Solo – Cristina Alcívar (Video Oficial) (Video)

“Listen to Cristina Alcívar in this interesting Neo-Soul production. The artist has given great emphasis in singing and clearly aims to an emotional approach. Sensitive voice, melancholic touch and some taste of fast outbrakes.”

Solo is a single that denotes a melancholic and deep atmosphere. They highlight soulful vocal riffs, the natural crunch sound of the guitar and an evident instrumental and vocal growth. The theme immerses us in an environment of vulnerability that starts from innocence and fragility until it leads us to a more mature and strong reality.

Solo es un single que denota una atmósfera melancólica y profunda. Resaltan soul riffs vocales, el sonido natural crunch de la guitarra y un evidente crecimiento instrumental y vocal. El tema nos sumerge en un ambiente de vulnerabilidad que parte de la inocencia y fragilidad hasta llevarnos a una realidad mas madura y fuerte.

Maryen Cairns – Spirit – Alt Mix (Video)

“Very balanced and harmonic classical piece, with positive mood. Charming singing that guides you through a soothing experience. Your soul elixir has a name and it’s called; “Spirit”. “Maryen Cairns” unfolds her talent in this mix and the video looks really fantastic too.”

One of the consequences of relocation from the Southern to the Northern hemisphere, followed by the onset of widespread lockdown and restriction of travel, has been ongoing deep solitary introspection and self reflection, and an in-depth communion with God & nature and the search for Spiritual comfort.

This journey has resulted, for singer songwriter Maryen Cairns, in the creation of this downtempo stirring ballad that is “Spirit”, especially in this stripped back piano based “Alt-Mix” version, which is being released first as a single.

Recorded entirely by herself with piano, acoustic guitar & strings, Maryen then sent Spirit to her producer and mentor Chris Kimsey across the channel in London, where he added his magic touches and co-mixed.

Sam Shaky – Don’t Play With The Devil (Video)

“Sam Shaky sings for the broken hearts outhere to give some strength and courage. The recipe is simple; sit back, raise your speakers volume and take your time to listen untill the end. Let the artist’s profoundly impactful voice guide you through this dynamic Electro Pop mix.”

Hearts are broken across the globe on a daily basis, however, not all is always lost. The Finnish-born Sam Shaky treads the line between dark, ethereal Pop and Alternative Rock.

Sam’s music circulates around themes of inner struggle and difficulties in love. While being abstract by design, his music echoes a relatability to common folk, with depth of emotion, big imagination and real stories. But instead of forcing meanings upon his listeners, he invites people to extrapolate colours and emotions from his dark but hopeful, ethereal sound.

Debut single ‘Tomorrow’, made its way to 5th place on Spotify Finland Viral 50. His follow-up single ‘Don’t Let Go’ reached 4th place on the same chart and receiving a feature on the highly regarded ‘Fresh Finds: Six Strings’ playlist on Spotify.

Sam’s forthcoming album, ‘Arctic Americana’ is a continuation of his story up until now. ‘Don’t Play With The Devil’ is the first single release off the album; featuring Steve Wilmot (OneRepublic, Switchfoot) on production, Dom Morley (Amy Winehouse, Nick Cave, Mark Ronson) on analog synths and legendary Derek Sherinian (Dream Theatre, Billy Idol, Alice Cooper, Kiss) on keys.

Sam Shaky is for anyone seeking the rough and the experimental, it’s for lovers of Pop to Rock and Alternative, it’s for those looking for sincerity. Above all, it’s for those craving an experience that far surpasses the hollow, cookie-cutter world.

Kreem – That Guy (Spotify)

“The single -That Guy- collected the best tones of indie pop, forming its own spatial universe. This is a hypnotic odyssey that accompanies its listener to all the nooks and crannies of his own mind. Stunning sound palette.”

“Сингл -That Guy- собрал в себе лучшие тона indie pop, сформировав собственную пространственную Вселенную. Это гипнотическая одиссея, которая сопровождает своего слушателя по всем закоулкам собственного разума. Потрясающая звуковая палитра.”

