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Christoph Sebastian Pabst – Nautilus (Spotify)

“Regardless your mood, there's always some suitable music outhere to offer the best gift for your ears. This time we have found "Christoph Sebastian Pabst" and his track "Nautilus"; a special diamond of soothing Downtempo soundscapes. Full of peace and harmony. A short trip to the heavens.”

Nautilus is a beautiful spherical chillout track with felt piano, guitar and unconventional beat.

Claus Vega – Alma Vive (Spotify)

“The magic and unity of melodic sound, which so beautifully entwined slow pace and a variety of synthesized sounds. The call of -Alma Vive- is light, but its background is rich, because of the artist's special kind of discography.”

“Волшебство и единство мелодичного звука, в котором так красиво сплелись медленный, размеренный темп и разнообразие синтезированных звуков. Назвать -Alma Vive- лёгкой, фоновой музыкой будет неверным, ибо это своеобразное украшение вашей дискографии.”

This song is the opening song of Claus Vega's new Album GRAU including 17 tracks with various genres and many features and collaborations by local artists from Barcelona (Gitano Del Futuro, Kai Landre, Manu Chao, Fernanda Aleman and many more)

Goya – Yesterday (Spotify)

“Yes, we found a miracle in the face of -Yesterday-. The composition that completely justifies its name. Empty showcases in the pale night light, barely noticeable drop of rain and a rainbow of sound effects mixed with a simple, but very catchy melody.”

“Да, это чудо в лице композиции -Yesterday/Midnight Alley- полностью оправдывает своё название. Бледный свет догорающих в ночи витрин, едва ощутимые капли дождя и радуга из звуковых эффектов наложенными на простую, но очень запоминающуюся мелодию.”

Fake Fever – Star Harbor (Spotify)

“Nice hearing rustle of percussion, expressive rhythm pattern and vintage synthesizer sounds. -Star Harbor- is a lonely bright star from the album -Runoff-. Live emotions running from -Fake Fever-.”

“Приятный слуху шелест перкуссии, выразительная ритм секция и винтажный звук синтезаторов. -Star Harbor- яркая и такая одинокая звезда с альбома -Runoff-. Живые эмоции под управлением -Fake Fever-.”

Dreamy, star-gazing vibes with a knocking lo-fi backbeat for fans of the LA beat scene, vaporwave, downtempo/mellow IDM.

Matteblack – Make People Happy (Spotify)

“Slow steady beats of downtempo atmosphere and progressive house ideas. The perfect symbiosis and cocktail recipe has the title; -Make People Happy-. Do you want to quench your thirst? -Matteblack- tells you how!”

“Медленные, ломаные ритмы downtempo и нагнетающая атмосфера progressive house - идеальный симбиоз и рецепт коктейля под названием -Make People Happy-. Желаете утолить жажду? -Matteblack- подскажет как!”

Matteblack a music from Nottngham/U.K. Originally from a grime and hip hop background he seamlessly transitioned to dance music combining elements from deep house, melodic techno and progressive house through these genres he has excelled, progressing rapidly due to his inexhaustible imagination. It is in his appreciation for great music that makes him stand out, he understand the importance of well produced music and what it can do for people.

GaryOAKland, Chill Select – Russian Blues (Spotify)

“Look around, take another step and stop. Done? Now play the track -Russian Blues- and just enjoy it, coming to all of us on the heels of the summer season.”

“Просмотрите вокруг, сделайте ещё один шаг и остановитесь. Сделали? А теперь включите трек -Russian Blues- и просто наслаждайтесь наступающим всем нам на пятки летним сезоном.”

Chilled out, jazzy piano and guitar riffs play on top of ethereal atmospheres and washed out vocal chops. Super laid back vibes, good for relaxing & studying.

GaryOAKland is a San Francisco Bay Area music producer, beat maker, and competitive Super Smash Bros. player. Starting in jazz piano, his style has evolved across genres into Lofi beats, Future Funk, and Soulful R&B featuring singer Lee Brave. Follow GaryOAKland on Spotify or on Instagram @gary_oakland

Verdance – Is and Is Not (Spotify)

“Stunning sound magic delivered by "Verdance". Interesting Downtempo blend with some House elements. Your new favourite track "Is And Is Not" has come to stay for long. From the intro utill the last fading seconds, your amusement is guaranteed!”

Verdance' is the Downtempo/Electronic alias of Instrumental Hip Hop Beatmaker 'Handbook'; Jake Brown from York (UK). Bonobo-esque sampling techniques and danceable grooves give this project a familiar feel, but through unique soundscapes Jake creates worlds that only he could.

