Kelsey Mira – See You on Sunday (Spotify)

“Songwriter Kelsey Mira well-known for her career as a singer in video games industry is coming up with a new powerful pop song with bits of retro '80s vibe which incorporates stacked harmonies and vocals with great intensity and execution ”

See You on Sunday is a powerful pop anthem, produced by Pete Mills of The Sweet Kill. It is commercial pop meets a bit of a retro 80's vibe. Kelsey is known for her work as a singer for video games and her sound often includes stacked harmonies and vocals with great intensity and execution, as can be heard in "See You on Sunday!"Kelsey Mira's passion for music can be traced back to the tender age of 7 after battling a deadly case of bacterial meningitis. As she recovered it became clear her short-term memory had been affected due to the massive swelling of her brain.At a time when neurologic music therapy was an understudied topic, her neurologist suggested putting everything to rhythm and melody. The creative side of her brain made new connections and essentially re-wired the injured part of her brain. She began to see music in color. Anything new that she struggled to retain, became a song.Kelsey received a full scholarship to study vocal performance at Xavier University where she continued to thrive, using the power of music in all of her subjects. She became the first freshman to make it into the prestigious 8-person choir, Schola Cantorum directed by the renowned, Scot Buzza.Once Kelsey took Cincinnati by storm with her sold out original shows, she moved to LA and soon became infamous for her live performances at 208 Rodeo where she had a weekly residency, located at on Rodeo Dr. and Wilshire Blvd, at one of the most well-known tourist spots in the world.Along with performing regularly, Kelsey is known for her singing in the video game world. She can be heard on Immortals Fenyx Rising, Darksiders Genesis, ‘Luma Pools’ in Ori and the Will of the Wisps, as well as others coming out in 2020, and beyond.Kelsey is currently living in Los Angeles and working on her album, as well as writing music for other artists.

Of Monsters & Men – Visitor (Muna Remix) [Official Audio] (Video)

“-Muna- please us with his sound vision on -Of Monsters & Men- Visitor track, released on Republic Records. Keeping the identity of the original version and expanding the vision under his own signature style, through a minimal solid mix and wonderful story telling layering, unfolding all the warmness of vocals through a lush of harmonies. A beautiful remix!”

Multiplatinum Icelandic quintet Of Monsters and Men announce they have teamed up with American indie pop band MUNA for the official remix of “Visitor.” The remix brings a different perspective to the track while retaining it’s enchanting sonic vibe.

Released last month “Visitor” has already been making a strong impression with nearly 4 million global streams, capturing #1 Greatest Gainer at radio coming in at #16 at Triple A and #30 at Alternative. The success adds to the band’s nearly 4.6 billion global streams across their impressive catalogue and “Visitor” is the first song off a new body of work coming at the top of 2021 in celebration of the group’s tenth anniversary together.

Regarding “Visitor,” co-lead vocalist and guitarist Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir commented, “‘Visitor’ is a song about disconnection and being on the fringe of change, seeing everything you once knew disappear, and finding yourself in the role of the visitor. It was written and recorded when the world was a completely different place, but the post-apocalyptic world of the video seems fitting. We shot the music video for it in Iceland in the freezing cold of February right before the pandemic hit. We are so very excited to finally share this song with you. Much love.”

In the video, the beautiful landscape of the band’s home country takes center stage as it was shot in Iceland by local director Thora Hilmars. The video sees the band performing in an icy airplane hanger as Nanna and the band perform to daybreak while the song’s emotionally charged hooks talk about life in transition “Just like my parents’ house, I’ve become a visitor.”

The single sets the stage for 2021 when the band will celebrate 10 years of being together with more new music and other exciting content for fans. It brings everything full circle for the band with a bold new body of work.

In 2019, the group welcomed listeners into the embrace of their critically acclaimed third full-length album, FEVER DREAM. Not only did the record tally 80 million-plus total streams to date, but it also attracted acclaim from Billboard, NPR, The Line of Best Fit, Independent, Paste, and more. Clash Magazine claimed, “The songs also have an emotional content to them that is hard to ignore.” Q Magazine praised it as “a dizzying rush of exuberance and emotion…their transformation into an arena-ready pop beast is complete.” Notably, the single “Alligator” made history by completing “their quickest climb to #1 on the Adult Alternative Songs Airplay Chart,” as reported by Billboard. In addition to selling out dates coast-to-coast on the FEVER DREAM Tour, the group delivered rapturous television performances on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

OF MONSTERS AND MEN went from the talk of Iceland to the top of the global conversation on their 2011 debut, My Head Is An Animal. Not only did the record go platinum, but it also produced an international smash in the form of “Little Talks.” The breakthrough single earned a quintuple-platinum certification from the RIAA, made history as “the first song by an Icelandic band to cross 1 billion streams on Spotify,” and landed the band a performance on Saturday Night Live. The group appeared on official soundtracks for franchises such as The Hunger Games, The Walking Dead, and Beat Bugs, to name a few. In addition to performing at festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, Firefly, and beyond, they supported Florence + the Machine on a high-profile arena tour. In the midst of this rapid rise, 2015’s Beneath The Skin bowed in the Top 3 of the Billboard Top 200 and the band starred in an episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones in the same year.

Mikayla – Insecure (Spotify)

“There are times that we feel insecure and looking for an opportunity to run away from other people. Mikayla with her brand new track Insecure undertakes the task to express this highly negative emotions with unbelieveable sensitivity embelissed with her elegant voice”

“Insecure” is about when you don’t believe you're worth any love, trust or good in life. That you are scared that people are gonna know how you see yourself and scare them away. As soon as you get the opportunity to run you do it. You’re too sensitive to exist and all you wanna do is to feel love but all you do is push it away.

