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David Gómez – É la vita (Spotify)

“David Gómez offers his delicate piano melodies, ideal to listen in the end of a tiring day. The Neoclassical music approach from the hands of a very experienced pianist, can make the difference for us.”

E' la vita is the first single from the upcoming album Spring in the dark, David Gómez’s latest studio album, produced by Joe Dworniak, recorded in Spain, England and Hungary. With an exquisite sound, the variety of its 12 pieces reflects the cinematic character of its music, combining piano pieces with orchestral pieces.

Kindred Connection – Some Kind of Dream (Spotify)

“This brand new "Kindred Connection" heartwarming creation can directly affect its listeners. Expressive singing with piano background and electronic patterns create a sad atmosphere. A story about losing someone, but in the end the pain goes away.”

"Some Kind of Dream" is about the loss of a loved one, the pain of loosing someone seems to be insurmountable for the main character of the song until somehow he manages to overcome it. The attenuation of grief and the acceptance of death are represented by the orchestral ending of the track.

Kindred Connection is a duo born from the friendship between Gabriele and Mattia. As the relationship was going deeper, so was their will to unite their passion for music and their backgrounds: in their songs the sounds whispered by Gabriele’s voice are joining hands with Mattia’s electronic arrangements. Their debut single ''Secret Places'' has been released the 27th of November 2020.

OUR TRUTH – Do You Still (Official music video) (Video)

“The melodious sound of -Do You Still- acts like a smooth, soothing and harmonious wave. Very artistic creation from this vocal duo. A real find for quality indie pop sound lovers, with a big impact to your ears.”

“Мелодичное звучание -Do You Still- действует словно успокоительное, гладкий и слаженный вокальный дуэт приковывает к себе, что создаёт ламповое настроение. Это творение настоящая находка для ценителей качественного indie pop звучания, после прослушивания которого вы точно не останетесь равнодушными.”

Uplifting and empowering, the song reminds us that we hold the key to our own personal happiness

MoonBell – Loss (Spotify)

“"MoonBell" has a new beauty to offer and it's called "Loss". Smooth, peaceful composition with multiple sound layers and a slight taste of vocals. Very relaxing and stress-relieving work, which can be easily appreciated from the first seconds.”

Loss and grief affects everyone a bit different: sometimes it's a haunting memory, sometimes it hits you like a train. The changing nature of the song reflects how loss stays with us and changes shapes. However, the song ends on a more thankful tone pushing the listener towards a perspective of gratitude, not in order to move past the loss, but simply to view it in a different light. My hope is that this song brings comfort to listeners. This is also the last single before the full LP is released.

MoonBell's greatest fear is to forget: lose his memory, forget his loved ones, and lose his self. But this multi-instrumentalist is creating worlds for his memories to live on; MoonBell is a storyteller through synths, choral voices, looping effects and of course, his trumpet which can be heard in the foreground or background of almost every song. Influenced by his experiences living and travelling in the Canadian Prairies, the Rocky Mountains, and Spain, MoonBell composes his music like a symphony, meticulously layering sound after sound, memory after memory, with an end result that completely entrances listeners.

Elias Kovanko & Julia Andersson – Things That Might Have Been (Video)

“Dominating piano melodies and lyrics of deep meaning are carefully organized in this music masterpiece. Slow tempo, expressive singing voice and profoundly impactful words of emotion. Big respect to the creators of sound and image clip too.”

Things That Might Have Been tells both through its lyrics and arrangement about a relationship that has ended. The main character of the story looks back and reflects about everything that might have been, had the relationship played out in a different way. Things That Might Have Been grabs the attention of the listener with its unique atmosphere and holds you there until it leaves you alone with the emptiness of silence.

The song is the first release of Elias Kovankos Upcoming EP “Underwater”

Sheboshka – See-Saw by the Shore (Spotify)

“Lyrical jazz composition and carefully constructed leisurely narrative. Colourful harmony, melody and soft light background instrumentation. At such moments, you realize that this music is a product of its time and that today it is, more than ever, important and urgent.”

