Landon Gamble – DONTGO

“Love the sound here, so modern and at the same time a lot of old school synth wave influenced electronica. Guitar solo is amazing, fitting great with vocals. Chorus part is big, great editing of back vocals and synth leads, hope to hear more song like this.”

“DONTGO” is about a man who is finally realizing that he has become a victim to his own heart. It seems that no matter what he does or how hard he tries, the girl he loves will never stop asking for more. He knows he should have moved on by now, but he knows that even if he did, he would just come right back.

Joe Holt – Immune

“The rhythm of Lo-Fi POP pleasantly tickles your hearing from the very first seconds, as if flocks of wild swans are crawling under your skin. Acoustic guitar and vocals -joe holt- awaken sincere feelings and resonate very well with your soul. Soft as the clouds of the melody vibrates somewhere in the depths of your heart-so nice, so gentle and so carefully.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Ритм Lo-fi Pop приятно щекочет ваш слух с самых первых секунд, словно у вас под кожей проносятся стаи диких лебедей. Акустическая гитара и вокал -Joe Holt- пробуждают искренние чувства и очень хорошо резонируют с вашей душой. Мягкая, как облака мелодия вибрирует где-то в глубине вашего сердца — так приятно, так нежно и так осторожно.”

Since graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2015, Joe Holt has spent his time recording original music and touring, bringing his intricate fingerstyle guitar and intimate storytelling to new audiences across America. His new album Tired of Trying (prod. Charles Humenry) led Ear to the Ground Music to call Joe "the real deal in folk songwriting.” With credits including opening for Steve Forbert and Parker Millsap, and playing legendary stages like The Bluebird Cafe (Nashville), The Whisky A Go Go (Los Angeles), and The Bitter End (NYC), Joe aims to validate NPR’s 2020 claim that “Joe Holt continues to use his first-person perspective for good.”

Joe Holt is a folk-rock singer/songwriter originally from England, who graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2015.

Joe has released four EPs and three full length albums. He has toured around America for nearly a decade, playing venues like Club Passim (Boston), the Hard Rock Cafe (Boston), Rockwood Music Hall (NYC), The Bitter End (NYC), the Bluebird Cafe (Nashville), the Whisky A Go Go (Los Angeles), and has received airplay on over 60 radio stations internationally. After the moderate success of his early releases (and a successful Kickstarter for his debut album), Joe's 2017 full length album The Person I Admire charted nationally on AAA radio, notably #3 in Redway, CA. Joe has been named Artist of the Week at WERU (Bangor, ME) twice. The song “As Bad as It Seems” from Joe’s 2018 EP Something Louder - EP was featured on NPR's All Songs Considered blog in March 2018. The following full length album A Bigger Fire came out in June 2019, with an accompanying national tour alongside Austin Blair Campbell, and received placements in Spotify editorial playlists including Fresh Finds - Six Strings.

Joe's next EP It's What We Give was released on June 5th, 2020. The first single, “People in New York,” was featured with an accompanying live video on NPR in March 2020. A rumination on selfishness and emotional hardness in an unforgiving city, the song became Joe’s most successful single to date; NPR's Cyrena Touros writes in her feature, “Joe Holt continues to use his first person perspective for good." His highly anticipated new record Tired of Trying was released on May 27, 2022, and lauded by Obscure Sound as “stirring, eloquent songwriting."

Other credits include opening for nationally touring acts including Steve Forbert , Parker Millsap, Davina and The Vagabonds and Ian Fitzgerald, scoring the short film The Race, releasing music as Black Alder and booking his own tours.

Eryn Young x Prepare for the Future – Float Away

“Very original approach to song that is basically pop, so underground moment during the arrangement, just amazing. Smart usage of distortion that bring the punch when you listen, big drums, lush piano theme on the end, that was unexpected but never the less beautiful touch to finish the song.”

Float Away' is a Toronto-based Alt-Pop collaboration between artists Eryn Young & Prepare for the Future. Blending lofi, bedroom and dark pop elements, 'Float Away' lyrically explores watching someone you love in an uphill battle with depression & mental illness, wishing you could do something - if not anything - to save them from themselves. 'Float Away' aims to remind those suffering of the intangible love always present in their lives from those around them, while also drawing attention to mental health support systems in order to further suicide prevention efforts.

Ryann Barnes – Floating Balloon

“There are moments when we choose to be alone and just watching others from a safe distance. Ryann Barnes describes exactly that situation in a song full of creativity, while seeking a balance between loneliness and human contact.”

Floating Balloon is an intimate song about feeling vulnerable and overlooked, while having to watch from afar like a "floating balloon."

Club 99 – Stay The Night

“Positive vibrations of sound will visit every cell of your body, delighting with the rhythm and melody of Bedroom, plunging into its good and positive atmosphere. Music, which has only one goal - to raise the threshold of your mood to an unprecedented level!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Позитивные вибрации звука посетят каждую клетку вашего тела, радуя ритмом и мелодией Bedroom, погружая в свою добрую и позитивную атмосферу. Музыка, у которой всего одна цель — поднять порог вашего настроения на небывалый ранее уровень!”

Club 99's debut single "Stay The Night" is an energetic and upbeat song which centres on that classic tale of being involved in a love triangle. Despite major red flags being visible, one still goes for it, looking for the positives to justify being a part of the triangle. The song draws on simple but catchy pop derived vocals to really push the hook as well breaking it up in the 2nd verse to go deeper into the lyricism of the song through spoken word.

