Grandbrothers – All The Unknown (Official Audio) (Video)

“Minimalism may sound simple for many, its not. You need good sound design skills and story telling in layering for not be sound empty or boring, here Grandbrothers grab this minimalism from the first seconds and push it far away, to unknown limits. unfolding a dreaming story telling through lush harmonics arps and soft sound. Goosebumps guaranteed!”

The debut single and title track out today from the album “All The Unknown” starts out with the clanging percussive piano figures that have danced across Grandbrothers’ previous terrain, but grows with the intensity of high-octane electronica to cast out allusions of classical romance, guided by emotive, cascading keys that collide with stuttering digital percussion.

The upcoming album maps out a wide-open sound-world of compositional possibilities for pianist Erol Sarp and producer / electronic engineer Lukas Vogel, who have been putting their modern and unique electronic spin on prepared piano since first forming in 2012. Forgoing the need to play every single note live, this new album sees the pair juxtapose the old and new once again, venturing further into the electronic cosmos armed with a grand piano, self-built computer-controlled mechanics, and a new sense of latitude.

The album All The Unknown is set for release January 15th 2021 via City Slang.

The Icarus Kid – Idyllwild (Video)

“Set you instantly in a harmonic oasis where beautiful melodic rivers flow, surrounded by rich layers but placed with a right minimalism and push you into a stargazing state!”

Artist shared with us the story behind this:
“In April we escaped the lockdown for a few days and rented a cabin overlooking the forest in Idyllwild, CA. Every morning a fog would blanket the valley below. It was beautiful. On the final morning I wrote this synthwave chillout track to capture the emotion I felt on those cold mornings taking in the sunrise.”

About the artist:
The Icarus Kid has been creating video game remixes and covers since 2009, accompanied by a high-energy live act. In 2020, he is expanding to release original electronic music in a variety of genres.

Carabine – The Word (Video)

“Don’t judge a book by the cover, likewise from our personal experience in music reviewing when the track moves on further the first second of synth minimalism, artist deploys new heartwarming layers, harmonic dreamy keys, hypnotic deep vocals with fx that pushes further the atmosphere. The downtempo elements here by Carabine, engage a daydreaming level for the listener and a memorable journey which invites you to press repeat again.”

“The Word” is a downtempo, electronic and ambient track, highly driven by synthesizer bass lines, with minimal loops filling in. The music video perfectly serves the purpose of the track’s zen and dark aspects.

The video is an abstract collage of images projected through incense smokes, of a man and a woman assumingely involved in an unhealthy love affair and both captured in this vicious cycle, until their greatest fear happens and ironically leads them to experiencing freedom for their soul.

Both of them separately end up finding freedom; the tattooed man praying behind prison bars and the woman staring at the sky acknowledging that “His yoke is easy and His burden is light” is not an unreachable saying, but a rather tough decision to make sometimes, yet one reminding her that heaven is the only place that offers everlasting love.


DJ Carabine’s previous album, “VI”, entered the “iTunes Canada Top 200 All Genre Release Chart” in 2018 and reached #5 in the Electronic Music category and has known high peaks on the Spotify Discover Weekly playlist, bringing the first single, “IV”, to more than 150k streams and second single “III” to above 50k. Two years later, DJ Carabine is coming up with a third album.

“Fixed”, being released on September 25, has mainly been crafted during lockdown after a long period of creative struggles and battle against depression.

“I thought that 2019 was a terrible year. It felt like I was drowning more and more. Just before lockdown, I was even thinking that it couldn’t get any worse; I felt so much pressure. As crazy as it may sound, the lockdown became a glimmer of hope and my first reaction was to explode in laughter. I realized that I couldn’t control anything, so I let the music flow.”


Inspired by the likes of downtempo Bonobo, the electric tones of Daft Punk and a Kendrick Lamar touch on the lyrics, “Fixed” is an EDM musical essay that pictures the walk in the valley of the shadows of Carabine.

The album leads you in her everlasting circle of depression. The song “Falling” is an image of what happens when you are too stubborn to listen to any teachings. She said:

“I thought it’s a little funny to reach a point of being so stubborn that you don’t even listen to such things as: “Watch your step when you get off the train”, so you fall off the train… but I can be that stubborn sometimes.”

