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Jo-El Sii – Abracadabra (Spotify)

“Exuberant vocals from -Jo-EL Sii-, with character and timbre with a convincing feed that plays a primary role. Ceativity with diversity and a song that you will be attached surely as listener if you are lover of genres of Blues & Afrobeats!”

“Безусловная сила в голосе -Jo-El Sii-, поскольку его характер и тембр с убедительной подачей играют первостепенную роль. Автору огромное спасибо за такое неожиданное творчество. К ознакомлению каждому любителю жанров Blues & Afrobeats обязательно!”

Joel Fofie, professionally known as JO-EL SII, is an Afrobeat and highlife singer/songwriter signed to DKA Money Music. He hails from the city of Accra in Ghana, where he expresses his musical/lyrical talents expressed in his love of music from early childhood. Being inspired by legendary artists, like Daassebre Dwamena, Kojo Antwi, and others, JO-EL Sii aspires to carve out a niche for his brand and fans globally.

Davy Sage – Let Me Know (Spotify)

“The rhythms of Afrobeats, on which you sway as if on waves, introduce consciousness into a special state. After listening to -Let Me Know- we want to turn off all phones, leave work, collect all my savings and escape to places where no human has ever gone before. The release flows so natural and positive!”

“Ритмы Afrobeats, на которых покачиваешься словно на волнах, вводят сознание в особое состояние. После прослушивания -Let Me Know- хочется выключить все телефоны, уйти с работы, собрать все свои сбережения и сбежать в места, где ещё не ступала нога человека. Релиз вышел очень лёгким и позитивным!”

Youngvik Check and Balance (Video)

“Youngvik with his new release – Check and Balance – offer us a dive into sensation grooves of afro-prop with soulful performance and dangerous sweet vibes. Listening this when you start the day, you get the positive mood you need to make wonders, and shape your life in good way.”

from The Melodie to the Rhythm , with a strong vocal . Yóungvik is an amazing artist to watch . And the video by iyke Lawrence will take you on a mind blowing

SUPER FREDDY & KOSI – Ca Gate! feat. Vnfvni & Graham Robertson (Spotify)

“Believe me, spiritual harmony and calm are this time guaranteed unequivocally. The arrangement is very juicy and we suggest listening to this work again and again. Very competent combination of R & B and Afrobeats, exactly what is so much lacking from our ears.”

“Поверьте, душевная гармония и спокойствие вам гарантированы однозначно. Аранжировка очень сочная, так и хочется включать этот трек слушать его вновь и вновь везде, где только это возможно. Очень грамотное сочетание R&B и Afrobeats, именно то, чего так сильно не хватает в подобном исполнение.”

(le français suit)

This is an extended and expanded version of "Ça Gâte", which is track #3 on SUPER FREDDY's lates EP, entitled MERCURIAL and created in collaboration with Toronto-based Zimbabwean producer KOSI. It features an additional verse by Beninese artist Vnfani and saxophone tracks by Graham Robertson of Aztec Sun.

MERCURIAL will be an exploration of the themes of physical distance, diaspora and third culture experience, disconnection from one’s roots and family, as well as feelings of loss and change, presented through an Afrofuturist lens.


Ceci est la version intégrale de "Ça Gâte", la 3ème chanson de l'EP MERCURIAL par SUPER FREDDY, crée en collaboration avec KOSI, un beatmaker d'origine Zimbabwéene et basé à Toronto. On y trouve un nouveau couplet par Vnfani, un artiste béninois, et une section saxophone par Graham Robertson du groupe Aztec Sun.

Olareign – Oriade (Spotify)

“It is felt like that each note in -Oriade- has been thought out to the smallest detail, whether it is a transition or modulation. Work made with taste and respect to its listeners. The more you listen, the more like it, and this is a clear sign of artistic skills and musical experience.”

“Чувствуется, как каждая нота в -Oriade- продумана до мелочей, будь то переход, отступление или модуляции. Сделано со вкусом с уважением к своим слушателям. Чем больше слушаешь, тем больше нравится, а это чёткий признак музыкального опыта и мастерства.”

Will The Wolf, Preedy & Mical Teja – Fake Love (Video)

“Imagine a world with no fake feelings where love is always true. A dreamy reality which everyone wants to experience. “Fake Love” attracts our attention and awakens positive feelings with its bright Afro-fusion style and the signature of three different artists. Enjoy!”

“-Fake Love- выдержан в стиле минимализма в рамках жанра Afro-fusion, но радует идеальной аранжировкой и множеством приятных звуковых мелочей. Это словно глоток свежего воздуха, как бальзам на душу. Наслаждайтесь чрезвычайно искренним, отчаянным и красивым треком!”

It’s a last stand in a relationship. It’s asking the person you love not to give up on you, & we hope we brought that nostalgic pinch. That remember the good times feels.

Musical & visual artist Will the Wolf hails from the twin island nation Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean. A leader of sorts in their growing community of excellent alternative artists, Will said in a recent interview, “I’m hoping to do my part to bring greater exposure to our talented country & it’s alternative music scene. My music is mostly about love. I have a specific goal in mind and love is the only thing that’s given me the courage to share my work. It’s been a harrowing time & all support is greatly appreciated.” He went on to explain that his greatest influences are Frank Ocean, Keaton Henson, Tyler, the Creator, Bon Iver, Mac Demarco, David Rudder, Band of Horse etc.

Acebergtm – Bella (Video)

“”Acebergtm” drops his fresh work “Bella” in the Afro-Pop scene. An hymn to love and its always great impact in our lives. Rich and happy melodies, catchy beat and cool attitude for your absolute sound enjoyment.”

Bella” is the second lead track off AcebergTM’s debut EP “Far From Home”. The track shows how true love conquers all and how it should be expressed.

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