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Nate Amor – Ain’t Hitting Me Yet

“A song about love, about the lost time and the desire to return everything to its place. But, as often happens, everything is not as simple as it seems. -Nate amor- skillfully juggles with feelings, as if a magician controls your emotions, pulling out everything inside.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Песня о любви, об упущенном времени и желании вернуть всё на свои места. Но, как это часто бывает, всё не так просто, как кажется. -Nate Amor- умело жонглирует чувствами, словно фокусник управляет вашими эмоциями, вытаскивая наружу всё то, что внутри.”

Singer and songwriter Nate Amor relocated to LA in 2022 with a fresh mind and fresh music followed. These new perspectives are the driver for a new album he worked on with legendary mixers Joe Zook and Drew Middleton. He delved into a unique sound, paying homage to Kings of Leon, Ray Lamontagne, and Chris Stapleton. But before the full album release, Nate Amor has some singles for you to snack on. The first track on the menu is "Ain't Hitting Me Yet".

"Ain't Hitting Me Yet" opens with dreamy guitars and skittering percussion. Nate's powerful vocals steal the show. The way he pulls the line, "But I've got to move on," is all drama. His voice only soars to new heights as the song progresses. In the video, we see Nate driving though a desert ghost town. Its a vast and cracked landscape that was once brimming with life. Interspersed shots of Nate driving a lonely road heightens the pain he is going though while trying to pick himself back up again. But even with temptation, he forgoes the bottle and face this situation head on.

As Nate details:

This songs is a picture of sweet insanity. It started on a cold Minnesota spring morning, waking up in a tiny ground level apartment staring out the dirty windows and watching the remaining brown snow melt away. Still getting used to seeing people walking about in masks. I was reflecting on another new apartment, another new beginning, yet another fresh start. All after another relapse, another toxic relationship, and another few months freshly sober. I sat down at the piano and just hit the C to the 6th chord and back. There was a serenity and a hope setting in with those two simple chords that bonded the feeling. The idea of getting away and leaving sounded great in that moment. And what came next was just the story of a man who’d lost a lot of time doing the same “insane” thing again and now picking up the pieces and building a life again alone and happy... all the while fighting these urges to want the woman and the bottle back. The 2 deadliest things.

A Minneapolis native, Nate Amor grew up with a healthy appreciation for Elvis and The Beach Boys - all things Rock 'n Roll Americana. His first time performing was at his high school talent show with a cover of Elvis' "In the Ghetto". He was hooked. The power of lyrics and positive transformative force of music has continuously fed Nate's songwriting obsessions.

Nate is a member and vocalist of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, was featured on NBC's The Voice, and as a solo artist has shared the stage with Train, Mat Kearney, and Marc Cohn.

In 2022 Nate relocated to LA to start a new musical adventure. With a collection of songs perfected over the past few years, he is now more ready than ever to bring his brand of Americana Rock to a global audience.

vale – Anything

“A little acoustic jazz and crystal vocals, a cup of morning tea cools on the table, and a odorous and lush lilac blooms outside the window. This day will give you an unforgettable impression, because with you today a real miracle is a new track from -vale-.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Немного акустического джаза и кристального вокала, на столе остывает чашечка утреннего чая, а за окном расцветает пахучая и пышная сирень. Этот день подарит вам незабываемое впечатление, ведь вместе с вами сегодня настоящее чудо — новый трек от -vale-.”

Odyssey to the Sun – Boto

“Sometimes it is very important to allow yourself to relax from dynamic tracks with bright rhythmic coloring and enjoy the original track from -odysey to the sun-. Power Pop's tube atmosphere with a very extraordinary component.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Иногда очень важно позволить себе отдохнуть от динамичных треков с яркой ритмической окраской и насладиться оригинальным треком от -Odyssey to the Sun-. Ламповая атмосфера Power Pop с очень неординарной составляющей.”

This song is about a love story that ended cos of life circumstances: COVID, career, space and time. In this song there is the refuse of acceptance to close a door when it was required. Love is not enough to safe a relationship but love can still be on even thought a relationship is ended. Love is higher.

Jay Denton – Kings & Queens

“The track, which stands out by its concept in the entire discography of -Jay denton-. Beautiful acoustic music, transparent and pure vocals, good arrangement and a magical, lyrical atmosphere for kings and their queens!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Трек, который выделяется своим концептом во всей дискографии -Jay Denton-. Красивая акустическая музыка, прозрачный и чистый вокал, хорошая аранжировка и волшебная, лирическая атмосфера для Королей и их Королев!”

