“The latest single from the polyvalent artist Kid Travis shows an undeniable evolution and that he’s very comfortable mixing different genres. And he does that with extreme naturalness, everything just comes together in “By the Way” – an alternative indie-pop song with catchy rhythms and guitars and driven bassline that simply oozes with good energy.”

Leisureville – Planet

“Living, like a sip of the holy source, music in the Neo-Soul genre and so sensual in the framework of the chosen style. There is no point in talking about the phenomena of vocals -leisureville- - this is a real diamond in your collection. All you need, you will hear in the lyrical lines. And nothing more. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Живая, как глоток святого источника музыка в жанре Neo-Soul и такая чувственная в рамках выбранного стиля. О феноменальности вокала -Leisureville- нет смысла говорить – это настоящий бриллиант в вашей коллекции. Всё, что вам нужно, вы услышите в лирических строках. И ничего лишнего.”

908ZAY – 908

“Kick it back with a track that employs contrast in a skillful and captivating manner. Mellow, lo-fi vibes and beats with repetitive waterdrop chords, old-school vocal chop hooks, trippy sound effects juxtaposing super dynamic rap flows that portray the streets and the ambition to raise above all in most convincing way.”

Artist said about this track:

"This track is about growing up in Jersey and the people who helped me get to where I am today. Everything in this world is about building connections and I've been blessed to come into contact and work with some amazing creatives across the world. This track alone has a featured artist who is based in Atlanta and a young producer out of Germany. In this era of time distance is no longer an issue in order to create something amazing. I strive to be the best person I can and use music as a way of expression and to speak my truth in this world."

jonnychang – You

“In -jonnychang is a very charismatic voice, its timbre and the specific manner of reading are recognized instantly. Add here the Old-School Hip-Hop rhythm, excellent work with seven-wrapps and in front of you will decorate any of your evening. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“У -jonnychang- очень харизматичный голос, его тембр и специфическая манера читки узнаются мгновенно. Прибавьте сюда ритм Old-school Hip-Hop, отличную работу с семплами и перед вами трек, который украсит любой из ваших вечером.”

YOU is about leaving home for the real world. It is the 2nd song from jonnychang’s latest EP “The Weather Inside.”

Cozy Fr – Pair of Lies

“Professionalism in writing the text is felt even with an inexperienced hearing and no questions are any questions that you have a real hit in the HIP-Hop genre! The rhythm and the manner of presenting their vocals do not leave any chances for competitors. If, of course, they have -cozy fr- have. What we sincerely doubt. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Профессионализм в написании текста чувствуется даже неопытным слухом и уже не возникает никаких вопросов, что перед вами настоящий хит в жанре Hip-Hop! Ритм и манера подачи своего вокала не оставляют никаких шансов конкурентам. Если они, конечно, у -Cozy Fr- есть. В чём мы искренне сомневаемся.”

The Eska – Long Way

““I don’t wanna sound mainstream” is the outright statement with which this track kicks in and its main hook - and indeed there’s a fresh feel about it while at the same time it keeps lots of those good ingredients you’d come to expect from a solid hip-hop production of these days. The Eska seems to be an artist whose promise to catch that “big wind”will come true.”

The song kicks off with a cinematic introduction, which has a bit of a dark mood to it, but it is far from being gloomy. On the contrary, it has a mysterious weight to it, which serves as a perfect way to launch the song. Soon after, a spoken word segment chimes in, highlighting the artist’s willingness to communicate a stronger message with his lyrics from the get-go. At about 23 seconds in, the main beat blasts in, adding a massive dose of low-end and energy to the mix, but without missing out on the atmospheric sounds that made the beginning so special.

Mr. SOS – Peace & Prosperity

“"Mr. SOS" is sending his message through a track inspired from a world full of difficulties. Addictive drums, saxophone loops and vocals telling a story of life struggle. Listen and realize that if you want to improve the world, you've to start from yourself first!”

Link to DSPs:

Mr. SOS revives the important question, "what happened to peace," on this anti-war anthem, "Peace & Prosperity" produced by Maxamill.

Written for Ukraine and all victims of abuse, SOS delivers smooth but concise rhymes over beautiful production made up from hard bass grooves, hypnotic guitar melodies and a sax loop that sounds like a classic hip hop version of Marvin Gaye's "What’s Going On".

The song opens with a story of domestic abuse, focusing on a character named Janie who confronts her abuser. When asked why he chose to tell this story, SOS says, "It’s because we know there's a lot going on in the world right now and we want to be able to help, but we can't fix the world unless we fix ourselves first. It also plays like a metaphor for conflict such as the one happening between Russia & Ukraine."

Then in the second verse SOS gives us positive & inspiring words dedicated to Ukraine and everyone around the world who shares solidarity with the Ukrainian people, as well as a message for all people and leaders. "It’s a song I can see being played by protesters and revolutionaries," adds SOS.

"Peace & Prosperity" is out now, with cover art by Ukrainian artist and graphic designer Mikhailo Polivanov.

Renegade Brass Band – Maybe Tomorrow

“Excellent words that can become a real slogan for modern youth and encourage her to find herself in this world and achieve everything. A mixture of genres such as UK HIP-Hop and Chill-Hop brought their special, unique charm and energy into the general atmosphere! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Прекрасные слова, которые могут стать настоящим лозунгом для современной молодёжи и побудить её найти себя в этом мире и всего добиться самому. Смешение таких жанров, как UK Hip-Hop и Chill-hop привнесли в общую атмосферу свой особый, уникальный шарм и энергетику!”

Channel golden age hip hop on ‘Maybe Tomorrow’

New EP ‘Bottle This Fire’ released 6th May 2022

‘Maybe Tomorrow’ is the new single from Sheffield’s 12-piece hip-hop behemoth, lifted from the new EP, ‘Bottle This Fire’, out 6th May 2022 on their own label, Nah’m Sayin’ Records, and published by Full Thought. The EP was produced and mixed by Grammy-nominated producers Andy Thompson (Taylor Swift, The Hamilton Mixtape) and Lazerbeak (Doomtree Records), and recorded at Chairworks Studios with David Watts (Kaiser Chiefs).

They say: “Gritty brass and crunching beats swirl around V3xation’s lyrics, where living your life as a movie takes on a darker, more introspective edge. The closing moments race out of control, as we try to keep our head above the waves.”

Renegade Brass Band combine a big brass sound with raw hip-hop vocals and beats, and have built a huge live reputation as a headline act. RBB have played packed-out shows at venues across the UK and Europe, and their unique sound and energy has seem them support acts such De La Soul, Busta Rhymes, Grandmaster Flash, Public Enemy, The Cat Empire, Jamie Cullum, Quantic, Craig Charles and many more.

A hit with festival crowds across the world, the band have played at festivals

including Glastonbury, Java Jazz Festival Jakarta, Dubai Jazz Festival, and the 2019 BBC 6 Music Festival. They have performed live sessions for BBC6 Music’s Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show, and have had airplay from BBC6 Music, BBC Radio 2 and Radio 1 in the UK, as well as a host of international TV and radio stations.

The band have previously released two studio albums, ‘Totems’ (2017) and ‘RBB: Rhymes, Beats & Brass’ (2013), a remix album and EP, and ‘The Abbey Road Sessions’ (2018), a live recording taken at the legendary studio.

‘Maybe Tomorrow’ / 25th March

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