4am Kru x SHANTÉH – Good Thing Remix (Spotify)

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“Discover the supersonic sound of "Good Thing" in a new mix, just out to blow up more speakers. Sophisticated combination of Drum & Bass with lyrics. Music with own attitude and advanced artistry!”

Brixton songstress SHANTÉH & London jungle collective 4am Kru return with new collaboration 'Good Thing Remix.' After riding the algorithms to 100k+ Spotify plays with their previous collaboration Sunrise Remix, these young independent London artists re-emerge sounding hungrier than ever, eager to prove that jungle & drum bass music can be simultaneously soulful, uplifting and dancefloor ready. Good Thing Remix is out on new independent label Embrace The Real Records on Jan 28th.

4am Kru – Stay Puffed (Spotify)

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“A fast energy whirlwind of dopeness. Evident influences extracted from the classics, and we like that a lot. Those jungle massives are as cool now as ever and simplicity isa beautiful thing in electronica. The future looks bright when the past is learned from and built upon, especially in the DnB world. ”

As the popularity of nostalgic rave & drum and bass music continues to increase across the UK (and beyond!) London's 4am Kru carry on their foray into the frenetic world of old school jungle and 1994 inspired happy hardcore. Familiar, pitched up vocals, piano stabs, rolling breakbeats and booming bass combine to make Stay Puffed a high energy drum & bass banger, not just for long time fans of the genre but for newcomers as well. Stay Puffed is out on new independent London label Embrace The Real Records.

4am Kru, Layla Sibelle – Keep 4 Eva (Spotify)

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“The energy and bright melodies inherent in this light Drum & Bass are fully reflected in the track, spreading all visible and invisible boundaries! Feel the student pulse and the effect of adrenaline in the blood, a genuine source of real fun!”

“Свойственные жанру Light Drum & Bass энергия и яркие мелодии всецело отразились в треке -Keep 4 Eva-, раздвигая все видимые и невидимые границы! Почувствуй учащающийся пульс и действие адреналина в крови, неподдельный источник настоящего кайфа!”

"6 o'clock in the morning & we're still jumping!" North London songstress Layla Sibelle makes her vocal debut on Keep 4 Eva, a laid back slice of summery r&b jungle / drum & bass with London jungle collective 4am Kru at the production helm. Having met on a dancefloor in Camden Town and bonding over shared love of nostalgic rave, it was just a matter of weeks before Layla & 4am Kru had finished up their first offering. Keep 4 Eva is one for the romantic junglists, smooth r&b heads AND the bass & beats crew. Out Sept 9th on new independent London label Embrace The Real Records.

4am Kru – 4AMK2 (Smoke Something) (Spotify)

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“Remember raves? Early 90’s Jungle? Don your expedition outfit and hang on tight for this white knuckle, white label ride of nostalgia. ‘Smoke Something’ is a hardcore trip down memory lane by your tour guides 4AMK2 Buckle up Biatch”

London's 4am Kru continue their exploration into the exciting, lost world of early 90s hardcore & jungle with their new release 4AMK2 (Smoke Something). Paying homage to their favourite white label vinyl series, 4AMK2 (Smoke Something) is nostalgic jungle rollercoaster ride, further expanding 4am Kru's fast growing back catalogue of throwback rave tunes.

4am Kru Interview on Nagamag

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What are the genres that describe better your music style?

4am Kru:
4am Kru grew from a love of old school jungle, hardcore & early 90s rave. We take inspiration from all sorts of music, from R&B slow jams to 80s film soundtracks. Our favourite Jungle tunes from back in the day often reinterpret great bits of existing music in homage & we like to do the same! From the beginning there's always been so much variety within the framework of the 94' Jungle sound.

Few words about your musical background and career?

4am Kru:
4am Kru is a duo at the core, plus a number of talented collaborative artists. Howie & Stu are at the production helm. We both met years ago touring in different bands, cutting our teeth in the London live scene. Jungle is the point where our tastes intersect & we started 4am Kru to bring that sound to the stage & feature some incredibly gifted artists we've met along the way.
Right now we’re working with super talented singer Layla Sibelle, and continue to work with superb vocalist SHANTÉH. There’s a whole extended family of artists who are part of our writing and live performance crew and we're excited to take 4am Kru to the stage.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

4am Kru:
Howie: When I was a kid I remember being given jungle mix tapes that had been passed down from some older kids we knew, they were actually going to these raves, whereas I was too young. These tapes featured Shy FX, DJ Rap + all the gold from early Lucky Spin and Kemet releases. At the time I was learning to play bass guitar; then suddenly Jungle entered my world and it changed my whole thought process. It really pushed me in so many ways and still does.
Stu: I'm the same, some '92 hardcore tapes made their way to me when I was a kid and I remember listening while playing with my Star Wars toys in the bath and being blown away by this music I knew nothing about other than it just sounded otherworldly and cool.

