Lazy Tiger – Sutra (Spotify)

“-Sutra- can be described by its non-commercial sound. -Lazy Tiger- is absolutely not dependent and creates its own unique style. Musical world, which we can't wait to introduce you. The wind rises from the hills of elevated waves in your subconscious and dip into cool waters of non-indifference. Excellent Downtempo mood... fireworks provided!”

“-Sutra- можно смело назвать некоммерческим звучанием. -Lazy Tiger- совершенно не зависим и создаёт свой уникальный, музыкальный мир, с которым мы спешим вас познакомить. Ветер поднимается из-за холмов, возвышая волны в твоём подсознании и окунает с головой в прохладные воды неравнодушия. Отличное downtempo, фейерверк настроения обеспечен!”

An-Ten-Nae x Maddy O’neal x Torii Wolf – Let Go (Video)

“Three artistic minds join forces in this special song. Chilling mood, popping bass and spacious syth effects form a unique puzzle that keeps the mind stimulated. Our fascination has a new name and this is; “Let Go”. Caution! Addictive side-effects may occur after listening.”

An-Ten-Ne, Maddy O’neal & Torii Wolf combine forces to create a very future forward piece of music that transcends categorization, With tasty 808 hip hop beats, Warm oozing bass and wonderfully laced with the majestic voice of Torii Wolf. This is that summer time Driving with the top down type of song. Maddy O’neal recent collaboration with Clozee, Zest was an instant hit and featured on a bunch of Spotify editorial playlists and has garnered millions of streams already.

Doppe & Kokke Interview on Nagamag



Which are the genres that describe your music style better?

Doppe & Kokke:
We are definitely in the area of house music, in particular tropical house, and EDM. But we don't want to limit ourselves. We have a couple of chillstep tracks on the way also. We love a good melody that you can go and whistle on for a long time after hearing the track.

Few words about your musical background and career?

Doppe & Kokke:
We have always been interested in music but never taken the step to produce our own. Our original careers are in a very different area. At least once per year we go on a road trip around Europe and we prepare for weeks before to have the right playlists to set the mood in the car. The last year we have not been able to go on a trip, but we missed it and the good music, so we decided it was time to produce some of our own beats that we can listen to when the lockdown is over.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Doppe & Kokke:
The last years from maybe where Avicii, Kygo and similar DJs started to breakthrough I think we found a genre that was more appealing for both of us. We have always liked electronic music, but adding a great singer and making awesome melodies talks to us.

What is your next project?

Doppe & Kokke:
We have a few new tracks in the making, but we are not stressing them. Without revealing too much one of them we are especially fond of which is a kind of mix of tropical house and RNB beats. We are currently working with a great singer and when she is ready I believe we have the next hit song ready.

Many artists listen to genres that they are not producing music for. Which track is your favorite that is NOT similar to yours?

Doppe & Kokke:
Doppe: Jan Hammer Kokke: Gary Moore Doppe: "Miami Vice Theme" Kokke: "The Loner"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which is the track from a similar artist you admire?

Doppe & Kokke:
Ehrling "Sthlm Sunset"

Discover & Listen to Doppe & Kokke

Doppe & Kokke on Spotify

Doppe & Kokke's Signature Track

Doppe & Kokke on Social Media


Skysia, Equanimous, Sommer Love – Lay Me Down (Spotify)

“A very clean and well produced downtempo track with elements of IDM, Glitch & Chillstep. A haunting vocal and emotional string section add a real sense of spaciousness and an ethereal quality. ‘Lay Me Down’ is a fine example of how each instrument can be heard in detail and with such clarity, when in the hands of a production team at the top of their game.”

Mat Hours – L’assiette (Spotify)

“A fresh lofi, chill-out track packed full of interesting sonic ideas. L’assiette (The Plate), is a musical dish served with a deep bass main, an accompaniment of catchy percussion & keys that you could say were organic lol. After the intro, a host of other elements are served thick & fast, but never too many to devour with relish. The vocal swells are the finishing touch to a very tasty meal. Bon Appetitie.”

Mat is back with « L'assiette », his new chill, lofi beat recipe. Tasty synths, crispy hats and a sweet bass. Enjoy your meal and share it !

Gabdez – WE GO OUT (Spotify)

“-WE GO OUT- The powerful, deep and slightly philosophical composition that strongly hits the emotions. -Gabdez- managed to record a track that sounds very integral and dimensional.”

“-WE GO OUT- мощная, глубокая, немного философская композиция, которая сильно бьёт по эмоциям. -Gabdez- удалось записать трек, который звучит очень цельно и однопланово.”

Since the beginning, the song is a clear invitation to "Go Out" from this long Covid days!

While the entire world is reborn with the vaccines from the Pandemic time, we all wish to find the happiness and contact life we have lost in the last year.

The melody of the track is built on a pop base of 100BPM, it starts with an electronic beat which wants to underline the energetic mood.

Afetr the first verse, the sound grows with 4/4 kick and deep loop to introduce with a break the second verse which contains the all meaning of freedom, music and party!

Totally produced by "DEZMUSIC", this electro/melodic song with its sound is trying to be a crossover between different music genres pop/deep/trap, light and easy to listen but also enough quick for dancing, like the previous production "Feel it".

Goya – Yesterday (Spotify)

“Yes, we found a miracle in the face of -Yesterday-. The composition that completely justifies its name. Empty showcases in the pale night light, barely noticeable drop of rain and a rainbow of sound effects mixed with a simple, but very catchy melody.”

“Да, это чудо в лице композиции -Yesterday/Midnight Alley- полностью оправдывает своё название. Бледный свет догорающих в ночи витрин, едва ощутимые капли дождя и радуга из звуковых эффектов наложенными на простую, но очень запоминающуюся мелодию.”

Rodrigo Rodriguez – Changes (Ambient & Shakuhachi) (Spotify)

“100% ambient atmosphere, chillstep rhythms, ethereal vocal samples and traditional Japanese instruments. All the above define -Changes-, a memorable journey into the fantasy worlds created by -Rodrigo Rodriguez-.”

“Вязкая атмосфера ambient, ритмы chillstep, неземные вокальные семплы и традиционные японские инструменты. -Changes (Ambient & Shakuhachi)- запоминающееся путешествие в фантастические миры созданные -Rodrigo Rodriguez-. ”

International known Shakuhachi player, composer and musical producer born in 1978 Argentina, but grew up in Spain. His music is classified as Ambient, New Age music or World Music.

He studied classical and traditional Japanese music with the renowned master of shakuhachi Miyata Kohachiro in Tokyo and in the International Shakuhachi Kenshu-kan School.

Tumbacasas – Adelante (Spotify)

“Find what you need to listen today in the recent work of Tumbacasas; a Mexican project with plenty of Electro and Chillstep influences. Never underestimate the power of a track with such a simple title!”

Tumbacasas is the result of 6 years of collaboration between Gabo and Raúl. Experimenting in audiovisual pieces and producing in Monocrom, San Jorge and Noble Savage, songs were emerging that only needed a name to be together.

Tumbacasas es el resultado de 6 años de colaboración entre Gabo y Raúl. Experimentando en piezas audiovisuales y produciendo en Monocrom, San Jorge y Noble Savage, fueron surgiendo canciones que sólo necesitaban un nombre para estar juntas.

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