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Jon Campbell – Cruising at the End of the World (Video)

“A song that captures the uncertainty of a rapidly changing world. A record of what once was before the inevitable shift towards life in lockdown and fear of the unknown In essence, a cleanly picked acoustic guitar and melancholic male vocal, supported by a trumpet and trombone that represents male and female human interaction. A thought provoking, well performed ballad.”

Artist shared few words behind his inspiration on this song:

” The arrangement for the song is based on an arguing couple I passed on the street while riding my bike in the first month of the pandemiic; the trumpet is the woman’s voice and the trombone is the man’s. In the context of the unfolding catastrophe, even their fighting sounded beautiful because it was human and since it felt like everything was slipping away from us, I wanted to record every bit of humanity that I could before it disappeared, taking snapshots in my mind of these beautiful people on the streets.

At the same time as these daily bike rides, I started painting portraits to get by, since my furloughed pay wasn’t enough to pay the bills. This daily process of portrait painting also echoed that feeling of wanting to record some last impressions of humankind before it faded away. ” – Jon Campbell

Paperwing, Loney Dear – The Fall (Waterfall, Pt. 2) (Spotify)

“The story-telling creation of love and life has a name; "The Fall". Smooth and gradual progression, craftful acoustic melodies and words comming from the heart. Pure magic with the contribution of two experienced artists.”

This is the third single from my upcoming EP “Prism” - a remake of my old song Waterfall dressed in an acoustic chamber-pop style, with some freshed up lyrics and a new title. Joining me as featuring artist is Emil Svangängen a.k.a Loney Dear , making this into a duet about two people realising that their love for each other has come to an end. I’m so honored to have the amazing voice of Emil alongside my own, making this a very special release.

Ben Walter – Blossom (Spotify)

“After a three year break Ben Walter is back with his new single ‘Blossom’ and what a powerful re-entry into the pop/dubstep world it is. The track begins as a tradition mainstream pop charter with a melodic cinematic riser & outstanding vocal, before launching into a full-on gated dubsteb theme. Heartfelt & meaningful lyrics throughout. This one could make you shed a tear or just bop or both?”

After a three year hiatus from his eponymous music project, Ben Walter returns with a remarkable new cinematic melodic dubstep single, "Blossom". The track encapsulates tender motherly feelings blossoming in a beloved child; a melancholic journey with a triumphant ending.

Kerrigan Barry – Honest with God [Official Audio] (Video)

“The song -Honest with God- makes you think about the brave decisions in life. -Kerrigan Barry- invested in her creative talent, charisma and refined inexhaustible stream of fresh energy. A surprising result that we listen and enjoy.”

“Песня -Honest with God- заставляет задумываться о смелых решениях на жизненном пути. -Kerrigan Barry- вложила в своё творение весь свой талант, отточенную харизму и поток неиссякаемой, свежей энергии. Удивительное рядом. Слушаем и наслаждаемся. ”

“Honest with God” addresses what Kerrigan Barry believes to be the cardinal principle of genuine songwriting; writing music should be so honest, that regardless of what you believe in spiritually or otherwise, it should feel like you’re writing a letter to God. For Kerrigan, songwriting and music are sanctified, defining a religion all their own. To some, the song’s meaning might be open for interpretation, but at its core, “Honest with God” is for anyone looking to leave their pain, heartache and unimaginable struggle behind for 3 minutes and 44 seconds; it’s about embracing exactly who you are, courageously and without fear.

Raw, real, and unapologetically reckless, ​​Kerrigan Barry​​ was born with a fire in her heart, stoked by rock ‘n’ roll in her bones. The Cleveland, Ohio native found catharsis and truth in writing lyrics and melodies after watching Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band ​​Live In New York City​​ on DVD as a 5-year old kid. Quite possibly the only 4th grader in her generation to have The Rolling Stones’ ​​Tattoo You ​​on their iPod shuffle, Kerrigan​​ began her lifelong love affair with music, and it has since proved to be the most beautifully intoxicating relationship she ever imagines experiencing. Kerrigan Barry’s “Honest with God” was selected as a finalist in 35th Annual American Songwriter Song Competition, praised for her raw approach to putting pen to paper. “Honest with God” is available now [] on all platforms.

MEARA – Blackbird (Spotify)

“When listening to the new single -Blackbird- it reveals its invisible wings, fly away somewhere up high and swings between air flows. Melodic, and also representative of the creativity of -MEARA-.”

“Слушая новый сингл -Blackbird- раскрываешь свои невидимые крылья, улетаешь куда-то вверх, ввысь и вибрируешь там между потоками воздуха. Мелодичное, но от этого не растерявшее свою энергетику творение -MEARA-.”

