Andrew Poston – Embarrassed (Spotify)

“Acoustic music with cheerful arrangement and emotional solos. This song bring us closer to something very distant and certainly bright. It creates a very warm nostalgic mood and the vocals of -Andrew Poston- worth special praise. Striking timbre with invisible arrows of Cupid that fall in the heart.”

“Акустическая музыка, бодрая аранжировка, душевное соло, под которое вспоминается что-то очень далёкое и непременно светлое. Создаётся очень тёплый ностальгический настрой, а вокал -Andrew Poston- требует отдельной похвалы. Поразительный тембр, чьи невидимые стрелы Купидона попадают точно в сердце.”

Artist shared with Nagamag few words behihd this song inspiration:

"This song is a groovy, fun, and feel-good bop that is sure to put listeners in a great mood. I wrote the song from my own awkward, naive, and unaware perspective. It's all about the feeling you get when you realize that you're in love with someone, but you don't quite know how to tell them. The groove is very Shawn Mendes inspired with a John Mayer guitar flare." - Andrew Poston

Andrew Poston is an award winning vocalist and songwriter based out of New York City. Originally from a small town in South Carolina, Andrew got his start in the church performing at a very early age. His musical influences include many genres including pop, rock, rnb, gospel, jazz, and soul. Post college, Andrew made the move to NYC, where he quickly booked the national tour of "Kinky Boots." After touring the country, He continued to work regionally in theaters, concert halls, and performance venues across the country. In 2020, he recorded his debut EP and it is expected to release in 2021.