Colin Peterik – Michiana

“The combination of live tools with electronic elements is the corporate sound -Colin Peteri -. Melodic, sparkling music, in combination with warm and touching vocals, will be a practically hometown for you, in which you feel comfort and comfort. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Сочетание живых инструментов с электронными элементами, является фирменным звучанием -Colin Peteri -. Мелодичная, искрящаяся музыка, в сочетании с тёплым и трогательным вокалом станет для вас практически родным домом, в котором вы чувствуете уют и комфорт.”

Growing up under the wing of Jim Peterik, the talent behind genre-defining hits like “Eye of the Tiger” and “Hold on Loosely,” Colin Peterik was immersed in the music scene long before he could say his first words. Classic rock’s influence has been steadily drumming in his heart, fueling his passion for forging a unique spot in the music scene. Through his storied career, the artist has led a Steely Dan cover band called the Brooklyn Charmers, served as the opening act for notable bands such as OK Go, Steve Miller Band, and Cherry Glazerr, and has stepped into becoming a solo artist. The Chicago rocker has curated a multi-layered sound that blends modern pop with deep roots of psychedelic rock and indie. In Everything and Nothing, Colin Peterik brings to light what he does best: crafting lush melodies and pocket symphonies through introspective songwriting.

Colin Peterik recently released a hauntingly beautiful cover of Lana Del Rey’s “West Coast’, but in “Michiana,” he allows us to step into his own whimsical imagination in a track inspired by the laid-back region in northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan centered on the city of South Bend, Indiana. Colin Peterik pens a breezy pop song to harness its spirit through funky guitar strums, chilled-out melodies, and a soulful chorus. The track is about escaping to another time and place, where nature prevails over technology and introspection is the currency.

The essence of Michiana is harnessed in a breathtaking visual of Colin Peterik performing the song along the endless shores and keeping the youthful heart of the song alive through shots of him at the skatepark. Colin Peterik’s ability to craft expressive, thoughtful lyrics that anyone can relate to serves as a true testament to his creative artistry. “Michiana” could be the perfect ending to the perfect feel-good movie. Let it be the next track playing when you’re feeling on top of the world, ready to conquer your next big adventure.

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Jamie McDell – Limousine Running (Spotify)

“Feel the spirit of real Rock music, whose rhythms can break invisible barriers and let their cosy melodies get into our hearts. The vocals of "Jamie McDell" give colour and special touch in this sound, setting the most positive mood.”

“Почувствуйте дух настоящей рок-музыки, чьи ритмы разрывают невидимые преграды и впускают в сердца свои зажигающие мелодии. Вокал -Jamie McDell- придаёт колоритному звучанию особый оттенок, задавая нужный, позитивный настрой!”

Critically acclaimed New Zealand born singer songwriter Jamie McDell releases her highly anticipated self-titled album today through ABC Music.

The enchanting artist recorded her fourth studio album in Nashville, teaming up with Nash Chambers in his eastside studio and drawing on the amazing musical talents of Dan Dugmore, Jedd Hughes, Dennis Crouch, Shawn Fichter, Jerry Roe, Jimmy Wallace, Tony Lucido and Ross Holmes, along with guests such as the McCrary Sisters, Robert Ellis, Erin Rae and Tom Busby.

Containing Jamie’s most brutally honest moments, in both writing and performance, this new long player features musicians and production that takes you on a modern journey through 70s folk and country, blended with a healthy dose of roots and rock.

"Limousine Running" was the most difficult to finish on the record. Says McDell, "the sentiment Nash, Phil and I had originally come up with began to become something I was losing connection with so we left it for awhile. We decided to record a band version and were so excited about the players performance and production that I knew I needed to find a story that was interesting to me."

Finlay Morton – Chasing the American Dream (Radio Edit) (Spotify)

“Made for the fans of Classic Rock, this candy couldn't miss from your music preferences. Sit back with your favourite drink and follow the melodies of success. Thumbs up for those catchy guitar solos and balanced vocals.”

From the re-released album Harvest The Wind

Paul Weinfield – For Kafka (Spotify)

“Melodic Folk with magnificent vocals filled with bright guitar patterns, soft drums and philosophical approach. Track that you can listen with pleasure. It can also bring peace in the mind and rest from the daily bustle.”

“Мелодичный фолк с великолепным вокалом, наполненный яркими гитарными партиями, мягкими ударными и философским подтекстом. Трек звучит приятно и ненавязчиво и диктует душе покоя, а уму — отдыха от будничной суеты.”

