться в атмосферу лёгкого, прохладного Ambient & Drone в его новой работе Deep Blue.”

Wonderful meditative acoustically recorded piece by Almaghoot, build around the duduk.

Marla Leigh – Rhythms of Tof Miriam (Video)

“Marla Leigh invites us in a mystic atmosphere, full of spiritually physical sounds. Classic music intruments lead you through an ancient, epic era of women drummers. Accompanied by a special videoclip full of desert natural sceneries, “Rhythms of Tof Miriam” exceeded our expectations.”

At its core, Rhythms of Tof Miriam is about staying positive through challenging times by using the universal language of rhythm to help us rediscover our genuine connections. Recorded with an all-star team of incredible musicians (Yiar Dalal (Oud Master), Miera Segal, Marla Leigh), it is sure to add an energizing layer to any music lover’s collection.

With bassy grooves from frame drums running throughout, the album has all the rich polyrhythms you could possibly desire!

Layer in fills of sublime, mystical, ancient ethnic instruments of oud, ney, dramatic breakdowns, blistering trills, and an exotic yet contemporary flavor… and you have the most dynamic collection of worldly sounds.

All in all, this world collection has an upbeat feel that makes you want to get up, dance, and settle into your own groove.

Marla Leigh is one of the few female professional frame drummers in the world today. She is a Grammy-nominated percussionist and flautist, and an internationally-recognized educator, performer and composer.

As a classically trained-musician, Marla began playing at the age of three and never stopped. With a BFA and MFA in Percussion from California Institute of Arts, she studied under the great percussion masters Glen Velez, John Bergamo, Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri, Randy Gloss and Layne Redmond.

Marla is passionate about exploring rhythm from different cultures around the world. She loves bringing people together and sharing through the universal language of rhythm. Marla is CEO of Frame Drum Academy, a global community that currently hosts two signature programs, Frame Drum 101 (Beginner) and Frame Drum 202 (Intermediate) – and is enjoyed by frame drum students from around the world. She also created her own line of signature frame drums with the Cooperman Company.

Marla passionately believes in the power of music to help transform consciousness. As a composer, her music has been featured on Hala Khouri’s yoga DVD, “Yoga for Stress Release”, Janet Stone’s iphone Yoga application, the movie “Bold Native” and “The Cellist.”

Marla just released her debut album and music video in May 2020, Rhythms of Tof Miriam, that was recorded in Israel and brings together many exceptional artists, including acclaimed Israeli oudist Yair Dalal. Timeless but fresh, spicy but rich, mellow but uplifting, comforting but mysterious: That is the Tof Miriam experience!

Bigdoe – Cookie (Spotify)

“Do you want a cookie? Bigdoe releases his new -Cookie- single and is a biggie bigge afrobeats hit. A cookie that cookie monster cannot resist! Beautiful afro fusion vibes and vocal performances, harmonies that fix your mood! ”

Cookie is a smooth Afro beats track by fast rising Afro/English artist BigDoe. Cookie seamlessly fuses African and English lyrics, melody and rhythm to create an afro/english vibe.

Ahnkl – With a Smile (Lyrics Video) (Video)

“The interweaving of rhythm and dance, loneliness and limitless possibilities of the space around us. Good mood music from Ahnkl in his new work which bring us a big smile.”

“Сплетение ритма и танца, одиночества и безграничных возможностей окружающего нас пространства. Музыка настроения от Ahnkl в его новой работе With a Smile.”

Ahnkl is the solo project of multi-faceted Austrian artist Werner Posekany who has been writing and performing music most of his life.

On an extended stay in Jamaica he had the opportunity to work with some of his idols rekindling the passion for his first true love – reggae. After collaborating with Sly and Robbie, Eeka Mouse and a few others he returned to Austria so inspired that the songs simply poured out and he knew it was the perfect time for a solo project. Ahnkl’s solo project is comprised of upbeat reggae music that makes people feel good.

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