In times of a global corona virus pandemic, conspiracy theories are enjoying a boom. Time to deal with it, in a musical way.

Helge Wiegand has been writing music since he was 14 years of age, only playing it to his close
friends. Music and art has been accompanying his life permanently, although he chose adifferent path career-related.

Torben Wendt recognized Helge Wiegand ́s potential after both met in 2013. As a result, Helge was hired to contribute keyboard work and backing vocals for Torben Wendt ́s band DIORAMA playing the Blackfield Festival in 2014. The positive response led to further mutual shows in Germany, Poland, Denmark and Israel. During a show in Leipzig Helge met T.O.Y. ́s singer and songwriter Volker Lutz and received the offer to become a full band member in 2017 in order to play keyboards and do backing vocals in T.O.Y. Concerts in Germany, Russia and Mexico followed.

Wiegand ́s debut album „Released“ was launched in December 2018, been spoken highly of by a large number of music mags recommending it to all friends of electronic, melancholic and boppy music. The first single „Floating Away“ with a number of renowned mixes found its way into the DAC Charts in the very same month. Helge is currently working on his next album, now presenting the first single that deals with the matter of conspiracy theories or conspiracy tales to be more precisely. Catchy songs are guaranteed, certainly danceable in the clubs once the Corona pandemic comes to an end plus adventurous tales of Bill Gate ́s forced vaccination or Corona 5G cell towers fall silent.