Faro Tha Kid – Uncertainty [Audio] (Video)

“If you know everything, there’s no room for discovery and creativity. The main message from “Faro Tha Kid” comming to blow up your mind with some insane Rap loops and lyrics. Selected piece only for selective listeners.”


This song is about overriding struggle and uncertainty, to enter a realm of success. Embracing its presence and sustaining the confidence within self.


HarveyDent, Ev Thompson, Kurlz – Feel It (Spotify)

“‘Feel It’ is the first track on the debut EP by Canadian rap duo HarveyDent. Namely, EV Thompson, & Kurlz. Grimy, hard hitting with high energy, ‘Feel It’ is a bold & unashamed shout-out to the golden era of rap. An underground vibe that cuts across & balances the divide between old school & currently relevant.”


This is the first song from the first ep released by HarveyDent. We formed the group throughout the pandemic and since we couldn't attend our usual studio we recorded the entire project DIY. It's a grimy, lyrically brazen collection of songs. Lots of mic passing, and draws comparisons to golden era rap groups with a flavour that works in 2021.


HarveyDent is a Canadian rap duo with a lyrical style reminiscent of underground rap from both coasts, and transcends eras with an old school vibe in a relevant style.

The group is comprised of internationally touring artist Ev Thompson, and his crew mate Kurlz who has played shows across 4 Canadian provinces. Together they bring a high energy style that's refreshing to hip-hop purists.

C.Norris, Jonetta – Count Your Chips (Spotify)

“Count Your Chips is a Hip-Hop melodic trip back to the rhythmic, chilled & soulful R&B vibes of the late 90’s. This collaboration between C.Norris & Jonetta Grant, tells a story of fame, fortune & photography. The overall feel is both thought provoking & mellow, yet with just enough edge to keep it real.”


Count Your Chips is nostalgic single that brings us back to an era where hip-hop was soulful, thoughtful, and groovy. The mesmerizing production complements the eccentric voice and flow of C.Norris & Jonetta Grant. The detailed verses touch on rapper C.Norris' adventures of fame and fortune while highlighting his quirky obsession with photography equipment. Guest collaborator Jonetta Grant does an excellent job of capturing the R&B flavor that was present in 90s and early 2000s hip-hop. The pairing of these two powerful black voices show a chemistry to rival the great hip-hop duets of years past. This is the opening track of C.Norris April 2021 project "Uncut Gems".


Born Christopher Norris Chavannes in Long Island, New York. Rapper C.Norris fell in love with creating music in the early 2000s. He relocated to Port-au-Prince, Haiti as a youth, where he became familiar with the gritty surroundings that were then a part of his daily life. The toughness of his experiences abroad have left a lasting impact on who he is today.

Hip-Hop & Rap have always been a medium of expression for C.Norris. He finds inspiration from various influential East Coast artists such as The Notorious B.I.G., Nas & Mobb Deep. This collection of artists and the soundscapes of his travels set up the emerging rapper to further express himself during his time at Florida A&M University, where he studied Graphic Design while refining his creative abilities.

In 2021 he is preparing for his upcoming March release of "Uncut Gems", a 10 track full-length project. This upcoming release is a culmination of his ongoing love for music, film, and clever storytelling.


Rokko Cash – Selfish (Spotify)

“Rough hip-hop and R & B samples with virtuous scratches ideally lying down in a rhythmic vocal single. This is -Selfish- by -Rokko Ca$h-. A sharp, unexpected rhyme perfectly demonstrates the author's skill. Very nice and warm work.”

“Шероховатые hip-hop и R&B сэмплы, виртуозные скретчи и идеально ложащийся в ритмику сингла -Selfish- вокал -Rokko Ca$h-. Резкий, с неожиданными рифмовками, идеально демонстрирует мастерство автора и исполнителя. Очень приятная и тёплая работа.”



Loyk – 1999 (Spotify)

“The new heartfelt single 1999, from 20 year old Belgian singer songwriter Loyk (Björn Loykens), who incidentally is famous for his dancing in his home country. Is out now & if this song is anything to go by? His dancing is soon to be overshadowed by his outstanding musical performances. The track opens with a melancholic solo piano intro & then slips seamlessly into a vocal drifting somewhere between R&B & cloud rap.
This is a wonderful song, Lo-fi in its hazy, dreamlike and relaxed sound. The lyrics pull you into the heart & soul of Loyk & the loving, yet difficult relationship he has with his mother. Beautifully performed & produced I can highly recommend this tear-jerker of a track.”



