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Mint Julep – A Rising Sun (Spotify)

“Harmonic, spiritual and carefully composed Electronic piece awaited for March. A rising desire to explore the world of Mind Julep, makes us look forward to tasting an effort that is heading towards success.”

The Portland husband/wife duo of Mint Julep have been experimenting with dream pop for over a decade now, but their recent output has taken an even more introspective turn toward the intimate vein of bedroom recordings established by projects like Foxes in Fiction and their Orchid Tapes peers.

The latest single “A Rising Sun" from Hollie and Keith Kenniff’s newest record, In a Deep and Dreamless Sleep out March 19th on Western Vinyl, constructs this dreamy atmosphere with softly plucked acoustic guitar and a basic beat before smearing more layers of instrumentation over the course of the track. After Hollie’s voice comes in, tapping snare, dreamy guitar, and ambient synth flourishes take the song to a dreamy finish.

Cuushe – Magic [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (Video)

“Magic by Cuushe is a dreamy chillwave/pop song with sensual soulful vocals and beautiful melodic lines, delivering small rain drops of nostalgia around through a heartwarming sound design which gives a softness tickling to ears as a fresh fluffy pillow does.”

Following the big and bright return single “Hold Half”, today Cuushe shares “Magic”, the second single from WAKEN. The track features Mayuko’s distinct whispering vocals flowing in and out of the night drive-style electronic melodies. The “Magic” video is directed by Tao Tajima with animation from Yoko Kuno.

Mayuko Hitotsuyanagi puts clear outlines on her music with upcoming album WAKEN — a collection of vital, dream-pop centric beats and analog soundscapes woven with her newly freed voice, set for a November 20th release via FLAU. It moves through flamboyant analog synthesizers that seem to communicate with the universe, distorted guitars and mille-feuille-layered choruses. Wildly struck snares and beats recall the rave sounds of the ’90s, energetic, carefree.

MKSM – Know Your Love – Orchestral (Spotify)

“This song if had hands would be a warm hug from your loved one that goosepumb your whole body, when beautiful cinematic music, soft grooves and vocals with strong warm character join forces. Know your next love song here.”

KNOW YOUR LOVE describes one of many online dates that was meant to serve as a desperate attempt to numb the throbbing loneliness - but this time the strange suddenly feels familiar ...

How come you're just a stranger
Somehow I know your love

The deep baritone of the verses and the soft sounds of the string orchestra give KNOW YOUR LOVE something that you won't forget and that grabs you and takes you in. A dull hopelessness that has almost been accepted as a dark companion threatens to gain the upper hand. The use of the reverby indie guitar chords and the subtle percussion elements support the voice in the chorus as it leaps over two octaves - deep-seated disappointment turns into hopeful confidence.

The cinematic 'CHAMBER POP' number, produced by Maxi Menot, appears as part of the LISTEN TO BERLIN compilation and shows the singer, songwriter and violinist, detached from the tracks of his debut EP, from another, completely new side. MKSM shows how many sides and moods alternative indie pop can have.

Rook Monroe – Jolie (Spotify)

“Jolie from Rook Monroe on Wayward & Friends is a dreap pop song with funk and rock influences which generates a sweet morning atmosphere to start your day in good vibes. Sensational!”

Rook Monroe's debut single sets an organic tone in the first step of his earnest narrative. As it reaches the chorus, he lofts in falsetto the eponymous Jolie over finely crafted production from his close collaborators, Trackside (Tinashe, BabyJake, Selena Gomez). The driving track nonetheless dances tenderly, laced with a moving bassline and moody horns.

Crafted in LA as part of a yearlong process of musical discovery, Rook Monroe's upcoming self-written project was developed with Trackside, and will include contributions from the likes of Grammy Producer of the Year winning Brendan O'Brien (Pearl Jam, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen)

Though Jolie is Rook Monroe's first original release, he is no stranger to the music industry. Having penned Rihanna's critically acclaimed 'Desperado' - and more singles for artists ranging wide, from Jeremih to The Chainsmokers - he summons all his influences into a rock influenced package for his passion project.

"Sometimes songs are simply meant to be enjoyed. This is one of those. Touching more on what’s felt, simply being human, than provoking feelings to place you in an emotion... which much of my music to come will do. Feeling, as natural as it may be, is still as confusing as our limited knowledge of the stars. Jolie is me, feeling."

Superheart – Don’t Look Down (Spotify)

Don't Look Down from Superheart, at Akira Records and his same titled ep is a well produced daydreaming anthem with a melody that will keep playing in your mind after it finished and soft dream vocals. What Superheart says about his music and will agree 100% his is a "dreamy underwater anti-gravity flying music".