Verdance: "this project is a gateway to another world. Music has been that kind of salvation of late. If I can't find a musical world I want to escape to, I create one of my own. Plunge is my retreat, and hopefully listeners can escape there too"

'Is and Is Not' is the first single taken from the forthcoming album 'Plunge'

In no way inferior to some of the greats (Bonobo, Emancipator, Tor, Maribou State, Tycho), Plunge is a timeless project that you will keep coming back to time after time after time.

The full album 'Plunge' will release on limited edition 10" blue vinyl as well as digitally on March 31.

UK-based act Verdance is the newly born side project of Hip Hop instrumentalist Handbook. However, in this new expedition Verdance (Jake Brown) goes beyond the confines of genre in order to heavily emphasize imagery and mood by exploring the depths of electronica, deep house, and downtempo music.

Generally, when we thinking of the term ‘verdant’, our imagination is immediately wrapped by images of green, lush, nature, or perhaps the viridescence of spring – and that’s exactly the kind of garden-fresh aesthetic Verdance acquaints us with through his organic, yet lively soundscapes. City life for Jake has detached him from nature so Verdance creates an aural link to a world that we don't always get the opportunity to enjoy.

It’s only a matter of time until Verdance blossoms into a big fixture in the electronic and dance music domain.

Misaïdu – Full Scale Sf Action (Spotify)

“Misaidu offer a generous mix of exclusively electronic sounds. Experimenting with Psydub ideas and some Chill out elements, "Full Scale SF Action" has come to feed our imagination. The variety of wave vibrations is remarkable and every second seems unpredictable too!”

Full Scale SF Action is a breakbeat single that leads the listener into a futuristic atmosphere. It combines synthesizer, rhodes and zither samples, kicked by an heavy rhythmic section ! The track is built as a journey that ends with an overing last part.


A fraternal duo created by Thomas and Nicolas Beau, Misaidu stands out with its hybrid music. Through "Tiger Lily" and "How To Change", featured on U.BABA Vol.1, and a single titled "Half Light", we discover a generous and powerful sound, with multiple influences, sonorities and textures. This is no accident.

On the influences side of things, both brothers have bathed into the CDs, cassettes or vinyls of their parents. Quickly, they became independent music lovers and soaked up many genres ranging from hip hop to metal, from house to jazz and IDM.

The variety of processes sculpts the landscape of Misaidu’s music. The duo mixes sampling, analog and digital synthesis, drum machines and acoustic instruments such as bass or piano. The result is a colorful and bewitching electronic music and the duo wishes first and foremost to share their emotions and love for electronic music.

Matan Arkin – White Night (Spotify)

“Magic moments of beat, drums and piano keys from "Matan Arkin". This Study beats track has come to lighten up your night. Mystical soundscapes that merge with high frequency loops and vocal effects, form a mix with attitude. ”

Matan Arkin is a producer that creates magical music that not just moves bones and feet but also touches heart and soul.

Mystical sound landscapes merging with earthy beats from all over the world, of all kinds and genres.

There are no boundaries in his music which makes the listener be deeply touched and go on a mediate journey.

Rohne – Ceres (Spotify)

“Rhythm is our everything. It makes the heart pump blood through the pulsating veins. The polyrhythmy in the track -Ceres- just drives you crazy, and the rich ambient layers immerse you as if in a thick substance, where you dissolve and melt ...”

“Ритм наше всё. Он заставляет сердце гонять кровь по пульсирующим в такт венам. Полиритмия в треке -Ceres- просто сводит с ума, а насыщенные слои ambient погружают тебя словно в густую субстанцию, где ты растворяешься и таешь...”

Over a year since his last release, Rohne breaks the silence with “Ceres” — a blend of lush ambience, foley recordings, driving sub, and broken house rhythms. The emotive yet expansive track seems to act as the perfect departure from his debut album, taking his sound gently into a more club oriented direction.

Stream/download link here:

Originating from the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, electronic producer Rohne (Keenan Branch) has spent recent years honing his craft while traveling the world with a laptop, headphones, and field recorder. The culmination of ideas and inspirations captured at his home studio, mobile set ups in India, and places in-between, now lead to the release of his debut work Meridian. The album represents the blooming of a bond between Rohne, his art, and the world around him. Drawing influences from a wide range of genres, lush, organic and ethereal sounds, Rohne’s nuanced style of electronic music is an intimate and immersive experience of its own.

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