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Katnes – Drop The Mask (Spotify)

“Deeply emotional singing performance that barely reveals the artist's inner thoughts. We all more or less use to wear "masks" in order to hide our vulnerabilities. Do you have the courage to drop that mask and accept reality as it is?!”

Drop the Mask’ is about seeing people as a whole, without anything covering their flaws and uncertainties. It is an encouragement to show yourself and be true to who you are. This acoustic ballad showcases Kati’s abilities as a songwriter and as an artist growing into her own. Her music is approachable, written with a certain intentionality to the atmosphere it creates. A mixture of acoustic guitar and beautiful melodies easily conjure images of the misty forests and lakes of Finland – even if only ever seen in pictures.

Kati Niemi, who records as Katnes, is an independent singer-songwriter who combines Nordic soundscapes and Finnish melancholy with americana country music. The end result is fresh indie-folk or what Norwegians call Nordicana. Katnes has been strongly influenced by vocalists like Adele, Birdy and Sara Bareilles. Combining those influences into her own unique voice and the tasty fingerstyle guitar playing of Petri Kuusela (Lanai), we can hear such warm, open and tasteful modern folk emerging from Finland.Kati

Steven Vrancken – Existence – Solo Piano (Spotify)

“Lonely solo piano in -Existence- reveals something airy and vulnerable. Lively, intimate and noble nature. Ambient tone and soundscape intoxicated by the beauty that barely touches the strings. Sense of silence and appeasement.”

“Одинокое соло пиано в -Existence- нечто воздушное и такое ранимое. Живое, интимное и благородное естество. Опьянённая своей красотой едва касается струн. Эмбиентные тона и звуковой ландшафт. Идиллия. Тишина. Умиротворение.”

Artist shared few words with us behind his inspiration:

"Yup, all the craziness out there did also affect me in several ways. That's why I was a bit out of the loop with my regular music releases. But hey, I'm back :-) Here's a slower, solo piano version with a subtle ambient touch, similar to my editorial 'The Snails Teachings II'. I love to experiment with various melody versions - exploring moods. Peaceful, uplifting nothingness are the words that pop up in my mind for this one." Steven Vrancken

James TW – Butterflies (Acoustic) (Video)

“Smooth acoustic guitar chords with a rangy direction. James TW plays and sings with very artful touch. “Butterflies” is the most representative title for this light, colourful creation that comes with some Spring fresh air.”

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Music video by James TW performing Butterflies (Acoustic). © 2021 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Gently not Judgingly by Sweet Imperfections (Video)

“Acoustic piano and violin piece written for all different people. “Sweet Imperfections” aims to emphasize the fact that we shouldn’t discriminate between human races. Impressive melodies binded with meaningful words.”

Sweet Imperfections said about this song:

“” We wrote this song during the “Black Lives Matter” movement over the summer with a desire to help this Country feel loved again and hopefully heal the deep divide between our people. Gently not Judgingly is calling out to us to; “Take a walk in my shoes and you will see, you’re not that much different from me”. We wanted to inspire people to understand and sympathize with our differences instead of condemning and judging people. We believe it’s time for real change as depicted in the bridge, “It’s time to let the past times pass through us, find a new way to make waves of real change”. “”

Sweet Imperfections is led by singer songwriter Bri Schillings and a collective of Southern California’s most talented musicians and writers.

ME is better with WE!

A Crystal Clear Moment – Close My Eyes (Spotify)

“Acoustic, delicate, sythesis with soft melodic patterns. Sit comfortably on your bed, close your eyes and concentrate on that heartwarming voice. The ultimate relaxing song, which cannot leave you unaffected.”

Stockholm based A Crystal Clear Moment drops the debut album Arms Remain Open. The mix of radio-ready and feel-good singles juxtaposed against dark melancholy tracks makes it a retro-modern pop album with LP format dynamics and a meaningful story to tell. The beautiful piano ballad Close My Eyes was released all without promotion before ACCM signed with ALOADED on PR. It truly deserves a better fate and a new chance for the album release next week!

A Crystal Clear Moment was founded by Stockholm’s Rickard Abrahamsson. By his side he has an acclaimed collective of musicians, engineers, designers, directors and cinematographers. The debut album Arms Remain Open due March 26 has a strong sense of finding inner peace and being true to yourself.

The first single Close My Eyes is a low key piano ballad and When You Were Young is an upbeat radio-ready single with an energetic synth bass. Once Again is a roadtrip soundtrack under a hot California sunshine and A Better Day is a groovy love story dressed in denim tailor-made for American radio. The rest of the story adds a darker melancholy and creates an album dynamic reminiscent of traditional albums like in the old days. It tells a story.

With its female lead vocals from starlet Harper Diaz, ACCM is musically connected to artists like Sheryl Crow, Taylor Swift or Shelby Lynne. These iconic women all display the mix of moods that range from bright, sunny and radio-ready to dark, moody and melancholic. It’s hard to believe ACCM is a Swedish project. The final touch was a supreme mastering in New York by legendary Scott Hull who has worked with Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, David Bowie and many more.

JESSIA – I’m not Pretty (Video)

“Many of us spend time thinking about their appearance and in fact, aren’t satisfied with the way they look like. Rejection doesn’t help and only if you accept yourself, you can move towards improvement. This is the message we get from Jessia via her playful single “I’m not Pretty”. Sharing some unexpected fun with her good sound too.”

