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OLI – Don’t Give Up (Video)

“How often have you heard and listened to your inner voice telling you not to give up? This track reminds all of us not to give up and keep going, even if it’s hard and beyond the threshold of a blizzard. Wonderful Dream Pop and insightful vocals that captivate as soon as you dive into them.”

“Как часто вы слышали и слушали свой внутренний голос, который говорил вам не сдаваться? Этот трек напоминает всем нам не опускать руки и продолжать идти, даже если тяжело и за порогом вьюга. Прекрасный Dream Pop и проницательный вокал, которые очаровывают сразу, как только погружаешься в них.”

Since launching last year, OLI’s lush, ethereal soundscapes, expansive and inspired visual perspectives, and non-conformist alt-pop songwriting have earned her critical acclaim.

With a sultry combination of deep bass and swirling synth textures, sitting beneath OLI’s effortlessly cool vocals, the single came as a result of the common experiences shared in 2020 and the sheer resilience OLI observed amongst people. Speaking of the song’s inspirations, OLI said: “I think last year a lot of the feeling was just to keep going and keep your head above water. I felt that around me a lot, friends losing jobs, experiencing periods of bad mental health and somehow pushing on. It made me realise how resilient people are and how little they give themselves credit for it.”

She continues: “I wanted the song to show that, to feel like a voice inside your head letting you know everything will be alright. That we are in this together. If anything, I hope the listener feels a little encouraged after hearing the song.”

The song will arrive with an equally luscious music video. Shot in Finland, OLI wanted to turn the fact that so many people she works with are so far away into a positive, and handed over the reins to Finland based videographer Heini Susanne to create the visually stunning video. OLI said: “I knew we didn’t need to be near to create something great together. The music video was actually filmed in Finland without me there. I wanted Heini to feel like she could do/try whatever she thought would look unique, instead of me instructing her on what I wanted.” The video sees a weary traveller lost in the snow-covered woods, battling his inner demons as he tries to find refuge.

The artwork and press photos for the single were made in collaboration with Gabrielle Salonga, a digital media artist. The pair had OLI pose in front of a green screen, with the 3D elements added in post-production.

OLI moved to London from New Jersey at the age of 2. Growing up in a musical family, she was always encouraged to be creative – writing her first song when she was only 7. Her influences range from the likes of Sade and Dion Warwick to bands such as Stereophonics, Supergrass and Pearl Jam and Pink Floyd. OLI co-writes and produces with legendary producer Benny D (Stormzy, Boy George, Kylie, Plan B, Robbie Williams, Paloma Faith, Depeche Mode).

ADDY – Wounds (Spotify)

“Inspired by life's various difficulties, "Wounds" brings in mind the fact that we should never give up trying for the better. Just out and in Dream Pop mood, it calls for a sweet and short trip into soft soundscapes. Sit back and enjoy!”

Introducing Addy, a self-empowered Norwegian singer/songwriter classic pop artist. Her story is filled with struggles and pain as the party life led Addy down the wrong path, but believing in second chances, she found a new sense of motivation to do what she loves to do.

In her youth, she performed on different Norwegian music television (Norwegian Idol and The Voice). Addy made her trip across the pond to LA and later Las Vegas to start a music career in her later years, but she never really found her place. She returned to Norway and started working on her debut album “Wounds,” in collaboration with international songwriter Autumn Rowe (Dupa Lipa, Jon Batiste) and Billboard producer Berent Phillip Moe (Fetty Wap, Madcon, Miskovsky).

A cohesive classic pop album with a bit of edge inspired by artists like Adele and Celine Dion. The album tells the story of Addy’s life to where she was and where she is now.

Josephine Philip – The Clue (Spotify)

“Taken from Josephine's forthcoming album, this single has some Cinematic touch. A slightly melancholic story of love unfolds from the lyrics and the delicate singer's voice matches perfectly with the chilling background patterns.”

The Clue is a contemporary love song. It revolves around impossible love and the acceptance of it.

The track is also an homage to Nina Simone’s version of Billie Holiday’s song Don’t Explain.

Don’t Explain was written by Holliday in response to one of her husband’s affairs. When he tried to explain away why lipstick was on his collar, Simone responded disgustingly “Take a bath, man; don’t explain”.”

Philip’s The Clue is an inspirational tribute to the great women, their sound, storytelling and courage, that took to the microphone and stage before her - a driven, vulnerable, poetic and empowering track.