“Лирическая джазовая композиция, в которой бережно построено неторопливое повествование. Красочная гармония, нежная мелодия и лёгкая фоновая инструментовка. В такие моменты осознаёшь, что подобная музыка продукт своего времени и именно сегодня она как никогда важна и актуальна.”

Sheboshka create haunting songs that cross the divide between jazz, folk, and alt-country, speaking of love, longing, and leaving.

Praying On Science – Denquar (Feat. The Scottish Session Orchestra) (Video)

“Rarely does a ballad exploring the meaning of life cause the hairs to stand up on the back of ones neck in the way that ‘Praying On Science’ does. The vocals are set against a live orchestral backing provided by the sumptuous Scottish Session Orchestra. Denquar’s stunning vocals lift the dynamics continuously from beginning to end & will leave you breathless. Absolutely beautiful.”

Praying On Science is a pop ballad written and performed by Denquar with string and piano arrangement by Steve Turner. The song explores one’s quest for the meaning of life whilst using the theme of science as a metaphor. Recorded at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow with the Scottish Session Orchestra.

Denquar (meaning “cucumber” in Thai) was born and raised in Hong Kong to a Thai Father and British Mother. Denquar’s performing career started at the age of 18 whilst playing the lead role in one of Hong Kong Disneyland’s hit shows. Her international career kickstarted soon after as a touring Jazz singer mainly for 5-star hotels and other theatre companies in the UK and Asia. Denquar’s musical genres in Pop, Soul, RnB, Jazz, Blues Deep House and EDM. With originally composed songs, her lyrics sit very closely with her listeners of all ages.



Jon Campbell – Cruising at the End of the World (Video)

“A song that captures the uncertainty of a rapidly changing world. A record of what once was before the inevitable shift towards life in lockdown and fear of the unknown In essence, a cleanly picked acoustic guitar and melancholic male vocal, supported by a trumpet and trombone that represents male and female human interaction. A thought provoking, well performed ballad.”

Artist shared few words behind his inspiration on this song:

” The arrangement for the song is based on an arguing couple I passed on the street while riding my bike in the first month of the pandemiic; the trumpet is the woman’s voice and the trombone is the man’s. In the context of the unfolding catastrophe, even their fighting sounded beautiful because it was human and since it felt like everything was slipping away from us, I wanted to record every bit of humanity that I could before it disappeared, taking snapshots in my mind of these beautiful people on the streets.

At the same time as these daily bike rides, I started painting portraits to get by, since my furloughed pay wasn’t enough to pay the bills. This daily process of portrait painting also echoed that feeling of wanting to record some last impressions of humankind before it faded away. ” – Jon Campbell

Paperwing, Loney Dear – The Fall (Waterfall, Pt. 2) (Spotify)

“The story-telling creation of love and life has a name; "The Fall". Smooth and gradual progression, craftful acoustic melodies and words comming from the heart. Pure magic with the contribution of two experienced artists.”

This is the third single from my upcoming EP “Prism” - a remake of my old song Waterfall dressed in an acoustic chamber-pop style, with some freshed up lyrics and a new title. Joining me as featuring artist is Emil Svangängen a.k.a Loney Dear , making this into a duet about two people realising that their love for each other has come to an end. I’m so honored to have the amazing voice of Emil alongside my own, making this a very special release.

Ben Walter – Blossom (Spotify)

“After a three year break Ben Walter is back with his new single ‘Blossom’ and what a powerful re-entry into the pop/dubstep world it is. The track begins as a tradition mainstream pop charter with a melodic cinematic riser & outstanding vocal, before launching into a full-on gated dubsteb theme. Heartfelt & meaningful lyrics throughout. This one could make you shed a tear or just bop or both?”

After a three year hiatus from his eponymous music project, Ben Walter returns with a remarkable new cinematic melodic dubstep single, "Blossom". The track encapsulates tender motherly feelings blossoming in a beloved child; a melancholic journey with a triumphant ending.

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