"For Kafka" is a song about love, desire, and non-possessiveness. It was written and performed by Paul Weinfield, with drums by Keith Robinson, New York City.

San Salinas – We All Are One (Spotify)

“Refined vocals, harmonious rhythmic design and soulful music. An excellent combination of acoustics and solo in the arrangement, from which it immediately becomes clear from the first seconds that this work was done by professionals. Remember - we are all one and the music unites us!”

“Изысканный вокал, гармоническое ритмическое оформление и душевная музыка. Отличное сочетание акустики и соло в аранжировке, от чего сразу становится понятно с первых секунд, что это работа выполнена профессионалами. Помните — мы все едины и объединяет нас музыка!”

Paul Weinfield – What Isn’t Given Away Is Lost (Spotify)

“-What Isn't Given Away Is Lost- born for the achievement of peace and tranquility. Magic, light intonations, fulfilled live instruments, steady rhythm, acoustic percussion and live, energetic vocals by -Paul Weinfield-.”

“-What Isn't Given Away Is Lost- рождена для достижения спокойствия и умиротворения. Мягкие, светлые интонации, исполненные живыми инструментами, устойчивый ритм, акустическая перкуссия и живой, энергичный вокал -Paul Weinfield-.”

What Isn't Given Away Is Lost is a song about heartbreak, letting go, and the way that generosity can help us through difficult times.

Fabrizio Grossi & Soul Garage Experience – AIN’T NO GIVIN’ UP – song by Fabrizio Grossi & Soul Garage Experience | Spotify (Spotify)

“Real, incredibly soulful classic rock. After enjoying the aftertaste, turn on -AIN'T NO GIVIN 'UP- and plunge headlong into this charming musical universe. The tube sound, impressive guitar riffs, vocals create an amazing mood. A real sight to your ears!”

“Настоящий, невероятно душевный классический рок. Насладившись послевкусием включаешь -AIN'T NO GIVIN' UP- и погружаемся с головой в эту очаровательную музыкальную вселенную. Ламповый звук, впечатляющие гитарные риффы, вокальная партия создаёт поразительное настроение. Настоящее зрелище для ваших ушей!”

Resilience of the poor, of the oppressed, of the discriminated against, and of all the ones that are struggling to be heard when protesting against all types of abuses, whereas such abuses are perpetrated by economic entities, political foes and even police.

The “solar” groove and the Soul-Reggae vibe, supports the song's firm and direct message: don’t mess with us, we had enough and we won’t back down.

AIN'T NO GIVIN' UP is the third single by Fabrizio Grossi & Soul Garage Experience, by Fab Grossi (Supersonic Blues Machine and producer for Frontiers Records, Eric Gales, Paul Gilbert and many more)

Congregation – The War (Spotify)

“Rhythmic work with '70s style. Distinct bright guitars, powerful drum sound and expressive soloists in the mood of neo-soul and funk. Don't miss it.”

“Ритмичное произведение в стилистике 70-ых годов, с яркими гитарными партиями, мощной драм-секцией и выразительным исполнением солистов в жанре neo-soul и funk. ”

Every human confronts their own personal conflict around temptation - to drive too fast, drink too much, shop and spend too much, to stay at a party too long, too over-eat, to consider cheating on a partner - to take chances that we know are likely more bad for us than good. "The War" tackles this topic by illustrating two characters who run out on their obligations and resolves in a chorus that expands the theme of temptation to be everyone's fight - Everybody Fights The War.

Aaron Davison x MJ Malone – Oh, My Love (Video)

“Intentionally reminiscent of the classic Beatles mellow harmonies ‘Oh My Love’ does a pretty good job of capturing the late 60’s early 70’s sound.. Aaron Davison and MJ Malone certainly reproducing the mood in this catchy rendition. Nostalgia in abundance.”

“Oh, My Love” is the latest release from Aaron Davison and MJ Malone. Aaron & MJ have decided to pull out all the promotional stops for his latest release. In an effort to reach 1 million streams on both Spotify and Youtube, Aaron & MJ have created a dedicated website (, where they’ll be documenting a variety of unique and outright outrageous marketing techniques they’ll be using to promote their latest release on Spotify and Youtube. “Oh, My Love” was also recently signed to North Note, a London based sync licensing agency who represents Aaron and MJ’s music for use in TV & Films.

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