Life is a dance of shadows and light. MEARA, with stories of passion and power, healing and womanhood, creates the soundtrack. Blessed with synaesthesia, the British/ American songstress was born, literally into a world where music is colour. Her work dances delicately between cinematic, ethereal and indie music. Life’s unfolding stories are told here with a voice that will put a shine on your soul and guide you through the darkness. The tones are pure, the sensation one of stealing a glimpse into heaven.

MEARA has created a sophisticated tale of independence, told as a mother, a storyteller and a friend to our vulnerabilities. Flying from the ashes, the smoke still warm on her wings, MEARA has a voice like no other. She sings with the purpose of an addict and the touch of a maestro. Cinematic and vast like the call of a bird, suddenly free from its cage, her music will lift you away while her writing, her vision and her stories will keep you afloat in a space of light and empathy where your own voice can now be heard.

"Blackbird", the first in a string of singles culminating in an album, speaks of awakening, reconnection and embracing the dark like a long-lost friend. The artist confides “I’ve always sung other people’s music yet dreamed of writing my own. I wanted to step out of that box. I want to inspire people to discover their own story and pursue their dreams. Our journeys are never a straight line.” The stunning music video was filmed at the historic Holloway Sanitorium (a former sanitorium which was also used as a location for Inspector Morse). It’s a symbolic location for the song as it represents the artist’s subconscious mind, in which she wakes up and finds “Blackbird” there.

While the seeds of Florence and the Machine, Aurora and Lana Del Rey, and many other musical icons are evident in their influence, the flowers that have bloomed are all MEARA. MEARA’s vocal range will send shivers down your spine, while bold, thumping drum and soaring string arrangements awaken a feeling deep inside yourself. Both soft and threatening, warm and cold, earthy and digital MEARA brings her influences of baroque pop and folk into the present and gives an edgy, futuristic twist, taking the listener on a journey.

MEARA's creativity will shock you in its finesse and take your hand with a powerful grip wrapped in a silk glove. This is a music of love, redemption and dreams of light and life.

Written with the collaboration of world-beating talents Norma Jean Martine (known for viral hits “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes” and “When We Were Young" and Max Mostley (Jones, Norma Jean Martine, Tomine Harket).

MEARA has previously performed on Broadway as well as on NBC’s Today Show and at Madison Square Garden. She sings in 7 languages. Unveiling the first chapter to this compelling story, “Blackbird” is set currently available worldwide.

Fleur Seule – See You Again (Spotify)

“Jazz singer -Fleur Seule- has published her new diversity work -See You Again- A bit sad, but still hopeful story that tells of a bright light at the end of the tunnel. A kind of allegory for our reality now.”

“Джазовая певица -Fleur Seule- выпустила в свет своё новое и крайне необычное произведение в её дискографии. -See You Again- это немного грустная, но полная надежды история, которая повествует о ярком свете в конце туннеля. Своеобразная аллегория на нашу с вами реальность.”

An original written by Allyson Briggs of Fleur Seule, embracing the challenges of being apart and the hope of a better future, this single is both sad and longing, yet filled with hope. With a full orchestra, this tune comes to life and aims to inspire us all to wait to be together.

Fleur Seule is Manhattan’s very own 1940s jazz band, that brings the glamour and swinging sounds of the Golden Age of Hollywood to life on stage. Reviving classic chanson, jazz standards, swing music, bossa nova, salsa and more, this young group of old souls brings new life and fresh sounds to some of your favorite tunes, with some playful renditions and intimate moments to let you travel back in time. Led by “The Glamour Girl of Jazz,” Allyson Briggs, this band has been keeping the classics alive in New York City, with sold out crowds at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola and a 5 year residency as the house band of Tavern on the Green. You have to experience their performances to believe the range and diverse repertoire they cover: Variety and elegance are at the heart of Fleur Seule. Let "La Rubia de la Salsa” take you back in time!

Sean O’Reilly – My Song (Harper’s Mix) (Spotify)

“-My Song- composition is rich in one of the oldest instruments, the symbol of Ireland - Harp. Fluctuations in silence and voluminous vocals of -Sean O'Reilly- make even the experienced listener to hold his breath from such quality.”

“Композиция -My Song- насыщена одним из древнейших инструментов, символом Ирландии - Арфой. Колебания в тишине томного голоса -Sean O'Reilly- заставит даже искушённого слушателя затаить своё дыхание.”

Sean O'Reilly restored a 100 year old harp and learning how to play it, putting together a new arrangement based around the Concert harp. Original song was on piano.