Despite the subject being one that might bring about conflicting feelings and memories for some people, the way the lyrics, story and music is delivered as a very "easy listening" song will you have jigging about without realising. We feel that most people will resonate with the lyrics leaving them with a moment of "ah yeah, I've been there before" and become a personal song for many to connect to.

Harriis – Sway

“Glide along the waves of Bedroom and Lo-Fi Pop along with -harriis-, enjoy a calm melody and do not worry about anything, let the music lead you. All you need is to fully give this track your will. You will not regret!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Скользите по волнам Bedroom и Lo-fi Pop вместе с -Harriis-, наслаждайтесь спокойной мелодией и не беспокойтесь ни о чём, пусть музыка ведёт вас за собой. Всё, что вам нужно, это полностью подарить этому треку свою волю. Вы не пожалеете!”

Colyer – Weird World

“In this strange and such many -sided world, it seems, as it seems, the great variety of human feelings and emotions and only to the author - whether it be a musician or artist, is permissible and permissively reflect them in full. The new track from -colyer sets a great example of how to express everything that surrounds each of us throughout our lives in just a few minutes.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В этом странном и таком многоликом мире сочетается, как кажется, великое разнообразие человеческих чувств и эмоций и только автору - будь то музыкант или художник, дозволено и позволительно отразить их в полной мере. Новый трек от -Colyer- подаёт прекрасный пример, как всего в нескольких минутах выразить всё то, что окружает каждого из нас на протяжении всей жизни.”

Colyer’s new track is a dreamy introspective soundscape. A lonesome drive through the mind of a cauterized artist in the depths of Hollywood, CA, Colyer reels you into his world. Baritone guitars and droning synth pads cradle lyrics intended to draw you closer and drown you out. Seamless transitions lead into jarring ones, echoing the all-too-familiar pain of heartbreak and its slow recovery. The visceral and immersive soundtrack to a weird, isolated world.

Colleen Welsch – Temporary Thing

“Such melodies draw bizarre images of something fabulous and kind in your imagination. The atmosphere of Lo-Fi Pop very slowly and gently leads you into its unhurried rhythm, and the voice -colleen Welsch-quietly whispers an amazing story in the ear.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Такие мелодии рисуют причудливые образы нечто сказочного и доброго в вашем воображении. Атмосфера Lo-fi Pop очень медленно и мягко вводит вас в свой неспешный ритм, а голос -Colleen Welsch- тихо шепчет удивительную историю на ухо.”

Ashton York – Awful Time

“Today is the very day when the warm sound of Bedroom and Lo-Fi Pop is bursting into your heart like a ray of sun, illuminating everything around. Music, which makes this world a little kinder, brighter and brighter.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Сегодня тот самый день, когда в ваше сердце словно луч солнца ворвётся тёплый звук Bedroom и Lo-fi Pop, освещая собой всё вокруг. Музыка, которая делает этот мир немного добрее, светлее и ярче.”

Towards the end of a long bout of alcohol and drug addiction brought on by the sudden death of his father, Ashton York has written his most vulnerable record yet - a distinctly wistful track, “Awful Time” (out July 15), that expresses deep sorrow both lyrically and sonically as he documents the consequences of a selfish lifestyle filled with self harm, co-dependent relationships, and tremendous grief and sadness. York, a Bay Area singer-songwriter, explains that the song “was written at one of the lowest points in my adult life in which the self pity and self loathing I was living in took away from my ability to be there for others.” With brilliant candor and vulnerability, York bears it all, even in his most broken and beaten down state. The first verse of the song finds the indie vocalist lost as he sings with palpable poignance, “I’m scared and insecure. I tried to write a song, but the words came out all wrong.” While listeners never find out the specifics of where exactly it was that York went wrong, the sentiment he’s expressing is felt deeply and immediately.

York shares that “Awful Time” was a method for him to “express the remorse, regret and shame [he] was dealing with at the time, while acknowledging the pain I had caused some folks I loved dearly.” That genuine tone of acknowledgment and sincere contrite is both captivating and relatable. In the chorus he sings, “I’m betting you were having an awful time when I let you down,” while in the bridge he adds, “I’m betting you were having an awful time when I lost my faith.” This idea is magnified by the help of Kyle Crane (drums), Abby Gundersen (strings) and Greg Francis (producer). Through skillfully muted production and clever lyricism, York matches the melancholic ambiance of artists such as Adrienne Lenker or Sufjan Stevens, and stands up to par.

In sept 2021, with the help of close friends and family, York sobered up and resumed production on his upcoming full length record, Nightmare In Your Arms….“Awful Time” is the second single release ahead of this highly anticipated upcoming full-length album, slated to release this fall.

Haley Blais – Survivor’s Guilt

“The song -Haley Blais is immersed in a special atmosphere of some unusual nostalgia, love and ease of being. In the melody, you can catch the atmosphere and mood of Lo-Fi and Indie Pop, and soft vocals will help to throw out of your head all thoughts that prevent your life from enjoying.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Песня -Haley Blais- погружает в особенную обстановку какой-то необычной ностальгии, влюбленности и лёгкости бытия. В мелодии можно уловить атмосферу и настроение Lo-fi и Indie Pop, а мягкий вокал поможет выкинуть из головы все мысли, которые мешают насладиться свой жизнью.”

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