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SONOf – Stoaway (Spotify)

“A great track to lose yourself into. The distant vocals seem to shine across the studio floor. The beat builds and climaxes in a soothing guitar riff. ”

A warm wind with eyes closed : Harmony to a far off stare : A window seat just beneath the clouds.

Kiey – Sunday Sanctuary (Spotify)

“Very fresh delivery in the Electro Pop scene, from those which we appreciate from the first seconds. Rich sound pallete with organized mix of pads and melodic patterns. The song starts smoothly and quickly changes with dynamic shifts, followed by the lyrical part. True masterpiece by "Kiey"!”

Mauvey – 9 (Spotify)

“Magnificent single with a powerful coefficient inspiration. Track that can and need to be listed many times. Juicy chorus that makes the most deep strings for the soul and the impressive arrangement will make this work your long time favourite!”

“Великолепный сингл с мощным коэффициентом вдохновения. Трек, который можно и нужно переслушивать множество раз. Сочный припев заставляет дрогнуть самые глубинные струны души, а впечатляющая аранжировка сделает эту работу вашим фаворитом на долгие времена! ”

9 is the first release by Mauvey on 604 Records. Mauvey is a new pop/experimental hip hop artist. born in Ghana, raised in the UK and currently living in Canada Mauvey's music touches on a wide range of influences from Davido and Childish Gambino to Bon Iver.

Vincent Liou – Safe to Consume (Spotify)

“A stunning composition with a memorable chorus and excellent measured rhythm of the narration. -Safe to consume- song is one of the few, which personifies calm and harmony. Very melodic, gently and easily listened. Magnificent example of high-quality Dream Pop sound.”

“Потрясающая композиция с запоминающимся припевом и отличным размеренным ритмом повествования. -Safe to Consume- работа одна из немногих, которая олицетворяет спокойствие и гармонию. Очень мелодичная, мягко и легко слушается. Великолепный пример качественного dream pop звучания.”

Vincent Liou releases his vivid, sensational music video for his lonesome and desolate indie-pop single, “Safe to Consume”

JULY 23RD, 2021 – Directed by Torin Dinh, Arizona-based artist Vincent Liou released his third official music video of 2021 for his track “Safe to Consume”, which is also the third song on his four-track EP titled ‘Big Surf’.

“Safe to Consume”

Inspired by John Mayer’s notorious “New Light” music video, “Safe to Consume” was filmed at a house and dirt road by the mountains in Phoenix, Arizona with the intention of creating a comical yet sensational song on the Internet. Despite the minor hiccups – including the car's window being too tinted and not being able to film any shots looking into the car – the music video production all worked out better than expected.

The primary narrative behind “Safe to Consume” is all about never giving up on your relationships or goals, and trying to better oneself. There are times in life when you go through ups-and-downs, but knowing that you're doing the best you can should always be enough. In essence, the song was written about the notion of taking a look at all your current struggles and obstacles in your life – whether it be vices or personal shortcomings – and saying, "I believe in myself, I can do this."

While the song is an indie-pop track at its core, the song was written with pop-punk influences from bands such as blink-182 and State Champs. In the song, Vincent Liou sang in the vocal range that was closest to his speaking voice to provide a pleasurable break from the other songs on the Big Surf EP, which are sung in relatively higher ranges.

Vincent wrote the lyrics with tongue in cheek to remind his fans that while life is unpredictable, you’ll be fine as long as you keep going and have a good moral compass. “Safe to Consume” was created as a self-reminder and proclamation to the world that whenever you face rejection or feel like a failure, you should listen to this song and remember that you are enough – always.


“When you have a shot that requires you to see the inside of the car, make sure the windows aren't tinted.”

-Vincent Liou

Oehl – Keine Angst (Video)

“”Oehl” chose a prototypical way to communicate their message via this Indie Pop single. In “Keine Angst”, cool beat and oldstyle synth elements are softly blended with acoustic guitar chords. The artists have brought John Lennon back to life to make us think about the climatic issue of our planet.”

John Lennon sightings in Argentina, Austria and Iceland. Is he back?

Across the Universe: Austrian-Argentinian Band collaboration brings John Lennon back to life.

Keine Angst. That means No Fear.

That is the answer the Austrian-Icelandic pop duo Oehl offer up to the most burning issue of our times, the climate crises. Don‘t be afraid of change, it‘s inevitable. The only choice we have is to be an active part of it.

And what better icon of hope could there be, other than the 20th century messiah, John Lennon, himself.

