Demzer – Today We Pray (Spotify)

“Soft sound, enticing words, soulful melody and message. Elegant wave arrangement with the touching voice of Devon Mozer. His exciting vocals reveal an interesting climax. The result is a beautiful lyrical ballad for your collection.”

“Мягкое звучание, заманчивый текст, душевная мелодия и посыл, изящная аранжировка и трогательный голос -Devon Mozer-. Его волнительный вокал добавляет лирики в кульминационные моменты. Как результат - прекрасная лиричная баллада в ваших коллекциях.”

DEMZER is an artist and songwriter signed with DeMoga Music in 2020. With a special timber and an amazing attitude, Demzer has both the talent and the looks, while putting up the work needed. "Today We Pray" is the first song that he released alongside the DeMoga Music team, written with Bianca Dragomir, Tomi Weissbuch and produced by Alexander Sambo.

He was discovered by Marius Moga, a Grammy Nominated songwriter for a Maroon 5 song, signed with Universal Publishing America and the biggest romanian hitmaker of the 21st century, as named by the press.

The timing was perfect, as Devon was about to give up on his dream, and join the University of Medicine. This song tells a lot about the struggle he put in and the hope he had, as a personal experience, beautifully exposed on a melody.

Devon spends his days in the studio, as his new achievable dream is to become international.

"Today We Pray is a song that touched my heart from the first instant, as my next songs are more catchy, but less profound. We want to show the world who I am through my music, while considering the fact that people need to dance on my melodies. I hope the effort that we put in will be seen by everyone, as I have amazing people around me, with lots of talent and that should count", said Demzer.

"Demzer is that breathtaking talent that you only meet a few times in your lifetime. From the first moment I heard him, I knew that he's destined to be great and I will do everything in my power to get him there. But his contrastating modesty is what makes him even more special. I know that his voice is needed in the worldwide musical landscape and the fact that he already wrote dozens of songs, really matters. We hope you all enjoy what we shared with the world", said Marius Moga.