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Kiki Cubb – The Lark (Spotify)

“We can't deny that some Classical creations have the ability to touch our soul. "The Lark" can transfer all the magic from the hands of "Kiki Cubb" into our inner self. Soft, etherial and slightly melancholic melodies are ready to fill the air around and cuddle us with care.”

Kiki Cubb is an international composer who began studying piano in France at the age of nine. She continued to study music until her late teens. She moved to the United States and due to the day to day demands of life, she was distracted from her passion for composing music for some years. More recently, a tragedy prevented her from playing on her 100 year old Steinway for 3 years. After resuming playing and as a healing process, she discovered a new found passion for composing again.

Thomas Hewitt Jones – Wonder (Spotify)

“The sound that can leave breathless... press in your chest and force the lungs empty from air. Yes, these sensations arise when we play the neoclassical composition -Wonder-. Emotions are poured across the edge of a raging icy river. Do not be afraid, because each second worths the listening.”

“Дыхание перехватывает от кома в горле, давит в груди, воздуха не хватает и в глазах пелена. Да. Именно такие ощущения возникают, стоит лишь включить неоклассическую композицию -Wonder-. Эмоции через край льются бурлящей ледяной рекой. Не бойтесь, каждая секунда того стоит.”

Wonder' explores hope and optimism for the future, attributes which I feel the world needs right now. It is intended to be hopeful, mystic and ultimately uplifting. Thank you for listening.

Voces8 – Heyr himna smiour (Video)

“When we look for some Classic creations, we cannot skip “Heyr himna smiour”. A choir consisted of eight voices reveal the beauty of this song. An Epic poem, hymn for the God, with prayer-like lyrics can be heard in a mystic atmosphere. You must have a listen too.”

The British vocal ensemble VOCES8 is proud to inspire people through music and share the joy of singing. Touring globally, the group performs an extensive repertory both in its a cappella concerts and in collaborations with leading orchestras, conductors and soloists. Versatility and a celebration of diverse musical expression are central to the ensemble’s performance and education ethos.

VOCES8 has performed at many notable venues, and as the group celebrates its 15th season they will perform in fourteen countries in the UK and across Europe, in Russia, in the USA and Japan, China and New Zealand. Keen musical collaborators, this season will see concerts with the Academy of Ancient Music and the Mahler Chamber Orchestra.

With an on-going programme of recordings, VOCES8 is heard regularly on albums, international television and radio, as well as maintaining a prominent YouTube channel. The ensemble is a Decca Classics artist and has released acclaimed recordings that have all reached the top of the classical charts.

VOCES8 is the flagship ensemble of the music charity the VOCES8 Foundation and the VOCES8 USA Foundation. Engaging in a broad range of outreach work that reaches 40,000 people a year globally, the group also runs an annual programme of workshops and masterclasses at the Foundation’s home in London, the VOCES8 Centre. The ensemble is proud to be the Associate Ensemble for Cambridge University.

Denise Young – Moonlit Heart (Spotify)

“Classical diamond carefully selected for your best sound collection. Dominating piano melodies decorated with the silvery voice of Denise, spreading love and beauty in the air. Real talents can't be hidden, because they shine like bright stars in the dark sky.”

Moonlit Heart is inspired by a Divine encounter on a moonlit beach in the early evening. Each listener may imagine a different experience for this musical story.

Denise Young is a composer, pianist, producer, arranger, and music publisher on the record label, Dancing Horses Music. She lives in Southern California and 4th studio album was released released on 12/12/2019.

Denise grew up in the suburbs just outside St. Louis, Missouri. Playing by ear at age 4 and beginning formal lessons at age five, she started composing original music in her early teens. Denise holds a Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy (a double major in music and psychology), and a Master of Arts. She composes original piano-centered instrumental music that combines a contemporary style with arrangements that often include bass, cello, violin, vocalizations, percussion, acoustic and classical guitar, English horn, clarinet, and other wind instruments. Her music can be heard on radio stations around the world and often plays on Balmorhea stations. Her musical influences include, Nils Frahm, Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer, Chopin, and Beethoven.

Her musical accomplishments include three studio albums of original music and original scores for three short films, two shown at the LA Short Film Festival and one full length documentary, Broadway Treasures (2019). Her music has earned two nominations for Best Piano Album by Zone Music Reporter, and one nomination for Best New Age album by Just Plain Folks. On the Zone Music Reporter top 100 radio airplay chart, her album Something You Dream Of… charted at number two, and her album Passionata charted at number three.

Yannis Kazakos – The Promise (Spotify)

“Happy, impressive and extremely shinny Classical piece from a true artist. "The Promise" for our maximum entertainment can be fulfilled in less than three minutes' time. We really appreciated the dynamic shifts between those soft piano keys and hard guitar chords. A real excellence!”

This is an ode to all the promises we've ever made. The ones we kept but also the ones we broke. An ode to the feeling in our hearts when we made them.

Dan Schrage – Puppet Master – Los Angeles Version (Spotify)

“Very deep classic piece, which plunges into the melancholic melody, sinking to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. It's dark, cold and lonely. A wonderful sense of overwhelming despair and beauty of execution.”

“Очень глубокое классическое произведение, которое погружает в меланхоличную мелодию, опускаясь на самое дно Марианской Впадины. Там темно, холодно и одиноко. Удивительное чувство всепоглощающей безысходности и красоты исполнения.”

LE BERRY – Jordi Forniés (Video)

“The bright, searing flames of emotion warm our cold souls when their half-closed door glides with this neoclassical work by -Jordi Forniés-. Inspiring piece, it helps to reflect on the most important things in life…”

“Яркое, обжигающее пламя эмоций согревает холодные души, когда в их полузакрытые двери словно прохладный ветерок скользит это неоклассическое произведение от -Jordi Forniés-. Вдохновляющая работа, помогает задуматься о самых важных в жизни вещах…”

Artist shared few words with Nagamag behind this inspiration:

“My new single ‘Le Berry’ is out today, a piece that i composed in my piano just thinking about a special place I have in France. Sometimes a simple melody becomes strong enough to bring powerful emotions. Le Berry is describing a very special place that I will call home one day.” – Jordi Forniés

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