The Mountain – Sargeant X Comrade feat K-Riz (Video)

“Organic and dope, clean jazzy beat with immaculate lyrical style. This track preserves Hip Hop in its true format. ”

The mountain is high. Do you have what it takes to climb it? This is the first single from Sargeant X Comrade’s upcoming album dropping in November 2021 on Mo Gravy Records.

Kid Travis – 7teen (Spotify)

“Musicians with such an inner world are not afraid to experiment and go beyond normal borders. They are always in the search, in a kind of journey in the dark-minded world of music. Impressive vocals and rhythms in LO-FI HIP-HOP genre,great music that gives value in your playlist.”

“Музыканты с таким внутренним миром не боятся экспериментировать и выходить за рамки чего-либо. Они находятся всегда в поиске, в своеобразном путешествии по бескрайнему миру музыки. Впечатляющий вокал и ритмы Lo-fi Hip-Hop - это отличная музыка, которая должна прописаться в вашем плейлисте.”

Young love....Revisited.

KB Mike – Used To (Video)

“You can hear how a vocalist imposes every moment that seemed suitable for imparting an atmosphere. Magnificent Hip-hop rhythms instantly attract attention on -used to- with a need to repeat again and again.”

“Слышно, как вокалист улучает каждый момент, который показался подходящим для придания атмосферы. Великолепная подача материала, насыщенные ритмы Hip-Hop мгновенно притягивают к себе внимание и заставляют включать -Used To- снова и снова.”

In the visual directed by AJ Spitz [G Herbo, Lil Eazzyy], KB Mike sits at an old school typewriter where he punches out one letter after another to his ex. Those letters pile up on her bed only to be discarded in a flurry of tears. Despite looking for love elsewhere, they both magnetically find one another again in a romantic reunion. The breakup-to-makeup story serves as the perfect complement to the track.

“Used To” continues to gain traction, racking up over 11 million streams to date. At the same time, he’s already received looks from HotNewHipHop, REVOLT and more.

About KB Mike:

From the Marquette Park and Gage Park sections of Chicago’s historic Southside, 20-year-old KB Mike dodged the pitfalls of violence and poverty through art. “Music is what keeps me focused and out of harm’s way. That’s really how I navigated through all of Chicago’s stuff,” the fresh-faced artist with the confident flow and melodic voice admits. After a breakthrough 2020 that included high-six-figure engagements on Soundcloud, Instagram, and Facebook, Mike is already revved up for 2021, when he will release his anticipated full-length debut.

From a young age, KB Mike endured losing loved ones to the streets and drugs. Having found popularity in high school and the community, KB Mike tried his hand at rapping in 2018. What began as acapella freestyles to others’ songs during house arrest evolved into something far greater two years later. “Deep In Love” blends soft strings and accents with an authentically contemporary understanding of young romance. That knack for relationship rap also shines on “Drunk Texting,” a song where listeners can hear Mike’s emerging singing alongside his in-the-pocket flow. With over 2 million streams combined, these songs are two of the dozen or so that introduced a talented artist in 2020. On the heels of late January’s successful video single “Revenge,” Mike vows to step forth with his debut mixtape. In the meantime, a standout versatile voice from the Windy City is taking flight.

Cian Jay, joshua epithet – Dust (Spotify)

“Real life events of a young man layered on dreamy chillhop beat. The story continuers with an echoed chorus. Well produced and full of inner journeys. ”

Cian Jay releases his incredibly thoughtful indie rap EP 'Granite', produced by Zack Teale who also worked with Cian on his debut single 'Summer is Dead', his biggest track to date. The album is a concept piece that takes you through the full process of loss in its complete truth, it is out 27th August on all streaming platforms.

‘Dust’ is from a poem that Cian wrote when he originally came up with the concept of this album, it feels like a track where he completely bares his soul he touches on subjects of toxic masculinity that overshadows the underlying subject of male mental health. This track is a beautiful ode to the lessons that his grandfather taught him, where he subtly encourages men to be vulnerable as emotions are for humans they are not for a specific gender.

