Noraa – Sweet Summer Dreams

“How I love to hear this band/pass filter on vocals on the beginning of this song, always, sets the mood just right for me. Perfect intro to a full spectrum of frequencies that awaits you after. Vocals, chords, rhythm part, so deep and emotional, playing with delay on vocals are just as amazing as everything else, this one goes on repeat. ”

TAR1Q – bAd IntentIons

“A smooth and smooth melodic line is like a water surface, beautiful, web vocal and a harmonious combination of genres such as R&B and AFROBEATS. Music, which enters your body almost imperceptibly and remains with you nursing.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Плавная и гладкая мелодическая линия словно водная гладь, красивый, вайбовый вокал и гармоничное сочетание таких жанров, как R&B и Afrobeats. Музыка, которая входит в ваше тело почти незаметно и остаётся с вами насвегда.”

SHUN x Monty Wells – Chasing Stars

“Beautiful transitions from the chorus to the verse, which throughout the track will not let you rest, so they are so emotional. Nostalgic waves Pop Rock from -shun and Monty Wells-, which leaves no one indifferent!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Прекрасные переходы от припева до куплета, которые на протяжении всего трека не дадут вам передохнуть, настолько они эмоциональны исполнены. Ностальгические волны Pop Rock от -SHUN и Monty Wells-, который не оставляет никого равнодушным!”

The first steps into this future-retro pop-rock/rnb-song started with compiling background melodies from 80s Finnish rock influenced by some Central and South American tunes. From there, the song began to mold into its form with an intentionally contemporary production blended with 80s to early 90s elements.

After getting the track ready for vocals, the songwriting continued in the Netherlands by a talented topliner, Monty Wells. He created his characteristic and catchy “The Weeknd/Michael Jackson”-style lead vocals and lyrics. The final vocal arrangement was finished in Finland at Soulhouse Unit studio.

To us, the storyline follows a theme of warning about the dangers of getting lost or selling your soul in show business. Still, on the other hand, it gives confidence that taking the longer and a bit harder route often can pay off better—many first-alluring things can turn out to be just one big illusion. The song’s lighter side is simply having fun and taking chances: “chasing stars on boulevards” with friends.

Chasing Stars contains many secret “easter eggs” as tributes to the famous artists and their music styles that influenced SHUN’s music-making over the years (Billy Ocean, Lionel Richie/The Commodores, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Jackson, Timbaland, Phil Collins, among others). There is even a tiny part where the drum style was momentarily drawn from the early 2000s UK/garage (which maybe nobody notices =D). And finally, as the style was meant to be 2022 future-retro, some contemporary electro/pop production methods were included in the final fusion.

This SHUN song was mixed primarily with vintage gear this time, the main console being a uniquely modified Soundcraft SAC2000 analog radio station console (special thanks to a great Ukrainian-Finnish musician, Andre Solomko).

The mastering was done by Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis Studios, London.

Chasing Stars is a pop/rock/rnb- retro-contemporary-fusion with many elements and sides brought together!

M-Dot x Mary-eL – One Day at a Time

“In the new song -m-dot and mary -el- you can feel light cool, but at the same time there is a positive and optimistic atmosphere of R&B and HIP-hop. A melodic piano party, memorable text and beautiful vocals -mary -el-.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В новой песне -M-Dot и Mary-eL- можно почувствовать лёгкую прохладу, но при этом в ней присутствует позитивная и оптимистичная атмосфера R&B и Hip-Hop. Мелодичная фортепианная партия, запоминающийся текст и красивый вокал -Mary-eL-.”

Songwriter Credit (lyrics and melody for verses and chorus): Mike Cole

Rap Vocals: Mike Cole

Chorus Vocals: Mary Lankford

Backup Chorus Vocals: Mike Cole and Tyler Schafer

Beat Production: Omito Beats

Mixing and Sound Engineering: Tyler Schafer at Cue Recording Studios and Mike Cole

Official artist page:

Mary-eL’s page:

AV Allure – Save Your Love

“The combination of R&B and AFROBEAT in the new single -AV allure- in the very heart. Here is a very beautiful track with a rich atmosphere, a pleasant melody and the echoing of two vocal lines. A romantic track for two in love souls.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Сочетание R&B и Afrobeat в новом сингле -AV Allure- бьёт в самое сердце. Перед вами очень красивый трек с насыщенной атмосферой, приятной мелодией и перекликание двух вокальных линий. Романтический трек для двух влюблённых душ.”

South London is home to a multiplex of talented artists, both past and present. Rising out of the coal-coloured concrete jungle we know as Lewisham — AV Allure might not be a name you’re too familiar with just yet. Fear not, you’re witnessing a superstar in the making.

Today, the rising R&B phenomenon has shared the visuals for his latest single, ‘Save Your Love’, as well as his highly-anticipated debut EP ‘King Of Hearts’. Tapping British-Nigerian vocalist Moelogo for the single, the pair conjure up a travelled whirlwind of R&B perfection.