At age 20, Loyk (Björn Loykens) is already a veteran dancer in Belgium but only recently got naturally ushered into making music. After meeting producer Jazz Maeson, he’s been sojourning in a creative space for the past year. He eventually reconciled to a wavy sound that explores the edges of r&b and cloud rap, the perfect vehicle to spread his message and express his personal feelings. Loyk is now ready to share his music with the world.

Holy Moe x Kash Verrazano – Who Get Ya Love (Video)

“-Who Get Ya Love- is the result of a lively and colourful music technique, accompanied by rich sound and rhythms. It uses extended percussion breaks, professional mixing and expressive scratching.”

“-Who Get Ya Love- это живая и яркая техника исполнения в сопровождающей музыке и ритмах. Использование расширенных перкуссионных брейков, профессиональное микширование и выразительный скретчинг.”


“Who Get Ya Love” Is consider one of Holy Moe’s most lyrical records in recent time. He shares the stage with long time friend Kash Verrazano who does nothing but elevate the record with great delivery and elite word play.


Holy Moe, well known figure in the Staten Island Community for his charitable ways, Athletics ability and as of late his music talents. The artist has been given back to inner city youth since 2008. Holy Moe has also made his way through the music industry over the years. He’s been featured on Hot97, Power 105.1, and also had his Single “Where I’m From” featured on BET Jams. New Realest Single “No Beef” has also made it to radio with a New, New York sound. Stay tuned as Holy prepares to drop more new music this year.


Gurfi, MeshMoney, Elevata . E, L.G.T.J – Meant to Be (Spotify)

“The surprising work of Gurfi is here to shake your body. Addictive R&B style in a mix with Pop and acoustic sounds. Your playlist new hot stuff, which is going to stay in a high position for a long time.”


Or Gurfinkel is a Musician (Producer, Guitar play and DJ) based in Tel Aviv Israel


Gurfi played and produced the biggest names in Israel and performed all over the world


IAMTHELIVING x Teon Gibbs – Boxes (Video)

“Primarily based on neo-soul sound, the track -Boxes- aproaches R & B and boldly adopts elements of jazz, funk and hip hop music. Bright representative of past time and irreplaceable record in your collection.”

“Основанный в основном на neo-soul звучание, трек -Boxes- может похвастаться такими жанрами, как R&B и смело заимствует элементы jazz, funk и hip hop музыки. Яркий представитель своего времени и незаменимая пластинка в вашей коллекции.”


“Boxes” available everywhere:

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Instagram: instagram.com/wearejngl​

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Spotify: spoti.fi/3qL9YXN

Cadence Weapon – Eye To Eye [Official Music Video] (Video)

“Are you into Hip-Hop? “Cadence Weapon” has the right vibe on the right time. Poping beat to raise up your confidence and some sophisticated words of meaning, profesionally crafted as it should. Big respect for this cool job.”


Cadence Weapon, the moniker of Toronto-based rapper, producer, writer and poet Rollie Pemberton, recently announced his return with the upcoming LP Parallel World, out April 30th via eOne Music. The Fader described first single “SENNA” featuring Jacques Greene as “Cadence lapping his rivals with the dexterity of trophied Brazilian speed demon Ayrton Senna.”

Today Cadence dives into some of the deeper themes of the album and society at large with the new single and video for “Eye To Eye”, out today. Over a swirling beat from Toronto producer Audioopera as a backdrop for Cadence’s trademark flow, Cadence’s new track was written in response to the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and D’Andre Campbell, the assault of Dafonte Miller by an off-duty police officer and his brother, and the Amy Cooper / Chris Cooper incident in Central Park.

Cadence’s most politically charged album, the songs on Parallel World touch on themes of systemic racism, structural inequality, police profiling, gentrification, the internet’s pervasive effects on our lives and the surveillance state that disproportionately punishes Black people. Using elements of trap, drill, grime and acid house, Parallel World is the soundtrack for the dystopian future we’ve somehow found ourselves in.


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