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Ways of Seeing – Walk Through The Crowd

“-Ways of Seeing- gives us a melancholy, slightly dreary, but very deep composition. The text reflects particles of pain of loss and loneliness that followed this. The Dream Pop genre is very successful for transmitting the entire atmosphere, which is perfect for the onset of golden autumn.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Ways of Seeing- дарит нам меланхоличную, немного тоскливую, но очень глубокую композицию. В тексте отражена частички боли утраты и одиночества, которое последовало за этим. Жанр Dream Pop очень удачно подходит для передачи всей атмосферы, которая прекрасно подойдёт для наступившей золотой осени.”

It is a song about isolation, procrastination and longing. It looks back on vivid memories of a relationship that could have been great. These memories are tinged with regret for a lack of courage to fully seize the moment.

ROE – Alarms

“Captivating, so exciting and sincere vocals -roe- can be listened to endlessly. Swim in her deep oceans of feelings and sink in this magical timbre. Dream Pop, which fully justifies itself and gives the most unforgettable emotions.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Пленительный, такой волнительный и душевный вокал -ROE- можно слушать бесконечно. Купаться в её глубоких океанах чувств и тонуть в этом волшебном тембре. Dream Pop, который в полной мере оправдывает себя и дарит самые незабываемые эмоции.”

Sacul – Nightmare

“"Sacul" shares his deep thoughts of how we change during time, as we grow older even if we don't want to. An unflicting testimonial about life, presented through melancholic Pop rhythms, which didn't left us unaffected. Personal and unique result.”

This song is an existential lament on the fear of growing up, feeling numb in your own body as well as in your physical surroundings. A song about leaving old relationships behind and declaring self-love.

Jagger – Melancholic

“Lush piano with just as amazing vocals. Rhythm pars are very subtle, but they fits beautifully in the mood of the song. Arrangement is good as it gets, love the string part at the end, it closes the song perfectly. ”

Melancholic is a song about losing yourself, and feeling like you’re about to give up. Jagger wrote the line “I’m in your arms but I can’t feel your touch”, thinking about how that line is a message to someone you love trying to explain how you feel. “Just let me be melancholy” is supposed to give off the feeling of letting go and just letting yourself feel “melancholy” or melancholic. The song title being Melancholic was supposed to be a little ironic as the feeling being described is a lot stronger than melancholy. This song for anyone who struggles with their mental health, relationship with themselves, or is just going through something right now. The hope is for everyone who hears this song uses it as inspiration, and feels more hopeful and uplifted after listening.

Juliander – We

“This one, music,cross between chill out/drum and base, reminds me a lot of electronic releases that came out more than 20 years ago, love it. Love the mix of genres in one song, they are so rare and this one sound amazing, from rhythm parts, vocals, piano intro, synths, they sound retro, full of color, just amazing. ”

Juliander is a Swedish artist, songwriter and producer. With strong and emotional vocals personal lyrics and beautiful melodies, he can tell a story that will immerse you in his universe. A universe accompanied by analogue vintage synths, powerful drums and organic instruments to create an atmospheric and melancholic world.

We was written from the perspective of privilege. To be able to reminisce about the past as something beautiful is a massive privilege. Most people don't have an easy life and the only thing that matters is being able to have a future. There's also a perspective of the climate and how the world is reacting to the change. The younger generation is incredible vocal about all the issues whilst some of the powerful older generation don't see the importance of what is happening to our world. Feels like a generation is feeding us continuous lies and broken promises.

"We was born from a single sound and the lyrics came to me right away. It was written in a one take. Everything felt natural and it just flowed, the best feeling for a songwriter. I experimented a lot in the production and my favorite part is probably the instrumental after the second chorus, it just feels euphoric and I love it." - Juliander

Danny Suede – oolala

“The melody of the Piano at the beginning of the track sets the listener in a positive way. The charm of the atmosphere of Dream Pop is pounced on you with a cool wave and you no longer notice how swaying on a huge ship, which is controlled by -Danny suede-. Have a nice trip!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодия пиано в начале трека настраивает слушателя на позитивный лад. Очарование атмосферы Dream Pop набрасывается на вас прохладной волной и вы уже не замечаете, как покачиваетесь на огромном корабле, которым управляет -Danny Suede-. Приятного путешествия!”

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Povy – Ghost

“In this Lo-Fi Rock track with the atmosphere Dream Pop has its own soul and it opens its doors to everyone who wants to know the beauty of her melody. Music floats with you through the previously unknown worlds, revealing all its essence. Get ready. And open your soul and mind.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В этом Lo-fi Rock треке с атмосферой Dream Pop есть своя душа и она открывает свои двери всем желающим познать всю красоту своей мелодии. Музыка плывёт вместе с вами по неведомым ранее мирам, раскрывая всю свою сущность. Приготовьтесь. И откройте свою душу и разум.”

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