wick – akoni (Spotify)

“wick with -Akoni- under SVNSET WAVES deliver us a fine blend of downtempo electronica with chill out aesthetics. Beautiful harmonies that bring the light into hidden darkness. Top notch sound here! ”

This track from Danish producer, wick combines beautiful classic and modern synth elements to create a track that is equally as chill as it is high-energy.

Chromadescent – Terple (Spotify)

Residing in the small ski town of Steamboat Colorado, electronic music producer Clay Meyer -- a.k.a. Chromadescent -- is turning out an exciting addition to the electronic music scene exploding in Colorado.

“Terple”, his gorgeous debut single, fuses recorded instruments and lush atmospheric textures with driving synths and downtempo psychedelic rhythms. The result is Chromadescent: entrancing soundscapes with subtle sonic layering that rewards repeat listens.

There’s a generous quality here, an ambient fullness that’s not overbearing, a sonic maturity surprising for a debut artist. In a recent interview, Meyer said of his creative ambitions: “I just want to make great music that resonates with people. Music touches your heart in a special way, and I want that for people."

In the long-term, Chromadescent has his sights on performing killer sets at some of the biggest festivals in the Mountain West and beyond. In the meantime, sheltering in place on an organic farm with five dogs, Meyer is diving deeper into crafting his rich,warm, and psychedelic compositions.

Meditative and engaging, Chromadescent’s organic, ambient electronica vibe is perfect for study beats, workout jams, or chill sessions with your homies.

His debut EP “Full Spectrum” is set to be released this fall.

TrackLab – 803 (Spotify)

TrackLab shines as a producer with his latest chill-out creation "803" that he put lots of care and attention into. Encouraging you to visualize and relax, this is your chance to get lost in another world full of electronic sounds.

TrackLab is a talented producer with a passion for unique funky grooves and amazing melodies.

Andy, the mind behind the project, is originally from Germany. He has a unique approach, which combines great melodies with unique rhythms. Andy’s music is special because of the combination of different influences and ideas, which often pushes him to explore new ideas.

TrackLab’s releases are actually great examples of Andy’s vision, marking a really unique step forward for him, whose sound is becoming increasingly more personal and defined, one release at a time.

Chris Durkin, Lauren Light – Mind (Spotify)

After the success of his latest singles ‘Slow ft. Akacia’ and ‘Forest Eyes x MILA’, Chris Durkin releases another genre blending hit featuring sultry vocals from Lauren Light.

Both members of an international songwriting super team, Chris and Lauren joined forces on the haunting track ‘Mind'.

With heavy brass hits and percussive sound design, Chris Durkin showcases his production talents, complimented by Lauren’s alluring vocal harmonies. ‘Mind’ is about being lost in your own thoughts, finding solace in solitude, but also the dangers of overthinking.

It’s a song of contrasts, depicting how the mind and the soul are often conflicting with each other, which Chris reflects in the differing sections.

RefraQ – Necromancer (Spotify)

RefraQ – Necromancer


RefraQ is the alias of Joe Mawson, a young music producer and visual artist from the South West of England. Tipped by UKF, and signed to the Inspected imprint, RefraQ will release his ‘Northlands EP’ on 17th June. The four track release features new productions ‘Necromancer’, ‘The Phasmid’, ‘Plucked From The Pixie Ring’, and ‘Voices Of Aorr’. ‘The ‘Northlands EP’ follows his acclaimed debut for Inspected, entitled ‘RUK’.

A genuinely groundbreaking artist, RefraQ creates complex electronic arrangements that could be broadly placed under the banner of electronica, but also take in elements of broken beat, ambient, and early dubstep; the result is like folk music from another corner of the solar system. Across the four tracks, the ‘Northlands EP’ exemplifies his otherworldly and genuinely futuristic sounding take on electronic music, and after several years of rave revivalism a look to the future feels like a refreshing change.

RefraQ’s video art brings his music to life. A digital artist, Mawson creates videos for each of his releases; he visualises each piece of music when writing it, sketching out ideas in the studio for each project that will be turned into the final short film. The drawings and sketches that are brought to life in stunningly immersive animation are abstract and fantastical, like something akin to intergalactic pop art.

As a member of visionary collective, Soda Island (who released the acclaimed album ‘A Trip to Soda Island’), RefraQ has been working alongside Funilab and Studio Syro, on a forthcoming animated virtual reality series, ‘Tales From Soda Island’ for Facebook and Oculus. The approximately 5-minute VR short features 3D animation - created in the Quill creation app - and brings it to life with spatial audio and special effects. The trailer can be found here, and the Oculus link here:

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Noams – Ice Cream Sunsets (Spotify)

Noams – Ice Cream Sunsets


The third song of the "a day for us" EP entering with a calming bell melody that crescendoes into a rhythmic sections, each instrument playing off the other leading to 1:20 for the first explosion of color and sound. In this composition Noams playing with the ideas of the calmness of the evening and the excitment of the sunset; the sky getting darker but the amazing colors that come before.

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