Dave Andres – Funkada

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“Great cross between genres and styles, with a lot of ethno elements that are placed within the arrangement so well. Smooth groove is great for a party time and for home listening. Ethnic vocal sample is amazing, brings so much atmosphere with small details in the background. ”


This song released by: Infinity Records

Track Sources:
Spotify: open.spotify.com/track/2qN5TU2cK4BfiFLCivieX2
Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ykukogbcyr8
Apple Music: music.apple.com/us/album/funkada/1656309021?i=1656309025

Evagrin – Flex

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“Interesting tuning of the vocals and African beats, good mixture of styles, nice details in arrangement. Interesting drum sections, smooth, in way placed in the background, but enough to feel the groove. Best part is that tuned vocal in the background, making really nice slides alike sounds. ”


Track Sources:
Spotify: open.spotify.com/track/35qyVqGuvtIYMp9e7MwXDm
Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXLyLHx5aK0
Apple Music: music.apple.com/us/album/flex/1636463429?i=1636463433
Deezer: www.deezer.com/track/1839809057

Menachem 26 – Hodeya

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“Music like a mirage in the desert, you feel its presence, but you cannot touch it. Organic Web Downtempo and Tribal gradually leads you into a trance state. You, as if under the influence of someone’s magical spell and the deeper you plunge into this world, the stronger the state of a strange, but very pleasant intoxication. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Музыка как мираж в пустыне, вы ощущаете её присутствие, но не можете дотронуться до неё. Органичный вайб Downtempo и Tribal постепенно вводит вас в состояние транса. Вы словно под воздействием чьих то магических чар и чем глубже вы погружаетесь в этот мир, тем сильнее состояние странного, но очень приятного опьянения.”


A blend of psychedelic elements into indie dance. Groovy, deserty! Strings lead the groove and makes it a catchy song! Suitable for warm up sets and sunset/sunrise playlists.



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“Genre diversity in this release is observed, as nowhere else in the work of -great adamz-. You will hear the rhythms of Afrobeats and Afro-Fusion here, the Tribal elements and the excellent possession of your vocal data. Your mood is in good hands! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Жанровое разнообразие в данном релизе наблюдается, как нигде ранее в творчестве -Great Adamz-. Вы услышите здесь ритмы Afrobeats и Afro-fusion, элементы Tribal и прекрасное владение своими вокальными данными. Ваше настроение в хороших руках!”


You bad is an Afrobeats song with alot of local melodies and drums. It was written by Great Adamz who hails from Nigeria but currently living in the UK. You bad was inspired by one of his favourite Artist Wande Coal i hope you enjoy the ride.


Nortt Music – Mi Sirena

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“A wonderful and calm song in the genre of Tropical Afrobeats, with an interesting philosophical text, soft vocals of Nortt Music and a pleasant, exciting rhythm. A real holiday for your mood! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Замечательная и спокойная песня в жанре Tropical Afrobeats, с интересным философским текстом, мягким вокалом Nortt Music и приятным, возбуждающим ритмом. Настоящий праздник для вашего настроения!”


This song exposes the experience of a man, who through his strong addiction to alcohol. Due to events that happened in his love life, he reaches a point where he begins to lose track of reality. Coming to have a great hallucination, when he was drinking on the beach at dawn, sitting on the sand and looking towards the sea, he hears a particular sound and manages to see the figure of a strange being, which he recognizes as a Mermaid, who begins to interact with it and at the same time produces a feeling of peace and tranquility, which makes you forget those sad moments you were going through. Allowing himself to be carried away by his imagination, this man without realizing it, begins to walk into the sea, finally meeting death.

Esta canción expone la experiencia de un hombre, que a través de su fuerte adicción al alcohol. Por sucesos que pasaron en su vida amorosa, llega a un punto en donde comienza a perder la noción de la realidad. Llegando a tener una gran alucinación, cuando se encontraba bebiendo en la playa de madrugada, sentado en la arena y mirando hacia al mar, escucha un sonido particular y logra divisar la figura de un ser extraño, el cual reconoce como una Sirena, quien empieza a interactuar con el y a la misma vez produce una sensación de paz y tranquilidad, que hace olvidar aquellos momentos tristes por los que atravesaba. Dejándose llevar por su imaginación, este hombre sin darse cuenta, comienza a caminar mar a dentro, encontrándose finalmente con la muerte.

OFILI – Jump On It

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“The music of "OFILI" always maintained its own, exclusive elements. Feel the positive vibration of Afrobeats, the melodic bassline and high-quality of sound, which -like a wave of caffeine- will run through the body and instantly invigorate you!”

“Каким бы экспериментам не поддавался -OFILI-, его музыка всегда оставались в каком-то своём, исключительном ключе. Почувствуйте позитивную вибрацию afrobeats, мелодичную линию баса и качественное звучание, которое словно волной кофеина пробежится по вашему телу и моментально взбодрит!”



Bonsai Mammal – Blue in Green – Ambionic Remix

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“Dive deeply in a sea of analogue synth samples, groovy patterns and Tribal atmosphere. This is the call of "Bonsai Mammal" which you cannot ignore. Its wide pads and hypnotizing vocals can further push you in this trip. Don't miss it!”


Jimmy Harry also known as Bonsai Mammal is no stranger to the scene. From successful productions for the likes of Autograf (You Might Be), Felix Jaehn (Book Of Love) to his originals, He continues to showcase his ability to produce and compose in a unique and distinctive, range of styles.

His new release Blue In Green (Ambionic Remix) Is a journey through Cool Jazz and Japanese Classical music swimming in a sea of minimal beats, moody pads and analogue synths will keep you swaying from side to side, hoping that the track will never end.


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