Alyas – Saudade (Spotify)

“In the genre of experimental electronics, there are no boundaries that prevent the author from creating his worlds. Exciting layers of Ambient & Drone and light euphoria of Drum & Bass create an unforgettable impression from listening to Alyas' new single - Saudade.”

“В жанре экспериментальной электроники нет границ, которые мешают автору творить его миры. Волнующие слои Ambient & Drone и лёгкая эйфория Drum & Bass создают незабываемое впечатление от прослушивания нового сингла Alyas - Saudade.”

Alyas – Beyond the Clouds (Spotify)

Alyas – Beyond the Clouds


This is the track Alyas always wanted to do, as his biggest inspiration in music is "Adam Young" and always wanted to do a track that reminds his music, and as it says "I think this song reminds that".
Its a happy track with a lot of hiatus going on and a sweet guitar delay on top, and then some choir vocals for the last chorus.

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