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Grant Carey – it’s raining in brooklyn (when we leave the rehearsal) (ft. Sandwoman)

“The disclosed message of the song is truly something innovative and extraterrestrial. Here is the usual Chamber Pop with the mood of folk music, but it has a unique gift - to build you to heaven and fill your mood with bright light, good and warmth. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Раскрываемый посыл песни является по-настоящему чем-то новаторским и внеземным. Перед вами обычный Chamber Pop с настроением Folk музыки, но он обладает уникальным даром — возвести вас до небес и наполнить ваше настроение ярким светом, добром и теплотой.”

Eclectic pop producer Grant Carey releases ANIMAL ANIMAL

"It's the first half of my double album love letter to NYC and my last few years there before moving to California. It's about being alive and in love, two of my favorite hobbies that i try to keep up with as much as possible."

Included among ANIMAL ANIMAL's 10 song tracklist is 'it's raining in brooklyn (when we leave the rehearsal) featuring Grant's partner and frequent collaborator Sandwoman. A delicate and intimate ballad about falling for a bandmate, 'raining in brooklyn' features soft plucked guitars, soothing piano and softly layered harmony vocals.

Jude Moses – Kokoro

“Allow yourself at least for a moment to stop your eyes on this amazing creation from -jude moses- and just observe how all the wounds of your vulnerable soul are addicted. The combination of the genres Indie Folk and Chamber Pop create a unique atmosphere in which you feel like in your native land. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Позвольте себе хотя бы на мгновение остановить свой взор на этом изумительном творении от -Jude Moses- и просто наблюдать, как затягиваются все раны вашей ранимой души. Сочетание жанров Indie Folk и Chamber Pop создают уникальную атмосферу, в которой ощущаешь себя как в родных краях.”

Kokoro, is the Japanese word for when your heart, spirit, soul, and mind are all together. A "oneness". Jude Moses's new album really dives into the "oneness" we have with this planet and its people and creatures. Kokoro is the opening track and really sets the scene for whats to come.

Methoxy – Still in my head

“A melancholy sound creates an appropriate image of the entire track. A special place is occupied by the manner of execution -Methoxy-, in the voice of which otherworldly power is felt. You will not notice how you will be captured by its spell and that there is no longer a way back. You are in the power of this enchanting magic of sound. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Меланхоличный звук создаёт соответствующий образ всего трека. Особое место занимает манера исполнения -Methoxy-, в голосе которой чувствуется потусторонняя сила. Вы не заметите, как окажетесь в плену её чар и что пути назад уже нет. Вы во власти этой чарующей магии звука.”

Filiah – In Between

“The beautiful instrumental guitar composition with the atmosphere Chamber Pop. Vocal -filiah is like a paper boat that floats with the flow in the duct of the narrow river. The same light, almost weightless and just as slowly dissolves behind the horizon. A gentle work for your fragile soul. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Красивейшая инструментальная гитарная композиция с атмосферой Chamber Pop. Вокал -Filiah- словно бумажный кораблик, который плывёт по течению в протоке узкой реки. Такой же лёгкий, почти невесомый и так же медленно растворяется за линией горизонта. Нежное произведение для вашей хрупкой души.”

In Between is the fourth song on Filiah's first self- produced concept album For Someone and actually sits right in between it’s 7 tracks. All the songs on her upcoming record are lyrically intertwined, telling the songwriter's honest and very personal story of pain, distorted perception, finding strength and choosing herself again after the ending of a very toxic relationship with someone who now merely remains a ghostly presence. In Between takes us further down that rabbit hole, shining a light on intimacy and misguided melancholy while subtly commenting on the way we sometimes try to process things in a manner of self-loathing instead of giving ourselves the love we actually deserve. The song, as well as the album is set to release on March 18th.

"I found myself in this weird "In between“ state, still wishing this "someone" to miraculously come back but also knowing that I can’t run after a ghost forever. Deep down, I was probably ready to allow myself to move on but couldn’t find the strength to accept that yet. Instead I lost myself in other people, trying to find something that, by then, was long gone- which is obviously never fair to anyone in the process. When I finally ripped the bandaid off and dealt with myself, there were a lot of things to explain. However, I also found so much strength in owning my vulnerability, which ultimately allowed me to take the first step in moving on.

This song was one of the first I produced for this album and actually one of the first that made me believe that I could pull off producing a record all by myself in my living room. So it holds a very dear place in my heart. When I listen back to it now, it feels really far away and also incredibly close to me at the same time. Still an "In Between“- state I guess, just a very different one.“

For Someone is Filiah's very personal exploration of love, grief, pain, nostalgia and all feelings in between. It's not an album polished to perfection, it’s all her heart, with all its imperfections and insecurities, all communicated through her music and words.

Daniel Versman – The Record

“Charisma -Daniel VersMan- make this track one of the best in the Pop Rock genre. Acoustic guitar in combination with soft vocals sounds very appetizing. The composition is capable of hooking the soul of simple music love and remain in his musical collection forever. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Харизма -Daniel Versman- делают этот трек одним из лучших в жанре Pop Rock. Акустическая гитара в сочетании с мягким вокалом звучит очень аппетитно. Композиция способная зацепить душу простого меломана и навсегда остаться в его музыкальной коллекции.”

