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Sensualism – Prelude (Infinite Sense Mix) (Spotify)

“The prelude in musical form emphatically conveys the whole range of emotions, forcing to empathize with the author and his work. The Sensualism project and its single Prelude (Infinite Sense Mix) an exciting adrenaline rush straight into the blood!”

“Прелюдия в музыкальной форме эмфатически передаёт весь спектр эмоций, заставляя сопереживать автору и его произведению. Проект Sensualism и его сингл Prelude (Infinite Sense Mix) возбуждающий импульс адреналина прямо в кровь!”

Alex Banks – Siren Call (Spotify)

“Through a brilliant modular sound design witch rise from the depths of abyss, dark, hypnotic, with enormous driving energy, - Siren Call - from Alex Banks is a warning through frequencies. Top Notch concept! ”

Siren Call is Nagamag pick from Tephra EP

The ideas emerged from two months in the rugged, black volcanic surroundings of the Canary Islands, Spain. Banks armed himself with a restricted set of equipment taken from his studio in Brighton and set about focusing on the core of his musical expression.

The 5 track EP draws an abrasive array of intertwined melodic structures - one that could only be formed by an adept sound designers’ skillset. The title track and single ‘Tephra’, is woundingly brash, jagged and skull reverberating, it paints a mental landscape appropriate to where the tracks were born, in the context of a melodic hook line.

Following on from his second studio album, Beneath the Surface which was released on Mesh in 2019. Banks’ reimagines a different story, one of which was sculpted by his time witnessing unearthly volcanic landscapes. The change in scenery he recalls brought a welcomed ‘change of mindset’ than the earlier intense period of locking himself away in his Brighton studio with intermittent bursts of time spent by the coast to foster creative thought. It brought a different intensity to Banks’ sound, one that impressively finds a line between home listening and club-focussed dance-floor bangers.

Intermission – Laniakea (Spotify)

“From the very first seconds, when you immerse your consciousness in Laniakea, it is difficult not to notice the attraction of Downtempo with its soothing rhythm and absorbing, such a measured Ambient in the background. When power is in harmony, and harmony in music is Intermission.”

“С самых первых секунд, когда вы погружаете своё сознание в Laniakea, сложно не заметить притяжение Downtempo с его умиротворяющим ритмом и поглощающий, такой размеренный Ambient на фоне. Когда сила в гармонии, а гармония в музыке - это Intermission.”

The INTERMISSION project is characterized by spatial themes.

Laniakea is a set of galaxies, also called Laniakea Supercluster, where the Milky Way also resides and therefore our solar system.

Jacana People – Imari (Spotify)

“As the title "Imari" reveals, Jacana People focused on converting images into notes. Light, colourful, melodic and warm; This one will stick in your mind and possibly keep playing for hours!”

Taking cues from the heady precision of Bonobo, the meditative quality of Burial and emotional resonance of The Field, Jacana People return with their most refined piece of work to date, ‘Imari’. Following a dynamic first 10 months together, Jacana People gained early access to the million-stream club, landing tastemaker & editorial support from the likes of Anjunadeep, Apple Music, Spotify, BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, Amazing Radio and a #1 Hype Machine slot - on their first three releases since forming.

Jaguar, BBC Radio 1, ‘If you like your Bonobo, your Four Tet and your Tourist…you’re gonna like this a lot’

Constructed around thoughts of escapism and change - ideas and ideals that 2020 has given significant weight to - ‘Imari’ conjures an abstract location from which colourful and hopeful narratives emerge. Driven by warped and delicate vocal chops this forthcoming single connects the physical with the emotional, thanks to a backdrop of vibrant synths and cascading percussive textures. Confident in its sonic identity, ‘Imari’ emits a quiet energy from which mesmeric harmonies take the listener to a place of respite, where dusty beat loops and repeated synth pads mirror life’s circular patterns.

Jacana People have firmly positioned themselves amongst the new wave of UK electronic artists in the ascendance, including Barry Can’t Swim, Effy, TIBASKO, 1-800 Girls, and TSHA borne out through collaboration and remix duties as well as landmark releases. ‘Imari’ marks a new phase for these long- standing friends, bookending their first year together as Jacana People. - Lie to Me

Caught halfway between city noise and rural British landscapes, Jacana People make bittersweet electronica imbued with sprawling organic textures. Following a dynamic first 10 months together, Jacana People gained early access to the million-stream club, landing tastemaker & editorial support from the likes of Anjunadeep, Apple Music, Spotify, BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, Amazing Radio and a #1 Hype Machine slot. This pair have firmly positioned themselves amongst a new wave of UK electronic artists in the ascendance, borne out through collaboration and remix duties as well as landmark releases. With dynamic new material and compelling remixes set to bookend 2020, Jacana People will move into 2021 with drive and momentum for an invigorating year ahead.

