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RtwoG2 x iPree – Carry Badmind

“One of the most difficult musical solutions is that each sound element is harmoniously built into the general structure of the narrative. And at -rtwog2 x ipree - it turned out perfectly in their new single. Reggae and Afrobeats have never sounded so fresh and ideologically! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Одно из самых трудных музыкальных решений состоит в том, чтобы каждый звуковой элемент был гармонично встроен в общую структуру повествования. И у -RtwoG2 x iPree- это прекрасно получилось в их новом сингле. Reggae и Afrobeats ещё никогда не звучали так свежо и идейно!”

The Latest dancehall collaboration between Bermudian producer RTwoG2 & Jamaican dancehall artist iPree. Carry Badmind is a song about life's struggles while trying to understand the thoughts of Badmind people

Nortt Music – Mi Sirena

“A wonderful and calm song in the genre of Tropical Afrobeats, with an interesting philosophical text, soft vocals of Nortt Music and a pleasant, exciting rhythm. A real holiday for your mood! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Замечательная и спокойная песня в жанре Tropical Afrobeats, с интересным философским текстом, мягким вокалом Nortt Music и приятным, возбуждающим ритмом. Настоящий праздник для вашего настроения!”

This song exposes the experience of a man, who through his strong addiction to alcohol. Due to events that happened in his love life, he reaches a point where he begins to lose track of reality. Coming to have a great hallucination, when he was drinking on the beach at dawn, sitting on the sand and looking towards the sea, he hears a particular sound and manages to see the figure of a strange being, which he recognizes as a Mermaid, who begins to interact with it and at the same time produces a feeling of peace and tranquility, which makes you forget those sad moments you were going through. Allowing himself to be carried away by his imagination, this man without realizing it, begins to walk into the sea, finally meeting death.

Esta canción expone la experiencia de un hombre, que a través de su fuerte adicción al alcohol. Por sucesos que pasaron en su vida amorosa, llega a un punto en donde comienza a perder la noción de la realidad. Llegando a tener una gran alucinación, cuando se encontraba bebiendo en la playa de madrugada, sentado en la arena y mirando hacia al mar, escucha un sonido particular y logra divisar la figura de un ser extraño, el cual reconoce como una Sirena, quien empieza a interactuar con el y a la misma vez produce una sensación de paz y tranquilidad, que hace olvidar aquellos momentos tristes por los que atravesaba. Dejándose llevar por su imaginación, este hombre sin darse cuenta, comienza a caminar mar a dentro, encontrándose finalmente con la muerte.

Mister Drê-D – POUKI

“Such tracks need to be listened to at maximum volume in order to completely feel how the music makes your way under your skin and you become its whole. Just incredible depths of vocals, the rhythms of World Music, Afrobeats and the charm of the Neo-Soul genre. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Такие треки нужно слушать на максимальной громкости, чтобы полностью ощутить, как музыка пробирается вам под кожу и вы становитесь её целым. Просто невероятной глубины вокал, ритмы World Music, Afrobeats и очарование жанра Neo-Soul.”

Taken from his album " Tounen nan rasin " released last November, the Canadian singer of Haitian origin Mister Drê-D, in his suave voice, presents " Pouki ", a new version of the song " Why " in English and Creole.

This fusion between the two languages is a good representation of the diversity and crossbreeding of urban music today. " Pouki " is an afrosoul piece in the same vein as what is currently being done in Afro-Nigerian urban music with Caribbean influences in the sounds.

"Pouki" (meaning "why" in english) is about an artist who loves his art, but gets caught up in the whirlwind of the music industry to the point of compromising his soul for a bit of recognition and glory.

This master piece written by Mister Drê-D, composed by Noel Mpiaza, mixed and mastered by Maxime Philippe is just in time for spring. Indeed, the images of the clip shot by PeeZee transports us to a tropical landscape where bewitching, sensual and groovy rhythms will warm up your atmosphere as a prelude to the summer season.

Distributed by Distrokid, " Pouki " is now available on all digital platforms. The artist has also concocted a Spotify playlist that accompanies this piece where we find some songs that embrace this musical lineage.

Cadáze – Easy Love

“-Cadáze- focuses the attention of its listeners on its third, which is simply saturated with many details and a wealth of arrangement in the Afrobeats genre. It is impossible to imagine how to collect such a holistic, amazing and multifaceted work from different sound elements! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Cadáze- фокусирует внимание своих слушателей на своём треке, который просто насыщен множеством деталей и богатством аранжировки в жанре Afrobeats. Невозможно себе представить, как можно собрать из разных звуковых элементов такую целостную, потрясающую и многогранную работу!”

