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Total music posts:2,564 Total artist interviews:111

Neoclassical Pop Jazz World Music House Electronica Psychill Psytrance Techno Blogwave Rock Hip‑Hop

Total music posts:2,564
Total artist interviews:111

Jack Doyo, JxHines – Through The Night (Spotify)

“Strong percussion and stimulating sensation in a song that can easily stick in the brain. "Jack Doyo" joins with "JxHines" to offer some fast and effective Afro-pop creation. Can you withstand the energy blast? Now is the time to stand up and dance!”

Through the night is one of the singles off Jack Doyo's Debut project. This is a warm melodic mix of an island vibe and high keys which ultimately delivers a radio friendly dance record.

Dede K ft Phame – Money (Video)

“This musical light is for all those who were lost in the dark. The celebration of openness and music, which can not be missed and be sure to replenish its discography. The powerful sound of the rhythm section is accompanied by such a mysterious vocal. Listen and enjoy!”

“Настоящий музыкальный свет для всех тех, кто потерялся в темноте, торжество открытости и музыки, которую нельзя пропустить и обязательно пополнить ею свою дискографию. Мощное звучание ритм-секции в сопровождение такого загадочного вокала. Слушайте и наслаждайтесь!”

DJ Soulbase, Lence George – Follow You (Spotify)

“-Follow you is a bouquet of sincerity. Exciting, happy story filled with meaning. Drown in harmony of words and melodies? Easily! Intoxicate with the rhythms of Afrobeats? Yes, easily! While Walking down the street, it will sound in your head and will immediately want to sing!”

“-Follow You- это букет искренности. Волнующая, счастливая история наполненная смыслом. Утонуть в гармонии слов и мелодии? Легко! Опьянеть от ритмов афробита? Да запросто! Гуляя по улице она будет звучать в вашей голове словно заколдованная вам сразу захочется петь!”

Lence George and DJ Soulbase released "Follow You", a romantic summer banger that is difficult to sit still. The song is about the euphoric ambivalence between following the one you love and listening to others' worries.

The song was created in their first session together.
"We were really only going to check the vibe, but in two sessions we probably made songs for a small record."

Lence George, originally from Lagos in Nigeria, has recently released a number of Afro Fusion singles. His music is with an undeniable Nigerian touch, a style that has exploded worldwide in recent years. He is also strongly inspired by American R&B and Country songwriting.

DJ Soulbase has made music with many of the greatest artists in Norway, but is perhaps best known for his afrobeats and most recently as one of the people behind the label Iskald Sound, who has made a name for himself via unforgettable evenings in Oslo pre-Covid. In the last year, he has made the most sound with the afrotrap banger "Min Ting" with Snow Boyz, Eben Jr. and J-Zino and has songs on the way with artists like Fela, Madcon and Admiral P. He has also been behind artists like Akuvi, Siri Black and many more.

Tyshan Knight – Special (Spotify)

“"Tyshan Knight" strikes with his "Special" track! Enjoyable hot atmosphere full of melodic patterns and funky beat. With its light Rap/Afro-pop style and special singing effects, you can escape from maddness and every state of anxiety.”

Tyshan is born and raised outside of Toronto, Canada. With his parents both being ministers Tyshan is no stranger to Church. He developed his relationship with God at the age of 18 after a potential life-threatening car accident.

While, on his way to a local singing competition Tyshan was prepared to sing secular music and desired to be the next Usher, Chris Brown. However, on his way there a car ran a red light and stuck Tyshan's door. After missing the competition and nearly loosing his life Tyshan decided to dedicate his talent and gifts to God.

Currently, he is beginning to change the sound and look of gospel music. His music is an open book to his life and experiences. It is also described a relevant source of inspirational music that relates to a wide audience.

Musmah – YKTV (Spotify)

“Are you a fun of Hip-Hop? "Musmah" is here with his cozy style, pleasant mood and positive thinking. Whether during or after a typical, tiring day such kind of song could be just what we need to listen. "YKTV" can promise you a cool break.”

YKTV is all about vibes, a fun track that encourages people to enjoy life and live good. Very relaxed lyrics coupled with calm instruments to give the listener a calm listening experience.

Musmah is a New York based Nigerian alternative artiste with a few solo projects namely Missisauga & Hotel: Hamdala, and joint projects which include FEA with David Angel, and Wavy Problem with a Cyprus based Nigerian Afrobeat Artiste, Lil Teey.

Musmah has worked with some of the most successful artistes on the African continent, including a song with Mr Eazi, going on tour with and opening shows for Davido and grammy winner, Burna Boy across different cities in the USA. He also performed at the SXSW Festival in 2019.

Following the success of his projects and singles such as Spicy, Don't Know ft Mojeed, Monday ft David Meli, Musmah has dropped his latest EP, Hotel: Lafayette.

