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Lyrah – In the Leaves

“Very moving voice, verses, with perfect production. Everything fits together just as it should be. Love the stutter edited vocals, adds the different flavor to already very balanced arrangement. Piano themes keeps the mood together with, again, very beautiful vocals. ”

Quote about the track:

"I wrote this song about a dream I had before I decided to quit my stable, full-time job.

In the dream I kept waking up outside, like on the sidewalk in San Francisco and in the leaves by a road. I kept choosing that over my bed or car, and it felt surprisingly calm when I’d wake up outside of my home.

I had a session with Benji of Slenderbodies and we talked about this dream and how it seemed to mirror my life choice of staying in the comfort of a full time job or leaving and being satisfied with less.

I quit the job and I kept the song."

Flor de Lux – All Hope

“Slow and beautiful synth wave song, smooth vocals and electronic leads. Reminds a bit of Eurythmics, the whole vibe song presents to us while listening. Some subtle but effective sequencing, beautifully arranged, you just need to play it again. ”

The hook for this song was directly inspired by dialogue from the TV show “Dickinson.” One of the characters gave a very impassioned speech which ended with her denouncing hope and saying “All hope ever did was make me cry.” Gabi loved how defeated it sounded, but we didn’t want to make a slow, sad song. We firmly believe in the union of dark and haunting lyrics with upbeat melodies (see “Goodbye Horses” by Q Lazzarus), so we set to making a mournful, energetic dance track inspired by Victorian madwomen, Kate Bush, and Mitski. This synth-driven dream pop song captures what Emily Dickinson meant by “Much madness is divinest sense.” Sometimes the sanest thing for anyone to do is completely lose control and submit to the rhythm.

ALETULLE – Return To Sender

“This one comes as a cross between the 80’s mood and I must add, vocal techniques sound a lot like Michael Jackson at some points and that is what I like the most. Like the breaks rhythm, giving it the groove that needs, hope this one goes big. ”






Darkowa – Searching the World

“The melodic indie R&B from charming -Darkowa-, in which everyone can feel all the beauty and depth of the arrangement and enjoy crystal, air vocals. This track seems to breathe inside you and blooms with red roses in your hearts.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодичный Indie R&B от очаровательных -Darkowa-, в котором каждый может ощутить на себе всю красоту и глубину аранжировки и насладиться кристальным, воздушным вокалом. Этот трек словно дышит внутри вас и распускается красными розами в ваших сердцах.”

Produced by Henrik the Artist, MAUD and DARKOWA, Searching The World portrays Darkowa’s most sorrowful emotions in such an elegant way you can easily find yourself dancing along. She has been branching out in recent years releasing some highly creative tracks, ranging from experimental R&B to Electro-Pop and her next release again defies any specific genres. Darkowa shares her experiences in finding her sound.

Erikk Bliss x vmh – She’s Got The Look

“The new single from -erikk Bliss X VMH - makes it possible to feel a fresh look at the genres of Electro Pop and Indietronica. High -quality sound, simple and light arrangement and warm vocals will help to plunge into a good and bright atmosphere.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Новый сингл от -Erikk Bliss x vmh- даёт возможность ощутить на себе свежий взгляд на жанры Electro Pop и Indietronica. Качественный звук, простая и лёгкая аранжировка и тёплый вокал помогут окунуться в добрую и светлую атмосферу.”

Through this song, Erikk Bliss and VMH found a connection rarely experienced in music. The resulting production is of an international standard and deserves attention accordingly. And it’s just the beginning, the duo is already cooking up new tunes to tickle your earbuds. Is this the new Daft Punk?

Instagram and @vmhloops

Ksenia – Good news only

“Positive, kind and sincere vibrations and radiant vocals -Ksenia- The best that can happen to you in search of a new track for a good pastime! The atmosphere of Electro POP is captured from the first seconds that enchants wib and the feeling of endless summer will create the right mood for the best immersion!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Позитив, добрые и искренние вибрации и лучезарный вокал -Ksenia- лучшее, что может случиться с вами в поисках нового трека для хорошего времяпрепровождения! Атмосфера Electro Pop захватывает с первых секунд, чарующий вайб и ощущение бесконечного лета создатут нужное настроение для наилучшего погружения!”

