Sunrayz – Back to the Island (Spotify)

“"Back to the Island" is the fresh work from the highly motivated artist; "Sunrayz". Dedicated to the infinite beauty of nature, which we always admire and wait patiently to visit. Take your time to relax with some nice Reggae sound and travel through happiness.”

This song is a trip to paradise whether you can travel right now or now, this jam will take you there!

Sunrayz is a singer/songwriter and producer living in Atlanta, GA. Focus is in the genre of reggae and dub music. Bob Marley is his greatest inspiration and he has inspired him to make his flavor of reggae music that includes all of his musical influences from over the years.

MEARA – Blackbird (Spotify)

“When listening to the new single -Blackbird- it reveals its invisible wings, fly away somewhere up high and swings between air flows. Melodic, and also representative of the creativity of -MEARA-.”

“Слушая новый сингл -Blackbird- раскрываешь свои невидимые крылья, улетаешь куда-то вверх, ввысь и вибрируешь там между потоками воздуха. Мелодичное, но от этого не растерявшее свою энергетику творение -MEARA-.”

Life is a dance of shadows and light. MEARA, with stories of passion and power, healing and womanhood, creates the soundtrack. Blessed with synaesthesia, the British/ American songstress was born, literally into a world where music is colour. Her work dances delicately between cinematic, ethereal and indie music. Life’s unfolding stories are told here with a voice that will put a shine on your soul and guide you through the darkness. The tones are pure, the sensation one of stealing a glimpse into heaven.

MEARA has created a sophisticated tale of independence, told as a mother, a storyteller and a friend to our vulnerabilities. Flying from the ashes, the smoke still warm on her wings, MEARA has a voice like no other. She sings with the purpose of an addict and the touch of a maestro. Cinematic and vast like the call of a bird, suddenly free from its cage, her music will lift you away while her writing, her vision and her stories will keep you afloat in a space of light and empathy where your own voice can now be heard.

"Blackbird", the first in a string of singles culminating in an album, speaks of awakening, reconnection and embracing the dark like a long-lost friend. The artist confides “I’ve always sung other people’s music yet dreamed of writing my own. I wanted to step out of that box. I want to inspire people to discover their own story and pursue their dreams. Our journeys are never a straight line.” The stunning music video was filmed at the historic Holloway Sanitorium (a former sanitorium which was also used as a location for Inspector Morse). It’s a symbolic location for the song as it represents the artist’s subconscious mind, in which she wakes up and finds “Blackbird” there.

While the seeds of Florence and the Machine, Aurora and Lana Del Rey, and many other musical icons are evident in their influence, the flowers that have bloomed are all MEARA. MEARA’s vocal range will send shivers down your spine, while bold, thumping drum and soaring string arrangements awaken a feeling deep inside yourself. Both soft and threatening, warm and cold, earthy and digital MEARA brings her influences of baroque pop and folk into the present and gives an edgy, futuristic twist, taking the listener on a journey.

MEARA's creativity will shock you in its finesse and take your hand with a powerful grip wrapped in a silk glove. This is a music of love, redemption and dreams of light and life.

Written with the collaboration of world-beating talents Norma Jean Martine (known for viral hits “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes” and “When We Were Young" and Max Mostley (Jones, Norma Jean Martine, Tomine Harket).

MEARA has previously performed on Broadway as well as on NBC’s Today Show and at Madison Square Garden. She sings in 7 languages. Unveiling the first chapter to this compelling story, “Blackbird” is set currently available worldwide.

BurrLin – Chale! [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] (Video)

“-Chale -! A dancing and at the same time relaxing song in which the rhythm, movement and music are skillfully combined in a single unit. Various elements of reggae, moderate pace and focus on the mix prove this song a hit!”

“-Chale!- это танцевальная и одновременно релаксационная песня, в которой ритм, танец и музыка искусно объединены в единое целое. Ритмические элементы reggae, умеренный темп и акцент на аккомпанементе сделали этот трек хитом! ”

BurrLin pulls from his Ghanaian heritage to deliver a feel good, warm, radio friendly afrobeats inspired hit single, Chale! off of his debut ep, Growth Zone

Ramiro Pinheiro | Nasceu Pra Navegar feat. Edi Barcelo (Video)

“-Ramiro Pinheiro- music can be considered refined and elegant. The rhythm of the composition -Nasceu Pra Navegar- manifests itself in the melody and the accompaniment. Cool, emotionally restrained jazz, like the warmest and very gentle human feelings. Enveloping warmth, serenity and peace of mind.”

“Музыку -Ramiro Pinheiro- можно смело назвать утончённой и элегантной. Ритмика композиции -Nasceu Pra Navegar- проявляет себя не в мелодии, а в аккомпанементе. Прохладный, эмоционально сдержанный джаз, вызывает исключительно грациозные и самые светлые человеческие чувства. Обволакивающее тепло, безмятежность и душевный комфорт.”