Arkanna Interview on Nagamag



What are the genres that describe better your music style?

At the moment, I would say electronica, trip-hop, downtempo, chill, sometimes with world elements.

Few words about your musical background and career?

I grew up in a musical family. With musicians on both my parents sides. I was brought up listening to Rock n Roll, Motown, Soul and everything in between. The UK charts were always on in my house growing up, hearing bands of the 80's like Bronski Beat, The Human League and The Cure. Also often, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and my Mums favourite, Rod Stewart.
When I was a teenager, I loved Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, The Doors, Nirvanna and lots of dance music like Beats international, The Source, Technotronic and 808 State.

I first picked up the guitar at age twenty one. At the time I started going clubbing and loved progressive house back then and all the chillout stuff around at that time. Before this I was more into drawing and painting as my creative outlet. A number of years later I started writing my own songs and played a few acoustic gigs. I was listening to bands like Morcheeba, Beth Orton, Faithless, Massive Attack,Lamb, Portishead, The Chemical Brothers, The Future Sound Of London, Bjork, PJ Harvey and Leftfield.

Soon I met my partner, who was an MC in a Drum n Bass band at the time, and as a DJ he introduced me to a lot of breakbeat, Techno, Hip Hop and DnB. He introduced me to my first production software and I was hooked.

I started to teach myself production developing my acoustic tracks into a more electronic sound. I put a few of my first productions online. In 2009 I was offered work with London based techno/breaks producers, Elite Force and Meat Katie, recording vocals for 'Fire's Still Burnin' on their Dustbowl EP, released on U&A Recordings.

While still working on my own productions, I was also writing and recording music as part of a collective called Timeshade. This brought about a release in 2010 in which my vocals featured on Bambook's track 'off the system' feat Arkanna, the vocals taken from one of the Timeshade songs.

Later, I collaborated with producers from Nomad Records based in Italy, on a three track EP. It was never officially finished due to some problems within the label at the time. You can listen to 'Love is Timeless', on soundcloud, which is one of the tracks from that EP.

Finally by 2017 I felt happy enough with my own music production to begin independently releasing my music, the first of which was 'All This Time'.

My latest release 'Wonder Cloud' has been supported on BBC music Introducing in Scotland and recently remixed by the very talented Side Liner.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

I have always loved music as far back as I can remeber. I was always singing when I was a child. I was given my first keyboard when I was 10 and remember writing lyrics to the songs I made up on it. The Casio SA-1, I thought it was so cool lol. I actually found one a few years ago in a charity shop. I had to buy it haha.
Music for me is about my connection to the unknown mystery, the all or whatever you want to call it or see it as. It is my healer, my passion and a tool for self- reflection and discovery.

What are your plans for the near future?

I am currently finishing my EP and plan to develope and release a lot of the music I have written over the past few years, as well as all my current material. I'm also collaborating on a track for another artists forthcoming album, more details on that in the very near future.

Music has no borders and many of us we may listen to more genres that we are mainly involved. So share with Nagamag which track comes first in your mind from music but is NOT similar to your genre?

Ane Brun "All My Tears"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Massive Attack "Teardrop"

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Der Waldläufer – Iris (Spotify)

“True, genuine bliss and harmony. These are the first thoughts that will come in your mind you when listening to this new single - Iris - by Der Waldläufer. Drop all negative thoughts. Relax and take a deep breath.”

“Истинное, неподдельное блаженство и гармония. Это первые мысли, которые будут посещать вас при прослушивание данной композиции. Отбросьте все негативные мысли. Расслабьтесь и сделайте глубокий вдох.”

More Infos & links:

On the Horizon – Koresma x edapollo (Video)

“How often do you think that life is a stream of endless impulses, headed by her Majesty through music. ‘On the Horizon’ invites you to immerse yourself in your sonic vibrations.”

“Как часто вы задумываетесь о том, что жизнь – это поток бесконечных импульсов, во главе которых её величество музыка. ‘On the Horizon’ предлагает вам погрузиться с головой в свои звуковые вибрации.”

On the Horizon’ is the second track from Koresma & edapollo’s new EP. The tune contrasts the first single by delving into a pool of downtempo bliss. ‘On the Horizion’ features detailed guitar layering, ear candy synths, fresh vocal cuts, and a blend of textures arranged around the pulsating and hypnotic rhythms.

Naturally all this external influence came as a strong motivator to create some positive music that reflects on the past events as well as how our actions can impact the future of our environment. To push this further, both producers will be splitting the Bandcamp revenue for the first month of sales between two charities supporting fire relief in Australia and California. The charities are:

Danya Vodovoz – Flourished (Video by Christopher Hunt) (Video)

“Light and impressive track which captures the listener from the first seconds. This time Danya joins forces with Vodovoz to deliver their “flourished” magic in a very positive way.”