"Ksenia's latest release 'Good News Only' is a feel good independent anthem. With an upbeat tempo, dance floor ready production, and perfect club sing-along lyrics Ksenia crafts an authentic tune that is just as uplifting and motivating as it is inspiring. Crisp percussion, rhythmic guitar riffs, and sultry synthesizer melodies all mesh together on 'Good News Only'. The accompanying music video is lush, sleek, humorous and cinematic, the perfect partner to a single that packs in just as many emotions all while maintaining an upbeat and optimistic vibe. Ksenia's single is the perfect summer anthem and an adrenaline shot for anyone passionate about declaring their independence."


“It starts great, with beautiful electronics, melodies and themes, such a good drive, with a lot of retro synth sequences and just as a amazing vocals on top of everything. Modern but with a huge homage to the old electronic music. ”

Today, LA-based electropop artist & producer Jordi Up Late is back with a brand new single entitled “HOAX.”

Speaking on her latest track, she wrote:

“I’ve never thought of myself as a particularly sweet or bubbly person. I get moody and I get annoyed and I need space. So when I found myself in a relationship with a happy go lucky type, the personality imbalance created a creeping disillusionment. The tension festered over time into my feeling he was either fake or emotionally one dimensional. Either way the relationship became a ‘hoax’ and disintegration was inevitable.

The lyrics and concept flowed easily after I created the synth riff and the backbone of the song. After producing the rest of the track, I brought on BRUX, an electronic powerhouse, to co-produce and bring it home.Then I passed it on to Amy Dragon to master. From conception to finish, ‘HOAX’ is a female-engineered single.”

Jordi Up Late recently signed with WRKSHP, a new music-based lifestyle company kickstarted by Multi-Platinum, Grammy-Winning producer Che Pope and serial entrepreneur Dan Gilbert, headquartered in Detroit. She is set to release more new music this year.

Shuko x Casey Veggies – Sunset Ride

“Very positive vibe, cross between funk, house, disco with a modern production and beautiful vocals. You can feel the breeze while driving with an open window on a sunset, near the ocean. Did not expected to be a rap part, because of the general style of the song, but it fits so good, changing the pace of the song, before coming back to basic verse. ”

September 9, 2022 (Chicago, IL)-Nettwerk Recordsis excited to announce the signing of multi-platinum music producer and songwriterShuko. The Grammy-nominated artist currently resides in Germany and has produced records for the likes of Kanye West, Ava Max, the Chainsmokers, Anderson .Paakand countless others.Today, Shukoreleases the single "Sunset Ride" via Nettwerk Records. With features from Odd Future co-founder Casey Veggiesand Norwegian vocalist Sarah Evelyn, "Sunset Ride" is a smooth, uptempo jam that seamlessly mixes R&B and jazz. The track serves as the second single from Shuko’s first album release as a Nettwerk artist, following the release of “Queen’s Flower”on August 19.

“‘Sunset Ride’ is a feel-good song when someone you really care about is going through something challenging and reminding them of all the good things that are easy to forget,”shares Shuko. “[It’s] basically your perfect soundtrack for the summer—with a classy 90s R&B feel in a modern twist.”Shuko joins Nettwerk's expanding roster of instrumental artists, includingNathan Kawanishi, goosetaf, Oatmello, frumhere, Slumberville,and others."

Sunset Ride"is available at digital retailers here:

Juliander – We

“This one, music,cross between chill out/drum and base, reminds me a lot of electronic releases that came out more than 20 years ago, love it. Love the mix of genres in one song, they are so rare and this one sound amazing, from rhythm parts, vocals, piano intro, synths, they sound retro, full of color, just amazing. ”

Juliander is a Swedish artist, songwriter and producer. With strong and emotional vocals personal lyrics and beautiful melodies, he can tell a story that will immerse you in his universe. A universe accompanied by analogue vintage synths, powerful drums and organic instruments to create an atmospheric and melancholic world.

We was written from the perspective of privilege. To be able to reminisce about the past as something beautiful is a massive privilege. Most people don't have an easy life and the only thing that matters is being able to have a future. There's also a perspective of the climate and how the world is reacting to the change. The younger generation is incredible vocal about all the issues whilst some of the powerful older generation don't see the importance of what is happening to our world. Feels like a generation is feeding us continuous lies and broken promises.

"We was born from a single sound and the lyrics came to me right away. It was written in a one take. Everything felt natural and it just flowed, the best feeling for a songwriter. I experimented a lot in the production and my favorite part is probably the instrumental after the second chorus, it just feels euphoric and I love it." - Juliander

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