About the song "That Guy" Kreem says: "This song describes the transition into a new phase of my personal life where I was first headed nowhere while being petrified. Through honest introspection I had an epiphany which helped me to start flourishing towards a better version of myself. At the same time, this song moves me as a new musical chapter in which I have found my own true sound without making any concessions for the first time in my life. ” His EP is expected in late 2021.

Songwriter Kreem, Karim ter Veer was 17 when he taught himself to play guitar. For some time, he dedicated his time to composing and producing music for others. During a tough period in his personal life he decided to shift focus on expressing what he was going through by composing his own songs.

One of the projects he worked on earlier was the song “Part of Me” by LittleKings. He wrote this originally for a lemonade brand which quickly generated a viral status with over 16 million streams worldwide.

This autumn, Kreem will be launching his debut EP. With melodic, warm and vibrant songs with a poppy feel, he takes you on a trip through his thoughts and feelings. The tracks are packed with passion and enthusiasm and convey genuine emotional resonance. They are personal and emotional yet filled with vitality and joy of life, making the songs true pick-me-ups.

Inspired by artists such as Gotye, Emily King and Post Malone, his music dynamically blends elements of introverted singer/songwriterand alternative pop with today’s modern in-your-face pop sound. His love for analogue, which he shares with producer Mark van Bruggen, can be heard throughout his music: with the sound of 80’s synthesizers, vintage drum computers and even a ‘singing saw’ Kreem managed to craft his own unique sound.

Bad Habits – Love Me/Hate Me – Acoustic (Spotify)

“The vocals in -Love Me / Hate Me - are a veritable lyrical volcano that erupts up to crimson skies. Singing somewhere in the upper atmosphere, squeezes the chest in the most vulnerable place. And your heart skips a beat. Bravo! -Bad Habits- hit the sweet spot.”

“Вокал в -Love Me/Hate Me- настоящий лирический вулкан, который извергается до багровых небес. Поющий где-то в верхних слоях атмосферы, он сдавливает грудь в самом уязвимом месте. И ваше сердце замирает. Браво! -Bad Habits- попали в точку.”

“Love Me/Hate Me” is a song about trying to love someone while suffering from BPD (borderline personality disorder). A daily ongoing struggle, trying to convince yourself that all the lies your mind creates aren't real...

Bad Habits is a collective of Jo (vocals), Ellie (vocals/bass), Severin (lead guitar), Spiros (guitar), and Apostol (drums) based in Athens, Greece. The band’s eclectic style pulls diverse elements of classic and punk rock for a unique, modern sound with a kick of 70s nostalgia.

The culmination of a decade-and-a-half’s worth of collaboration and experimentation, including ventures into acoustic pop, hardcore punk, and beyond, Bad Habits was established in the fall of 2018. Though initially intended to be a cover band, it wasn’t long before the project took on a life of its own. Drawing on diverse rock influences, the group took to the studio to show off their full potential (and distinctive style).

Now fresh off the heels of their debut single, “California,” Bad Habits are gaining serious traction in the alternative music scene. Rooted in uncompromising authenticity, they serve as a beacon for relatable self-expression and the obliteration of senseless stereotyping with their sharp Rock & Roll edge.

With 15 more songs slated for release, the band is looking forward to a continued upward trajectory through 2021.

Nelson Elle – Smile (Spotify)

“In the world, there are many musical works of varying quality. The single -Smile- carefully preserved the great sound of musical parts, melodic solos, and magnificent vocals by -Nelson Elle-.”

“В мире существует множество музыкальных творений самого разного качества. В сингле -Smile- бережно сохранено отличное звучание всех музыкальных партий, мелодичные соло и умопомрачительный вокал -Nelson Elle-.”

Writing to understand yourself better. Singing to give your own context a voice. Developing as a person in and from your own music. For Nelson Elle, this takes the form of powerful, emotional and melodic pop. Firmly grounded in jazz, blues and soul, she is – in her mother’s words – “a bright soul who’s not afraid of the dark, a multifaceted artist who spreads joy with masked sorrow.”

