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Kobi Jonz – DADA (Video)

“Rhythmic work, whose musical structure is immediately captivating and does not let you go until the last second. -DADA-; brilliant and expressive song, like a bright star in your collection.”

“Ритмичное произведение, чья музыкальная структура мгновенно заводит и не отпускает до последних секунд. -DADA- блестящая и выразительная песня, как яркая звезда в вашей коллекции.”

DADA meaning ‘good’ envelopes the idea of “manifesting into reality” characterized by the poetic image of a woman. A metaphorical representation of actions and reactions solidifies the ethic of doing good and receiving good.

Kobi Jonz, best describes himself as making “conscious dance music”, feel-good music that reinforces a positive message. Moving to the United States from Lagos, Nigeria, Kobi did not so much discover music, he says, as music discovered him. His passion ignited by his force to bring his dreams to life fueled his music career.

His sound is full of life, spirit, and an energy that keeps you coming back for more. With influences like Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Sade Adu, Damian Marley, and Burna Boy, Kobi’s music brings out in his listeners a vigor that can only be described as lust for life, hope, love, and self-motivation, wrapped in a zesty hip vibe that is fresh and genre-defying.

His lens into music is one energized by influence, as he sees music as a way to better people. This fresh perspective is Kobi’s way to spread the word that self-sufficiency in pursuit of one’s dreams is possible.

CtrlT – Hold On (Spotify)

“Nigerian born artist CtrlT’s new single ‘Hold On’ is out now. This Afro-fusion melody is gentle and persuasive. The singer has an attractive vocal tone, and puts real feeling into the lyrics, which are interesting and meaningful with some catchy phrases. Instrumentally, the song has a warm, rhythmic accompaniment that complements the vocal track perfectly.”

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, CtrlT (Control T) is an Atlanta, Georgia based Afro-fusion/ Afropop artist. He currently studies Mechanical Engineering in Kennesaw State University (KSU). His full name is Samuel Oloruntoby Oginni. His passion for music started at a very young age, when he would perform at small events in his high school, church and big ones like GCGT in Lagos, Nigeria. He attended Covenant University Ota, Nigeria before moving to the US with his mother. He is now looking to reach the world with his voice through his music.

PAPA Sound, Jamkid – Mannen (Spotify)

“Caution! The music that can drive you crazy! This single brought the dynamic genres of dancehall and afrobeats together. High energy supply and hot lyrics. If the nature of music had a name, this would be "Mannen"!”

“Осторожно! Эта музыка вас может свести с ума! Этот сингл собрал в себе динамику жанров dancehall и afrobeats, энергию и зажигательную подачу текста. Если у музыки характер, то это -Mannen-!”

PAPA Sound are a Swedish producer duo, consisting of Patrik Arve and Paolo Albo formed in 2020. Patrik Arve has a lot of songs in his bagage, amongst the hit ”Cobrastyle” with Teddybears which has topped lists worldwide. Also Pablo Albo (Wavedogs) have reached previous success with hiphop/RnB artist Rawa who climbed at Spotifys playlist Top 50 Viral Sweden immediately after release of the song ”Jag vill vara med dig” PAPA Sound have cooperated with singers from Jamaica and Africa at the earlier released singles. The new song ”Mannen”, with release date 26th of March, is a collaboration with Jamkid who is a dancehall/Reggae artist from Rågsved, earlier played frequently at P3. In the song ”Mannen” he sings about a beef between two friends in the suburb. In the music video you can see a tribute to his hometown, where he still live and create, through a dance battle between Jamkid and ”the red guy” at a square in Rågsved. Jamkids own words about the song: ”Mannen is about loyalty and suburb friendship that leads to disappointments. Many guys call each other ”bro” ”fam” ”akhi” and so on, but when the backsides of the streets such as money, hype or drugs shows they turn their backs at each other instead of remember that you belong and have shared experiences and success. The word ”Mannen” means in the rough ”Hey, what are you doing!” in an upset way. With their common passion for the raw and warped PAPA Sound creates bass driven tunes inspired by Afrobeat, reggae and dancehall and we can look forward to continuous releases in the near future.

Gurfi, MeshMoney, Elevata . E, L.G.T.J – Meant to Be (Spotify)

“The surprising work of Gurfi is here to shake your body. Addictive R&B style in a mix with Pop and acoustic sounds. Your playlist new hot stuff, which is going to stay in a high position for a long time.”

Or Gurfinkel is a Musician (Producer, Guitar play and DJ) based in Tel Aviv Israel

Gurfi played and produced the biggest names in Israel and performed all over the world

Joseph Matthew Not Alone Official video. (Video)

“With a positive vibe through a light groove which set back a smile in your face, influenced from afrobeats, world pop and gospel music, taking them to a new level. Joseph Matthew besides the wonderful visuals offer us in this new video clip which syncs wonderful on this endlessly fascinating song, performs palpably reveling with soulful vocals. Elegant song!”

Joseph Matthew is an Award winning UK based Afro gospel artist with a distinctive contemporary sound. A mixture of Ghanaian high-life, contemporary Afro beats and Rap.

