CAB 3 – Let You Go (Spotify)

“808 bass in the genres of Drum & Bass is more the rule than the exception and the single Let You Go is undeniable proof of this. The energy of female vocals in your vibrating speakers will charm and impress even the most sophisticated listeners!”

“808 бас в жанрах Drum & Bass скорее правило, чем исключение и сингл Let You Go тому неоспоримое доказательство. Энергия женского вокала в ваших вибрирующих динамиках очарует и не оставит равнодушными даже самых искушённых слушателей!”

5th Release from CAB 3, and the 2nd drum and bass tune being added to the catalog. Liquid drum and bass, with an outstanding female vocalist Shelly Harland who had worked with many trance artists in the past. High energy, big bass, dnb banger.

Nyah – Sano (Spotify)

“Another Electronic / Drum & Bass diamond by Nyah. Impressive intro of gradual progression and crystal clear sound effects, fairly enough for your ear pleasure. Don't miss it!”

‘Sano’ which means 'to heal' and/or 'cure' in latin, is what Nyah associates with the rain, and is why it was initially submitted to us for the Storm themed compilation .

‘’The tune is about rain. The image I wanted to paint is a dark sky with heavy rainfall and shimmers of light breaking through the clouds and refracting through the raindrops.’’

Nyah replicates this powerful imagery through cinematic textures and melancholic compositions. Combined with contemporary glitch techniques and sharp production, Nyah achieves a perfect marriage between the organic and digital realms of sonic capabilities.

Take a listen here -

Nyah introduces the first of many single releases which deviate from the main Sinewave Collective narrative, though plays straight into the heart of the vast universe our hive mind has begun to manifest. If you would like to learn more about the collective’s conception and the stories we are telling through ambitious audio/visual projects please visit to learn more and if you have any questions about our vision then feel free to ask.


It’s A Trick – Lie to Me (Spotify)

“It's A Trick is back with their new ep Lie To Me, an electronica dnb bliss of sound chords that gives you the right vibe and an ongoing groove which gives the right energy in your body, blended together into a fine mix and spiced with vocal samples and arps. Yes its a great dnb recipe you will enjoy a lot! ”

Mattirealism – Dreams on Tape (Spotify)

“Whether you consider yourself a Drum & Bass listener or not, we suggest "Dreams on Tape" to keep you active during daytime. Classic kick followed by rich hihats and vocal effects, certainly worth to listen.”

Funky, bass guitar driven groove with a lo-fi vibe. A mix of samples, home-recorded instruments and synths

Yaw Evans – “Lion Paw” (Video)

“Yaw Evans presents his powerful “Lion Paw”. Starting with physical sound effects and going on with a stiff kick and rich hihats. Don’t miss this sophisticated Drum & Bass work.”

Yaw Evans is an electronic music artist from South London known for his new and experimental approach to House, UKG, Jungle, Ambient and UK techno. Creatively inspired by London, Yaw’s distinctive electronic style is explorative, merging textures of his city’s culture, music and identity into his sound. These influences have coalesced to form his debut album, Memories of Now. Mystery Circles is proud to support this album with a release on all digital platforms and a limited edition of 50 cassettes. The release date is December 4th, 2020. Tape + Bandcamp digital preorder opens Nov 20th with the release of the“Lion Paw” video as the 1st single. Below are some excerpts of discussions with Yaw regarding his approach to the record.


“I see myself as a bit of a genre nomad and I wanted to create a set of tracks that spanned the various genres of electronic music that I’m into, whilst also not sticking to not just one tempo or style. Secondly, I wanted to use audio as a way of invoking memories of a given time and or place. The project is littered with audio recordings. Recording from my local underground station, local market streets, old radio sets, as well as past recordings of open public spaces like parks.”


“The title track is inspired by my fathers dementia which since the start of Covid lockdown measures, has seen a rapid decline in his memory, both short and long term. In particular with that track, I wanted to capture a sense of confusion and disorientation. There’s filtered vocals moving though the stereo field, which repeat over time but for the most part you can’t quite understand what they are saying. So you are not quite sure if you remember hearing it from earlier on in the track. Further, much of the ambience in that track (as well as others on the project) are made up of field recordings. The sound of a night club smoking area (pre-covid) or the sound of the street from my local market in Brixton.”

“There are vocal samples taken from old pirate radio recordings from the early to mid 00’s which I think give the opening track a sense of nostalgia. Especially for anyone who was lucky enough to live through that era of FM radio from in and around London.”

Yaw is also heavily involved in producer culture, sharing his methods + music with the vibrant online communities of hardware and production enthusiasts. He posts many of his live sets on his Instagram and YouTube. The closing track, “512 (Live Jam)” is indicative of that scene:

“The final track is a a recording of me jamming at my modular synth with drums provided by the Digitakt and WMD drum modules, with performance FX’s from the MC707. The whole thing is pretty raw and was done in one take with no real rehearsal and no post editing. Only compression and EQ in Ableton.”

Padre Tóxico – Cellular Respiration (Spotify)

“Incredible, addictive sound palette in the new album of Padre Tóxico - LUI. Coolness solar breeze onshore winds caressing rays of the midday sun and rainbow rhythm pulsing in your head, this is what you feel when you listen on - Cellular Respiration - track from this album.”

“Невероятная, притягательная звуковая палитра в новом альбоме Padre Tóxico - LUI. Прохлада солнечного бриза береговых ветров, ласкающие лучи полуденного солнца и радужный ритм пульсирующий в твоей голове.”

Music possesses a quality that can transcend time, that's why it is never too late to follow through on your passion. Padre Tóxico is proving that to everyone with his latest records. He has been a fan of hip-hop since it’s inception and grew up during the golden era with dominant forces and timeless albums dropping left and right. Artists like Dr. Dre, 2Pac, Nas, ATCQ got him interested and sparked a fire so strong that it followed him for decades to come. In more recent times, he had that same wave of excitement strike him when he discovered electronic music from musicians such as Jon Hopkins, Kiasmos, Synkro or Stimming.

Just six months ago is when he had the realization to attempt the creative process himself. While his sound is still developing, he has taken his two loves and produced records with the stylings of both, with EDM tracks like "Rugged” and lofi boom-bap like “Summer in L.A.” showing off his innate diversity. On 3.05.2020 after 6 months of work, Padre Tóxico releases two LP's - electronic "Synesthesia" and hip-hop flavoured "Life supplement". 3rd ration of Padre's music arrived on 24.08.2020 on LP called "Mandala".

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