Eli Jonathan – 2004 (Spotify)

Eli Jonathan – 2004

2004 is a song about wrestling with the fear of people close to you leaving you behind and forgetting you. The song has some very cool modern textures and some sweet drum programming.

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Elizza – Beautiful Curse (Spotify)

Elizza – Beautiful Curse

This song is about a witch’s curse to demolish the concept of love, in an ambient and whimsical/magical and fairytale like sound

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Naama Guggenheim – Dilemma (Spotify)

Naama Guggenheim – Dilemma

As Suited for every millennial “Dilemma” describes the challenges of a new relationship. Neither good nor bad- you always have that dilemma if you’re good enough for each other.
Straight forward vocals and a groovy beat followed by an amazing choir, “Dilemma” makes you want to hear it again and again. Written, sung and played by Naama, freshly produced by Noam Shemesh and Mixed by the amazing Asaf Shay from “Raw Tapes”

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Climate Zombies – I Feel So Alone (Spotify)

Climate Zombies – I Feel So Alone

When you wake up early a saturday or sunday in the big city and feeling lonely. Climate Zombies is Ola Stålebrink who write and produce the music. For the singing parts he consults his friends Marcus, Mia, Lasse and Annette. The music is inspired by the 80s but with a modern touch. The first ever made song was in march 2019. The band name is the same as the name of the first single.

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