Anton Commissaris – That Look About You (Tropicale) (Spotify)

“Take a trip back to the 1940’s with Anton Commissaris & ‘That Look About You (Tropicale)’ a rhythmic reminder of the jazz infused, latin style cha cha cha music so popular during that era. Think Hollywood, Frank Sinatra, Veronica Lake, dancing to Bossa Nova music in a bar in Havana. ”

The song is a rhythmic jazz infused Latin cha cha cha. It is based on a glamorous Hollywood 1940s starlet who could dance like no other and who, though appearing otherwise caucasian, had a Latin father. She intoxicated men with her looks, flamboyant dancing style, and independent attitude.

Anton Commissaris is a music composer, pianist, and vocalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Anton loves all music but has a special place in his heart for Jazz, which he acquired from an early age. Anton’s inspiration comes from some of Jazz music’s greatest composers: Cole Porter, Harold Arlen, and Antonio Carlos Jobim. But it was the amazing music of Lennon and McCartney that first inspired Anton to try his hand at music composition. Among Anton's favorite male vocalists are Frank Sinatra, Nat King Kole, and Ray Charles. His favorite female vocalists are Sarah Vaughan, Etta James, and Amy Winehouse. In Anton's debut album/EP "On A Bright Note" he's sought to explore some different genres/styles of Jazz with a Latin number, a swing tune, a ballad, and a blues piece.