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Signe – Back to Center

“The track that acts as a binder between two people sharing a large distance. A good supply of all material within the framework of the Chamber Pop genre, simple and affordable arranging and incomparable vocals -signe-, which will echoing in your head like a lonely, warm wind.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Трек, который выступает в качестве связующей нити между двумя людьми разделяющих большое расстояние. Хорошая подача всего материала в рамках жанра Chamber Pop, простая и доступная аранжировка и бесподобный вокал -Signe-, который будет эхом гулять в вашей голове словно одинокий, тёплый ветер.”

"Written while on an extended back packing trip to northern Thailand, Back to Center is a letter to my partner. It asks him to hold on to our connection just a little longer, that I too could feel it about to break, but I would be home within the month. It’s one of my greatest love letters."

Maja Lena – Through The Wall

“The melody came from the depths of the forest thicket, like a lonely elf who has lost his mind in the world of people. He brought with him the mystical atmosphere of acoustic folk music with chamber pop elements, delighting everyone with his beautiful and such mental vocal.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодия пришедшая из глубины лесной чащи, как одинокий эльф, который заблудился в мире людей. Он принёс с собой мистическую атмосферу акустической Folk музыки с элементами Chamber Pop, радуя всех своим красивым и таким душевным вокалом.”

MAJA LENA recently announced details of her second solo album Pluto; produced by longtime collaborator Rob Pemberton and set to be released 2nd December on Chiverin Records.

Today, she shares the album’s second single, "Through The Wall".

"I wrote “Through The Wall” while we were recording the album. I wasn't sure if it would make it onto the record, but I couldn’t stop playing it and then we ended up tracking it.

"Lyrically, there are themes of feeling torn between two worlds, themes of feeling not good enough, and themes of feeling lost. It’s also about the strange passing of time." - Maja Lena on "Through The Wall"

Alex Heane's (who is also in Willy Mason's band) bass part brings a real grounding warmth to "Through The Wall", topped off with Emma Gatrill's (erstwhile member of Laura Marling's group) beautiful clarinet parts. The drums were laid down by producer Rob Pemberton, who also drums for The Staves.

Max Duggan – Cerulean

“You will be loved by the melody of an acoustic guitar and a trembling, very kind voice -max duggan-. Two genres are beautifully combined here - Indie Folk and Chamber Pop, creating a fabulous and truly pleasant atmosphere to the heart.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вас с любовью встретит мелодия акустической гитары и трепетный, очень добрый голос -Max Duggan-. Здесь красиво сочетаются два жанра - Indie Folk и Chamber Pop, создавая сказочную и по настоящему приятную сердцу атмосферу.”

Tamu Massif – Looking Over Houses

“Let your consciousness rest, and your heart will have a few minutes to heal all your wounds. Music, capable of pacifying even the most rebellious soul. Calm, acoustic music with beautiful and delicate vocals from -tamu massif-.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Пусть ваше сознание отдохнёт, а у вашего сердца появится несколько минут, чтобы залечить все свои раны. Музыка, способная умиротворить даже самую мятежную душу. Спокойная, акустическая музыка с красивым и нежным вокалом от -Tamu Massif-.”

Tamu Massif’s long-awaited second album Late To My Funeral is due for release 12th August and he now releases final single ‘Looking Over Houses’. The Bristol based songwriter & producer spent the last few years developing more experimental techniques building on a wide range of electronic, pop and R&B influences but has tapped into something special on his new material by writing in a different way. He explains:

“For a long time, I would compose a heavily layered instrumental and then add vocals afterwards. Recently, I've been trying to do it the other way round: writing the song on guitar first and then having fun with the production – adding things to compliment and embellish the original idea. I've consciously made an effort to change my process and have been really enjoying playing acoustic guitar again. I feel like the best songs tend to work in a stripped back form – so starting from that point leaves you with something a bit more raw and vulnerable.”

Tamu Massif has a longstanding reputation as a producer and mentor to emerging artists on the Bristol scene, his earliest work producing Fenne Lily’s debut album testament to his skill at finding atmosphere and the beauty in sparseness.

On ‘So Kin’, for example,Tamu borrowed rain drops on a tent for percussion, their natural applause accentuates the wonder in embracing typically bad weather.

“I wrote the main guitar riff for 'So Kin' late one night while staying up making music with my long-time collaborator and/or friend Max Blomfield aka Twinsen. There was something in the sound of it that felt reminiscent of rain drops falling. The words are me doing what us Brits do best: talking about the weather” Tamu jokes. “It was part-inspired by a specific walk with my brother in the Lake District. We started the walk in the small village of Borrowdale, checking out some of our family gravestones dating back to the 1800's. We were soaked through within minutes of the walk but it was great. There's something quite humbling and invigorating about being out in the rain.”