Smile is haunting radio pop, in the best possible way. One of those songs that make you happy while still bringing tears to your eyes. You want to dance and break free, but you’re also on the verge of a breakdown. One of those songs that you want to continue forever.

Blue Light Bandits, Ricky Duran – She’s Not The One (Spotify)

“Whether looking for something to express inner thoughts or just please your ears "She's Not The One" may be the right choice! The single that came to stay in your music list for a long time. Rock influenced style and dominating guitar chords that we loved from the first seconds.”

“She’s Not The One” is our fourth single and it’s a co-write with former band member, Ricky Duran. Ricky moved to Austin, TX to chase the blues, and shortly after became the runner-up winner on Season 17 of NBC’s The Voice. The three verses are lead by each writer/singer as personalized accounts of frivolous relationships and the emotional aftermath. As expected, this collaboration comes with a catchy group chorus, rich vocal harmonies, and a soaring guitar solo to finish.

DANIEL ROURE – Oh oui le blues (Spotify)

“We have some good news for our Jazz fans; "Oh oui le blues", packed with that old and gold acoustic magic. Professionally organized production of a higher level. Listen once and you'll estimate the value of "Daniel Roure".”

Toulon, France – September 15, 2020 – Jazz musician Daniel Roure is transporting listeners to the sidewalk cafes and lights of France with his latest album. “Quintessence” has all the jazz melodies fans will love paired with soulful lyrical content.

“Quintessence” features the talent of many musicians as well as the powerful voice of Daniel Roure. The sounds blend together to form romantic, smooth jazz melodies. All of this is overlaid with the amazing vocals of Daniel Roure. Each track is sung with a well-stamped voice, perfect diction, relaxation, and classic charm which is heard across the slow tempos. Jazz lovers will need to add this to their playlist, experiencing a new depth to jazz.

Daniel Roure was born in Marseille and is a singer, pianist, and composer. His music is based on vintage love songs and french adaptations. Daniel released a successful album, “Le Temps D’un Jazz.” It garnered more 52 million streaming on Radio Pandora.

Glennellen Anderson – Fanfiction (Spotify)

“The history of -Glennellen Anderson- proves that miracles do happen and her track -Fanfiction- indicates that the author stands in the intersection of two genres. Those smooth transitions from one mood to another, is one of the most surprising aspects.”

“История -Glennellen Anderson- подтверждение того, что чудеса случаются и её трек -Fanfiction- указывает на то, как автор существует на стыке жанров и подачи материала и с лёгкостью переходит из одного настроения в другое, — одно из самых удивительных её свойств.”

Fanfiction is a melancholy story about the phone call that was never had from a breakup that still haunts you. It starts with initially understanding why you know the relationship is over but soon spirals over all the reasons you don't understand how someone you loved could hurt you like this. The spoken word bridge is chilling and the layers of the last chorus act as all the voices in your head telling you to stay and move on as you finally breakdown and accept that there is no saving this.

Glennellen Anderson has made only two promises to herself for this life. One, she would never dye or change her natural red locks and two, she would absolutely make a name for herself in this industry. At no surprise to anyone, she has definitely kept her word.

The redhead wow'd on hit show AMERICAN IDOL, impressing the judges at only 15 years old, and was asked to return a few years later after she'd gained more experience.

At 19, Glennellen returned to the show - this time, soaring through to Hollywood week with a golden ticket in hand. After competing G went on to record and co-produce her debut album, Perspective, and landed a distribution deal with Hitman Records. It sold out its first year, having been made available with Target, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and more.

Anderson decided her next move was to take on the world. G collaborated with French/German duo Cosmow on pop single, "AFTERGLOW," and reached #4 on the Top 20 in Greece, #14 on the Greece Dance Charts and the track is now spinning on some of the biggest iHeart Radio platforms, including Jay-Z's TIDAL.

With a multitude of headlining shows at hollywoods hottest venues such as the Whiskey A Go Go and The Hotel Cafe under her belt, all eyes are on G to see what she'll acomplish next!

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