BuVu, Sercan Peşan – Tastes Like Anatolia (Spotify)

“As its title reveals, this new Organic House production has a noticeable eastern taste. Listen and let your imagination travel in sunny places with high mountains and hot temperatures. The track fully reveals its character in the last part, so don't quit too early!”



BuVu – Hijaz (Spotify)

“The music that instantly raises the mood and follows the relative and memorable motives of the beloved Organic House. -BuVu- gave to his track a unique note of charm at the expense of ethnic motifs, vocals and a memorable rhythm section.”

“Музыка, которая мгновенно поднимает настроение и радует слух родными и запоминающимися мотивами любимого Organic House. -BuVu- придал своему треку уникальную нотку шарма за счёт этнических мотивов, вокала и приятной, запоминающейся ритм-секцией.”


Hijaz: The wail from a foreign land

This song is the wail of the helpless feeling of "homesickness" of people who are in search, especially those who are in search of themselves.

The story was formed by the encounter of a person, on a musical journey who had lived abroad for a long time and finally returned to his homeland, with other souls that are constantly in search like him. First, the wailing sound of ney was heardand then the words of Mevlana Celalettin Rumi…The melodies and rhythms that were revealed always reminded the same endless longing, which is the longing for the "essence" where one cannot stay distant from "oneself".

Undoubtedly, it is Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi’s words that best describe this longing.

The first 18 couplets of the Masnavi are about the "ney", which is pulled off from the reed bed and cauterized inside with fire, narrating its cries in the hands of a master and trying to return to its homeland. Nevertheless, this search, this cry never ceases. As the poet Ahmet Cemil Cankat from Urfa said, being on a foreign land is always hard...

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