– “Nasceu Pra Navegar”, the first of four pieces that welcome Pablo Giménez on flute, is an original samba that is worthy of A. C. Jobim. Edi Barcelo’s singing and Crá Rosa’s quiet percussion are major assets as is the leader’s accompanying guitar. Ramiro Pinheiro’s debut album Sentido is highly recommended to any listener having a love for Brazilian jazz. The rich melodies, variety, and top-notch musicianship along with the consistent creativity make this a memorable release. – Reviewed by Scott Yanow, jazz journalist

Ramiro Pinheiro is a Brazilian guitarist, singer and songwriter born in the city of São Paulo (Brazil), currently living in Barcelona. He has performed in major venues and festivals in Spain and Europe, and have recorded, played and worked with musicians such as Horacio Fumero, Rafael Barata, Rita Payés, Pablo Selnik, Gabriel Amargant, Ana Rossi, Albert Bover, Hugo Arán, Jeffe Otto, Felix Rossy, Pablo Giménez, Rodrigo Balduino, Jurandir Santana, Amoy Ribas, Martin Laportilla, Jaume Vilaseca, Rodrigo Bezerra, Ramón Ángel Rey, among others.

Dimitris Aivaliotis – 2 Tsigara (Video)

“Discover the recent creation of Dimitris Aivaliotis; a promising greek artist in the World Music scene. A very representative sample of traditional instruments and truly emotional singing. If you’re interested to enrich your sound collection, here’s a great chance!”

“Music hides a paranoia. Be a part of it and only then you will interpret it” D. Aivaliotis.

Dimitris Aivaliotis is a Greek artist, based in Athens. He is singer – actor – producer – composer and musician, and he has 5 singles in air play and a lot of partnerships with famous artists.

Ali Cashius Jr, Big Preme – Rude Boi (Spotify)

“Innovative pure Rap style as it comes from "Ali Cashius Jr" and "Big Preme". Tired of the same and same loops? "Rude Boi" breaks the chains of typical sound and proves the value of a personal creation, which you can listen in almost every situation.”

Rude Boi is an ode to the people of the Caribbean Islands like Puerto Rico, who are still recovering from the devastating damage left behind in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Ali Cashius Jr is an independent artist from Detroit, MI. His career in music started as a young kid in Southwest Detroit when his childhood best friend challenged him to a rap battle. His friend was only joking, but Ali found himself preparing 24/7 and filling up his school notebooks with rhymes. He was inspired by artist like 2pac and Nas for their abilities to dig deep into their souls, but wanted to add that signature Eminem word play and rhyme schemes into deeper issues that plagued his childhood and community. The lack of financial resources was real issue not only growing up in Detroit, but even as a young adult. "It was a blessing in disguise" as Ali bounced around Atlanta, Maryland, Virginia, and Arizona looking for work to help support his dream. As of today, Ali Cashius Jr has performed along side artist such as Method Man & Redman, Currensy, Dave East, Kevin Gates, Vince Staples, G Perico, Snow Tha Product, Immortal Technique and so many more! He's also collaborated with Slaughterhouse heavyweight Joell Ortiz, legendary west coast artist Ras Kass, and Futuristic.

LEO PIZARRO – Bella Luna (Video)

“Hot like any other Latin American music, the song -Bella Luna- combines elements of various genres such as salsa, samba, flamenco and also a taste of tango. Too Hot? Definitely!”

“Жаркая, как и любая другая латиноамериканская музыка, песня -Bella Luna сочетает в себе элементы таких жанров, как сальса, самба, фламенко и частичка танго. Горячо? Однозначно!”

De la unión del Caribe y el Mediterráneo nace “Bella Luna”( Afuerenyo Music 2020 ) el nuevo single de Leo Pizarro, una mezcla maravillosa del folclore de su país natal Colombia, y sus vivencias en España el cual nos invita a disfrutar de un ritmo muy pegadizo que se nos meterá en la cabeza y nos pondrá a bailar.

Residente en Barcelona, España donde nace su nueva propuesta musical, Leo es un músico, compositor e intérprete. Sus letras tienen ese toque especial de los artistas que transmiten y vibran con fuerza como las olas del mar de su ciudad natal, Cartagena de Indias, donde estudió música eligiendo la guitarra como su instrumento preferido para acompañar su voz. Impregnado de sensibilidad este artista le compone a la vida y a la realidad social latinoamericana.

En definitiva Leo Pizarro es un artista completo que cuenta historias a través de sus temas y que vale la pena escuchar.