Paula Jivén – What Are You Hungry For? (Spotify)

“The minimalist of the sound, in which, every sound element in its place, the Dream Pop rhythm section fascinates with its airy atmosphere, and the vocals take off our solar system. The sound is very high quality, and the main thing is the positive and correct atmosphere, which in the aggregate is awakening exclusively positive emotions!”

“Минималистичность звучания, в котором каждый звуковой элемент на своём месте, ритм-секция Dream Pop очаровывает своей воздушностью, а вокал уносит за пределы нашей солнечной системы. Звук очень качественный, а главное позитивная и правильная атмосфера, что в совокупности пробуждает исключительно положительные эмоции!”

Paula Jivén makes spellbindingly original pop music, each song sparked from her radiant imagination. At just 17-years-old, she’s already cultivated a truly singular voice as an artist, one that defies all expectations in favor of following her most playful and daring instincts. With a self-described mission of “disrupting the comfortable and comforting the disrupted”, Jivén is set to deliver a debut body of work revealing her supreme gifts as a storyteller and the tremendous power of her captivating voice. October 1st saw the release of her debut single “What Are You Hungry For?”.

Paula Jivén about the track:

“WAYHF? is a song about self-sabotage and self-doubt, but also covering growth and self-love. I wrote it to a close friend who was going through a personal crisis. I wanted to bring comfort and love to her distress, give her a sense of peace but also reflect on the big questions, if you see what I mean? That's where the question comes in. What Are You Hungry For? What brings meaning and joy, and - you name it - to your life? That's the question that I want to ask you. Because I want to know! <3"

Zoë Ferguson – christine (Spotify)

“Melodic elements and vocals in which exciting couplets, rhythmic parts and samples are clearly traced. Work with a very soft, warm sound that causes an amazing resonance and a dreamy mood.”

“Мелодичные партии инструментов и вокал, в которых отчётливо прослеживаются возбуждающие куплеты, ритмичные бриджи и припевы. Создаётся очень мягкое, тёплое звучание, вызывающее удивительный резонанс в душе и мечтательное настроение.”

Probably About You' is the first EP of 19 year old pop singer-songwriter Zoë Ferguson from Portland, Oregon. Zoë started writing this collection of 7 songs when she was just 14 years old. Zoë writes about breakups and experiences of a teenager. Zoë writes on piano and can't wait for the world to hear this collection!!

Laura Brehm -The Dawn Is Still Dark (Video)

“Emotional, discreet and elegant song which can cause admiration from its first seconds. Fascinating harmony and storm of indescribable emotions! We advise you to suspend all your current affairs and enjoy the impressive voice of Laura Brehm embraced by atmospheric music!”

“Эмоциональный, но при этом сдержанный и уверенный посыл песни восхищает с первых секунд. Завораживающая гармония и буря непередаваемых эмоций! Советуем вам приостановить все текущие дела и насладиться впечатляющим голосом Laura Brehm и атмосферной музыкой!”

“The Dawn Is Still Dark,” the title track from Laura Brehm’s brand new full length album, is a call to raise awareness of the climate crisis. The official video, directed by Chris Orwat of Pure Cinematography and filmed in rural northern Colorado, begins sad and dark, Laura seemingly alone in the world, in an unconscious state and seeing flashes of environmental crises and protests. As the emotional intensity of the song progresses, a new incarnation of Laura appears, bringing hope and light, and a vision of something better that awaits in the future if we truly work together in unity and love.

One of the most highly sought-after vocalists in the EDM realm, Laura Brehm emerges from her chrysalis to reveal her debut full length album, ‘The Dawn Is Still Dark.’ The self-produced record showcases the diverse talent of the Denver-based songwriter, producer, and musician.

Laura crafts delicate and powerful pop ballads, intertwining electronic and orchestral threads. She delves into personal battles with anxiety, as well as the collective anxiety of impending climate change.

“My new album is a play on the phrase we’ve all heard, ‘it’s darkest before the dawn.’ The title puts a twist on this by conveying it’s still dark outside when you expected the sunrise. It’s generally about times in our lives where we feel that we have waited so long, we have done all we can, we are at the end of our strength, and when we think we’ll finally be arriving at the end of the tunnel, more darkness awaits. However, with the strength you have gained through the process, you are able to ascend through the darkness. It’s very meaningful to me because it comes from my own personal experience with anxiety, insomnia, unhealthy relationships, and escapism. I hope to help the listener process through their own similar emotions and leave them with a feeling of strength, inspiration, or renewal by the time they’ve listened through.”