Born into a Christian musical family Joseph quickly learnt to play various musical instruments from a tender age and sang in the church choir which was led and directed by his father.

Joseph developed into a unique rapper, singer song writer who gained the attention of many. He caught the attention and was featured in a local Magazines in 2007 after a captivating performance at London’s Stratford Rex.

Joseph was awarded Best International Artist in 2020 at Ghana’s Emerging Music Awards. He has once more been nominated for Best International Artist Diaspora for the 2021 Ghana National Gospel Music Awards after only his third single release.

At this rate, it appears it wont be long before Joseph takes the African Afro Gospel scene by storm. show your support by following Joseph Matthew on all major platforms as we embark on this incredible journey together.

Focalistic, DaVido, Virgo Deep – Ke Star – Remix (Spotify)

“The ultimate percussion presented in a unique Afrobeats track. The remix of "Ke Star" is ready to blow up your mind. Twisting loops and wicked vocals form this loud call of dance.”

The "Ke Star" remix with Davido is another instance of South Africa's amapiano movement spreading across Africa. Focalistic has managed to successfully merge a distinct South African sound which emerged from Pretoria with hip-hop and amapiano. The track is produced by one of South Africa's youngest and best amapiano DJs, Vigro Deep.

"Ke Star" is Focalistic's breakout hit. The song blew up soon after President Cyril Ramaphosa put the country on hard lockdown in early 2020. Taking advantage of people's idleness, Focalistic released a three-track EP Blecke on which "Ke Star" appears

Izu Osirus – Fire Hot (Spotify)

“Few songs have the fresh air and friendly impact of "Fire Hot". Heart-warming sensation, love and hope, all included in this special release, which mainly aims to the Afro-fusion community.”

Fire Hot is the lead single from the album "Culture Shock" by Izu Osirus. It is a unique jam that deserves to be at the top of every playlist. The producer Kryp2Nite remarked, "this is the best writing I've seen in a while, it carries meaning & imagery in every word." Followers of the artist on social platforms, such as Instagram, started a #FireHotChallenge and some popular faces have participated in the challenge as it continues to gain traction around the world.

DJ Bruce Blanchard SAKANA (Official Music video) (Video)

“DJ Bruce Blanchard is here to give the right vibes for the new summer season that coming ahead in north hemisphere.
His new release SAKANA has an incredible upbeat vibe, beautiful video clip that blended with the right harmonies and entrancing characteristic vocals, the new hit is here.”

Bruce has released a single called “Sakana” this year, which is in the Afrobeat genre. Adding to his new single Bruce also has a Playlist on Spotify called “Afro Tech” with other Afrobeat songs and he also has a new song coming out this summer.

DJ Bruce Blanchard’s roots lay in African beats and more specifically, Lingala music. During the first lockdown is when he created his first song ‘Sakana’ in collaboration with Enikao productions. ‘Sakana’ means ‘to play’ in Lingala, which directly refers to him starting his career playing as a DJ. He specifically created this song to lift people’s spirits during the Lockdown. Now he has curated a playlist called ” Afro Tech” which focuses on African-style songs, but provides a mixture with tech and house music. The list is for him his current favourite 30 songs which fall under the style of Afro tech. Soon, he will be releasing a new single which will follow the same African base. This song, which is a lounge party song in Lingala, will be focused on moving away from lockdown and restarting our future where we will hopefully meet each other again in the party scene!

Davy Sage, Bolu Ajibade – Controlling (Spotify)

“A bright, danceable, rhythmic single -Controlling-. Multi-instrumentalist -Davy Sage- mixed such popular genres as afro beats, hip hop and RnB, which affected the final result and dilute our playlists with such fundamental track!”

“Яркий, танцевальный, ритмичные сингл -Controlling-. Мульти-инструменталист -Davy Sage- смешал такие популярные жанры, как highlife, fuji, hip hop и RnB, что повлияло на конечный результат и разбавил наши плейлисты таким фундаментальным треком!”

Davy Sage is a dance-pop and R&B recording artist and songwriter from Regina, SK Canada. His music achievements to date have been hard won and he’s primed for new successes to come.

Raised in Nigeria, Davy now lives in Canada where he’s pursuing his music career. His Afro-centric voice with his unique music style is a mix between hit Dance and Afro-Pop and R&B, a growing international genre brought to prominence by artists like Akon, Omi, P-Square and Fuse ODG. A prolific songwriter, Davy’s music also has a knack for making female listeners swoon; as can be heard in his sultry song ‘High’, whilst also being able to fill the dance floor with fist pumping songs like ‘Waiting for you’ – The title track from his current EP.

Club DJs have long known what to expect when Davy grabs the mic, it’s only a matter of time before new listeners learn what his fans already know. Davy kicked off 2017 in style with the release of 2 singles ‘Celebrate’ and ‘Tonight’, which has seen success on Radio across Canada.

Since moving to Canada Davy has gain media attention and he’s been featured on Canadian Medias from CTV, Global TV, CBC Radio, and other radio stations in Canada, blogs and online magazines.

YouTube: Davy Sage (OfficalDavysage TV)
SnapChat: sagecalli

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