The Tame and the Wild – We Lost More Than A Battle (Video)

“How many times have we been in trouble, ready to give up, but found the courage to go on instead? We may have lost more than a battle but continue to fight. This is the message of “The Tame and the Wild” via their light and charming Folktronica song.”

This song is about accepting the fate of relationships. When it comes to a end there are always losses on both sides. And even if you’re down and burned to the ground, you’ll eventually get back on your feet, you just have to follow the light. The Tame and the Wild lyrics are like polaroids: snippets of real life situations, moments or feelings, condensed to the length of a song. This is the second of a four-song project called „We Lost More Than A Battle“.

The Tame and the Wild is a nostalgic-indie-folk band around the singer-songwriter duo Seja & Flëpp. Its music drives with vocals exploring human emotions among the natural world, sea and stars, youth and age, resiliency and love, boldness and resignation, honesty and memory. The songs urge one to touch those personal situations that are set in and often so tightly bound to nature. The Tame and the Wild see their influences in the sounds of bands such as Daughter, Angus & Julia Stone, Kodaline, Boy or Feist.

Ullie Swan – Alzheimer (Video)

“Song -Alzheimer- from French singer -Ullie Swan- corresponds to the level that you expect to hear from the performer in its class. Melancholic and very sincere work.”

“Песня -Alzheimer- в исполнение французской певицы -Ullie Swan- соответствует тому уровню, который ожидаешь услышать от исполнителя такого класса. Меланхоличная и очень искренняя работа.”

This song is about Alzheimer’s disease. Specifically she talks about someone whose mother is affected by Alzheimer’s disease and who no longer remembers her child. She talks about all those memories that are forgotten forever, and the anguish and the situation that this causes. This song was entirely produced by Ullie Swan.

Ullie Swan is a french singer, songwriter, multi musician, self-taught producer and sound addict. She just released her new album “6%” on every digital platform. Her album is made solo from the first note to the mix and was recorded in her studio in the South of France “Swaman Productions”.

6% is about human emotions, it’s like a musical healing process. A mix of dark pop, electronica, ambient the album is influenced by the likes of: Archive, Portishead, Radiohead, IAMX, Muse and Lana del Rey… Her songs deal with apologies, depression, Alzheimer disease, personal reconstruction, self-confidence, doubts, growing up in a strange world far from children’s dreams, invisible scars, and pain, love, positive mindset and the law of attraction.

It all started with classical training when she was six years old. She learned the flute at the music conservatory for 10 years but wanted to stop to learn guitar and piano on her own. Music production has been part of her daily life since she was 20 years old and she never stopped since. She learned watching tutorials online, practicing a lot, sharing with professionals, asking some questions..

Over the years, she built her recording studio because she didn’t want to use what she had learned just for her personal projects. “Music becomes immortal if it’s recorded. Music should not be reserved for an elite. Recording your voice is an experience to live, it’s like jumping in a parachute. It’s all about emotions and pleasure.”

She also recently recorded from her phone the Kamala’s Harry’s historical speech to create a song called “Kamala’s speech”, available everywhere..

A report released in 2018 looked at the Grammy nominees and those who made it on the year end Billboard Hot 100 chart between 2012 and 2017. The research revealed that only 2 percent of producers are women. Ullie founded in January 2020 a group to try to bring together all the “female music producers of the world”. They can help each other, share on every subject, organize some meets up in different cities, do collabs.. “Female producers are so under represented year by year, it’s important to gain visibility for the next generations. We are all connected. When a woman succeeds, all women win. You’re not alone. We’ re in this together, and stronger than never, it’s time to change these statistics.”

Gregg Garvey – Minot (Spotify)

“Singer and author Gregg Garvey is one of the last romantics of our day. You just want to put all your gadgets aside, open the door and feel the rustle of grass under your feet. The song Minot sounds in my head, and my fingers beat beat after beat. Life will never be the same again.”

“Певец и автор Gregg Garvey один из последних романтиков наших дней. Так и хочется отложить все гаджеты в сторону, распахнуть дверь и почувствовать шелест травы под ногами. В голове звучит песня Minot, а пальцы отбивают такт за тактом. Жизнь уже никогда не будет прежней.”

Titled after a town in North Dakota, the song is an inward reflection on first loves, first pursuits of dreams, and finding one’s own bravery. At the heart of the song is the idea that even if a person fails at first, they have now become someone who made that voyage, and so may make more of them.

Gregg Garvey is a singer and songwriter from Minnesota. Influenced by visionary artists such as Gene Clark, David Sylvian and ‘60s-era Scott Walker, Gregg’s music is a mix of dreamy Baroque pop and vintage rock soul.

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