Disrupted Being – Devoted (Spotify)

“Standing out work from the Danish Synthpop band "Disrupted Being". If you look for some old and gold synth sound, then this will be your lucky strike. Warm analogue wave samples, strong kick, melodic shifts and carefully mixed vocals that can blow up the mind!”


Most people probably don’t know Danish synthpop at all. However, Danish synthpop is more than alive and kicking in the underground clubs, and with a big bunch of talented musicians. Among them are two middle aged men - Disrupted Being from Copenhagen.

Town And Towers Records are on a mission to get Danish synthpop out into the world. So, we are excited to announce, that we will release a single on January, 29th 2021, and during the spring an EP with Disrupted Being. This is Disrupted Beings first single and EP, that will be released digitally worldwide for all synthpop lovers around the world to enjoy – from fans in USA and Europe to the Far East and Asia. Watch out for the EP with the amazing synth sounds and voice of Disrupted Being.