Cruz Rock – Model and Pose

“The sound of the rhythms of Afrobeats and Dancehall, which certainly will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated Melomanian soul! Infinitely positive vibrations that fly and soar in the air. Only one thing remains - to catch them! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Звучание ритмов Afrobeats и Dancehall, которые уж точно не оставят равнодушным даже самую утонченную меломанскую душу! Бесконечно позитивные вибрации, которые летают и парят в воздухе. Остаётся лишь одно — поймать их!”

Model and Pose was written and produced by Cruz Rock. A Dancehall single with mainstream Pop potential. It has charted several times in places like Sweden where it was number 2 on the Apple Music Reggae Charts.

P. Sean – Sinner

“Of course interesting material for everyone who is fascinated by Afrobeats rhythms. A melody that is able to surprise and has a large share of piquancy and charm. Such tracks remain in memory and forces to return to it from time to time. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Безусловно интересный материал для всех, кто очарован ритмами Afrobeats. Мелодия, которая способна удивить и обладает большой долей пикантности и очарования. Такие треки остаются в памяти и заставляет возвращаться к нему время от времени. ”

cosni1800 – J’ai changé

“New, fresh air sip in your collection! The tremble vocals, an interesting arrangement structure, who beloved by many Rhythm AFROBEATS and, of course, is just an incredible energy that takes this track to an unprecedented level before! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Новый, свежий глоток воздуха в вашей коллекции! Трепещущий вокал, интересная структура аранжировки, любимый многими ритм Afrobeats и, конечно же, просто невероятная энергетика, которая выводит этот трек на невиданный ранее уровень!”

Cosni1800, born in Santiago de Chile, was cradled by the Latin music that his parents listened to when he was young. It was when he arrived in Switzerland, in Vevey in the P.R. district (Place Robin), in 2000, that he fell in love with French rap writing and also with American singers who have become his influences today.

After 8 years devoted to releasing freestyles and singles on the internet as well as a few first parts, he met Osciopak in Geneva. It is following this meeting that the projects become professional and allows the production of his second EP "la Vista" released on October 29th. This project is so named in reference to his pictorial rap and his observant side of what surrounds him.

Dede K – Shake It

“The vocals is in harmony with the rhythm section, the melody and Waib AFRO-Fusion create an atmospheric mood and cling from the first seconds! The sophisticated, harmonious and touching song from -dede K-, capable of raising the level of your adrenaline to an unprecedented level earlier! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вокал находится в гармонии с ритм-секцией, мелодия и вайб Afro-fusion создают атмосферное настроение и цепляют с первых секунд! Утончённая, гармоничная и трогательная песня от -Dede K-, способная поднять уровень вашего адреналина на небывалый ранее уровень!”

An amazing song by Dede K and Pizo Etuk (Club/Street Banger). An Afrobeat vibe that will surely get you up to DANCE

Franz Von – Her Frequency

“Fresh jazzy beats laced with lyrical fire. He steps up to the plate with this Jam. Keeping it natural with that classic vibe feel to it. We love the sweet female vocals that set the mood building up in the background. ”

Franz Von unveils the new video for ‘Her Frequency’ which, like the single itself, is a collaborative artistic work across the Channel. Visual creative teams exchanged ideas between Marseille and Sheffield and captured a performance of praise and gratitude to the infinite power of the universe.

French artist Cynthia Bahy delivers a beautiful and captivating vocal performance from Le Bunker des Calanques in Marseilles, whilst Franz oscillates between city centre Sheffield and the Peak District. Franz Von’s debut EP ‘People Di Powa’ will be released on 20th May 2022 via Firebelly Records.

The track features Marseille-based artist Cynthia Bahy who delivers a beautiful and captivating vocal performance, the result is an exploration of lively, dynamic, and contemporary sounds fusing golden-era hip-hop with jazz. A production collaboration connecting two scenes – Marseille based producer Labo Klandestino and Sheffield based Tom Excell (Nubiyan Twist / Onipa) – the track started life in Labo’s studio in France and was then reinterpreted back in Excell’s Sheffield studio. A flow of ideas and inspirations passed between creative minds and spaces.

Having already gained momentum with the 2021 drop ‘Power Be You’, which was swiftly followed through with a live version earlier this year, has already received support from BBC Introducing Sheffield and Amazing Radio who handed him a one-off show, as well as Naga Mag, Word Is Bond, Groovin’ Mood, and more.

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