Laura Brehm’s album The Dawn Is Still Dark is available now via AntiFragile Music. Listen/download here:

Scott Fisher – The Right Way (Spotify)

“In a world of much electronic noise its refreshing to hear the natural sounds of instruments powered by creative humans. Lyrics are very poetic and stitched by the beat of the drum to perfection. ”

Los Angeles-based producer and singer-songwriter Scott Fisher has shared “The Right Way,” the first single to be released from his forthcoming album 93 Million Miles, out October 26th via 1 A.M. Music. The groove-filled, slow burning jam features Enrique Gonzalez (Los Lobos) on the drums, and marks the first music Fisher has released since his 2019 album Songs of Jerry Garcia and Others. Speaking on the origins of the song, Fisher writes “...[“The Right Way”] was born out of the isolation of the pandemic and a little too much wine. Ultimately, it has a hopeful message of self-confidence and staying true to one’s first principles.”

Julie Elody – Pedestal (Spotify)

“Very dynamic and detailed work, also preserving melodiousness and harmony. Music that is firmly entrusted to your brain and does not fade away. Its waves run through the body one after another. Big and enchanting Dream Pop rhythms.”

“Детально продуманная работа, очень динамичная, но при этом сохранившая в себе мелодичность и гармонию. Музыка, которая прочно въедается в ваш мозг и не даёт передохнуть. Одна за другой волны пробегают по телу, всё большое и больше очаровывая ритмами Dream Pop.”

New Orleans singer/songwriter, Julie Elody has had quite an impressive run this summer with releasing a single every month and her new song "Pedestal" is the cherry on top. "Pedestal" tells the story of her craving admiration, and doing just about anything to get it (i.e. the lyrics, "sneaking out the door, I should have stayed home").

Julie has released over 20 singles and has hopped on features like "Down" with Mark Mendy, "Pennies" with Just Chillax, and even a feature with Pitbull called "Your Love".

Fresh off the success her latest single "Love A Good Release" (which is currently sitting at just over 30,000 streams on Spotify). Julie returns with her infectious style to start the autumn season off right.

Palmaria – Ocean (Spotify)

“We'd like to highlight the emotional vocal part, which so perfectly fits with those guitar soundscapes. Colourful sound palette with deep blue, irradiating on the sunny water surface of the vast ocean. True pleasure!”

“Сразу же хочется выделить эмоциональную вокальную составляющую, которая так отлично вписывается в гитарные пейзажи. Красочное полотно, как синяя, переливающаяся на солнце водная гладь бескрайнего океана. Истинное наслаждение!”

Palmaria are an Alt Pop duo from a small town in Italy, currently residing in London. Members Giulia and Francesco have been making a name for their distinctive sound, poetically transporting listeners on a journey of dreamy landscapes and uplifting experiences. Think The xx meets Sylvan Esso, meets Little Dragon on a field trip to the Italian coast.

Their latest single “Ocean” is off of their upcoming EP, Crystallize. Co-written and produced with B-CROMA (Yendry, Fia Moon), the single stays true to their sound of delicate, hypnotizing vocals with a mix of organic sounds and utopian guitars. Taking sonic inspiration from the drums on James Blakes’ “You’re Too Precious”, the duo re-interpreted the sound through Francesco’s classical guitar.

The song is inspired by the legend of Colapesce, the magical story of a man that sacrifices his life on earth, turning into a fish to save his island, but also highlights the problem of the pollution of the ocean. “Ocean” is a call for help. The duo confides, “We wanted to give voice to our frustration; it’s been hurtful to see what is happening, especially growing up in a town almost surrounded by the sea. The ocean has always been such an important element in our lives, inspiring and healing us everytime we were in need, so it’s now our turn, we have to protect it.”

“Ocean” takes you to a surreal, idyllic, safe place, where you can feel free and you can be yourself, inspiring creativity and kindness. In this particular case, kindness towards nature, in a time where it’s pivotal that we stop ignoring the dangers we are already facing and start taking action. The single release sees the duo partnering with OGYRE - an environmental organization that protects oceans and collects plastic waste from the shores, turning it into products.

Palmaria have garnered acclaim from publications such as Complex, The Line of Best Fit and CLASH and have been playlisted by numerous official Spotify and Apple playlists including New Music Friday, Fresh Finds and many more, amassing over 3 million streams across DSPs to date.

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