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Neena Rose – Perfect Stranger (Spotify)

“-Perfect Stranger- вызывает стойкое чувство ностальгии, душевный, эмоциональный подъём, желание жить и дышать воздухом, которой мы впитываем. К творчеству -Neena Rose- хочется время от времени возвращаться и снова ощущать её всем своим телом. -Perfect Stranger- воодушевляет и погружает в свой уникальный мир, который помогает отстраниться от окружающей действительности.”

Neena Rose's, "Perfect Stranger", dances on the line between the persona we create for people in our minds, and how they actually are. Describing the feeling of meeting a seemingly perfect guy and the fear of learning something that may skew the perception of him. Following the saying, "ignorance is bliss", Neena Rose leaves the stranger behind before any red flags could ruin her memory of him.

Canadian singer/songwriter and Pop/R&B artist, Neena Rose, has emerged onto the music scene with a magnetism not encountered everyday. Between her breakout single, 2018's "Games", and all it successors, the talented Neena Rose is shaking things up and taking the industry by storm.

The Hamilton, Ontario-based artist has received extensive early support and has garnered large following across social media platforms, especially on TikTok. In March of 2019, she was the youngest panelist invited to speak at the California Copyright Conference, and later that year, she was 1 of only 6 Canadians nominated for the Hollywood Music and Media Awards in Los Angeles, CA.

Between her breakout single — 2018’s “Games” — its successors, “Circles” and “Rewind”, and this year’s forthcoming EP 333, Canadian singer/songwriter and pop-R&B artist Neena Rose has emerged onto the music scene with a magnetism not encountered every day.

The 17-year old Hamilton, Ontario-based artist has received extensive early support from media and playlisters, and was a recent panelist at the California Copyright Conference, making her the youngest female Canadian to speak thus far.

Her debut single — “Rock N Roll Lullaby” — was recorded at age 12 with Diamond/Platinum producer/songwriter Roy “Royalty” Hamilton III (Britney Spears, Nas), and the five years since has included performing for audience sizes up to 14,000 (including Oprah Winfrey), and singing CHCH legacy program Tiny Talent Time’s new theme song.

She’s an “amazing young talent,” says Universal Music Publishing Group’s 80 Empire. “She’s an incredible vocalist and witty lyricist… Working with her is a sheer joy!”

“Hellafun to talk with,” Cashbox Magazine’s Lenny Stoute adds. She’s a “combination of music biz savvy and emotional intelligence, with a commanding voice. Gonna go far.”

“I love it all, but writing lyrics is my favourite part,” Neena muses, reflecting on previous dips into nu-country, emo rock, and lofty pop bops before finding her most authentic self in R&B. “I want people to gain empowerment from my music. I want it to communicate to them: ‘You’ve got this. You can be different. You can do anything.’”

It’s true, and Neena Rose is leading by perfect example.

Kiey – Sunday Sanctuary (Spotify)

“Very fresh delivery in the Electro Pop scene, from those which we appreciate from the first seconds. Rich sound pallete with organized mix of pads and melodic patterns. The song starts smoothly and quickly changes with dynamic shifts, followed by the lyrical part. True masterpiece by "Kiey"!”

JULIETTE C – LE CIEL BRILLE (Clip Officiel) (Video)

“Aftertaste -le ciel brille- creates the effect of a fire dancing in the night; The same bright, rich and burning languages ​​of the flame! High-quality combination of FRENCH POP and NU-DISCO, which we deserve! -LE Ciel Brille- instantly becomes a favorite from the very first seconds and falls in love with each new minute listening!”

“Послевкусие -LE CIEL BRILLE- создаёт эффект танцующего в ночи огня; такой же яркие, насыщенные и обжигающие языки пламени! Качественное сочетание French Pop и Nu-disco, которые мы заслужили! -LE CIEL BRILLE- мгновенно становится фаворитом с самых первых секунд и влюбляет в себя с каждой новой минутой прослушивания!”

Le morceau à été écrit par Juliette Catroux et Anne Meynard et composé par John production studio.

Les paroles sont inspirées d’une histoire d’amour entre deux personnes. Il y a beaucoup de métaphores dans le texte, ce qui permet plusieurs lectures pour comprendre l’histoire.

The track was written by Juliette Catroux and Anne Meynard and composed by John production studio.

