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Rival Consoles – Running

“Beautiful synth and melody from the start, whole atmosphere builds perfectly, layers of electronic sound in harmony, just amazing. Slow arrangement is maybe I like the most, sound by sound, no rushing it, pulling you in note after note.”

Building on his reputation for driving, experimental electronic music that makes synthesisers sound human, Ryan Lee West aka Rival Consoles expands on his consistent desire to create a more organic, living sound, seeing him forming pieces that capture a sense of songwriting behind the machines.

‘Running’ is a piece of music the London-based producer had been trying to create for many years despite the simplicity of the track.

“I am very into classical music and the kind of structures and ideas they often use, and love the works which take a single melodic idea and create multiple variations from it. That is what I tried to do with this piece, where every single thing is a variation on the opening ten second theme. I spent over one year exploring a huge amount of variations from light to very heavy. Over much time I ended up being more inspired by the subtler, gentler variations, which allow the idea to breathe, which is a theme on this record.”

Red Giant Project – Different Now

“The daring rhythms of Trip-Hop and PsyDub, crazy effects, exclusivity and resourcefulness in every second. From this track, it blows uniqueness, it does not look like anything that you could hear earlier. This is his exceptional chip – he breaks all the templates and remains in your subconscious forever!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Дерзкие ритмы Trip-Hop и Psydub, сумасшедшие эффекты, эксклюзивность и находчивость в каждой секунде. От этого трека так и веет уникальностью, он не похож ни на что из того, что вы могли слышать ранее. Именно в этом его исключительная фишка — он разрывает все шаблоны и остаётся в вашем подсознании навсегда!”

Terry Blade x Charlie J – Blue (Radio Edit)

“If you carefully listen, you can pay attention to how - Terry Blade and Charlie J- with the help of a minimal synthesis of sound in the genres of Lounge and Downtempo achieved the deepest immersion. And in all this beauty, vocals sounds very harmoniously. As if a drop of dew early in the morning on the green grass is waiting for the first sunlight.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Если внимательно прислушаться, то можно обратить внимание на то, как -Terry Blade и Charlie J- с помощью минимального синтеза звука в жанрах Lounge и Downtempo добились глубочайшего погружения. И во всей этой красоте очень гармонично звучит вокал. Словно капелька росы рано по утру на зелёной траве ждёт первых солнечных лучей.”

Damian Boylan – Expansions

“A beautiful journey to the world of dreams, in which such amazing genres as the atmosphere of Experimental Electronic, the Downloads Downtempo and the elegance of Neo Classical are intertwined. Magic and magic in one bottle, which must be drunk to the bottom.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Красивое путешествие в мир снов, в котором переплелись такие удивительные жанры, как атмосфера Experimental Electronic, ритмы Downtempo и изящность Neo Classical. Магия и волшебство в одном флаконе, испить который надо до дна.”

Expansions is the first single from British visual artist, composer & producer, Damian Boylan’s forthcoming 2 x 12” LP vinyl, studio album, Rarefactions. Mastered by Matt Colton (Brian Eno, Four Tet, Thom Yorke, Flume, Bicep, Caribou), and conducted with live strings from Air Studios, London (Hans Zimmer, Ólafur Arnalds), this debut experimental electronic and contemporary, classically infused composition sets the scene for an album that treads a sumptuous balance between poignant instrumentation and experimental foley based percussion.

Each artwork for the 12 album tracks comes from Boylan’s accompanying series of paintings, as well as official videos to accompany each song, also produced and directed by Damian Boylan

Paul Sawyer x Ana Be x 08 Pulse – Waiting All My Life – 08Pulse Cinematic Remix

“An interesting remix of the successful "Waiting All My Life" is ready to satisfy your ears . Immerse yourself in the delicate soundscapes of Ambient & Drone as they follow those heartwarming vocals. Deeply emotional and also expressive result.”

Waiting All My Life originally released on Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto Records now remixed by 08 Pulse who completely transforms the track to a cinematic soundtrack that takes your breath away

Jon Ososki – Socialization Saturation

“Jon Ososki unfolds his artistry in the scene of Downtempo and such work couldn't pass unoticed. Mysterious, dynamic and somehow unpredictable in flow "Socialization Saturation" surely left its mark in our minds.”

Socialization Saturation is the second single from Jon Ososki's latest album Our Failure Of Imagination. This single along with the first single from the album garnered wide support from electronica A-listers, including Laurent Garnier, Chicane, Dan Hegarty, Sista BB (Triple R), Danny Briottet, and Chill FM. Jon Ososki is an electronic music artist creating instrumental downtempo, chill, and cinematic electronica.

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Panda On The Bamboo Tree – Shanti Shantaia

“Merging a panoply of electronic subgenres into an explosive package, "Panda On The Bamboo Tree" offer a special listening experience. Prepare for a psychedelic, hypnotic and meditative touch which can leave its mark inside your head.”

Variegated electronics and deep bass are harmoniously diluted with ethnic motifs and even acoustic Indian vocals. The musician combines such genres as downtempo, chillout, lounge and others, creating unique psychedelic music piece by piece.

Chromadescent – Ripple

“The variety of downtempo percussion elements and excellent work with effects that immerse music into the atmosphere of Psychill, driving crazy with their sound palette. This is one -way trip and in your hands the last ticket. Don't be late!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Разнообразие перкуссионных элементов Downtempo и отличная работа с эффектами, которые погружают в атмосферу Psychill музыки, сводя с ума своей звуковой палитрой. Это путешествие в один конец и в ваших руках последний билет. Не опоздайте!”

BuVu – Organic Makam

“You and music are one. You are as one and soar somewhere high under the clouds. Feel how the atmosphere of Organic House immerses you in the unsteady sands and draws you into its hypnotic abyss. There is no way back.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вы и музыка — едины. Вы — как одно целое и парите где-то высоко под облаками. Почувствуйте, как атмосфера Organic House погружает вас в зыбучие пески и затягивает в свою гипнотическую пучину. Назад пути нет.”

David Arkenstone – Luminescence

“A little fabulous atmosphere in Ambient & Drone textures, swaying ups on the waves of rhythms and a trip to the world of their own fantasies. The melody that helps to go into another world and look behind the screen of something irreal.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Немного сказочной атмосферы в текстурах Ambient & Drone, покачивание на волнах ритмов Downtempo и путешествие в мир собственных фантазий. Мелодия, которая помогает уйти в мир иной и заглянуть за ширму нечто ирреального.”

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