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Jaxon – When Times Get Tough

“With a minimum set of semlovs, the track sounds very whole and homogeneous, the synov Synras Neo-Soul and Hip-Hop gives it a slight taste of charm and emits it against the other works. You just listen to this vocal, the amazing beauty of Wyb and the atmosphere. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“При минимальном наборе семплов, трек звучит очень цельно и однородно, симбиоз жанров Neo-Soul и Hip-Hop придаёт ему лёгкий привкус шарма и выделяет на фоне остальных работ. Вы только вслушайтесь в этот вокал, удивительной красоты вайб и атмосфера.”

Artist shared few words about this song:

"This song is a reminder that even when life is shitty you can still find the good. It was written at a tough time in my life and has served as that reminder since then. My hope is that it touches people and a positive way and reminds them that they can always find the beauty in life if they look for it. It was inspired heavily by Kali Uchis, Mac Miller and Tyler The Creator. Specifically the song "After The Storm" by Tyler and Kali as you can tell by the drums I made. I wrote, produced and recorded this song in my bedroom so I'm so excited for it to be out in the world. If you decide to share it I will send all my fans, family and friends to your playlist! Thank you and have a wonderful day!"


“Based on a main guitar pattern, oldschool kick and distorted vocals, this single from "KARDO" can stick out in its category. The lyrics reveal a rebelious mood with a taste of lurking madness among the most raw emotions. An undoubtedly straight and sencere production.”

Artist said about this song:

"My debut single “GROOVE” takes you through my mind during a psychedelic trip, where I realize I have been held back by society’s lack of acceptance. My eagerness to break through society’s “chains” causes my reality to become skewed and in turn, makes me paranoid.

“GROOVE” has elements of indie as well as pop and hip hop music. The eerie acoustic guitar consistently played throughout, paired with infectious hard hitting 808s & low-cut distorted vocals makes for a combination that generates feelings of nostalgia but also makes you want to run into a wall. "

Leelee Haas – Pleasure and Pain

“The total integrity and monolithic of the track acquires in your imagination not only the lyrical component, but also the musical one. The Electro POP melody and the download rhythms set the desired emotional mood, and the vocals are -leee haas- complement the general picture. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Общая целостность и монолитность трека обретает в вашем воображении не только лирическую составляющую, но и музыкальную. Мелодия Electro Pop и ритмы Downtempo задают нужный эмоциональный настрой, а вокал -Leelee Haas- дополняет собой общую картину.”

Tony Apolczer – Nostalgia

“In the life of each of us there is a place of nostalgia for expensive and very important memories. Imagination draws living scenery in which you act as a director and screenwriter. The composition as an original surroundings for traveling according to your consciousness. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В жизни каждого из нас находится место ностальгии по дорогим и очень важным воспоминаниям. Воображение рисует живые декорации, в которых вы выступаете в качестве режиссёра и сценариста. Композиция как оригинальный антураж для путешествия по вашему сознанию.”

Trent vine x M4SONIC – Who You Know

“This track has a very wide emotional spectrum that can decorate your mood in all existing colors and shades. It is amazing how all the work sounds organically and whole, like a piece of a huge monolith on towering grief, proudly in contact with heaven. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В этом треке очень широкий эмоциональный спектр, способный разукрасить ваше настроение во все существующие цвета и оттенки. Удивительно, как вся работа звучит органично и цельно, словно кусок огромного монолита на возвышающейся горе, гордо соприкасающийся с небесами.”

The song was made for a company making social networking tiles for the back of phones called Double Tap to use in all their marketing.

A very mainstream sound made by New Wave Pop Artist, Trent Vine and smash hit “what does the fox say” producer, M4SONIC

Psy’Aviah – Can We Make It Rhyme (feat. Mari Kattman)

“The masters of electronic music “Psy’Aviah” have released another gem, this time influenced from a retro synth taste. The hookiest rhythmic patterns are fused with passionate vocals performed from Mari Kattman, for an irresistible and addictive result.”

This song is heavily inspired by synthpop and atmospheric but minimalistic synth use, yet the drums are inspired by the “big beat” and “jungle” era – but we did try to keep it in line to not go full on Prodigy or Chemical Brothers on it of course… It had to be a blend between the genres synthpop, triphop and synthpop – and above all stay poppy/catchy. The chord scheme was built up to be dramatic, yet trying to be accessible enough as well to touch hearts and minds.

From a lyric standpoint this track can be read as a love song or a song about humanity trying to get a grip and make it rhyme, sing the song again, listen to each other again vs all the left/right and black/white thinking… We wrote it as a love song, we wrote it because our heart sinks when we see images or conversations online & offline… Let us hope we can make it rhyme.

Full EP:

Athena Rising – Afterparty

“With hot mood and a luring voice, "Afterparty" will quickly attract your interest. A popping beat, slow pace and melodic pads are setting the scene for the most personal moments with your other half. Listen once and will remember this for long.”

chill sexy song about skipping the after party to be with someone you love

Tsunamiz – Sleepin’ with My Friendz

“The song reminds a bit of that 90’s energy in youth indie anthems (like “What’s up”) but with a fresh production that brings together perfectly, a minimal urban beat that gets you bouncing right away, symbiotic acoustic and electric guitars, quirky, nonchalant vocals and a mind-sticking chorus that will have you sing it over and over…and over again.”

“Sleepin’ with My Friendz” is the second single released from “Looney Tunez”, the new album from Tsunamiz, Bruno Sobral’s alter ego.

After the intense and explosive “Magickal Seeds”, “Sleepin’ with My Friendz” showcases a more laid back and melodic side of the portuguese artist and producer with a free love psychadelic rock hymn mixed with some urban intricate drum beats and a grandiose closing segment.

According to Tsunamiz: “This track sort of sounds like if Kurt Cobain made a Bob Marley song produced by Kanye West. I have no musical prejudices. This is the main reason why I’m still passionate about composing and producing music”.

The video was directed by Realish’ Films and features the skater Andreia Luz. The song and album are available on digital stores.

Alex Sandra – Still Care For You – Remix

“A flavored cocktail of electro pop and EDM with syrupy vocals that go from low, whispery tones to wide, house-like hooks. The track progresses nicely from sparse instrumentation and a soulful voice to a rhythm driven confession about an impossible relationship.”

Still Care for You is a about unspoken and forbidden physical attraction. It is about passion. When you both know that being together is impossible, but you both want it anyway.

“Don’t say my name. We’re walking on the thin line. We both know I won’t put up a fight” – if one of us loses control we’ll both be lost to the lust.

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