Alexa Valentino – angel (Spotify)

“"Angel" is very gentle and calm. Listen and experience an incredible amount of soothing. The vocal part is just beautiful! Also its piano melody, along with that light and wandering rhythm create an amazingly calm and peaceful atmosphere.”

“Песня очень нежная и спокойная, слушая которую испытываешь неимоверное успокоение. Вокальная партия нечто просто прекрасное! Мелодия пиано, лёгкий и такой блуждающий ритм создают удивительную и очень сказочную атмосферу спокойствия и умиротворения.”

this song is about the realization that you weren't the problem of the relationship, but in fact the victim of it. it's about finally coming to terms with who this person was and calling them out for pretending to be something better.

Alexa Valentino – happy for you (Spotify)

“The perfect way to escape from the daily bustle, to dream and calm your soul. This music and vocals are so charming that it is practically impossible to skip. The sound is very balanced and every element in its place too.”

“Идеальный способ отвлечься от ежедневной суеты, спокойно помечтать и успокоить свою душу. Музыка и вокал настолько обаятельны, что пройти мимо практически невозможно. Ничего лишнего, звук максимально выверенный и каждый инструмент на своём месте.”

Alexa Valentino – kissing other girls (Spotify)

“Alexa Valentino strikes with her freshly made single "kissing other girls" to eventually wake up some strong feelings which we may have experienced from others. Have you found yourself betrayed or overlooked? This song could be the best way to cope with it!”

kissing other girls is a song , about that drop in your stomach you feel when you seen them happy and with someone knew. the song is a sad pop anthem and is the first single of upcoming projects

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