But how can this be? Is it really John himself or a state-of-the-art deepfake? See for yourself.

Silvia Nita – Vulnerable (Video)

“If you believe in love and independent feelings and you’re not afraid to be vulnerable in a stream of emotions, the song -Vulnerable- is just for you. Atmospheric, crystal electro & dream pop sound, with a dreamy and slightly aspiration vocal touch of -Silvia Nita-.”

“Если вы верите в любовь и независимость чувств и не боитесь быть уязвимыми в потоке из чувств, то песня -Vulnerable- для вас. Атмосферное, кристальное звучание electro & dream pop и мечтательный, с лёгким придыханием вокал -Silvia Nita-.”

“Vulnerable” describes the common fear of falling in love. The story is inspired by a dating stage where the desire for emotional attachment conflicts with the need to be independent. The bittersweet feeling of this journey is musically enriched by the alternation of electric guitar with violin, all on a steady electronic beat. This gives the song a dream pop/nostalgic vibe, being perfect to be listened to at night, when travelling or taking the time to reflect on life.

Silvia Nita is a singer-songwriter from Bucharest, Romania. Aged 21, she decided to take her passion and work with music to another level, debuting with the song “Vulnerable”. The single hints to the music style that is currently closest to her heart – pop, with some almost dark, dreamy influences. Silvia promises to only create and share music that resonates with her soul, whilst hoping to capture the pulse of society, especially the youth.

Ghostly Kisses – I asked the moon ft. Louis-ientienne Santais (Video)

“Composer and poet -Ghostly Kisses- created a truly fascinating creation. -J’ai demandé à la lune- draws musical canvas, in which the sounds of the piano naked and enveloping, this delicate and exciting voices affect all corners of our humble souls.”

“Композитор и поэт -Ghostly Kisses- создала по истине завораживающее творение. -J’ai demandé à la lune- рисует музыкальное полотно, в котором звуки голого пиано и обволакивающего, такого хрупкого и волнующего голоса затрагивают все уголки наших скромных душ.”

J’ai demandé à la lune – Indochine
Reprise par Ghostly Kisses & Louis-Étienne Santais

Piano arrangements: Louis-Étienne Santais
Mixing: Alex Ouzilleau
Recorded at: Studio Le Magnétophone
Mastering: Le Lab Mastering

Video shot by Louis-Étienne Santais & Margaux Sauvé

Edited by Margaux Sauvé

Support Ghostly Kisses:
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Digital distribution: The Orchard / Coyote Records / Universal Music Canada

Label: Akira Records / Coyote Records

J’ai demandé à la lune – Indochine (paroles)

J’ai demandé à la lune
Et le soleil ne le sait pas
Je lui ai montré mes brûlures
Et la lune s’est moquée de moi

Et comme le ciel n’avait pas fière allure
Et que je ne guérissais pas
Je me suis dit “quelle infortune”
Et la lune s’est moquée de moi

J’ai demandé à la lune
Si tu voulais encore de moi
Elle m’a dit “j’ai pas l’habitude”
“De m’occuper des cas comme ça”

Et toi et moi
On était tellement sûrs
Et on se disait quelquefois
Que c’était juste une aventure
Et que ça ne durerait pas

Je n’ai pas grand chose à te dire
Et pas grand chose pour te faire rire
Car j’imagine toujours le pire
Et le meilleur me fait souffrir

J’ai demandé à la lune
Si tu voulais encore de moi
Elle m’a dit “j’ai pas l’habitude”
“De m’occuper des cas comme ça”
Et toi et moi

On était tellement sûrs
Et on se disait quelquefois
Que c’était juste une aventure
Et que ça ne durerait pas

Mint Julep – A Rising Sun (Spotify)

“Harmonic, spiritual and carefully composed Electronic piece awaited for March. A rising desire to explore the world of Mind Julep, makes us look forward to tasting an effort that is heading towards success.”

The Portland husband/wife duo of Mint Julep have been experimenting with dream pop for over a decade now, but their recent output has taken an even more introspective turn toward the intimate vein of bedroom recordings established by projects like Foxes in Fiction and their Orchid Tapes peers.

The latest single “A Rising Sun" from Hollie and Keith Kenniff’s newest record, In a Deep and Dreamless Sleep out March 19th on Western Vinyl, constructs this dreamy atmosphere with softly plucked acoustic guitar and a basic beat before smearing more layers of instrumentation over the course of the track. After Hollie’s voice comes in, tapping snare, dreamy guitar, and ambient synth flourishes take the song to a dreamy finish.

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