ELUNIA – Pressure Points (Spotify)

“-ELUNIA- dominates with her voice in the music world, creating an authentic harmony and stands on her diverse background as such. In -Pressure Points- the singer's charming meditative voice floats into the clouds and lift us up too. Also presenting an emotional atmosphere and kaleidoscope with rich variety of sound colours.”

“Вокал -ELUNIA- доминирует в музыкальном пространстве, создавая аутентичную гармонию и выделяется на многообразном фоне ему же подобных. Песня -Pressure Points- словно плавает и витает в облаках, очаровывая своим медитативным голосом. Обволакивающая слушателя атмосфера, эмоциональный калейдоскоп из разнообразия звуковых оттенков и тональностей.”


Returning with her third single of the year, alt-pop prodigy ELUNIA unveils the emotive single "Pressure Points," co-produced with multi-million streamed producer JMAC (Haux, Luz, Matilda Mann, Rosie Carney). The singer-songwriter-producer, praised by EARMILK as "[leaving] you hanging off each word," released her debut "Borderlines" and second single "Soak" in early 2021, which received notable acclaim from music blogs and accumulated over 20,000 streams on Spotify alone. Guided by moody piano, the nuanced production of new record "Pressure Points" ebbs and flows to create a dreamy landscape. Alongside shimmering guitar, haunting synths, and dynamic percussion, ELUNIA’s ethereal voice soars as she delivers intimate, poetic lyricism.

Speaking about her new single, ELUNIA says: “I wrote ‘Pressure Points’ about idolizing someone as the hope I was looking for through a struggle with mental health, and the fear of losing them. I felt like I was finally seen for my full potential, which gave me a glimpse of possibility when I could only see nothing before. You can hear the original voice memos in there from the day I started writing it with birds singing in the background, which felt so right to keep in since it’s quite a vulnerable song. The idea of ‘pressure points’ felt so strangely accurate to me when I came up with it – it's not like someone is outright saving you, but more that they're just existing in the right places and the right ways, and it's really subtle, but that makes it all the more powerful.”


ELUNIA – Soak (Spotify)

“New single "Soak" is out now from ELUNIA. Personal electronic style and crystal clear singing reveal something more than a typical song. Noticeable sweet transitions between melodies and lyrics, interesting pauses and courage-giving feelings are some highlights of this work.”


"Soak" is the newest offering from the New Hampshire hailing artist ​ELUNIA​, whose release follows an impressive debut dropped back in January of this year. Loaded with ethereal textures and nostalgic synth sounds, "Soak" is a triumphant alt-pop single that is both commercial and cinematic in its production. The single was produced by ​ELUNIA and refined by multi-million streamed producer ​JMAC (​Luz​, ​Matilda​ ​Mann​, ​Haux, Rosie​ ​Carney).

Discussing the single ​ELUNIA​ explains:

“S​oak came about in the morning after a concert, just as the euphoria was fading. I had felt so alone for so long while struggling with anxiety and isolation caused by bullying and exclusion over the years, and I suddenly felt like someone had injected life into me. I had discovered this secret, special world of music that only I could know, only I could experience where I felt like I actually existed and mattered. It was a world that gave me highs without chemicals, while others felt like they needed substances and destructive habits to achieve that same feeling. I would desperately hold onto those moments and make them last as long as possible, and though that helped me cope, there was a part of me that knew I was idealizing the people I encountered and the experiences I had. I wrote Soak as a way to preserve those moments trying to hold onto positive memories before they slipped away and reality flooded back in.”

Her debut single "Borderlines" has received notable acclaim from the blog community and has picked up over 17,000 ​streams on Spotify since its release.


When reality became too much, ELUNIA created an alternative existence. A singer-songwriter-producer executing all of her own visuals, the New Hampshire-based recording artist captures the endless meaning of human interaction as an immersive experience. Each track delves beneath the surface, with striking electronic textures, soaring melodies, and observant, probing lyrics.

Although trained in music from an early age, it was the discovery of transforming feelings into creative entities that inspired the emerging songsmith to chart a different path. The multi-instrumentalist began writing and producing incessantly, hiding away in school practice rooms as a coping mechanism for the isolation she faced in the world around her. Fragments of thought, often noted in the midst of heart-wrenching moments, evolved into ethereal, liquid atmospheres. The result is a flood of wild self-expression channeled through thoughtfully-molded soundscapes.

In 2018, a chance conversation with multi-million streamed producer JMAC led to the materialization of her debut single “Borderlines”, a swirling, thumping examination of the toxic patterns associated with an artificial, forced sense of identity. Relatable phrases such as “I’m alive but I don’t fit into reality” tackle her struggle with mental health in an extroverted society and the mind-numbing effect of being in a creatively stifling environment. The rejection of social norms gave rise to music that defies labels.


ELUNIA – Borderlines (Spotify)

“"Singer, composer, producer and performer; it's all ELUNIA.
Her single Borderlines delves into the depths of the visual and auditory textures of her subconscious. Lyrics vibrating in my chest, a cloud of melody and unearthly beauty of vocals. ELUNIA is an impression you dare not pause. "”

“Певица, композитор, продюсер и исполнитель; всё это она - ELUNIA.

Её сингл Borderlines погружает в глубины визуальные и слуховые текстуры её подсознания. Вибрирующая в груди лирика, облако мелодии и неземной красоты вокал. ELUNIA - впечатление, которое вы не посмеете поставить на паузу.”


ELUNIA’s breakout song "Borderlines" and her visual for the track should be on your radar. The singer-songwriter-producer will release the high concept clip Thursday, February 18th. The video will feature the essence of ELUNIA’s personal battle with her self-expression.

The self-made video for the New Hampshire native’s lush track "Borderlines" evokes the artist's inner turmoil of being torn between two halves of her personality, resulting in a stylish representation of the core of the song. Her battle with identity is on full display as the protagonist paints an array of multicolor strokes across her face while ELUNIA sings “I'm alive but I don't fit into reality.” ELUNIA’s knack for storytelling shines through her ability to connect her soaring, incisive lyrics to the duality of her performative and real self.

ELUNIA collaborated with multi-million streamed producer JMAC (Haux, Luz) to create “Borderlines".

Listen to "Borderlines" here: soundcloud.com/eluniamusic/borderlines

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