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du0 x Trenton – Shadows (Spotify)

“Producer du0 and Trenton, featuring vocals in their collaboration Shadows, is the perfect opportunity to sit back and relax with your favorite drink.”

“Дуэт продюсера du0 и Trenton, вокал которого звучит в их совместной работе Shadows, это прекрасная возможность откинуться на спинку вашего кресла и расслабиться наедине с любимым напитком.”

Remember when 2020 stood for perfect vision? Now it stands for a time when our lives were turned upside down.

For Brisbane artist, du0, 2020 was more upside than down. His track, Come Home, hit a million plays on Spotify and revealed an emerging artist with his finger on the zeitgeist. The awards, accolades and a growing online fanbase have followed.

du0’s latest release, Shadows, a collaboration with alt-pop artist, Trenton, sees him hitting the groove once again. Like his name implies, du0’s new duo works beautifully. His signature infectious rhythms and whimsical melodies combine with Trenton’s moody vocals to provide reflective lyrical gems like “yesterday the future slipped away". And they take it from there, producing a confident, hopeful and uplifting start to 2021 that promises things will only get better from here – for all of us.

NEIMY – LIMBO (Spotify)

“Listening to the works from the LIMBO single you concentrate your attention on how easily and accessible NEIMY addresses us, the listeners, through the lyrics of her compositions. The author very competently uses all the main genre features of Electro Pop. Lightness and beauty in every note.”

“Прослушивая работы с альбома LIMBO концентрируешь своё внимание на том, как легко и доступно NEIMY обращается к нам, слушателям, через текст своих композиций. Автор очень грамотно использует все главные жанровые особенности Electro Pop. Лёгкость и красота в каждой ноте.”

After topping UK Charts, artist NEIMY drops her new single “LIMBO”.

The success with “Dancing In The Moonlight”, took NEIMY and Swedish artist Jübel all the way to the top of UK singles charts, peaking at #11. Their cover of King Harvest's classic song has racked up over 160M streams to date. Now she’s ready to release her next original single “LIMBO”, a song with dark and playful lyrics and a glimpse of humor and sarcasm.

“I’ve always had a passion for storytelling lyrics and catchy melodies. This song came about at a speed writing session with me and my co-writer and producer Eric Wictor. Within an hour we had the whole topline, and the lyrics simply poured out of me”, NEIMY explains.

"LIMBO is about being stuck at a place where you just don't wanna be, being controlled and haunted. It can be a relationship, a workplace or in your own head” she continues.

NEIMY launched her career after her demo ‘I’ve Learned’ was discovered by The Chainsmokers. The song ended up as a soundtrack to the Italian movie ‘Succede.

In 2018 she released “Dancing In The Moonlight”, together with Swedish duo Jübel. The song made it all the way to the top of UK singles charts, peaking at #11. Their cover of King Harvest's classic song has racked up over 160M streams to date.

End of Code – Deep Into Your Soul (Spotify)

“Have ever listen to a new song and realize that this is it - made for you? Deep Into Your Soul does what title says, shuddering into you, into your soul. Memorable!”

“Бывает, включаешь новую, ранее не слышанную композицию и понимаешь, что вот оно, - твоё! Deep Into Your Soul полностью соответствует своему названию, содрогая вас и вашу душу.”

The music was composed by Nicolas Saad, keyboard player, dj and music producer from France. The beat was made with the patterns of the legendary TR-808 drum machine and its design was used for the cover of the single.

The lyrics was written by Shawn Pereira who is a guitar player and singer for End of Code living in California. « It’s about trying to write a song with the title referring to the confinement period. I tend to write a lot of metaphors and images. The song's meaning is all in the hook. Now as we close again you can’t go out so you have to go in and down down deep into your soul, before you loss control

Reptile Room – Shadows (visual) (Video)

“Electro Pop trio Reptile Room have released their new single – Shadows. The combination of a catchy timbre and languid, leading vocals creates an amazing visualization in the minds of listeners.”

“Electro Pop трио Reptile Room выпустили свой новый сингл – Shadows. Сочетание запоминающегося тембра и томного, лидирующего вокала рисует в сознании слушателей удивительную визуализацию.”

We are in a time when everything is uncertain, and that uncertainty can be felt by every human on earth. The way things “use to be” are far behind us, and there is no telling what the future will bring. This environment has made for the perfect storm of inspiration for many artists, including Reptile Room. In their newest single, “Shadows”, the group laments about the not so subtle changes in their emotional climate. Questioning everything and sure about almost nothing, the track speaks directly to how we cope with changes we didn’t ask for, and circumstances we don’t know how to navigate. “We miss our family, friends, familiarity, but all anyone can do is take this new version of life, one day at a time, and make the best of it. All the world has been brought to the forefront of consciousness, and we are unable to continue running from thoughts or things that we could easily avoid before this shift occurred. Now we are all stuck in a new realm where if we don’t level up and rise above, we will continue to suffer.” The trio discusses the reality of past actions leading us slowly in our present, almost without our knowing until it’s too late. “We have to face the music…and this is what it sounds like.” The chorus really says it all – no matter what path you’ve taken till now, we are all in the same boat together. “This is how we live now. This is how it feels now.” The only question that remains is, are you happy?”

