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Takk – In The Middle Of The Night

“You have an exceptional opportunity to get a frantic pleasure from the quality of this composition. A bright representative of the Post Rock genre, which offers you to become a real tasting of this track. He is like wine - over the years only better. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“У вас есть исключительная возможность получить неистовое наслаждение от качества этой композиции. Яркий представитель жанра Post Rock, который предлагает вам стать настоящим дегустатором этого трека. Он как вино - с годами только лучше.”

Despite years of touring the country in different bands playing wildly different genres, there’s something apt about the fact that London trio Takk formed after a chance meeting in a local pub. Sometimes what you’re searching for was right in front of you all along.

Bringing to bear those years of experience both in bands and solo projects, James (drums) and Rich (guitar/production) were working together on a new project but were missing one vital component: the right singer.

After meeting James on a night out, Lily (vocals) agreed to work with the pair, relishing the challenge of entering unfamiliar musical territory. As an alumnus of the prestigious Brit School, Lily’s classically-trained, soulful voice proved an unlikely yet perfect match for the the sounds about to emerge from Takk’s tiny North London studio.

Starting with Lily’s piano-based voice-note recordings, the trio gradually expanded these into full-blown productions, resulting in the entirely self-produced Elephant EP

It would be easy to classify Takk as “synth-pop”, but while there are undeniable parallels with contemporary acts like CHVRCHES and Purity Ring, Rich’s haunting guitar lines will appeal to fans of more esoteric bands like Explosions in the Sky and This Will Destroy You.

Takk claim they’re not afraid of using the word “shoegaze”, but that’s just one element of their unique sound. Classic analogue synthesiser sounds seamlessly intertwine with reverb-drenched guitars. So far, so post-rock. But Takk’s secret weapon is Lily’s unmistakeable voice.

Equally evocative of Christine McVie’s timeless heartache and Florence Welch’s ethereal mystique, songs like In The Middle Of The Night have choruses that are crying out to be sung back by festival crowds as the sun sets behind them.

Like their own chance meeting in a London pub, Takk are the band you didn’t know you were looking for. But you’ll be grateful you found them.

Jerome Sparx – Morning Glories

“Have you ever heard the statement that love is submissive to all ages? This is a soft, sensual Dream Pop, in which real and sincere human feelings are conveyed with amazing trepidation. In order to not happen in your life – continue to love. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вы слышали когда-либо утверждение, что любви все возрасты покорны? Это мягкий, чувственный Dream Pop, в котором с удивительным трепетом переданы настоящие и искренние человеческие чувства. Чтобы не происходило в вашей жизни — продолжайте любить.”

Morning Glories” tries to capture the beauty and the fragility that love holds. Like the morning glory flower, love grows in its full potential, as a new sunrise, but one can never know the course of its own life – how long will love last and if or when it will end in its own sunset. the song is inspired by the Morning Glory climbing shrub that grows in Sparx’s garden in his countryside home. touched by the delict beauty of the blossoming flower as nature awakes from its winter sleep into spring, that is filled with potential as a new starting point for all. In the song the Morning Glory flower is a delicate symbol of love that forever holds the memory of a purple breezy spring for as far as eye can reach the sky. This song is Jerome’s 3rd released single taken from his upcoming debut album. In this song Jerome displays his take about love, a love who knows no boundaries.

Lauren Waller – Nothing But Life

“The structure of the song is very soft, light like a feather. The sound is minimalistic, without emotional bursts, but with a pronounced shade of Synthpop and Dream Pop. Penetrating vocals -lauren Waller - gives the sound a hypnotic effect. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Структура песни очень мягкая, лёгкая словно пёрышко. Звук минималистичный, без эмоциональных всплесков, но при этом с ярко выраженным оттенком Synthpop и Dream Pop. Проникновенный вокал -Lauren Waller- придаёт звучанию гипнотический эффект. ”

"Nothing But Life" is a dreamy track that leaves the listener with wistful feelings about love, loss, and life in general. These feelings are conveyed through emotional lyrics and acoustic guitar that stands out over Lauren's pop sound. Easy to connect with and to fall in love with the track as it relates to the listener's own life and how their story weaves into the haunting and emotional sounds of "Nothing But Life."

Tony Apolczer – Nostalgia

“In the life of each of us there is a place of nostalgia for expensive and very important memories. Imagination draws living scenery in which you act as a director and screenwriter. The composition as an original surroundings for traveling according to your consciousness. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В жизни каждого из нас находится место ностальгии по дорогим и очень важным воспоминаниям. Воображение рисует живые декорации, в которых вы выступаете в качестве режиссёра и сценариста. Композиция как оригинальный антураж для путешествия по вашему сознанию.”