The lyrics are inspired by a love story between two people. There are a lot of metaphors in the text, which allows for several readings to understand the story.

Almand, SAMME, emlyn – Give Me More (Spotify)

“What is better than cool, light music in the middle of a hot Summer? "Give Me More" has all we need and it couldn't be differently. Three artists joined forces in the production of this Electro Pop candy and the result is quite entertaining.”

LA based producer Almand and his friend across the border in Mexico SAMME clearly have chemistry. They have worked together on remixes in the past, gaining support from Chill Nation and other outlets. But when the idea came up of doing an album together during quaratine, it seemed like a perfect fit.

Now, their joint EP Mend Things is out July 2 on Blanket Fort. It‘s a collection of 3 original songs featurings guest vocals from emyln, KQT, and songwriting from Mitchell Rose and others. The title track, which dropped as a single last month, has already gained close to 70k streams on Spotify. The EP is a mix of modern pop and edm influenced sugar trap.

In the past, Almand has had releases on PRMD (Avicii's old label) as well as support from Chainsmokers, Cash Cash, and others.



Alyssa Jacey – Drowning Me (Spotify)

“Alyssa Jacey is here to add some colour in our grey lives. The famous singer/songwriter can easily attract with her advanced vocal capabilities and obviously create a positive impression. This is a representative example from the Electro Pop scene. Enjoy!”

Alyssa Jacey is a multi-genre, award-winning singer/songwriter, inspirational career coach, and professional dancer/choreographer. Her other love affairs like motivational speaking, acting, modeling, improv musical comedy, and TV Hosting became more than just part-time passions after moving to Nashville nearly 10 years ago from her hometown San Diego, California. Her infectious personality, easy-going music, and smooth vocals make Jacey a deeply original artist. With her many fans, including legendary artist manager, Doc McGhee (Bon Jovi, Kiss, Motley Crue, Darius Rucker), and Ron Delsener (President of Live Nation, NYC) this quintuple threat cannot be overlooked! Jacey was about to turn 24 when she learned she could sing for the first time. Until the stage became her second home as an artist, she had unknowingly been greatly influenced over the years by the vocal stylings of Sarah McLachlan, Joss Stone, Amy Grant, and Jewel, which fans later would credit for her honey-like tone. Other vocal comparisons have been made to Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow, and Alison Krauss, as well as Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell. However, when you take a listen to her catalog of over 400 songs (a quarter of them released), you’ll notice she only sounds like one person…herself

Dylan Rockoff – Magic (Spotify)

“Not a single note should be ignored in this crazy dose of a perfect musical drug. -Magic- sounds with ease and pleasure. With its positive vibrations gives good emotions and the desire to enjoy life.”

“Ни одной лишней ноты, только сумасшедшая доза совершенного музыкального наркотика. -Magic- звучит легко и непринуждённо, своими позитивными вибрациями дарит хорошие эмоции и желание радоваться жизни.”

RANI – Sugar Rush (official video) (Video)

“Completely emotional chorus and beautiful arrangement, which gives an excellent mood and energy charge! Thin and graceful design of polished sound and its amazing quality. Melodic and romantic atmosphere under the title of “Sugar Rush”!”

“Совершенно эмоциональный припев и красивейшая аранжировка, которая дарит превосходное настроение и заряд энергии! Тонкое и грациозное исполнение, отшлифованный звук и его изумительное качество. Мелодичностью и романтическая атмосфера – слоган трека Sugar Rush!”

RANI delivers a love-filled summer with Sugar Rush

She is the voice of Sam Feldt’s hit song Post Malone, and collaborated with David Guetta on the single ‘Get Together’. Earlier, we saw RANI release two EPs of her own. Now RANI releases her third solo EP, called EP6.

Out now RANI’s new single Sugar Rush, the first of three tracks on her latest EP: EP6. An EP dedicated to love and all its facets, as RANI herself explains:

‘We feel love in all kinds of ways and forms. EP6 is about love for the people around me. About falling in love, that high feeling and those crazy feelings you get the moment you really like someone. It’s about friendship and the worries you can have about someone. But also about the dark side of love and going through the pain of a broken heart’.