Reptile Room is an electro-pop trio formed in Atlanta in 2017 by Bill Zimmerman and brother and sister Sean and Sami Michelsen. Their first few independent releases gained local support in Creative Loafing’s “25 Atlanta Summer Jams” and Live Nation’s “Atlanta Culture Award” along with sync placements with MTV, E!, BET, and Red Bull.

In 2019, RR released their debut album ‘Jade’ on Om Records and gained support and premieres from Consequence of Sound, Uproxx, Atwood Magazine, New Noise Magazine, glamglare, Medium Magazine, and beyond. Tracks from Jade have been added to official tastemaker playlists on Amazon Music, Google Play, and YouTube Music and featured by prominent DJ Kaskade on his Kaskade Konnect playlist on Spotify.

Following the album, RR joined forces with Spinnin’ Records / Maxximize Records for a collaboration with producer/DJ ASCO. The collaboration, ‘We Come Alive,’ gathered quick streaming momentum and has been played by DJs such as Tiesto, Afrojack, Nicky Romero, and others.

The three members still do all creative work collectively, be it writing, recording and mixing, or editing photos, shooting videos and designing art. Reptile Room is currently hard at work on new projects and looks forward to seeing you on a future tour.

Gelato (Lyric video) – Flavia Abadía x Mora x Medy Landia (Video)

“A light Pop creation with the sweet taste of …Gelato! Pictures and memories from Summer vacations appear in your mind while listening to this cool masterpiece.”

Gelato is a happy, energetic, danceable song with flavours derived from moombahton, reggaeton, dancehall and R&B creating a world pop sound.

Flavia Abadía is Colombian, French-Canadian artist and international DJ, she teamed up with half Dominican, half French-Canadian platinum producer Medylandia who’s credits include Alx Veliz’s “Dancing Kizomba”, along with Cambodian/ Canadian R&B singer Mora.

Inspired by Flavia’s travels to Barcelona to DJ and her obsession with Gelato there, the song Gelato was born!

Dree Mon – Love Me At My Best (Video)

“Classic Electro Pop and EDM in Dree Mon’s soulful vocals. Love Me At My Best creates music for fuel your good mood side. Abundant & solid pop production! ”

“Классический Electro Pop и EDM и проникающий в самую глубь души вокал Dree Mon. Love Me At My Best создаёт музыку вашего настроения.”

Dree Mon is a Los Angeles based, soulful dance-pop artist, who is releasing her new single “Love Me At My Best” along with the official music video on December 11th. Dree Mon is known for her empowering, free-spirited music that challenges status quo, promotes self-love, and celebrates who you are while always making you dance.

“Love Me At My Best” features funky guitars and a little nod to the 90s. Dree Mon co-wrote this song with international songwriters Dani Saldo (Canada) and Riccardo Barletta (Italy) and worked with Swedish producer Simon Jacobsson (who has amassed over 10m streams on Spotify).

Dree Mon said, “’Love Me At My Best’ came out of the notion that people are so quick to judge when your image doesn’t align with what they think is “your best”. I think it’s such a relatable concept, we all want to be loved completely and fully and unconditionally.” Private Downloadable Soundcloud Link

Her official music video, directed by Kristine May, features artists in several forms including a drag performer and a trans woman who does drag, promoting the idea of transformations, journeys, pursuing art, and living your best life 100% no matter what anyone else says.

Luise – Every You Every Me (Spotify)

“Luise made a chilling, soothing remix of a famous creation that we highly appreciate. A wonderful playlist must... recommended for all electronic music fans out there.”

‘Every You, Every Me’ is a beautiful cover after Placebo, by Luise, under the production of a well-known Romanian artist - ViLLAGE.

The track is a beautiful interpretation of an iconic alternative hit with a deep house chill production.

Isla Noon – Summer Love (Video)

“Isla Noon managed to create an incredibly warm, summer atmosphere with her debut single Summer Love.”

“Isla Noon удалось создать невероятно тёплую, летнюю атмосферу в своём дебютном сингле Summer Love. ”

The music of Isla Noon is created through an intentional blend of analog and digital instruments, sinking into the rich and tactile textures of analog synthesizers to unleash vibrant soundscapes. Her forthcoming single, Summer In August draws on the evocative high of pop through gripping melodies, while an undeniable emotional connection is gained through her honest and intimate vocal.