Acerca del single debut producido por Orbe Ortiz (Toto La Momposina, Playing for Change, Dusminguet, Radio Malanga) en sus propias palabras Leo Pizarro nos dice:

“Bella luna refleja la nostalgia que llevamos dentro cuando estamos lejos de algún lugar o de alguien.

Si hay un retrato que nos pueda llenar de calma y acompañarnos en una noche solitaria , es alzar la mirada al cielo y ver la luna allí, nunca falla.

La luna ha sido inspiración para la humanidad desde nuestros inicios…

La luna es nuestro anhelo , nuestra paz, nuestra esperanza, nuestra casa, nuestro lugar , la persona que amamos, la que convierte la nostalgia en un canto que cura, la que nos motiva a seguir en el camino, la que aunque no tengamos equipaje nos monta en el viaje”.

From the union of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean is born “Bella Luna” (Afuerenyo Music 2020) the new single by Leo Pizarro, a wonderful mix of folklore from his native country Colombia, and his experiences in Spain which invites us to enjoy a rhythm very catchy that will get into our heads and make us dance.

Resident in Barcelona, ​​Spain where his new musical proposal is born, Leo is a musician, composer and performer. His lyrics have that special touch of the artists who transmit and vibrate with force like the waves of the sea in his hometown, Cartagena de Indias, where he studied music, choosing the guitar as his favorite instrument to accompany his voice. Steeped in sensitivity, this artist composes life and Latin American social reality.

In short, Leo Pizarro is a complete artist who tells stories through his themes that are worth listening to.

About the debut single produced by Orbe Ortiz (Toto La Momposina, Playing for Change, Dusminguet, Radio Malanga) in his own words Leo Pizarro tells us:

“Bella Luna reflects the nostalgia that we carry inside when we are far from somewhere or someone.

If there is a portrait that can fill us with calm and accompany us on a lonely night, it is to look up at the sky and see the moon there, it never fails.

The moon has been an inspiration to humanity since our inception …

The moon is our longing, our peace, our hope, our home, our place, the person we love, the one who turns nostalgia into a song that heals, the one that motivates us to continue on the road, the one that even though we don’t have luggage rides us on the journey. “

Sonia Barcelona, Spxtrm – Heart Station Remix – Remix (Spotify)

“Sonia Barcelona with the new single heart Station Remix on Cuddlefish imprints brings a fresh ethnic pop air to the nagamag office. Through a lush layering, light groove and hookiest qualities of vocal performers you get the right upbeat mood fixer to start up your day! ”

DJ Bruce Blanchard SAKANA (Official Music video) (Video)

“DJ Bruce Blanchard is here to give the right vibes for the new summer season that coming ahead in north hemisphere.
His new release SAKANA has an incredible upbeat vibe, beautiful video clip that blended with the right harmonies and entrancing characteristic vocals, the new hit is here.”

Bruce has released a single called “Sakana” this year, which is in the Afrobeat genre. Adding to his new single Bruce also has a Playlist on Spotify called “Afro Tech” with other Afrobeat songs and he also has a new song coming out this summer.

DJ Bruce Blanchard’s roots lay in African beats and more specifically, Lingala music. During the first lockdown is when he created his first song ‘Sakana’ in collaboration with Enikao productions. ‘Sakana’ means ‘to play’ in Lingala, which directly refers to him starting his career playing as a DJ. He specifically created this song to lift people’s spirits during the Lockdown. Now he has curated a playlist called ” Afro Tech” which focuses on African-style songs, but provides a mixture with tech and house music. The list is for him his current favourite 30 songs which fall under the style of Afro tech. Soon, he will be releasing a new single which will follow the same African base. This song, which is a lounge party song in Lingala, will be focused on moving away from lockdown and restarting our future where we will hopefully meet each other again in the party scene!

LowDown Mini Reel #3 (Paradise) (Video)

“What’s the meaning of “Paradise”? Each of us have his own aspect about. It could be the perfect place to live or just being able to act with no restrictions. Whatever the answer, there’s always something special like this to listen and think.”

What price are you willing to pay for a piece of paradise? Or better yet, does paradise even exist? Pursuing one’s happiness can be a noble cause but wagering one’s existence for the spoils of life can lead you down a rabbit hole of misperception.

Chicago, IL – LowDown Brass Band is thrilled to announce the release of Mini Reels #3 (Paradise) on their label Dibs Records. The single will be available on all digital audio and video streaming platforms on Friday March 5 2021.


LowDown Mini Reels are short song and visual ideas that range from 1-2 minutes in length. Whether an instrumental or full vocal performance, LowDown Mini Reels are meant to be thought provoking and straight to the point. LowDown Brass Band has scheduled the “Mini Reel” series for bi-weekly release via all DSP’s and Social Media starting in February. They invite listeners to join them as they continue ever forward. Paradise is the third single off this exciting and fan engaging digital series.

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