In addition to Sugar Rush, EP6 also features tracks Mr. Perfect and Rewind, a sneak preview of the debut album 396 that will be released later this year. Earlier, we saw RANI release her first two solo EPs: EP3 and EP9. The three tracks on EP6 showcase another fine piece of songwriting. RANI writes with a vulnerability and honesty about finding her way to adulthood and all of that in a pop/R&B/hip-hop sauce. Something the singer will be able to show live in November when she performs as a support act during Greyson Chance’s European tour. This will be followed by another tour of RANI along the Dutch pop stages.

RANI saw her breakthrough in 2019 and could be heard on Sam Feldt’s hit Post Malone. Earlier this year, she also saw the release of ‘Get Together’, on which she collaborated with David Guetta as singer and co-writer. This single was part of a global campaign for Tuborg. Her previous releases EP3 and EP9 were received with great enthusiasm at home and abroad. The international music blog Unheard Gems wrote that RANI is ‘fast becoming the new queen of R&B pop’. MTV also named her MTV Push Artist of the Month in March this year and she became Kickstart Artist at XITE in April. According to Glamour, RANI is ‘the empowering singer that the Netherlands needs’.

Amaya – Escape (Spotify)

“The multi-layeredness of this candy titled; -Escape- cannot be left without due attention. 4 minutes of measured and at the same time, dynamic and deeply emotional music is catastrophically a little. Remarkably painstaking work. Bravo!”

“Многослойность этого лакомого пирога под названием -Escape- нельзя оставить без должного внимания. 4 минуты размеренной и, в то же время, динамической и очень эмоциональной музыки это катастрофически мало. Кропотливая работа над каждой составляющей. Браво!”

*Addressing universal issues *Finding a way to flee conflict and oppression *Sensory deprivation *Inward turmoil *Disillusionment *Uncertainty *Plagued by guilt, despair and mixed feelings

*Being trapped with the need and drive to escape into the unknown *Insecurity *Endangerment

oYYo, Aven – Eyes (Spotify)

“Listening to this track it turned instantly charming. Feel the whole depth of those Drum & Bass rhythms and understand that -Eyes- is so deep that the vibration of sound waves absorbs you from the inside.”

“Включив этот трек мгновенно очаровываешься его лёгкостью и непринужденностью. Чувствуешь всю глубину его drum & bass ритмов и понимаешь, что -Eyes- работа настолько глубокая, что вибрации звуковых волн поглощает тебя изнутри. ”

Blak Emoji – Swooning On You (Spotify)

“"UBlak Emoji" turned out to create a very juicy single with warm sound. In "Swooning On You", there's a romantic neo-soul touch, incredibly cozy content for an equally cozy setting.”

“У -Blak Emoji- получилось создать очень сочное и при этом ламповое звучание, которое согревает своим теплом. В -Swooning On You- много романтического neo-soul звучания, невероятно уютное содержание для не менее уютной обстановки.”

Fronted by singer, producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kelsey Warren, NYC band Blak Emoji have shared their latest single, “Swooning On You”. Having built a following and received critical acclaim for their previous work over the last few years, the band’s self-produced and independently released new track is another impressive entry into their growing discography. It follows “Mechanism”, which was released earlier this year, and precedes the band’s forthcoming album due for release in October.

Playing drums since the age of 5 and guitar and piano since the age of 12, Kelsey showcases his full production range on “Swooning On You”, expertly and seamlessly blending together R&B, soul, electronic and pop – i.e. all the sounds he was immersed in throughout his childhood growing up in South Jersey – with a fresh and modern twist. “I was working on this beat in Logic on and off for a few weeks”, says Kelsey. “I had the drum pattern and bassline down but went back and forth experimenting with sounds and ambient textures for quite a while.

“The lyrics were inspired by a recent conversation, and once the lyrical lightbulb turned on, the melody came out of nowhere. I completed the music, recorded the vocals in a day, put it all together and mixed it. The song describes a 'love at first connection' vibe. That feeling you have when you relate to a person instantly without explanation.”

Having carved out their own lane with a unique sound and style, “Swooning On You” looks set to continue the band’s impressive rise. And with more new music to be unveiled in the coming months in the lead-up to their anticipated new album, they are undoubtedly an act to watch out for over the next year. “Swooning On You” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms:

Live dates: Rockwood Music Hall, 2/10/21

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