About this video:

Christopher Hunt is a London based writer and video director, with an interest in semiotics, symbolism, surrealism, graphics, and photography. It was for this reason that he was compelled to write, direct and shoot “Flourished” in collaboration with German-based music producer Danya Vodovoz.

The use of VR (virtual reality) is similar to a lucid dream where a person can be immersed into a world of unreality, meanwhile believing that it is true. It was a converging of these two ideas that Christopher wanted within the script and to find ways of exploiting them visually.

Interestingly, while most people report dreaming in color, there is a small percentage of people who claim to only dream in black and white. So to produce “Flourished” in black and white was an alternative away from normality.

Dreams are apparently, an accumulation of things we experience during the day as stored information. However, we can also benefit from dreaming because it acts as a filter for defining reality. Ideas can flow from the process of what happens after sleeping because the subconscious is in the background processing the data and filtering the rubbish from the good. That is why people are known to say “let me sleep on it”.

We are unique because we can live what we conjure up from our thoughts or ideas that have been processed during sleep, although we may not remember what we dreamt most of the time. “Flourished” is about the positive way we manifest our ideas, thoughts, dreams, desire, and things we may have on our minds and finally bring them to life the next day.

The work was the inspiration of Russian filmmaker, Tarkovsky, and shot in black and white with elements of dark and light scenes because he knew how to captivate the viewer. Also, the aim was to have more than just a meaningless music video, and the idea to overlay Shakespeare quotes on selected imagery helped to encapsulate meaning.

The more you look when you replay the video, the more meaning one might find. For example, the flowers on the table at the beginning of the scene, the leaves blowing in the wind, the actress entrapped in budding flowers, and her struggle to touch reality encased in a virtual world.

Our brain is very capable of reading between the lines, and this is probably the reason why we can construct preconceived ideas and ignore the truth. Knowing this fact helps to exploit many possibilities in the video. It is not until further analysis and evaluation over time that we can find the truth. Combining all these elements in the video is a culmination of synchronization, movement, and emotion.

Credit goes to the Actress Giulia Cipriani, who put her soul into each scene, down to shedding tears on cue, and Emelia Millar, age 5, in her first role.

Borey – Hyperborea (Spotify)

“Borey is the project of the young St. Petersburg producer , and his new track 'Hyperborea' is an amazing symbiosis of classical chillwave and experimental idm. This work is a vivid example of how crystal clear sound and harmonious synth-wave melodies are intertwined with rare inclusions of field recordings, vibration of strings and live, mesmerizing guitar.”

“Проект молодого петербургского продюсера Borey, чья музыка являет собой удивительный симбиоз классического chillwave и экспериментального idm, выпустил в свет свой новый трек 'Hyperborea'. Данная работа яркий пример того, как кристальный, чистый звук и гармоничные мелодии synth-wave, переплетаются с редкими вкраплениями полевых записей, вибрацией струн и живой, завораживающей гитары.”

Borey - the producer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia presented his second single - Hyperborea.

Continuing to delve into ancient Greek mythology, this time Borey decides to voice the story of Hyperborea, a mysterious Northern country, the ancestral home of mankind, where groves and forests were people's dwelling, where they did not know what is disease and strife.

Even death came to the Hyperboreans as a release from the satiety of life, and, having experienced all the pleasures, they threw themselves into the sea, but at will could be reborn after death.

Having replaced the synth-wave aesthetic with an acoustic sound saturated with live instruments and various percussion and glitches, Borey steps on the ground of ethno-fusion and significantly expands the boundaries of his own creativity.

Hyperborea is a musical eclecticism in which you can hear both dub and art rock, atmospheric soundscapes and analog synthesis. Special attention should also be paid to the string section, which adds even more dreaminess and cinematography to the composition.

Noé Solange – Bound (Spotify)

“-Noé Solange- with her new song -Bound- , the opener of her new same titled album, invite us to her ethereal vocal style through minimal assets of beats and harmonies, which are the right one into this laid back trip hop. Giving the right space to enjoy the dreamy places the vocal atmosphere engages here. ”

The track explores the topic of toxic infatuation, contemplation and freedom. The chorus depicts escaping someone’s toxic nature, through words such as “ice melting thin, which you let me sink into” and “warmth coming in, when I float up without you”.

The rhythmic backdrop of sinister synths and shards of silvery electronics with Noé Solange’s serene tones depict a search for light amidst the darkness.

Noé Solange is a London based producer, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist that delves into the realm of downtempo electronica. From her Dutch/Indonesian heritage and being raised around the world, Noé pulls cultural threads from her upbringing that she blends with electronic elements and harmonic vocals to create a rich tapestry of sounds.

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