Paul Weinfield – What Isn’t Given Away Is Lost (Spotify)

“-What Isn't Given Away Is Lost- born for the achievement of peace and tranquility. Magic, light intonations, fulfilled live instruments, steady rhythm, acoustic percussion and live, energetic vocals by -Paul Weinfield-.”

“-What Isn't Given Away Is Lost- рождена для достижения спокойствия и умиротворения. Мягкие, светлые интонации, исполненные живыми инструментами, устойчивый ритм, акустическая перкуссия и живой, энергичный вокал -Paul Weinfield-.”

What Isn't Given Away Is Lost is a song about heartbreak, letting go, and the way that generosity can help us through difficult times.

Fabrizio Grossi & Soul Garage Experience – AIN’T NO GIVIN’ UP – song by Fabrizio Grossi & Soul Garage Experience | Spotify (Spotify)

“Real, incredibly soulful classic rock. After enjoying the aftertaste, turn on -AIN'T NO GIVIN 'UP- and plunge headlong into this charming musical universe. The tube sound, impressive guitar riffs, vocals create an amazing mood. A real sight to your ears!”

“Настоящий, невероятно душевный классический рок. Насладившись послевкусием включаешь -AIN'T NO GIVIN' UP- и погружаемся с головой в эту очаровательную музыкальную вселенную. Ламповый звук, впечатляющие гитарные риффы, вокальная партия создаёт поразительное настроение. Настоящее зрелище для ваших ушей!”

Resilience of the poor, of the oppressed, of the discriminated against, and of all the ones that are struggling to be heard when protesting against all types of abuses, whereas such abuses are perpetrated by economic entities, political foes and even police.

The “solar” groove and the Soul-Reggae vibe, supports the song's firm and direct message: don’t mess with us, we had enough and we won’t back down.

AIN'T NO GIVIN' UP is the third single by Fabrizio Grossi & Soul Garage Experience, by Fab Grossi (Supersonic Blues Machine and producer for Frontiers Records, Eric Gales, Paul Gilbert and many more)

Congregation – The War (Spotify)

“Rhythmic work with '70s style. Distinct bright guitars, powerful drum sound and expressive soloists in the mood of neo-soul and funk. Don't miss it.”

“Ритмичное произведение в стилистике 70-ых годов, с яркими гитарными партиями, мощной драм-секцией и выразительным исполнением солистов в жанре neo-soul и funk. ”

Every human confronts their own personal conflict around temptation - to drive too fast, drink too much, shop and spend too much, to stay at a party too long, too over-eat, to consider cheating on a partner - to take chances that we know are likely more bad for us than good. "The War" tackles this topic by illustrating two characters who run out on their obligations and resolves in a chorus that expands the theme of temptation to be everyone's fight - Everybody Fights The War.

Aaron Davison x MJ Malone – Oh, My Love (Video)

“Intentionally reminiscent of the classic Beatles mellow harmonies ‘Oh My Love’ does a pretty good job of capturing the late 60’s early 70’s sound.. Aaron Davison and MJ Malone certainly reproducing the mood in this catchy rendition. Nostalgia in abundance.”

“Oh, My Love” is the latest release from Aaron Davison and MJ Malone. Aaron & MJ have decided to pull out all the promotional stops for his latest release. In an effort to reach 1 million streams on both Spotify and Youtube, Aaron & MJ have created a dedicated website (, where they’ll be documenting a variety of unique and outright outrageous marketing techniques they’ll be using to promote their latest release on Spotify and Youtube. “Oh, My Love” was also recently signed to North Note, a London based sync licensing agency who represents Aaron and MJ’s music for use in TV & Films.

Slam Band and Sam – Black Hole (Spotify)

“When six artists work together in a song, the result cannot be dissapointing! Find your favourite Soft Rock sounds mixed together in a song that can attract like magnet in a very effective way. Let the instrumental notes feed your imagination and relax.”

Slam Band & Sam’s newest single sees the band taking a big step forward when the world around them seems to be spinning more out of control than ever. It’s called Black Hole, and it was initially inspired by NASA’s groundbreaking black hole photos in April 2019; however, singer/lyricist Adam Vasko sees it now as a functioning parable for hard times – for when your circumstances suck you in and make positivity harder and harder to exude.

It’s a step forward for Pittsburgh’s Slam Band in more ways than one. They’ve now introduced keyboardist Dave Carrera into the band – a change that’s caused a noticeable, fiery upheaval in their sound. His synth, Rhodes, and organ work adds inimitable textural layers rarely heard within the pantheon of East Coast jazz and blues-rock, and “Black Hole” is no exception, featuring cascading, intergalactic synth noises that fill post-chorus pauses like a cosmic fermata.

The song is more experimental than their past work, too, incorporating ever more brass and slap bass than before as the backing vocals trickle in and out in soft “oohs” behind Vasko’s raucous celestial deliberations. A closer listen to the lyrics unshrouds a newly distinct brand of introspection, examining important choices in the face of hardships. What does it mean to choose kindness? Too choose to keep moving when it feels like you’re paralyzed? To choose to keep your head up?

The band has been through some hard times, collectively and individually, and it leaks (perhaps unconsciously) into the song. Interpersonal turmoil, family members getting sick, loss, and grief – it’s all there, but, despite this “Black Hole” is relentlessly energetic; a call for listeners to hang in there and to shrug off the negatives whenever possible.

Thomas Rottenbücher – Pales Comes The Morning (Spotify)

“Excellent ballads, performed by country singer-songwriter Thomas Rottenbücher, which remain with you for a long time. Easy and memorable guitar chords and common unsuccessful rhythms - all of which you hear in the All In This Song album. Pales Comes The Morning our favorite. ”

“Отличные баллады, исполняемые кантри-музыкантом Thomas Rottenbücher, которые на долго останутся с вами. Лёгкие и запоминающиеся гитарные аккорды и общий неспешный ритм - всё это вы услышите в альбоме All In This Song. ”

Until he was 69, Thomas Rottenbücher took his time to publish his first album "All in this song". It took a lot of experience and scars to be ready for it. The life story of the Munich-born songwriter reads like an exciting book that explores many abysses and contains addiction and longing.

Just like himself, Thomas Rottenbücher's album “All in this song” needed the time to mature, which is now revealed in a relaxed way in the soulful songs.

Mandoki Soulmates – The Torch (Christmas Single) (Video)

“Profoundly impactful and endlessly fascinating, Mandoki Soulmates lights the torch, and revolution goes on. ”

“Living in the Gap” is about using unity to change the world. All the people, that don’t want the world to go to hell, are finding their powers to fight again.

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