Subcisco – Effective Relief

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“Very good groove on this one, with some old school piano themes along with retro vocal/sample that are used and edited just perfectly, specially on the break. But the drive on this is pure bliss, bass line, kick drum, so good. ”

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T. Harding – Figures

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“Natural and enigmatic with beautiful simplicity at its finest. The guitar really keeps this all nice and tight as the beat does its thing among the electronic riffs. ”

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Georgy Om – Dreamland

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“-Dreamland is a dreaming space for all dreamers. Feel how a pleasant flalor of sweet dreams covers you. This is a deep immersion in a gloomy dream, in which the thick atmosphere of the melancholy Future Garage will leave a pleasant aftertaste.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Dreamland- - это сновидческое пространство для всех сновидцев. Почувствуйте, как вас накрывает приятный флёр сладковатых сновидений. Это глубокое погружение в сумрачный сон, в котором густая атмосфера меланхоличного Future Garage оставит приятное послевкусие.”

Thomas James White – Ozone

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“With perfect balance and advanced production skills, Thomas James White delivers his elegant sound. Soft and light like thin air, this track will calm your mind and relieve from stress. Click "play" and get ready to fly.”

A unique blend of Ambient, Neo-Classical and Synthwave styles the latest track from Thomas James White takes the listener on a journey through dense soundscapes and open spaces. Utilising a collection of analog synths, including the OB6, Prophet Rev 2 & Moog Sub 25, a dreamy and ethereal palate of textures and pads is created. Gradually opening up throughout the tracks progression to introduce distant vocals, strings, piano and ambient/downtempo beats. The track is the first in the 'Elements' series of releases for Thomas's catalogue this year, with another 3 tracks planned. This track represents the element air.

Cymek – Take His Place (feat. Josephina)

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“A very complex drawing of a rhythm-section in which the elements of Chillstep are present. The pits are simply amazing, falling into which you fall into the abyss, and then again, taking another sip of fresh air, throws you to the very bottom of the deep ocean cavity. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Очень сложный рисунок ритм-секции, в котором присутствуют элементы Chillstep. Ямы просто потрясающие, попадая в которые проваливаешься в бездну, а потом вновь, сделав очередной глоток свежего воздуха, бросает вас на самое дно глубокой океанской впадины.”

"Take His Place" was written about longing after a lost love, and the desire to replace a current partner with that person you're dreaming about. The song is performed by bass music artist Cymek and vocalist Josephina, and is released by Excision's label Subsidia.

Delta-S – Erase II (Radio Edit)

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“The intoxicating rhythm of Chillstep surrounded by a fairy -tale vocals of the beauty -kinnie Lane-. In music, the main thing is that a comprehensive atmosphere that is captivated from the first seconds. This track has everything you need to interest you. And let the melody be a guiding star for you on the way to your dreams and goals. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Опьяняющий ритм Chillstep в окружение сказочного вокала красавицы -Kinnie Lane-. В музыке главное что — всеобъемлющая атмосфера, которая пленит с первых секунд. В этом треке есть всё необходимое для того, чтобы заинтересовать вас. И пусть мелодия станет для вас путеводной звездой на пути к вашим мечтам и целям.”

Erase II incorporates chillstep and glith hop genres to

tell a story of grief that comes with parting ways,

both in relationships and in death.

Delta-S is an electro industrial project spearheaded

by producer Lyte. Formed in 1995, the project has

featured a rotating cast of musicians, including EDM

singers Kirsty Hawkshaw, Christina Novelli, and

British dance duo Booty Luv. Cut from the cloth of

How to Destroy Angels, Hans Zimmer, and The

Birthday Massacre, Delta-S' latest work

communicates themes of grief, sorrow, and longing

through dark fantasy narratives that seduce the

listener into a journey to find life

Vincent McDowell – The Host (feat. Iva Rii)

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-Automatic Translation with Google Translate-
Very filigree work with a track structure, none of the sound elements outweighs in one direction or another. The perfect balance between the rhythm and the Future Bass and Chillstep melody, vocal and the semantic lyrical promise are preserved. The atmospheric of the track is simply offshore!”

“Очень филигранная работа со структурой трека, ни один из звуковых элементов не перевешивает в ту или иную сторону. Сохранён идеальный баланс между ритмом и мелодией Future Bass и Chillstep, вокалом и смысловым лирическим посылом. Атмосферность трека просто зашкаливает!”

Inspired by its namesake, Stephanie Meyer’s “The Host” is a post-apocalyptic story in which Earth has been colonized by an alien race called Souls. The Souls wipe out the minds of humans, turning their bodies into hosts for these interstellar travelers. In this world, a resilient young woman finds the strength to fight back from within. Eventually leading to an understanding and friendship of the two beings occupying the same body.

One might choose to interpret this as a conversation within. The struggle of learning and accepting another side of oneself

clear eyes – everything i’m missing (ft. Marian Hill) (Video)

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“Full of creativity Chillstep creation, just out from “Clear eyes”. We really enjoyed the synth sound layering, in a low bpm mix with remarkable clarity. Also the soft voice of Marian raises the overall production level even higher.”

clear eyes is the passion project of of producer Jeremy Lloyd, the non-vocal half of Marian Hill. Delving deeper into electronic layering and palettes, the clear eyes project is a way for Lloyd to tap into a different mood, making music with beauty as its first priority and conjuring feelings of serenity and peace.

Still in recovery from a traumatic injury to both his wrists that rendered him unable to make music for 4 months, Jeremy is positively overflowing with creativity and has executive produced 3 albums that will all release this year (Marian Hill, Reo Cragun, and Clear eyes). “everything i’m missing” features the always-crystalline vocal stylings of his Marian Hill partner, Samantha Gongol. The first adjective that comes to mind with this track is “breezy”. From the sampled acoustic guitar plucks to Samantha’s vocals, there’s an unassuming swagger that is only compounded by simple beats that know exactly what their duty is.

As Lloyd puts it, “As a producer, you always have so many ideas that never make it to a release.” clear eyes is his opportunity to finally bring those sounds to our ears.

With all these song ideas now taking fruition, clear eyes is releasing an album that is filled to the brim with features. Feeling for Two includes features from a diverse array of artists — Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui, T.H.E.Y.’s Drew Love, indie-pop duo Slenderbodies, Bay-area rapper Rexx Life Raj, pop crooner Ayelle, frequent Flume-collaborator Reo Cragun, Lorem-favorite Nolie, electronic producers Tennyson and Lophiile, up and coming songwriter Roísin Marie, and of course, longtime collaborator Samantha Gongol of Marian Hill.

“I love the idea that I can have a session with any artist, from any genre, and come away with a song that feels like them and also feels like me. It’s about the balance of creating a unique sonic world where there’s still room for everyone. ”

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