“City of Nothing” is about the moment you think “you are in full control”. The entire journey leads you to realizing that you are rather a slave of wanting to be in control until the pure moment of let go that is “The Word”.

Obsqure Interview on Nagamag



What are the genres that describe better your music style?

I would say a mixture of downtempo, chill-out, some future garage vibes, Trip-hop with an oriental touch.

Few words about your musical background and career?

i had a few years of music theory when i was a kid. i also was a cello player. i didn't follow up the line because of my studies and sports. At some time i had to choose between being a professional swimmer and a musician. i went for swimming but i have never really stopped listening to music and digging very deep into it. i remember listening to different kind of music on the radio and trying to dismantle every track even though i wasn't into music composition yet, i had my own way of listening individually to the sounds and different tracks in a song. i was already analyzing songs structures and melodies without even knowing it.
i remember getting a trial version of FL Studio (Called Fruity Loops Studio at that time) in a CD-Rom. i was 11 years old and very curious. And that's where the story begins.
i went by different nicknames, the normal curriculum of any artist i guess, i composed different music styles mainly House Music and groovy stuff like Tech-House, Deep-House and Progressive House. i began afterward looking for a specific artistic identity and things lead me to what i am doing now.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

i grew up in a musical atmosphere, listening to vast amount of varied music. i am also brother to a music teacher and a nephew to a couple of drummers. i had to be in the music industry by any means.

Music has no borders and many of us we may listen to more genres that we are mainly involved. So share with Nagamag which track comes first in your mind from music but is NOT similar to your genre?

Reflekt Feat. Delline Bass "Need To Feel Loved"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Massive Attack "Antistar"

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NOTI – lympha (Video)

“guitar, keys, beats, it may sound easy for most but few really knows how to catch the right harmonic vibes, tell a right story, mix fine and leave you with a taste of sweet memorable vibes, well one of those few artists are and Noti with his track Lympha at Radicalis. Among the many similar musics we receive, among the thousand releases daily in the genre, few have the right bliss in harmonics and mix. Well done!”

Benjamin Noti is a Basel-based producer and musician. He has worked with Audio Dope, Steff la Cheffe, The Rumours, Greis, Noti Wümié, Manillio, Anna Rossinelli, James Gruntz, Sam Himself, and the Basel Symphony Orchestra, among many others. easing is Noti’s first instrumental solo-production. The recent lockdown afforded the highly sought-after songwriter and instrumentalist an opportunity to craft this production at his home studio. The 5-song EP showcases Noti’s wide-ranging abilities as a songwriter and musician, and draws on his rich experience as a fixture in the Swiss scene. Noti’s diverse influences, unified by his distinct, original style, shine through on lead single “85km/h”; an ode to poised motion, the track pulsates, subtly speeds up and slows down but remains ultimately unstoppable – much like the artist himself.

Emiji – Adventures (Spotify)

“Brilliant sound design, with the right selection of harmonies and sounds, blend together through a fine mix and engaging an endless daydream to the listener. Wonderful downtempo chill track by Emiji in Sakre Music.”

Emiji is a Dublin based artist, composer, sound engineer and music producer.He provides us with beautiful, soothing sounds of pianos, textural ambiences, cinematic drums, engaging and epic atmospheres, and relaxing voices. His music meets our deepest roots in a peaceful place where we can dive deep into ourselves and go for a beautiful, introspective Journey.Emiji encapsules deep emotions, mixed with sometimes dark and sometimes epic atmospheres. His music is an eclectic genre bending mix of IDM, Cinematic and Ambient, much like the journey of a roller coaster.

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Earthphish – ‘Raincoat’ (Video)

“Raincoat from Earthphish has a so addictive triphopish downtempo groove, well mixed together with fine vocals that hypnotize you more into their regulated succession of strong elements. On repeat!”

