soran – What If

“A soulful reflection of what is wasted when lovers are trying to hide and forget to trust each other that gradually shifts into a hopeful confession of love. What makes this song stick with you is Soran’s intimate, deeply felt vocals, brilliantly mixed and contrasted alternatively in a close and further away space.”


Singer-songwriter Soran returns, with brand new 5 track EP Space Boy. Following on from his recent offering, the honest and confessional ‘Way Up’, the cosmic ‘Space Boy’ and the electronic alt- pop, sad bop ‘Tired’, later 2021 into 2022 has seen Soran truly come into his own. Showcasing incredibly sophisticated songwriting, Soran radiates honesty throughout his lyricism and delivers this via an authentic confessional style narrative.

Beautifully using his music as a method of helping uncover and discover who he is as a person and as an artist, piece by piece, layer by layer, Soran’s unique puzzle is slowly slotting into place, revealing a coming of age story like no other.

With his ever evolving style Soran has truly landed with his explorative concoction of alternative RnB, Lo-fi, spacey electronics and buttery soft vocals all of which are perfectly displayed in this turn of the tide project ‘Space Boy’ via Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company.

A beautiful balance resides in the EP itself, with half containing elements of Soran's past and the other representing his interpretation of his future. Referencing specifically that previous single ‘Tired’ and ‘What if’ are from before, ‘Don’t’ as a transitional piece and ‘Way Up’ and ‘Space Boy’ are defined as his newest offerings, providing insight into the direction he’s heading artistically and sonically.

‘Space Boy’ was a particularly poignant release for the young artist as it not only marked his return but was also a direct ode to his late mother who sadly passed last August. “

“That song means so much to me. My mom named me after the anime Space Boy Soran. In Japanese, there are three different alphabets. She decided to write my name as ‘Universe’ in Japan. Lyrically, it’s about a character who goes out to save the world.”

The tragic loss of Sorans mother continues to surface in his songwriting, but not always in the way you might expect. Each single is a true homage to their relationship and her memory. It’s almost as if Soran is sending a direct message to her through his music, which at times albeit heartbreaking it’s also such a beautiful means of communication and a highly intimate part of himself that he is openly sharing with his listeners.

“It’s ironic, because I’m doing all of the things that she wanted me to do now, but she’s gone. It sounds like me, yet so much of it is my mom. I find a way to celebrate her in every song.”

Soran invites you in, in a way unlike any other, showing and sharing pieces of his Mother within his songwriting and therefore also directly with his fans. With each release her memory continues to live on and although she may not physically be here to be able to share in Sorans successes, she is an integral part of him and is carefully and beautifully interwoven into the art he is creating.

“Space Boy tells my story in parallel with the Japanese anime "Space Boy Soran" from which my mother was inspired to choose my first name. Each song tells an experience that I lived the past 3-4 years and you can hear at the same time the evolution of my sounds shape. This EP is the introduction to a world where I, Space Boy, am about to dive to become the Soran invested with a mission: to reinvent the perspective of what is ‘Pop’.”

Entirely hands-on from conception all the way through to producing, Soran explores and absorbs it all, with genre being one of his favourite galaxies to traverse. Alongside writing for his own artistic project, Soran is also working with and writing songs for some other huge names in the industry such as Johnny Orlando, Alessia Cara, Zack Zoya and Anna Sofia.

Soran lives, eats and breathes music, from not being able to sleep without water sounds gently playing in the background to having his laptop set up on the tour bus in order to make tunes whilst he travels. Soran is following in the footsteps of the 1960s anime hero he was so aptly named after, with his super power and mission to explore and create music wherever it takes him, his dedication is clear and with this set in his sights, the universe is truly the limit.

Chris de Sarandy – Like I Don’t Know You

““Like I Don't Know You” definitely knows how to build its highly engaging emotional setting with arpeggiating acoustic guitars, appealing changes of energy, impeccable transitions and passionate vocals. And once it gets you inside it delivers its powerful, love-anthem-like chorus with no hold back.”

2022 will be an exciting year for Chris de Sarandy, because after his debut single "Good Girl, Sad Boy", he's now released his sophomore single "Like I Don't Know You". You'll find one thing over and over again in Chris' songs – departure, and approaching life with open eyes and ears. Part of this departure, however, is also a farewell. "Like I Don't Know You" is about love, the inevitable path to lovesickness - and yet it exudes an irrepressible joie de vivre. Chris tells of the emotions that everyone in their mid-twenties shares - and thanks to his voice and flair for unique melodies always leaves a lasting impression.

Relikc – Chemicals (feat. Pamela)

“An exciting musical representation, in which such genres as R&B and Indie Pop are so beautifully interpreted that can arouse genuine and sincere emotions. Do you feel these vibrations? Then you are on the right track! The authors did everything so that you really enjoy their brainchild. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Захватывающее музыкальное представление, в котором так красиво переплетны такие жанры, как R&B и Indie Pop, способные пробудить неподдельные и искренние эмоции. Вы чувствуете эти вибрации? Тогда вы на верном пути! Авторы сделали всё для того, чтобы вы по-настоящему насладились их детищем.”