The track also comes equipped with some cinematic visuals, courtesy of Jay Parpworth. For the shadowy, crimson-lit video, we catch AV traipse back and forth in blacked-out shades and colour-morphing suits. Musically, the track features a strong Afrobeat undercurrent, counterbalanced by a timeless ‘90s R&B template. With one future hit in the bank, ‘Save Your Love’ is a great introduction to the ‘King Of Hearts’ EP.

Another highlight on the tracklist is the OSH-assisted banger ‘Talk To Me’. Interpolating the Jodeci classic ‘Come & Talk To Me’, the R&B slow jam is currently bubbling just under ¼ of million streams on Spotify alone and has become a fan favourite.

Speaking on ‘King Of Hearts’, the South London native said: “’King Of Hearts’ is the story of good and bad love. Its R&B entrance sets the tone of pain whilst the swings bring in a more confident sexy vibe showing growth. The project closes with a sweet hybrid sound of summer and winter textures as Afro meets Bashment and R&B. The project represents moving forward and becoming a greater version of yourself.”


AV has also collaborated with ex-So Sold Crew member A!MS on his 2021 album ‘Offshore’, and Akelle from WSTRN on the A!MS-produced number ‘iLIKE’. Also featured on ‘King Of Hearts’, ‘iLIKE’ sounds like a roof-breaking banger. Speaking on the track, Clash claimed: “‘iLIKE’ charms listeners with a sun-kissed production, indulging in Spanish guitars and sweet vocals that reminisce over a 90’s R&B era,” high praise for AV from one of the UK’s most respected music magazines.

The South East London native is also a songwriting powerhouse in his own right, writing tunes for the likes of Deno, Tinie Tempah, Da Beatfreakz, Swarmz, Loick Essien, and many more!

With a strong foundation to ground him and a clear love for the music scene, ‘King Of Hearts’ is just the beginning for AV…

Stay up to date with AV ALLURE by following his socials for news about upcoming releases & more:

Ryan Kellner – Love Songs

“Sweet R&B vocals -ryan Kellner- which the female half of his listeners will no doubt pay attention to. Soft timbre, beautiful, lyrical text and melodic arrangement. Magic in your hands.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Сладкий R&B вокал -Ryan Kellner- на который без сомнений обратит внимание женская половина его слушателей. Мягкий тембр, красивый, лирический текст и мелодичная аранжировка. Волшебство в ваших руках.”

Lily Jay – Turn Off The Lights

“Beautiful R&B track with amazing vocals -Lily jay- and powerful accompaniment against the background. Very high -quality information, arrangement, a combination of dynamism and melody and it worked as a win -win option!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Красивый R&B трек с потрясающим вокалом -Lily Jay- и мощным аккомпанементом на фоне. Очень качественное сведение, аранжировка, сочетание динамичности и мелодичности и это сработало как беспроигрышный вариант!”

WhitMo – One More Szn

“In this Neo-Soul, the whole graceful power of the unique voice is used, whose energy envelops the warmth of the romantic atmosphere. Music, which is able to heal all the scars of your soul and will help you find the balance you lost.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В этой Neo-Soul композиции использована вся грациозная мощь уникального голоса, чья энергия окутывает теплотой романтической атмосферы. Музыка, которая способна залечить все шрамы вашей души и поможет найти потерянный вами баланс.”

Teresa Bergman – So Many Men

“So many men, but do you need to choose one? Do not rush with this judgment, but first listen to a new composition from the amazing -teeresa bergman-. The combination of R&B and the melodies of Jazz music will help to relax, remove all the inner and accumulated bustle and simply enjoy the warmth of vocals and high -quality sound.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Так много мужчин, а выбрать надо одного? Не торопитесь с этим суждением, а для начала послушайте новую композицию от потрясающей -Teresa Bergman-. Сочетание R&B и мелодии jazz музыки помогут расслабиться, убрать всю внутреннюю и накопившуюся суету и просто насладиться теплотой вокала и качественным звуком.”

“And I’m a digger, I’ll dig past the shit till I see the real you.” ‘So Many Men’, the second single from Teresa Bergman’s upcoming album, is a catchy new dating anthem for women who know what they want. In this upbeat, jazz-pop tune, the New Zealander turn Berlin Songstress boldly calls out toxic masculinity. Lyrical attitude & summery lightness is underpinned by swag and slick musicality. Bergman’s mantra, “Unafraid to show myself” is honest, infectious and empowering.”

Piper-Grace – My Head

“I would like to focus on the fact that this composition is a very successful R&B and Neo-Soul symbiosis. The song is so beautiful, sincere and sensual, vocals -piper-grace-something incredible in it! Her song cannot leave any of you indifferent.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Хочется акцентировать ваше внимание на том, что данная композиция – это очень удачный симбиоз R&B и neo-soul. Песня настолько красивая, искренняя и чувственная, вокал -Piper-Grace- в ней нечто невероятное! Её песня не сможет оставить равнодушным никого из вас.”

In Piper-Grace’s third and lead single from her highly anticipated upcoming EP, she explores the themes of being distracted by a love interest. Written with Molly Ashcroft and produced by WAVSDNTDIE, this song features Piper-Graces’ effortless vocals on sumptuous chords, driven by a steady beat.

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