o’shua – Mamasita

“A great example of an excellent, high-quality Cloud Hop, with a soft rhythm-section and penetrating vocal. The track bursts into your mind with a stream of emotions and leaves its memorable shade there. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Прекрасный пример отличного, качественного Cloud Hop, с мягкой ритм-секцией и проницательным вокалом. Трек врывается в ваше сознание потоком эмоций и оставляет там свой запоминающийся оттенок.”


O’shua is an American rapper/producer born in Detroit, Michigan. His artistic venture started at 8 years old when his uncle gave him his bass guitar. O’shua states that he remembers he could barely hold it, but it piqued his interest. That led to his parents buying his first guitar; a nylon stringed classical. He went on to study classical music and win multiple scholarships to attend the Flint institute of music in Michigan. O’shua didn't start writing his own music until his sophomore year of highschool, but was always freestyling and singing whatever came to his mind. Eventually, he moved to Boston, where he spent more of his formative years collaborating and growing amongst other creators. Moving forward, he toured around the US with a few of the friends he’d made in Boston that he ultimately ended up moving to Nashville with in 2018. The past few

years of his experience writing, producing, and collaborating with the artists around him have consistently refined the unique aspects of his sound. He says, “whether it’s subconscious or conscious, my musical identity has evolved from all the phases I’ve gone through over the years as a listener with electronic, alternative, gospel, classical, and hip hop. I believe “Mamasita” to be the current epitome of those phases, and the best reflection of my current identity, direction, and mood as an artist.


goldie 333 – Ice

“Track, which is practically inspired by gold threads in the history of the genres of Trap and Hip-Hop! This emotional work should listen to every person who is interested in this style of music. Open the new horizons of previously unprecedented events. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Трек, который практически вписан золотыми нитками в историю жанров Trap и Hip-Hop! Эту эмоциональную работу должен прослушать каждый человек, который интересуется данным стилем музыки. Откройте перед собой новые горизонты ранее невиданных событий.”



Ice is about a relationship in which one half is closing up and acts cold-hearted towards the other person. goldie sings about the struggles to get to that person, but knows the love is still in there. Blending moody guitar-rifs with strong 808 basslines, the track features goldies sweet and emotional toned vocals telling the story.


Sensibly, vividly and with a clear vision goldie 333 is catapulting her music into peoples hearts. From comforting, emotional to grungy and dark songs, goldie manages to fuse them with her unique style. Blending German and English words, different styles and looks, her music is a representation of herself as a bisexual black woman. Her music acts as a valve for her experiences in life & society, which goldie often describes as feeling alien-like.


“With sincere mood and noticeable drum & bass elements, “Triple One” target the top in the Cloud Hop scene. This fresh and promising single with its thematic clip has the power to keep you stimulated until the last second.”


NEON DREAMBOAT is the lead single off Triple One’s upcoming project, A Dangerous Method Vol. 1. Another stadium sized anthem, this song is produced by multi-platinum producer Styalz Fuego, and Grammy Nominated producer 18YOMAN. Confident and brazen, yet emotive and vulnerable, this is Triple One at the top of their game, laying everything on the line for a love that won’t be lost. The audacious and daring 4 piece release this song in anticipation of their upcoming national tour and highly anticipated debut performance at Splendour in the Grass later this year.


Dax – Dear Alcohol

“”Dax” wrote a strong, melodramatic track in which every sound and every word expresses all the natural and sincere pain of the artist. Melancholic, but very beautiful and lyrical Cloud Hop.”

“-Dax- написал сильный, мелодраматический трек, в котором каждая буква, каждое слово и каждая новая строка выражают всю естественную и искреннюю боль автора. Меланхоличный, но очень красивый и лирический cloud hop.”


Deep emotional song about the struggles with alcohol and addiction.


Wizard Lee – ReCreate (feat. Jay Kwev, Mula McNasty)

“It worths mentioning a recent release in the Hip-Hop scene, slightly different from the usual. Slow beat versus fast hihats and some wicked Gansta vocals on top, increase curiosity and keep our interest in high levels. As a team work result, "ReCreate" couldn't have been typical.”



Lu Ziano – Improvement

“From the very beginning you can feel the power and energy of bass and drums, setting the right pace and mood. High-quality pruduction in the Cloud Hop genre, with the vocals of "Lu Ziano". Everything you need for a hit is already in this track! ”

“С самого начала ощущается вся мощь и энергия баса и бочки, которые задают нужный темп и настроение. Качественная, бодрая аранжировка в жанре cloud hop, текст песни с лирической составляющей и вокал -Lu Ziano-. Всё, что нужно для хита, уже есть в этом треке!”



Yeloboi Tommy – HEARTBREAK (Video)

“Fast kicking ang crazy Rap sound just as “Yeloboi Tommy” knows. The artist reveals a side of his character through words of fire. Mind-blowing vocal performance combined with the hookiest quality by all means. Boom!”


Heartbreak is an introspective anthem, representing a fearless generation of emerging artists telling their stories with conviction. Set to cinematic strings and bombastic production from younger brother and producer 99hurts.

Stream HEARTBREAK Here – ffm.to/ybtheartbreak

Connect with Yeloboi Tommy:




Frantik x A l i a s j a z z – Ghost (Video)

“Deeply emotional track, crafted by two talented artists in the Hip-Hop scene. “Ghost” strongly affects with its lyrics and attracted our attention from the first seconds. Emo style with both artists performing in vocals in a way that keeps you there until the end.”


Frantik & alliasjazz met a year ago in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada. Alliasjazz a Paris native was performing at a show in Halifax in French with an English speaking audience. Frantik (Born and raised in Quebec) being the only person at the show that understood the lyrics was blown away by his performance. They later became friends and collaborated on music for the next couple of years. Ghost being the first single off there up and coming bilingual project


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