Hotel: Lafayette is a EP showing Musmah’s growth and transition from his time in Nigeria (Hotel: Hamdala) to his experiences and challenges he’s facing with adulthood in (Hotel: Lafayette). Musmah delves his struggles with alcohol, fast women, adulthood and morality

Olisae – Mahasani (Spotify)

“The variety found in the track -mahasani- embodies the whole depth and complexity of -olisae- talent. For sure, the song is unique as part of his genre. Beautiful couplers crossing into powerful chorus... an excellent experiment in vocal processing.”

“Разнообразие в треке -Mahasani- воплощает всю глубину и сложность таланта -Olisae-, потому что песня уникальна в рамках своего жанра. Красивые куплеты пересекающие в мощный припев, отличный эксперимент в обработке вокала. ”

Mahasani is a deeply personal song about the connection Olisae has with his lover. The title is taken from the Lakota language with its etymological meaning 'My Other Skin'. Olisae exposes intimate inner thoughts on the sacred rituals of both their affection and sexual connection. The tracks plays like a visual work of art.

The mononymous Nigerian artist known to his fans as Olisae is a multi-faceted singer, songwriter, producer whose style spans Afropop, dancehall, and Hip-hop.

DJ Chee – Hold on to Me (Spotify)

“An important component -Hold on to Me- is its contrast and dynamics. The song carries a unique absolute power, fills with optimism and a desire to live and love. It is these emotions should bring music. And -DJ Chee- cope with it at 100%!”

“Важная составляющая -Hold on to Me- это её контрастность и динамика. Песня несёт в себе абсолютную уникальную энергетику, наполняет оптимизмом и желанием жить и любить. Именно такие эмоции должна приносить музыка. И -DJ Chee- справляется с этим на все 100%!”

DJ Scarfz, L.A.X, Nizzy – Chop (Spotify)

“This is a track that can be equally enjoyed whilst relaxing in a comfy armchair, or strutting your stuff in front of the bulging speakers of a huge PA system. DJ Scarfz joins forces with L.A.X & Nizzy to present 'Chop' an infusion of modern Afrobeats melodies with Amapiano. The clever production techniques & pulsating beat will get you on your feet for sure.”

DJ Scarfz returns this month with his highly anticipated single, a sure Summer Banger, ‘Chop’. ‘Chop’ is an energetic and uplifting afrobeat track featuring 2 powerhouses in the African scene L.A.X & Nizzy.

This is the collaboration everyone has been waiting for. This track infuses modern Afrobeats melodies with a touch of the sound that is currently taking over Africa, ‘Amapiano’. ‘Chop’ aims to get people on their feet and dancing all their stresses away. And with the punchy vocals over layers of smooth bouncy beats, this track excels beyond expectation.

“It’s been a long and hard year for everyone during this pandemic and 1 thing that has kept people going is music. Now that things are starting to return to normality, I can’t wait for people to hear our latest release in bars, clubs and pumping through speakers at all of the parties. The minute we put everything together in the studio, we knew we were on to a banger. I look forward to seeing all the exciting dance moves people will create for this song.” DJ Scarfz

Chimzy – Formula (Spotify)

“A song that welcomes Summer with some cool sensation of Afro-pop. Enjoy the rich percusion background driven by the lyrical words of "Chimzy". Rise the volume level of your sound system, sit back and relax!”

Nice summer time grove. Will definitely make you feel good

Tukuleur, Adiouza – Taamunaala – Radio Edit (Spotify)

“-Taamunaala- pleases not only with its rhythm and wave components, but also with a sense of reasonableness. Amazing work and bewitching vocal skills from -Tukuleur & Adiouza-. The composition shimmer with guitar solos and multifaceted percussion, creating a harmony of sounds. The real magic is here.”

“-Taamunaala- радует не только своей ритмикой и интонационной составляющей, но и смысловой продуманностью. Потрясающая работа и завораживающее вокальное мастерство дуэта -Tukuleur и Adiouza-. Композиция, в которой переливаются гитарные соло и многогранная перкуссия, образуя гармонию звуков. Настоящая магия.”

Influenced by his African roots, Oumar Sall is the founder of the Afro-Pop band Tukuleur. He is the lead singer, songwriter and producer, in addition to the founder of the Adunaworld Record Label. Oumar's music is a unique blend of African and urban influences, as well as soul, pop and hip-hop music. The melodies are sung in a number of languages, including Fulani, French, English, Wolof and other West African languages. The new release, TAAMUNAALA Feat Adiouza - is a prelude to the release of their full album scheduled for spring 2021. TAAMUNAALA is a modern duet featuring the beautiful Senegalese voice of Adiouza.

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