Frequently asked questions about Nagamag (FAQ)

Nagamag FAQs about ⁞ Music Submition⁞ Post Publishing


Here you can find some answer accoring you to subject we have been questioned.

I would like to send my Music to Nagamag

We will be happy to listen to your Music! You’ll have to submit your music through our Submithub page and Nagamag will review your submission. But take notice that each music track is a subjective and personal experience to each listener as well as to our professional music curators, if it will not be approved for our blog don’t be discouraged! A possible decline does not mean that your music is not worthy, but the specific track may not quite match our own perspective, taste and listening.

My submission has been approved but the link is not Active.

The most possible reason is that the activation date/time has not come yet. Please check again our reference for the date that the post will be activated. During GMT time differences it may appear the next day. Our posts are scheduled according to GMT +2 Eastern Europe – Athens.

If still the mentioned post has not reachable please contact us asap.

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