Granite in Cian's own words - "It’s about loss. The loss of a loved one, or a loss of self. The deterotiation of ‘Granite’ (new life) to ‘Dust’ (no life). It goes through the stages of grief. A lot of heartache went into this. Losing my grandfather and the big reality of ‘death’ setting in - This album was made to ruminate on all this, trying to come to terms with some kind of peace on the way. To work through these emotions and come out with some kind of clarity at the end. I find talking very helpful; I’m a big oversharer. But this was different. It was very therapeutic. All was recorded within Zack Teale's shed. It was a gentle, yet a kind of ‘powerhouse’ for creativity - A safe haven even."

Cian Jay is an independent singer, songwriter and producer from the UK. Debuting in 2019, Cian has gained a small but dedicated following through social media and his real life advertising of his music.

J DaVon Harris – Egyptian Dreams (Spotify)

“There is no point in describing the many high-profile words of all the grandeur and epicness of -Egyptian Dreams-. One can easily listen from morning until evening! The perfect cocktail made of deep bass Hip-Hop and -J Davon Harris- melodic vocals.”

“Нет никакого смысла описывать множеством громких слов всю грандиозность и эпичность -Egyptian Dreams-, его надо просто слышать с утра и до самого вечера! Идеальный коктейль из глубокого баса Hip-Hop, мелодичной составляющей и вокала -J DaVon Harris-.”

A.M. Early Morning, Nightwalker, King Magnetic – Dusk Till Dawn – song by A.M. Early Morning, Nightwalker, King Magnetic | Spotify (Spotify)

“The Chi-Town crew coming through with dope and slow rhythm spitting that fire. American hip-hop lives on in it’s true essence in this one.

The Chicago-based duo of A.M. Early Morning & Nightwalker give another taste of their forthcoming EP, L.N.E.M. III with their latest leak, “Dusk Till Dawn.” Falling on the heels of their Eto featured single, “Late Night Early Mornings 3,” the pair are now joined by Allentown, PA veteran King Magnetic as all three emcees drop true-to-life bars that detail their underhanded lifestyles that take place one the sun goes down, with Nightwalker’s jarring production as the backdrop.

“Dusk Till Dawn” is available now through all major DSPs and can be purchased for instant-grat off the Bandcamp and iTunes’ pre-order for L.N.E.M. III which is due out Sept 16 through their Late Night Music imprint. In addition to King Mag and Eto, the seven track EP also includes appearances by PozLyrix, Otis Ghost and Little Vic.

Stony Boy – Freedom (Spotify)

“Nice horn section intro sitting plush on top of a big city beat. Fast pace lyrics that break down with a funky twist. ”

Stony started writing Freedom intending to express his experience in life. As he was writing the song, other stories started popping out of his mind. He then decided to combine all the stories to make one and that's when the song Freedom was born. He has just finished his EP that's due release some time this year and plans to call it Freedom. The single Freedom is the main song of the Freedom EP. Stony is planning on releasing music videos and performing live to promote it.

MTL, Big Saturn – Two (Spotify)

“-Two- can be described as a combination of expressive text, which pierces to the bones and depths of consciousness and beautiful vocal melodies in the style of Hip-Hop. -Mtl and Big Saturn- did phenomenal work and instantly became the favorite of our collection!”

“-Two- можно описать как сочетание выразительного текста, который пробирает до самых костей и глубин сознания и красивой вокальной мелодии в стиле Hip-Hop. -MTL и Big Saturn- проделали феноменальную работу и мгновенно стали фаворитом нашей коллекции!”

Eli Brooklyn, Aries. – Not Just Sometimes (Spotify)

“We tend to be absorbed in our everyday routine, but what's the reason for all this? Do we really realize the purpose of our choices? A Hip Hop song with deep meaning and words that highlight the fact that everything we do, should be done for actual reason.”

This song is meant to remind people of what motivates them on a daily basis. We wanted to remind people of the importance of being focused and driven for a reason.

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