Coyle Girelli – Modern Noir – Stripped

“Modern music, in which the atmosphere of Nuar is very relevant today, and if all this is in the acoustic design and with soft, mental vocals -coyle giralli-, then you have a unique one can be on the other side of the usual reality.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Современная музыка, в которой присутствует атмосфера нуара очень актуальна в наши дни, а если всё это в акустическом оформлении и с мягким, душевным вокалом -Coyle Girelli-, то у вас есть уникальная возможно оказаться по ту сторону привычной вам реальности.”

English songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Coyle Girelli released “Modern Noir” from his upcoming, appropriately titled, mini-album Stripped, out July 22. The 7-song collection of stripped-down, acoustic performances follows his latest full-length Funland which arrived earlier this year, from which “Modern Noir” is taken.

"Modern Noir" was originally written as an acoustic song, tackling the madness of the times in which we live and the often contradicting dichotomy of daily life. Girelli noted, “It's one thing AND the other. The good with the bad. The high and the low. The dark and the light. Everything all at once and how this bleeds into every part of our lives. In particular our personal relationships and love lives,”

Stripped features tracks from Girelli’s debut album Love Kills and Funland, including “Flake" and “Funland,” which were also originally written as acoustic songs, in addition to “Modern Noir,” as Girelli was exploring how the sound of Funland would take shape. In its new version on Stripped, "Here Comes My Baby” evokes Radiohead’s more woozy moments between moody guitar motifs as it finds comfort in a lover’s arms. The album also features two covers - First Aid Kit's "Fireworks" and Leonard Cohen's "Famous Blue Raincoat."

As a songwriter, Girelli has collaborated with a diverse group of celebrated songsmiths from Mac Davis to Linda Perry, and written for several world renowned pop acts. Girelli also works in theatre, co-composing the award-winning French musicals ‘Robin des Bois’ and ‘Les Trois Mousquetaires.’ Girelli previously fronted the alternative rock bands Your Vegas and The Chevin. A performance on the ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ led the host to state, “if I had a voice like that I’d run for President.”

Ram Dass – Niagra

“Romantic minimalism, with beautiful acoustic design and very deep words that are shared with us -ram dass-. In each table, there is something to think about.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Романтический минимализм, с красивым акустическим оформлением и очень глубокими по смыслу словами, которыми делится с нами -Ram Dass-. В каждой озвученной строчке есть над чем задуматься.”

Indie singer-songwriter Ram Dass releases his new single “Niagara” on July 8th. This song expresses the overwhelming grief and mourning that he faced after the loss of his newborn son. After his son passed due to a rare genetic condition, Ram Dass allowed his emotions a place to escape and flow through him with the chilling lyrics accompanied by icy strings and flowing guitars. From the first breath of music, the gentle yet powerful exhale sets the tone for the engulfing grief and sadness shared throughout “Niagara.” In the lyrics, “Won’t you take all my troubles to the sea,” you can feel him surrendering while allowing a space to be acknowledged and secure. A father’s love in the midst of loss is felt throughout the song.

After hearing there were complications with his wife's pregnancy while at Niagara Falls it seems fitting to direct the swirling turmoil and grief that was slipping around him towards the intense churning waters of the falls. Lyrically, Ram Dass allows his anger and grief to be consumed by the waters below and through the song’s cry for help, he creates a sense of relief. ”I tried to hold my family together, stay happy, and try to find my happiness in life, but I didn’t have a lot of space to feel upset or angry at his loss until now.”

James Morse – Arms of Grief

“This acoustic composition reflects the everyday life of many of us as a natural and measured course of life. The melody gently swims around you, squeezing in its arms, and the voice -James more - quietly whispers to his ear.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Эта акустическая композиция отражает будни многих из нас, как естественное и размеренное течение жизни. Мелодия нежно плавает вокруг вас, сжимая в своим объятиях, а голос -James Morse- тихо шепчет на ухо свою историю.”

Gavriel x Atli – Here by Your Side

“You will practically feel in zero gravity, somewhere high under the clouds, this track is so airy and sweet, thanks to the vocal and atmosphere of Indie Folk. The ease of being and pure pleasure.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вы практически почувствуете себя в невесомости, где-то высоко под облаками, настолько этот трек воздушный и сладкий, благодаря вокалу и атмосфере Indie Folk. Лёгкость бытия и чистое наслаждение.”