After turning a short TikTok video shot in her car into an empowering body acceptance anthem with over 70 million streams, Vancouver -based pop singer and songwriter JESSIA shares the music video for her breakthrough anthem “I’m not Pretty” today via Artist Driven Records/Republic Records.

In the visual, JESSIA steps through the looking glass to confront her insecurities in a playful and tongue-in-cheek kind of way and falls down a rabbit hole into an imaginary yet cinematic eye-popping peach filled wonderland inspired by Roald Dahl’s ‘James and The Giant Peach’. The video illuminates the rising artist’s fun and quirky persona, which is as infectious as the song itself.

On shooting the video for “I’m not Pretty” JESSIA says, “Filming the music video was such a surreal experience. I kept looking around set and asking myself, ‘are all of these people here for me and my song? What? Am I really here right now? What a time. It was such a party on set! SUCH A BLAST!”

“I’m not Pretty” initially exploded on Tik Tok when JESSIA introduced an acapella hook of the song by sharing, “I don’t know if this is total trash, or if it’s actually a bop.” Turns out, it was the latter as the clip racked up 1 million views in a day. The candid lyrics describe a journey towards self-love and the emotions one can feel while on its path – a message that has instantly resonated with audiences all over the world. Since January 1st, the clip has accumulated 100 million views, while the official version produced by 4x JUNO Award nominee, singer, songwriter, and producer elijah woods has cracked 43 million Spotify streams as she averages 5.3 million monthly listeners on the platform.

In addition to early support from international tastemakers, Grammy award winning singer, songwriter, and producer Ryan Tedder personally reached out to JESSIA upon hearing the song to champion her work and collaborate. Together they are putting the finishing touches on new music—due out soon.

Dylan Landau – This Wooden House (Spotify)

“Follow the footpath of craftful guitar strings accompanied by the etherial singing voice of Dylan Landau. A selected single ideally made for Acoustic lovers. Poetic, crystal and magnificent result, which can pleasure even the most fussy listener.”

Artist shared few words about song inspiration:
"I wrote this song while walking with my niece and nephew at my grandparents beautiful home and realizing that now 4 generations of my family will have memories of this house."

Dylan Landau

“Combining folk roots with musical theater storytelling, Canadian-American newcomer Dylan Landau is a breath of fresh air in the female singer/songwriter scene. Her songs are fresh, honest, simple, poetic.”

EĐĐIE – Penniless (Spotify)

“Imagine a forest scenery with blooming trees and countless birds singing in the evening dusk. Catchy Acoustic single from a solo artist with feathery voice. All the Spring magic demonstrated in just a simple, but awesome song.”

Artist said about this song:
"Penniless is a short and sweet, poetic like song about the love of my life and is a quick and consice representation of the feelings I have for her."

Harris Allan – All In (Spotify)

“Have you ever thought to express yourself via a suitable song? when it's difficult to talk, there is always some music to help in communication. Harris Allan offers a nice example with "All In". Ideal sound and lyrics, when speech is not enough to show some strong feelings.”

"All In" is an upbeat folk-pop tune with a laid back feel. It's about the fun moments at the beginning of a relationship, and about the joy that comes from finally making a decision to go for it.

Harris Allan's unique and compelling lyrics and music finds its roots in Folk-Rock tempered by a vast range of life experiences. Imagine the style of music being played at an oceanside campfire beach party with family and friends. Capturing the sincerity of Jack Johnson infused with the catchiness of Ed Sheeran and a Lumineers-esque soul, his debut single—“One Last Ride” —is romantically moving and culturally relevant. His most recent single—"All In"—is an upbeat folk-pop tune with a laid back feel. It's about the fun moments at the beginning of a relationship, and about the joy that comes from finally making a decision to go for it.

"All In" was released on Spotify and all other streaming and download platforms January 21, 2021.

Beginning his music career at 16 as a songwriter, Harris was lead singer and guitarist for Square9. The band released an EP recorded at Mushroom Studios in 2006 and performed in and around the Vancouver club scene.

Harris embarked on his solo music career as hip hop/rap artist Fallan Soldier, writing, performing and producing the songs for his album, “Above The Call Of Duty'', which was released in 2009. The album garnered success at college radio and charted on !Earshot. After the release of the music video “Fights”, Harris toured throughout Western Canada as headline artist for the “Move the Mountains” tour.

Harris spent five years as a DJ while refining his craft as a singer-songwriter. He has three more singles lined up for the spring along with some surprises planned for his YouTube channel.

Mirabai Ceiba – She (Video)

“Peaceful and meditative work by Mirabai Ceiba. Acoustic performance dedicated to all the women out there. A song that opens a gate to inner self giving the chance for spiritual and emotional development.”

The serene beauty of duo Mirabai Ceiba’s upcoming album The Quiet Hour is a timely antidote, set for a June 11th release on Spirit Voyage. Mastered by Martyn Heyne (7K!), gently plucked strings and beckoning textures lead the listener on an inward journey of calm centeredness. Angelika Baumbach’s voice wells up like an undulating stream, blossoming forth with sublime poetry.

The deep, loving bond between Baumbach and her musical life partner—multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Markus Sieber (Aukai)—is palpable, as their instruments and voices intertwine on Mirabai Ceiba’s most intimate and meditative album to date.

The serene new single “She” embraces calm acoustics, an inward pulse, and the defining quality of silence.

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