WRENN – Hailey (Spotify)

“Waterfalls of the bitter, scalding tears are left invisible stains on your strong hands. Love and hate - all may be one. You can let me go, but I will love even at the edge of the universe. WRENN bring us into an emotional status with her heartwarming new song -Hailey-. Memorable! ”

“Водопады из горьких, обжигающих слёз оставляют невидимые пятна на твоих сильных руках. Любовь и ненависть - все едино. Ты можешь отпустить меня, но я буду любить даже на краю вселенной.”

Trailblazing internet sensation WRENN has had a notable 2020 with viral success on TikTok, reaching 1.2M followers, and continues to make waves. Her newest uproar has come from WRENN using an audio clip of her ex admitting to cheating in the background of her newest single "Hailey." Talk about savage - but we're living for it. The TikTok video has 7 million views alone and shows no signs of slowing down while the single is currently charting at #9 on the Pop Charts.

WRENN reminds us that there's power in simplicity and a catchy chorus. In new single "Hailey" she reclaims her power, leaning into her own insecurities and putting all her feelings out there. (It also doesn't hurt to throw your cheating ex under the bus while you're at it.) "Out of everyone else, why'd it have to be Hailey," she croons in this low-key, indie-grunge pop track. Dealing with heartbreak is always tough, but blasting this track will definitely help.

"Ambient folk-rock with the same despondent heaviness as Portland artist Grouper and the vulnerability of London indie folk band Daughter." - The FADER

"Unapologetic emotion" - NYLON

"the 20-year-old Southern California native brings a grungy swagger with blaring feedback and pointed lyrics" - Billboard

"It will only be a matter of time until WRENN's extreme prowess for songwriting and performance makes her one of the leading ladies of indie rock." - Ones To Watch

"The tune evokes a 90s early grunge spirit that we all miss." - Ladygunn

Clearly, we're not the only ones feeling what WRENN's been putting out. This creative has been backed by numerous publications and just as many fans. Having previously received praise from tastemakers like The FADER, Ladygunn, NYLON, Billboard, Ones To Watch and many others, numerous placements on Spotify playlists including New Noise, Fierce Femmes, and All New Rock, this is is just the beginning. With sass, grit, and pure talent packed into her small frame, rousing firebrand artist WRENN is a force to be reckoned with.

WRENN now has over 86K Spotify followers, 47K Instagram followers, and over 1M TikTok followers who are loving her vulnerable honesty. The 22-year-old grew up surrounded by music and it's evident in her inherent knack for creating hits.

WRENN is an alt-rock artist and a self-proclaimed “sad girl” who uses music as a means of communicating her feelings to the world. Mixing soulful, thoughtful lyrical content with 90’s-esque grunge instrumentation, the essence of WRENN’s music is both reminiscent of the past and a portal into the near future. The 20-year-old Los Angeles native has been featured on American Idol and The Voice, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve (where she performed with fellow singer Rachel Platten). WRENN just finished her first nationwide tour – performing as a supporting act for headliner, viral music star, gnash; and even though she is at the beginning of her career, WRENN has already garnered Hollywood’s attention, having her music selected for the soundtrack of recent episodes of Ray Donovan and Lucifer. WRENN’s debut EP, goodmo(u)rning, is slated to be released later this year.

Zerbin – Bonnie Doon (Video)

“Zerbin please us here with a unique, exciting sound and aesthetically pleasing content. His new work Bonnie Doon is a soulful, awe-inspiring story that will forever remain in your collection.”

“Zerbin – это уникальный, будоражащий наши чувства звук и эстетически приятное содержание. Его новая работа Bonnie Doon это душевная, вызывающая неподдельный трепет история, которая навсегда останется в вашей коллекции.”

Bonnie Doon is the first single from Zerbin’s coming full-length record (Spring 2021). It’s a nostalgic alt-pop track about reconnecting with an old love after years of life have happened since. You were young and it never quite happened, but now there’s a chance again. Pulling from psychedelics and losing faith, it features Zerbin’s hometown, Edmonton, and carries that early fall feeling with a crisp air wrapping up a deep missing of the warmth of summer’s love. Sonically, it sets the tone for Zerbin’s first new work as a solo artist, showing a matured artistry wrapped up in lush indie-pop production, inspired by his time living in London.

Zerbin is a Canadian artist who rose to prominence in the Canadian indie scene with infectious tracks marked by emotive hooks and spiritual undertones. His works have been featured in international films, movie trailers, TV, and commercials, with best known tracks New Earth and Worlds on Fire finding spots in global advertising campaigns and features in film and TV including Grey’s Anatomy and So You Think You Can Dance.

Missing Years: Sin, Love – is a collection of b-side recordings and unfinished works by Canadian Artist & Producer Jason Zerbin (Zerbin). Missing Years traces Zerbin’s deconstruction of faith and perspective over the course of 7 years, and is constituted by reflections on the process of change, loss, and love. The project was produced across his 7 years on the road, with locations spanning cabins in the Canadian woods, the Devonian countryside, and East Berlin.

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