Chavis Chance – I Hope I Die First

“Music is forever imprinted in the subconscious strength and beauty, to which you want to return every day. And similar indie folk tracks help to open the doors of your soul earlier, exposing it and demonstrating how beautiful and warm can be there.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Музыка — это навсегда запечатлённая в подсознании сила и красота, к которой хочется каждый день возвращаться. И подобные Indie Folk треки помогают приоткрыть незнакомые ранее двери вашей души, обнажая её и демонстрируя, как же может быть там красиво и тепло.”

artist said about this song:

"I Hope I Die First started out as bit of a bitter joke... but as I got deeper into writing it, imagining these two young people sitting on top of a parking garage just like my friends and I used to do in high school, I found it just turning more and more into a completely sincere statement. I imagined those two people looking out at theirs lives together with all the hope, fear, and anticipation that time brings. The song tries to zero in on that feeling.

I recorded the whole thing remotely with my good friend and multi-talented producer Kauner Michael. We met in Spain but did the vast bulk of the work from different hemispheres as he'd moved on to Los Angeles. The timezone difference was a challenge but it's amazing how much of it felt like we were in the same room thinking back on it.

We tried to work in some darker sounds to the production to bring a bit of a counter dimension to how uplifting the sound is. That's where the super low notes on the piano came from, and there's some really evil pads way down in the mix. Then Gianluca Magalotti, bass, and Matt Benthall, electric guitar, sent their parts in - totally nailed it - and it was suddenly a song."

John Calvin Abney – Watch Me Go (Back In Time)

“The beautiful sequence of chords and the voice -John Calvin Abney- allowed this indie folk composition to become a real hit, delighting everyone with its melodicity and fabulous sound. The minimalist, acoustic design pleasantly and gently falls on the soul.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Красивая последовательность аккордов и голос -John Calvin Abney- позволили этой Indie Folk композиции стать настоящим хитом, радуя всех своей мелодичностью и сказочным звучанием. Минималистичное, акустическое оформление приятно и нежно ложится на душу.”

Acclaimed singer-songwriter John Calvin Abney has released his new single “Watch Me Go (Back In Time)” today (July 8), the final pre-release single from his highly-anticipated new album Tourist, due out on Aug. 5. Filmed and edited by Rahul Chakraborty, the engaging, colorful clip also marks Abney’s first directing credit. Watch the full music video via YouTube.

Anchored by Abney’s trademark lyrical candor, “Watch Me Go (Back In Time)” was born from an especially notable period of reflection during his solo travels across the country during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Written after I made my way to Austin, Texas and took up residence in a small room near city limits, the song speaks of our ubiquitous desire to go back in time and change events instead of accepting how the cards fell and moving forward,” Abney says. “Information technology has made nostalgia a currency that puts many folks in an emotional debt for a time that no longer exists anywhere except memory. This song is about acceptance, and communicating through the cold lights of tech.”

“I could call me a cab / Run up another tab / But I think I’ll stay,” Abney quietly declares, choosing a different path — at least for the night. “Work and sleep have been thin / And high street line seems so far away.”

“Watch Me Go (Back In Time)” is the fifth and final pre-release single from Abney’s upcoming record Tourist, due out Aug. 5 via Black Mesa Records. In June, Abney shared the reflective track “Call Me Achilles,” which explores that intensive urge to make a fresh start and leave your past behind. The song earned acclaim from Americana UK, calling it “a song that has life in it – not so much a toe-tapper as a hip-shaker with an irresistible groove, as Abney sings like one slinking effortlessly from location to location.”

Penned on Christmas Day of 2020 in Tulsa, “Call Me Achilles” finds Abney reflecting on past weaknesses while making plans for a fresh start. “I’m a cloud of dust / I’m out of this town,” he proclaims. “I got hung up / I know better now.”

Previously, Abney shared the captivating tracks “Sleepwalkers,” “Full Moon Friend” and lead single “Holy Golden West.” Each song gives listeners a glimpse into the whole of Tourist, a project born amidst a journey Abney first started shortly after the pandemic began, taking him from San Francisco to Austin. At each town and pit stop along the way, Abney paused to take in his surroundings and all the characters who weaved in and out of those new backdrops. The songs on Tourist paint those scenes onto a new canvas, poetically examining the passage of time, the places we call home and how even the smallest of moments can leave a lasting mark.

Instead of hunkering down in a studio, Abney recorded the tracks on Tourist remotely from the hotel rooms and spare rooms of friends’ homes that he stopped in during his long, explorative journey. He found inspiration from the soundtrack that eminated from his car speakers along the way, with a wide-ranging playlist that included Elton John, The War On Drugs and Harumoi Hosono. Longtime friend and creative collaborator John Moreland added his own contributions to the tracks from afar, using modern technology to shorten the distance between them.

Tourist continues a thread first sewn with his 2020 release Familiar Ground, again evolving his sound with the addition of layered synthesizers and drum machines. Through his engaging lyrics, Abney transports the listener into his passenger seat, allowing us to experience and savor every blurred, fleeting second as we pass through.

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