Michael Crean – Just for Now

“An emotionally impactful and discreetly intense single has just arrived from Michael Crean. Deep and somehow dark Folktronica sound that evolves within mystery. The lyrics have a true meaning and performed in characteristic way too. Consider watching the clip for the full artistic experience!”

Just for Now is the intimate 3rd single from Michael Crean. A dream-like composition about searching for temporary serenity. Through cascading strings parts and manipulated vocal samples, the song summons both a dark and hopeful atmosphere.

Crean wrote and recorded all the parts from his shed during 2021’s lockdown.

‘Just for Now’ has already been described as ‘a track so good that you can’t help but listen to again and again’ by Hotvox

Crean’s first two solo releases have been described as; ‘Multilayered [and] emotional’ by Glasse House, ‘Enigmatic and Intriguing’ by Electric Sound of Joy and listed in When The Horn Blows weekly top tracks.

After releasing the track last month, Crean released the music video this week (April 19th). The self directed music video features Lithuanian dancer Erika Sviderskyte and is shot on the Eastern coast of England.

Crean will be playing at the renowned Camden Assembly on Saturday April 23rd to celebrate the release.

Michael will also be releasing his 4th single ‘Silence’ on May 6th.

Ricky Vasan – Things Always Change

“In life, everything changes, nothing constantly, except for music, which is in the collection of your discography. -Ricky Vasan- pleases us acoustic Indie Folk with light enclosures of the Chamber Pop genre. Calm rhythmic drawing and enveloping vocals. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В жизни всё меняется, ничто не постоянно, кроме музыки, которая находится в коллекции вашей дискографии. -Ricky Vasan- радует нас акустическим Indie Folk с лёгкими вкраплениями жанра Chamber Pop. Спокойный ритмический рисунок и обволакивающий вокал.”

Bianca Nisha – Bleeding Blue

“Such a soft, Warm vocal -Bianca Nisha-, the faded melody of Chamber Pop and the all-consuming atmosphere of something otherworldly. The music, which can be rightfully characterized as real art within its genre. Impressive work! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Такой мягкий, тёплый вокал -Bianca Nisha-, одурманивающая мелодия Chamber Pop и всепоглощающая атмосфера чего-то потустороннего. Музыка, которую по праву можно охарактеризовать, как настоящее искусство в рамках своего жанра. Впечатляющее произведение!”

Somewhere between light simplicity and dark melancholy that pulls you like an inevitable undercurrent, we find Bianca Nisha and her refined pop songs dressed in classically inspired piano and cello arrangements, electronic layers and spherical vocals. As a listener, you are seen in the dark through the music, and carried into the light. “Bleeding Blue is about having someone close to you, who has a depression. About what it's like to stand there by the sidelines and try to hold, lift and endure the weight the other feels without drowning in it yourself, while knowing that you can not make it go away or carry it for the other, ”Bianca Nisha says.

Expresses difficult emotions in a beautiful way The single Bleeding Blue contains the essence of the moods and emotions expressed on the upcoming album. Several of the songs on the album revolve around heavier topics and express them in a bright and easier accessible way, in an attempt to create something beautiful out of the things, that are difficult. To remind us, that something beautiful and uplifting can emerge from the dark nooks and crannies. On Bleeding Blue, that is expressed through Eas's soft, almost whispering vocals and melancholic piano playing along with the cellos that alternate between deep, velvety harmonies and percussive passages underpinned by deep, minimalistic beats.

Lydia Goldthorpe – My Sky

“Heaven, on the clouds of which the new single -Lydia Goldthorpes are located enchanting their vocal beauty listeners, soft tool melody, light breathing and pleasant percussion. Euphoria in its primordial form. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Небеса, на облаках которых расположился новый сингл -Lydia Goldthorpe- очаровывают своих слушателей красотой вокала, мягкой инструментальной мелодией, лёгким дыханием и приятной перкуссией. Эйфория в своём первозданном виде.”

Fin’s Contingency Plan – Allergic

-Automatic Translation with Google Translate-
In our opinion, a new song -fin's CONTINGENCY PLAN- can be put in a number of unambiguous hits, which conquers the hearts of everyone who hears him. The connection of such genres as Indie Folk and Chamber Pop brought their charm into the arrangement, beautifully emphasizing the voice of the voice and fully revealing the talent of a young musician.”

“На наш взгляд новую песню -Fin's Contingency Plan- можно поставить в ряд однозначных хитов, который покоряет сердца всех, кто его услышит. Соединение таких жанров, как Indie Folk и Chamber Pop привнесли в аранжировку свой шарм, красиво подчёркивая тембр голоса и в полной мере раскрывая талант молодого музыканта.”

Sad indie-folk groover with quirky lyrics, lush horns, strings and funky bass.

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