This vulnerability shines through clearly on his recently released acoustic offerings ‘Old Times’, ‘First To Know’ and ‘Get Up’. These follow a series of extended singles from 2020, including ‘Let your Hair Down’, ‘Heathen’ and ‘I Feel You, Atlas’. A stunning live session for his 3 part single ‘Heathen’ can be seen here.

Tamu Massif released his debut album Little Death Summer 29th March 2019 on Chiverin Records. Reflecting on the process, he explains “I find listening to music a sort of escapism. And that's what I set out to create... something to get lost in.”

Garnering attention over the course of two earlier EPs, Alba & Bala, as well as tours with the Japanese House, C Duncan and Shakey Graves, Tamu is admired for his talent at gathering and warping field recordings as much as for his gift with harmonies and song-writing.

Odie Leigh – A Month Or Two

“The romantic and lyrical spirit in this acoustic composition creates an amazing wib. A smile draws a positive mood on his face, fingers fingers in the air invisible strings of guitars and so good at heart that there is no limit. A magnificent, sincere and very cute work.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Романтический и лирический дух в этой акустической композиции создаёт удивительный вайб. Улыбка рисует на лице позитивное настроение, пальцы перебирают в воздухе невидимые струны гитар и так хорошо на душе, что радости нет предела. Великолепное, душевное и очень милое произведение.”

Drew Schueler – Lost Without You

“One can hear how much time was devoted to study the structure of the entire mix. Multilayer arrangement, delicate and such exciting vocals -drew Schuler-, capable of lighting fire inside your heart. If you like a romantic atmosphere, this track is exactly for you!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Слышно, как много времени было уделено на проработку структуры всего микса. Многослойная аранжировка, нежный и такой волнительный вокал -Drew Schueler-, способный зажечь огонь внутри вашего сердца. Если вы любите романтическую атмосферу, этот трек точно для вас!”

Jack in Water – The Time of One French Indie Film

“Here is the minimalist melody of the piano and voice -jack in water-, which are only occasionally diluted with textures against the background. This beauty can be compared with smooth, like a mirror, the surface of the lake, which sometimes shudders from the dandelion falling onto the water surface. Greatness, as it is.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Перед вами минималистичная мелодия фортепиано и голос -Jack in Water-, которые лишь изредка разбавляются текстурами на фоне. Эту красоту можно сравнить с гладкой, как зеркало поверхностью озера, которое иногда содрогается от падающих на водную гладь одуванчиков. Великолепие, как оно есть.”

The Time of One French Indie Film is written for someone that wanted to let their partner know that eventually things would be easier. Eventually their family will be in France where they can visit as opposed to where they currently are in Northern America. It is the second single from the upcoming EP of song gifts called The Year We Lost.

Amit Benita – Wheat

“The melody of this track is like the cries of migratory birds above the head or the murmur of the river underfoot. This music helps to realize and enjoy the beauty of the nature surrounding you and contains a deep message in the text, which comes from the very subsoil -amit benita-.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодия этого трека словно крики перелетных птиц над головой или журчание реки под ногами. Эта музыка помогает осознать и насладиться красотой окружающей вас природы и содержит в тексте глубокий посыл, который исходит из самых недр -Amit Benita-.”

Alnev – Van Gogh

“This track as a rethinking of his whole life, about the mistakes made, the incorrect chosen vector and, in general, about the very point of bifurcation that each of us reaches sooner or later. Melancholy, sad and very deep work from a real artist of the Chamber Pop -alnev-.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот трек как переосмысление всей своей жизни, об совершённых ошибках, неверном выбранном векторе и в целом о той самой точке бифуркации, которую достигает каждый из нас рано или поздно. Меланхоличная, печальная и очень глубокая работа от настоящего художника жанра Chamber Pop -Alnev-.”

Max Green – Fool Proof

“When you need to slow down from your daily rush, "Max Green" will have the right sound. Smooth and relaxing Indie Pop, made of light percussion, melodic vibrations and sweet voices that bring smiles and positive energy.”

Presenting the new swooning Bedroom Pop single 'Fool Prool' from LA based Max Green.

Working heavily in the LoFi space over the past three years (w/ the projects URCHN, braj mahal), songwriter/producer, Max Green brings a dialed Lo-fi influence to his Indie Pop songwriting. The new single, Fool Proof, paints the picture learning to love story lush with strings and boom-bap influenced rhythm.

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