George van Wetering – New Kid (piano version) (Video)

This year George is set to make his solo debut, starting with the release of his piano ballad “New Kid”, featuring artist Kristeen Young, mixed by the legendary producer Tony Visconti.

“You have to be a conscious artist to mess with the rules, and George van Wetering’s music embodies a free spirit that finds harmony with disparate elements and a pattern without a formula. This is music of the Non-Conformist. Here, the dark and the light intertwine to make some really great tracks with great electronic elements.” George van Wetering, Dutch singer and songwriter, was once part of the growing roster of foreign acts released by Chinese record company Modern Sky. In the US and the Netherlands, his albums were released by Zip Records / Sony. George has toured extensively across China, the Netherlands, Canada and the USA. “Taking cues from artists across the cultural spectrum, this is the industrial goth band before the EDM cult of personality took over”. George and his band gained a large following in China while also gaining traction in North America. He also frequently participated in China’s growing music festivals, including performances at the Strawberry Music Festival, World Expo in Shanghai, and the Modern Sky Festival in Beijing. Highlights of his shows in North America were performances at SXSW, NXNE, CMJ and the Sled Island Festival (Canada) at which the show was considered the highlight of the festival.

MOLTENO – Waves (Spotify)


Dream pop

MOLTENO Continues elemental theme with “WAVES”, a future ethereal dream pop immersion in the consequences of actions.

MOLTENO’s second release of 2020 transforms experimental electronic, dream pop and alternative R&B influences to an innovative astral plane.

“Waves” explores the butterfly effect of one small action; be that the words you say that alter a relationship, or the way a toxin can radiate from a drop to an entire ocean.

Produced by Amour Haider, Hans Engstrom and Jan Oldaeas and teamed with her future ethereal aesthetic, the shared artistry of MOLTENO’s musical & visual representation is utterly magical. With previous releases attracting support from BBC Introducing, Spotify Editorial teams, Get Some Magazine, Indie Obsessive and Audiotox amongst others.

All of MOLTENO’s music is born in her home studio, before being built up with her collaborators and she has taken her ethereal performance to the likes of Camp Bestival, Fractalight Festival Of Light and Camden Assembly alongside radio sessions with Shoreditch FM and Soho Radio.

‘Clear, controlled and evocative – MOLTENO’s vocal is pearlescent. it hovers over the shifting landscapes like the moon which it seeks out... Listen, intently, and you’ll be transfixed’ - Fresh On The Net

‘Shimmering, otherworldly dream pop’ - Earthly Pleasures

Comparisons are often drawn between MOLTENO and Bjork and “Waves” furthers their shared passion for elemental soundscapes that transcend planet Earth.

Silona Interview on


Dream pop

What are the genres that describe better your music style?

Dream pop, Indie, synth pop.

Few words about your musical background and career?

As a young adult I was a vocalist in choirs and acapella group. Not long until I formed my own group named "Intonica" which had glorious success in the European choir scene. At 2009 the group of five singers (including myself) won grand prize in the international Musica Mundi’s choir games. While harmonies and vocal technics had always been great friends of mine, it could never measure to the comfort I find in creating my own sound, melody and lyrics. In February 2018 I have finally released the first song of the debut EP - Immortal. In February 2020 the entire EP is set to be unveiled with the last single's 'Goodbye Friend' release.After two years of performing and touring with the Immortal EP, nowadays I am concentrated on producing new music.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

I was probably 4 years old pressing notes on our home organ, figuring out how to play out loud the melodies I have in my mind. I would usually sing them to myself, then find the notes place on the instrument. Not much have changed, since then.


You mentioned a new song release in February 2020. Could you tell us more about this song?

'Goodbye Friend' ... symbolically enough seals my debut EP with desperation of an unsung goodbye. When I first wrote it, the first part that came to my mind both melodically and lyrically was the chorus. I remember sitting in my apartment, crying the loss of my dearest pet friend who has just died. I still to this day have the recording of me singing and playing the guitar of that same heart tearing chorus. Five years later I confronted myself with these emotions and rewrote the whole song, though singing about a whole other individual. Just as we are all immortal, at the same time all have an end.

Music has no borders and many of us we may listen to more genres that we are mainly involved. So share with Nagamag which track comes first in your mind from music but is NOT similar to your genre?

Ars Antiqua De Paris "Reis Glorios"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Mazzy Star "Into Dust"

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