Interurban – Füstté Vált

“Its addictive beat takes us away on a journey in the ethers. A steady pace into a world full of depth and build ups. Her voice guides us through the labyrinth and into the light. True underground sounds that bring us all ever so closer. ”

The song tells feelings of balancing on the egde of dreaming or being awake. The vision of chasing somebody in your dream who dissappears in such a moment told by a video that can be found on Youtube,

Marta Popovici & On The Fly – River In The Sea

“An open letter to the gentler side of the jazzy lounge of love. It is delicate and embraces instrumental precision. We enjoyed the drop off with the buildup that opened the door to artistic interpretation of rhythm. ”

River In The Sea speaks about finding the purest form of love, be it in a romantic relationship, in a divine presence or somewhere else.

Just Leila x BYRN – Approche toi

“Get close to Leila and her charming sound. A love song in French Pop mood, decorated with rich percussion elements. This flawlessly sophisticated production is ready to fill your cold place with warm air.”

"Approche Toi" "Close to Me" is a love song that celebrates the merging of two souls and everything that is beautiful about falling in love. Written in French (one of Just Leila's native tongues) the song has a feel good drawl to it reminiscent of French café music combined with a more modern electronic vibe.

The song is also a debut for Byrn producing music for another artist: being a song created entirely by women.

"It was my first time producing someone else's song and I was honored to be a part of it! It's a different kind of pressure working on another artist's baby, but I am thankful for the wonderful experience" - Byrn

"It is night and day producing with a woman instead of a man. I may be biased but I think women are the whole package. You get fire music, professionalism, and a lot more transparency – all with less of the ego and drama." - Just Leila

Krewella – I’m Just A Monster Underneath, My Darling (Video)

“This banger from “Krewella” is heading towards success, as it has already influenced many fans. The artist has combined Pop with Drum & Bass and the result can exceed your expectations. Fast, mind-blowing brakes alternating with bright vocals, awaiting for the next month. Boom!”

Off the forthcoming The Body Never Lies album, out March 4
Stream/download here:

Tour on sale now:

Lyric Video created by Olivia Van Rye

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Just after announcing their new album “The Body Never Lies,” Krewella sisters are giving fans an enticing teaser by dropping “I’m Just A Monster Underneath, My Darling” as the next single. The fusion of drum & bass and pop music is both emotive and hard-hitting; opening with a stunning vocal performance and haunting lyrics, Krewella up the ante by incorporating basslines that make the track uniquely club-ready. “I’m Just A Monster Underneath, My Darling” is a shining example of Krewella’s signature style of dance-worthy and yet meaningful music that spans from heavy bass to the more pop side of the sonic spectrum. Keep an eye out for the full album release on March 04, as well as “The Body Never Lies” tour kicking off on April 01.

“‘I’m Just A Monster Underneath, My Darling’ is a story told from dual perspectives: both the victim and antagonist, the predator and prey. Through anger, despair, and power, this song explores the possibility that below the surface, perhaps both exist in everyone, regardless of who they see themselves as in the narrative.” – Krewella

Sisters Jahan and Yasmine exploded onto the scene in 2012 with their debut self-released EP “Play Hard,” which has now been streamed almost 150M times on Spotify alone; additionally, their single “Alive” from the EP has been certified Platinum. Since then, the duo has made a name for themselves and their hard-hitting yet melodic and vocal-driven sound through releases like “Live for the Night,” “Enjoy the Ride,” and more. In 2016, Krewella was awarded a coveted place on Forbes’s “30 Under 30” list. They have performed at major global music festivals, including Coachella, Lollapalooza, EDC Las Vegas, Ultra Music Festival, iHeartRadio Music Festival, and many others, in addition to their own headlining tours. As one of the main elements of the Krewella canon, the group’s onstage performances serve as the live extension of their music and art, incorporating a multitude of audiovisual elements together with Jahan and Yasmine’s live vocals and powerful onstage energy.

4am Kru x SHANTÉH – Good Thing Remix (Spotify)

“Discover the supersonic sound of "Good Thing" in a new mix, just out to blow up more speakers. Sophisticated combination of Drum & Bass with lyrics. Music with own attitude and advanced artistry!”

Brixton songstress SHANTÉH & London jungle collective 4am Kru return with new collaboration 'Good Thing Remix.' After riding the algorithms to 100k+ Spotify plays with their previous collaboration Sunrise Remix, these young independent London artists re-emerge sounding hungrier than ever, eager to prove that jungle & drum bass music can be simultaneously soulful, uplifting and dancefloor ready. Good Thing Remix is out on new independent label Embrace The Real Records on Jan 28th.

Jolly Giant – Tear It Up (Spotify)

“Classic twists to this Drum N Bass and EDM fusion. Big room sounds with the proper build ups. Gets the crowd hype and moving without hesitation. We see big things on the horizon for talented producers as this one. ”

A new DNB track with my own original vocals and sounds that bring an upbeat and aggressive energy.

Mattirealism – Niet Bang Zijn (Spotify)

“Your mind-twisting Drum & Bass elixir is already here. "Niet Bang Zijn" gave us a pleasant kick with more than usual melodic touch. Light and fast, blows like wind out of your speakers. Don't waste time... adjust the volume and hit "play"!”

Beowulf AG – New Way (Spotify)

“Sometimes we have to make a new start, take new decisions and maybe change our life perspective. "Beowulf AG" is here to give us the courage for that first step. This soft Acoustic creation is something more than just a music piece. Its lyrics have a deep meaning and can bring inspiration too!”

New Way is about not being afraid to start a new phase of life. Sometimes you have to leave the old days behind if you just cause pain.

In New Way geht es darum, das man nicht davor zurückschrecken sollte, einen neuen Lebensabschnitt zu beginnen. Manchmal muss man die alten Zeiten hinter sich lassen, wenn Sie einem nur Schmerzen bereiten.

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