The song is about the journey in life … to keep going when things are getting tough and take the risk to enter the path to the unknown …Few words about EarthphishFormed in Switzerland 2001 by Donovan John Szypura, Aleksandra Mirjana Crossan, and Andre Ledergerber. Earthphish later converted to a duo – Choreographer and Singer Aleksandra Mirjana Crossan and Composer and Producer Donovan John Szypura became a symbiosis of music and dance. They produced numerous award-winning contemporary dance pieces between 2001 and 2005. Their demo CD ‘Metropolis’ was produced in 2001, followed by their debut CD ‘Soft Green Exit’ in 2003. The last EP ‘Earthphish’ was released in 2006.Earthphish fell into hibernation. They appeared in Australia in 2012 and are now based in Tasmania. Earthphish awakened in 2020 and released the single ‘Raincoat’ and ‘Rite Of Life’. Earthphish announced to release a set of singles before releasing the album called ‘Turtles All The Way Down’ in November 2020.Lee Scratch Perry, the grandmaster of Reggae and Dub will be featured on the song ‘Deadlock’.

Yolcu – A Hunter and the Prey (Video)

“”A Hunter and the Prey” from Yolcu is a dark hypnotic downtempo electronica with elegant layering and a quick arp which instead of make the track “fast” it initiates more the state of hypnosis their lead warm vocals drive you. A fine dark pop theme with a beautiful video, deep emotional!”

Anatolian-inflected art-pop and indie-electronica duo Yolcu are poised to announce their debut release with the arrival of ‘ A Hunter and the Prey’ due this September. Lifted from the pair’s forthcoming EP ‘In Stream’, the accompanying video fuses the track’s atmospheric and propulsive electronica with a meditative, exploratory landscape, offering a perfect embodiment of delicate melodies and triumphant song craft.

They detail the track: “A Hunter and the Prey is about becoming a part of a system, and how that process consumes and changes a person. It’s the way in which money, profit and industrialisation can slowly affect peoples’ personalities, like a psychological or physical sickness. It’s the enveloping relationship between employees and their employers; a hunter and it’s prey. In time, this system becomes their world.”

Yolcu first met in 2017 while studying sonic arts in Istanbul. It was an interest in the musical heritage of each other’s country that brought Dağ Taş (TR) and Joe Conchie (UK) together. Their outside perspectives helped ignite in the other an enthusiasm for the richness of their own musical cultures. Dağ, hailing from the frantic metropolis Istanbul, a lifelong fan of the British alternative scene, and Joe, from the sparsely populated, pastoral Northumberland, moved by the sound and emotion of Turkish folk music.

Before meeting, Dağ had an alternative indie rock project ‘Golden Horn’, while Joe was composing and performing folk music and producing electronic music. From 2017, Dağ took up bağlama, a Turkish folk instrument, and Joe started to compose and produce music in the vein of British electronica. During their studies they also immersed themselves in experimental approaches to sound creation and manipulation, composing and performing electro- acoustic music around Istanbul.

The excitement of bringing these musical worlds together birthed Yolcu. With songs that reflect the existential yearnings of Anatolian folk music and with an emotional authenticity summoned from the soul of the land around them, Dağ’s powerful baritone voice, ornamented with Turkish microtonal tuning, wraps around Joe’s twisted synth lines and productions, creating a unique blend of folk-inflected modern electronica and pop. Many of their songs feature bağlama and use the voice as an instrument, which, although they directly call upon the spirit of the region, are employed in a non-traditional way.

When they formed the project, Dağ and Joe set up their studio under Mount Ida, home of several Greek myths, on the Aegean Coast of Turkey. By the sea and under a mountain, inspired by the place and its isolation, there they spent many fruitful periods of time experimenting, composing and refining their sound, all the while cementing their friendship and creative partnership. This significant stage was the genesis all of Yolcu’s music and identity, and the location continues to be their home for the project.

Jaap Mol – Feeling (Spotify)

“Feeling from Jaap Mol at Forest Wood Records is an daydreaming anthem with soft chill vibes and emotional harmonies which get the peak feeling when vocal starts. Imagine a person walking in a forest, climbing to the top of a mountain and when reach its destination seeing the stunning view, filled from the emotions of freedom and feel light as a cloud, this is what this track delivers to the listener. Beautiful electronica.”

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