Marcus Arch – Overtime (Official Audio) (Video)

“Coming from Australia with a fresh release Marcus Arch is calling us on a dynamic music experience which infuses elements of electro-rock with synth-pop and thoughtful lyrical compositions delivering a unique chill-out experience. ”

Australian Indie-Rock Trio Marcus Arch took their folk beginnings and fused them with elements of electro-rock, synth-pop and thick harmonies, landing with a dynamic musical experience.Thoughtful lyrical compositions and reflections delivered in punchy pop-choruses reflects the analogue/digital crossover that is the basis of Marcus Arch. Earthy, yet covered in the pizazz of the electro-age, Marcus Arch takes you back and forward through a musical escapade that indelibly disrupts.

End of Code – Check The Gate (Official video) (Video)

“Check the Gate by End of Code in Love and Sunshine Records, is a song about the harsh Hollywood reality told in a chris Isaacs “ wicked games”. Through its minimal layring with amazing clarity and solid mix, the tickling guitar groove and the strong character of End Of Code vocals, you receive a beautiful song which please your ears too if you are a fan of quality sound!”

Mightelle – Wrurf (Spotify)

“A new entry on electro – pop genre is coming from the Scandinavic north to portray a more inner version of such a popular music listening of our times, blowing a fresh breeze as autumn gradually setting in.”

WRURF is an experimental synthpop track built on neatly designed kicks, synthesizers, and vocal manipulations. The track opens with a flirting game between the kick and synth before Mightelle’s deep and soft voice carefully leads the listener towards a hectic, percussive, and redemptive chorus.“WRURF is about confidently leaving a situation - especially when no one is sad to see you go. The track is inspired by a former relationship. I was SO confused. He said one thing and did something else and I completely lost myself. It sounds cliche, but along the lines, it dawned on me that is was an ‘actions speak louder than words’ kinda thing.”Mightelle is the danish producer, singer and songwriter, Mai Skjødt. With contrasting electronic productions, heartfelt lyrics and forceful beats whirled in loads of synths, she lures you into a thoughtful sensitivity and shines a light where anger, doubt and love intertwine in the obscure nooks and knots of our thoughts. Partly rooted in synth-pop and partly in a fantasy world where everything is possible, she creates songs that challenge the usual genres and that have so many edges that you might as well give up counting them. She draws inspiration from artists such as FKA Twigs, Lorde, Sevdaliza but mostly from her diary, dreams and nightmares.

Kid Travis – Next 2 U (Lyrics) (Video)

“Tight beats that make you move through an emotional vibe, a vibe that Kid Travis knows well how to push out with his vocal style and depth. ”

This song is about a long lost love who kid travis wishes to rekindle an already withered flame with.Few words about Kid TravisWith solid melodic punk/trap undertones, Kid Travis sings a wide variety of styles of music. Kid Travis has a very active YouTube Channel with over 400k Subscribers where he posts both original music/ visuals as well as Covers which have been recognized by prominent artists such as Post Malone, Bryson Tiller, Rich Brian, and Dominic Fike. Kid Travis is not subject to one genre .Music is his passion.This singer,songwriter,instrumentalist,producer has gifts to share with the world.

She’s The Queen – Shades Of Blue (Spotify)

“Charming melodic arps, wide and soft uplifting vocals in a fine blend of good groove.”

Lyrically, this song is about compartmentalizing memories and saving them for when you're able to finally face yourself. The chorus teeters between the desire to believe that you had no control in the outcome of a relationship, with the fact that you're still haunted by what could have been. Written and recorded in our home studio, the song began with a harpy synth and was built up with guitar and our Moog Little Phatty.She’s the Queen is an American electropop music duo signed to Electronic Rumors. Based in Portland, Maine, She’s the Queen is composed of Emily White (vocals, songwriting) and Andrew Kuryloski (production, songwriting, guitar).The duo met and formed while attending school together at Ithaca college in upstate New York. Shortly after college, the duo moved to New York City and released their self-titled EP, She’s the Queen, which features their first electro hit ‘Waiting Game’.In 2012 the duo’s hit track ‘Waiting Game’ was featured on the Electronic Rumors compilation album alongside Futurecop!, Fear of Tigers, Vanbot and other notable acts. The duo released two follow up EPs through their label featuring ‘Talk to Me’, ‘The Way’ and 'Cold Heart'.She's the Queen's music has been featured on FOX TV's 'Sleepy Hollow', Showtime's 'The Real L Word' and The Style Network's 'Betsy Johnson XOX' to name a few.

Indigo Maya – Angel of Annihilation (Spotify)

“Angel of Annihilation from Indigo Maya is a fine indie electronica with wonderful post rock influences and solid groove. Her signature vocals sit perfect on the mix and gives you an epic feeling overall, an elecrop pop with lot of diversity.”

Angel of Annihilation is a genre-bending Electropop/Industrial Metal song depicting the day-to-day disorientation that comes with chronic pain, and the constant fluctuation between haziness in waking life and the raw carnage of nightmares more vivid than life itself. In these nightmares, the angel of annihilation is both Indigo's alter ego and her illness made manifest, a reckless warlord inspired by sumerian mythology and demonology. Indigo depicts the duality of her daytime and nighttime lives by jumping between dreamy verses with erratic, glitchy drums and sharp, chaotic choruses driven by layers of harsh synths and thrasher guitars.

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