DiaNa – Time I$ Money (Spotify)

“Music that reveals the inner world of the author in the form of sounds and melodies. All this sounds as solid and melodic as possible. Energetic, juicy and surprisingly uniform sound. Very bright vocals, which is subject to everything!”

“Музыка, которая раскрывает внутренний мир автора в форме из звуков и мелодий. Всё это звучит максимально цельно и мелодично. Энергичное, сочное и на удивление единое звучание. Очень яркий вокал, которому подвластно всё!”


Lebanese-American pop singer-songwriter DiaNa shares her empowering debut single ‘Time I$ Money’, out now on all streaming platforms.

Naming Doja Cat and Ariana Grande as her biggest inspirations, DiaNa draws from her combined influences, totally owning her own brand of gutsy, bold dark pop.

Speaking of the track, DiaNa says, “With this track, I want to empower people to not accept having their time wasted, particularly by unforgivable exes who don’t deserve your time. I wish that my listeners remember to only be treated like the kings and queens they are!”

DiaNa has been singing all her life for fun, however it took the pandemic for DiaNa to break out of the bubble of her career expectations and Middle Eastern family pressure she grew up with to learn to follow her dreams. Music was always considered an ‘inappropriate’ career path by her family, and so she spent all her educational years and free time pursuing academia. “As the world began to fall apart, I came to terms with the fact that music is my strongest passion and what makes me the happiest.”

DiaNa built her own bedroom studio, started learning how to mix vocals and started networking with other music creators to create and release her incredibly catchy debut single “Time I$ Money.”

Drawing from her combined musical influences, DiaNa thrives on being able to experiment with her music and the concepts and emotions she’s able to portray. She lives and breathes music, and hopes that through her music, she empowers her listeners to believe in themselves too!