Chemicals is a song about toxic relationships, and the pains of letting go, while still hopeful for a better future. The song is a moody ballad with a melodic top liner, lush harmonies and great vocals. The song features Pamela, a seasoned soul singer who gives life to the song.

The Violet Nines – Dead Wrong

“Such music can be easily advised to listen to friends of a warm company of friends. She is able to instantly capture your consciousness and decorate it with the rhythm and melody of Indie Pop and R&B Vocal. Discover access to beautiful sounds that will remain in your memory for long times. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Такую музыку можно легко посоветовать слушать в кругу тёплой компании друзей. Она способна мгновенно захватить ваше сознание и разукрасить его ритмом и мелодией Indie Pop и R&B вокалом. Откройте для себя доступ к красивым звукам, которые останутся в вашей памяти на долгие времена.”

Ticli & Gas – Alive

“Hypnotizing work, very diverse and unexpectedly emotional. The song step by step masters your consciousness and makes it clear that this is an amazing creation for real connoisseurs of high-quality and mental Neo-Soul! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Гипнотизирующая работа, очень разнообразная и неожиданно эмоциональная. Песня шаг за шагом овладевает вашим сознанием и даёт понять, что это потрясающее творение для настоящих ценителей качественного и душевного Neo-Soul!”

Jon Davis x BoyPanda – Burning In The Rain

“This track is real magic that can tear you away from everything in this world and stupefy your consciousness, like a sip of good wine! The whole web can be compared with precious stones, each of which is good in its own way. You just have to slowly admire their radiance and enjoy this moment! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот трек настоящая магия, способная оторвать вас от всего в этом мире и одурманить ваше сознание, словно глоток хорошего вина! Весь вайб можно сравнить с драгоценными камнями, каждый из которых хорош по-своему. Вам остаётся лишь не спеша любоваться их сиянием и наслаждаться этим мгновением!”

Gillian Baci – Till You’re Feeling Again

“The lyrical R&B track, in which a beautiful waib rhythm, warm vocals -gillian baci- and the eternal theme of love are closely intertwined. Do everything possible to realize your dreams and never try to drown your feelings in gray, faceless everyday life. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Лирический R&B трек, в котором тесно переплетены красивый вайбовый ритм, тёплый вокал -Gillian Baci- и вечная тема любви. Сделайте всё возможное для осуществления своей мечты и никогда не пытайтесь утопить ваши чувства в серых, безликих буднях.”

Brownsuede – In My Dreams

“Worthy tracks with fresh sound come across very rarely. They are like a sip of fresh, morning air, like a balm to the soul. Each note of the genres of Neo-Soul and R&B is thought out to the smallest detail, every transition, work with modulation and charming vocals (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Очень редко попадаются достойные треки со свежим звучанием. Они словно глоток свежего, утреннего воздуха, как бальзам на душу. Каждая нота жанров Neo-Soul и R&B продумана до мелочей, каждый переход, работа с модуляцией и очаровательный вокал ”

In My Dreams is the newest single from Brownsuede after our debut EP did a quarter of a million streams on Spotify. As the lead single off our upcoming concept album, each song will tell a part of a larger story that ultimately details the cycle of a relationship that didn't work out. This EP will deal with themes such as the rush of first meeting somebody, infatuation, growing to love that person, denial of the fact that the relationship is over, acceptance, healing and finally moving forward. Before all the pain the main character experiences in the later songs, this was the girl of his dreams. "In My Dreams" tells how he felt in those early days.

Jennifer Holliday – So in Love

“Music, which is a guide in the author's soul, where the heat of vocals -Jennifer Holliday- twirls for the lonely strings of your soul. The magnificent lyrical composition, whose task to wake in you the most beautiful, kind and bright. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Музыка, которая является проводником в душу автора, где теплота вокала -Jennifer Holliday- дёргает за одинокие струны вашей души. Великолепная лирическая композиция, задача которой разбудить в вас всё самое прекрасное, доброе и светлое.”

Ayana – Stand Up

“Welcome to space! You will ask why? Yes, everything is because it is impossible to create such a high-quality sound on Earth, and R & B vocals performer as if flew from another universe! It is only worth listening to and begin to understand how many secrets and treasures she hides in himself. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Добро пожаловать в космос! Вы спросите почему? Да всё потому, что на земле невозможно создать столь качественное звучание, а R&B вокал исполнительницы словно прилетел из другой вселенной! Стоит только вслушаться и начинаешь понимать, как много тайн и сокровищ она в себе скрывает.”

Artist said about this song:

"Stand Up is a call to action for not only women but anyone who has ever been oppressed. I’ve lived in 3 continents, traveled to 27 countries, and I’ve seen that across the world there are people who don’t have a voice, who need to be empowered, who want to stand up. This song is for them, for the minorities, for the downtrodden. Stand Up is especially relevant right now with the Ukraine-Russia crisis as the planet teeters on the brink of World War III. As an artist, my greatest power is moving people with my voice and I know that Stand Up will spark determination and resolve for people worldwide who are ready to fight back."

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