Hannah Schneider – Open Wall

“Feels like Hannah’s deep, emotional vocals, which sometimes flirt with a bit of delightful harshness can indeed open some walls. She knows how to pull you into her world like a mermaid with her spelling chant and before you know it you’ll be hooked on this dreamy blend of lo-fi beats, long sustained strings atmosphere and sensitive piano.”

Hannah Schneider releases her new single "Open Wall” - May 6. on Copenhagen label Midnight Confessions. Its a song about past and present, and the invisible wall that divides what we once were and what we are now- a song about lost love.

The song is taken from Schneider’s forthcoming album Ocean Letters - an album inspired by the mysteries of nature and the oceans. The track starts out with a very sparse instrumentation of only Schneider’s mesmerizing vocals and piano that could almost remind the listener of an old James Bond song, but the nostalgia quickly evaporates and gives space to a grand and sultry electronic driven chorus of roaring synths and drum machines.

Open Wall has been created in collaboration with Danish producer Nicolai Kornerup, with whom Schneider also creates music in electronic outfit AyOwA.

René Le Feuvre – like i love u

“The main plus of the entire track lies in the author’s independence, as an arranger and performer. The Dream Pop melody has sincere emotions, vocal harmony and warmth. All this gives the music of sincerity and a sense of love. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Главный плюс всего трека заключается в авторской самостоятельности, как аранжировщика и исполнителя. В мелодии Dream Pop есть искренние эмоции, вокальная гармония и теплота. Всё это придаёт музыке душевности и ощущения любви. ”

Devon Alexis x Brady O’Keefe – \Brix

“Very serious work in the genres of Electro Pop and Dream Pop with a very complex, well-developed and truly professional arrangement. The unconditional power in the voice of the vocalist, in which the character is traced, the timbre and the convincing presentation of the emotional message. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Очень серьёзная работа в жанрах Electro Pop и Dream Pop с очень сложной, хорошо проработанной и по-настоящему профессиональной аранжировкой. Безусловная сила в голосе вокалистки, в которой прослеживается характер, тембр и убедительная подача эмоционального посыла.”

Feign Jima – Ultimate Defender

“From the first notes of such a pleasant melody, guitars slowly immerse you in several parallel worlds of merging together in one canvas. There, behind its invisible limits, you will discover the beautiful world of harmony and warm vocals -Feign jima-. Paradise pleasure with the taste of the charming Dream Pop. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“С первых нот такой приятной мелодии гитары вас медленно погружают сразу в несколько параллельных миров сливающихся воедино в одно полотно. Там, за его невидимыми пределами вы откроете для себя прекрасный мир гармоний и тёплого вокала -Feign Jima-. Райское наслаждение со вкусом очаровательного Dream Pop.”

In the guise of a lovelorn ballad, 'Ultimate Defender' speaks to a different kind of break-up, that between two friends whose relationship has gradually withered away. To some, it’s a more gut-wrenching dissolution than that of a former romantic flame. These breakdowns, be it subtle or ripped quick, let a sense of closure, or lack-there-of, linger long after the fact. Questions of “Was it my fault?”, “Would it be the same?” run rife, and it's this longing for a simpler time that 'Ultimate Defender' speaks to.

The project of Jamie Fanning, speaking to the track she shares "Ultimate Defender is a desperate plea for connection with a friend who has slowly slipped through the cracks. It's about wanting new connections and remembering the old ones. Simply, that "I miss us" feeling."

Lifted from her upcoming EP Funny How Things Turn Out, 'Ultimate Defender' is another peek into the musical world of Feign Jima whose enthralling dreamy-folk commands pause with each listen - a voice that stops you in your tracks, immediately moved. Joining the single is her recent release 'Beaches', praised by triple j Unearthed, FBi Radio, PBS, Trouble Juice and more.

Cicadas Electric x Sarah Tolle x Reed McKenzie x Stewart McKie – This Time Around

“Soft vocals and melodic, intoxicating melody of an acoustic guitar, with a light accompaniment of the piano against the background. An elegant work that is able to take your thoughts somewhere into the distance, where your soul will wander in the vastness of something unknown and at the same time beautiful. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мягкий вокал и мелодичная, опьяняющая мелодия акустической гитары, с лёгким аккомпанементом фортепиано на фоне. Элегантная работа, которая способна унести ваши мысли куда-то вдаль, где ваша душа будет блуждать на просторах чего-то неизвестного и одновременно прекрасного.”

A beautiful slice of Americana Music at its finest! A soulful melody, acoustic finger-style guitar, warm vocals, flowing lyrics and honest vocals peppered with banjo and dobro. A narrative that the speaker in the story is trying to let go of, get free from. “Do I have the power to let go of this person, place, thing, and trust that, if it’s right, it’ll come back around? Or do I keep struggling against my own self-will?” “Do I do that again, that thing I thought would fulfill me and didn’t? Do I keep doing that to myself?”

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