Most artists have a favorite song from a different music genre than the one they are producing music for... Which is yours?

4am Kru:
Paul Giovanni "Corn Rigs"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

4am Kru:
Decibella "Outta London"

Discover & Listen to 4am Kru

4am Kru on Spotify

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4am Kru – Good Time (Spotify)

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“Regardless your mood, there's always an oportunity for some "Good time"! "4am Kru" unleash their hidden power in a gorgeous Drum & Bass mix. Adjust the volume to its maximum level and transform your room into a dancefloor! Let the bassline shake everything around you and wake up your mind.”

London's 4am Kru keep their 2021 momentum up with fierce jungle banger Good Time. 4am Kru's 10th release in less than a year (with plenty more to come) Good Time is a nostalgic rollercoaster ride - authentic both in sound & spirit - paying homage to the 90s UK rave scene. Good Time is poised to make waves with fans, as the seminal genre continues it's resurgence into the 2020s.

4am Kru, Zaetrell – Callin’ Your Name (Spotify)

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“We introduce 4am Kru from England and their latest release "Callin' Your Name". This fast-pace Drum & Bass juwel can attract the attention from the first seconds. Dynamic intro in contrast with soft drops, can keep your interest until the last kick.”

London beatmakers 4am Kru team up with Chicago vocalist Zaetrell on this soulful, laid back jungle roller. Bubbling with mid 90's UK breakbeat flavour, Callin' Your Name is nostalgic tip of the cap to the seminal R&B tinged white label vinyl releases of yesteryear. 4am Kru & Zaetrell are part of growing movement of young artists paying tribute to breakbeat UK culture, both in the United Kingdom and the United States.

4am Kru x Phoebe White – Your Only (Video)

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“A selected Drum & Bass piece that matches the soft with the hard and the slow with the fast! Unique in a way that only 4am Kru can show, so don’t miss this candy.”

As the UK finds itself in another lockdown amidst a grey January, 4am Kru & Phoebe White’s new track Your Only captures the laid back, melancholic yet hopeful feeling enveloping London in 2021.

A chilled jungle roller, in the spirit of mid 1990s experimental breakbeat, IDM & glitch, Your Only is 4am Kru’s 8th release continuing their homage to old school UK rave culture.

4am Kru – 4AMK1 (Spotify)

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“If you are into 40+ target group like us (lol) should stop here to give a listen. 4am Kru brings in full energy all the qualities we have used to listen and love from the dnb/jungle genre from our first influences with electronica. The right breaks, bass, keys and such amazing vocals! If you are under 40, this still work for you right, it has both the atmosphere you seek to laid back and the energy to listen loud very pleasant and groove, and to make your neighbor ring your bell for that (lol). ”

London's 4am Kru continue their foray in nostalgic jungle & hardcore territory with new track 4AMK1, an ode to their favourite Swedish songstress. Laid back drum & bass vibes with the artwork paying ode to 4am Kru's favourite 90s rave bootleg series, SMD1.

King (Remix) – 4am Kru, SHANTÉH, Josh Kye (Video)

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“Pay attention here and not been fooled by the fast breaks intro, after first 20 seconds dives into a chill mood sensation delivering warm atmospheres with each new layer added and explode to a fine piece once piano hits and warm vocals enter. A wonderful drum & bass with laid back aesthetics.”

KING (Remix) brings together emerging London artists 4AM KRU, SHANTÉH and JOSH KYE on this laid back, rolling jungle banger.

With 4AM KRU at the production helm, their remix of SHANTÉH’s popular track KING is infused with nostalgic UK rave & jungle flavour. The trio of artist’s intentions being to shine a light on London’s ‘jungle’ genre from their childhood, that has since been marginalized as ‘aggressive drum & bass’.

All independent artists, 4AM KRU, SHANTÉH and JOSH KYE are part of a scene of upcoming London artists blending old & current sounds to create something new for 2020.

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