Eminel – Slide (Spotify)

“Listen to this pleasant story from "Eminel" and get away from everyday's madness. Hot like Summer heat Afro-fusion creation. Let the beat guide you through those rocking lyrics and prepare to party.”


"Slide", the dance hall flavored ditty, filled with syrup lines that serenade girls and keeps the party rocking.


Emmanuel Mathew who goes by the stage name Eminel is an Afro-fusion artiste with a plethora of musical influences. He infuses these influences in his songs. When he is not doing this vocally, you find some glimpse in his random poignant posts on social media.

If Eminel says he is from the street or Zanga (shout out to Durella), please believe him. You feel the street vibes in his sonic delivery. No, swear words, just a dude representing the underappreciated part of the society. He is proud of this.

In January 2021, the Yaba College of Technology student released his second single which was titled 9 AM. A feel-good and mellow tune that screams self-appraisals.

9 AM was a step up from Turn Up which was released in October 2020. On Turn Up, you have Eminel on a cruise mode, enjoying a lavi da local lifestyle while he urges the fans (girls) to come along for a good time.

On 9 AM, a more matured and well-calculated was on the mic, dropping the lines while the drum roll and guitar collide with the piano chop for a good outing.

Afrobeat exponent Fela once said Music was a weapon, Eminel must have considered this as he got featured on a track titled Change by Gucci Pre, alongside Deblon Tee

He was also featured on a track titled Enemies by Chris Jay

While we are unsure on what Eminel has in stuck for us as the year goes on, one thing is certain with the two previously released single, Eminel is full of prospects, he is the dude the industry has been waiting for.