Drew Schueler – Can’t Say (Word Like That) (Spotify)

Drew Schueler – Can’t Say (Word Like That)

Drew Schueler – Can’t Say (Word Like That) (Spotify)

Can't Say (Word Like That) is a song describing the fear of telling someone you love them for the first time. It focuses on unrequited or one-sided love, a universal and frequent subject in pop culture. The song considers the anxiety of potential rejection from expressing these true feelings.

It was selected as a top 10 finalist for the 2020 NSAI Song Contest presented by CMT and Martin Guitars. My last single "Paradise" was featured on multiple playlists and blogs such as Reignland Mag., Popmuzik, Talk About Pop Music, etc. and was shared across social platforms by influencers like Juliana Hale, and Grow with Jo. I have a release show on 2/28 in Nashville and a live performance booked on the TV show, Today In Nashville.

New pop artist, Drew Schueler is a master at creating unique yet familiar songs full of vibrant vocals and melodies, electro-pop synth textures, electric guitar and programmed beats, similar to Lauv, Justin Bieber, and LANY.

Drew cut his teeth in Cincinnati and Nashville fronting and producing alternative pop bands but is now breaking into the pop mold. He not only wrote his entire debut EP (New Perspective), but also played all the instruments, produced and mixed the entire project himself.

“I have always been fascinated by all aspects of creating music,” Drew said. “As with any kind of art, every tiny detail matters and I love knowing everything that goes into my music.”

Along with his growing artist career, Schueler is a thriving songwriter, instrumentalist and producer, working out of his studio in Nashville.

Starla Edney – Queen of Hearts (by Monoir) (Video)

Starla Edney – Queen of Hearts (by Monoir)

Travelling at the speed of sound is something Thrace Music is really good at. This and the passion for discovering cultural connections between countries separated by long distances have built upon the Romanian record label for quite a few years now. And its latest release comes to strengthen this feeling.

Starla Edney took her native island vibe to a wider audience with a handful of songs. Yet the collaboration started with Monoir, translated into Devil Eye, brought her the well deserved international fandom.

Queen Of Hearts connects the sensual tones from Starla Edney’s voice, born on the tiny island of Guam in the middle of the Pacific ocean, with Thrace’s unmistakable sound signature. The soft tropical beats and subtle Indian allusions emphasize on a broken love story that has never sounded so nostalgic. The hot summer days never seemed so close.

Starla Edney is an international singer and song-writer from the island of Guam. Signed with Thrace Music in Europe, she’s becoming the next European sensation. She has lived in many countries all over the world, and currently resides in Italy.

Diamond Lounge, Scarlet Jei Saoirse – Dangerous (Spotify)

Diamond Lounge, Scarlet Jei Saoirse – Dangerous

Diamond Lounge, Scarlet Jei Saoirse – Dangerous (Spotify)

New electro synth pop single by diamond lounge & Seattle based singer Scarlet J Saoirse