Essy – Dancing Around The Feeling (Spotify)

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“Get ready to fly with Essy and her etherial singing at "Dancing Around The Feeling". The Synthpop sound with some vintage aspect can fascinate and satisfy your thirst to move your body dancing. So don't waste time!”

This song is about dancing around feelings you don't want to feel because it's easier not to face them. Written in LA, very 80s rock / pop inspired. Programmed w/ original analog synths, live guitar, and drum kit.

Stardust – Essy (Video)

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“You dissolved sparkling glitter of tears on my tired eyes, like shooting stars in the dark, we are consumed with the first rays of the rising sun. An abundant sweet vocal performance by Essy!”

“Ты растворялся сияющими блёстками слёз на моих уставших глазах, словно падающие звёзды в темноте мы исчезаем с первыми лучами восходящего солнца.”

ESSY returns with her fourth single of 2020 in “Stardust”. The lyrical genius we have come to know and love from ESSY is once again present, this time discussing finding peace in the uncertainty that can come between two lovers or a story the never completes.

While her EDM background is still apparent in her four-on-the-floor drum arrangements and side-chained synth grooves, Essy’s beats are offset by clean, simplistic vocals and introspective storytelling that give her sound an effortless, organic quality. She thrives in a self-proclaimed “happy-sad” mode, with hard-hitting lyrics to make you cry and synthpop beats to make you dance while you’re doing it.


“The song is a story of two lovers that ended too soon – a story without an ending. For me, it’s about finding peace in the uncertainty. And it applies beyond just a romantic relationship. We have very little control over most things in life, but in that uncertainty, we find hope and faith and parts of ourselves we never knew possible.”



Influenced by her father’s love of music, Essy (born Rachel Braig) taught herself to play the piano and began writing her own songs at eleven years old. Her original compositions and passion for performing secured her acceptance into early songwriting programs at both Berklee College of Music and New York University’s Steinhardt School. During her residencies, she cut her teeth writing with industry veterans Barry Eastmond (Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston) and Maia Sharpe (Carole King, The Dixie Chicks), as well as pop songwriter Michael Pollack (Lauv, Celine Dion), and artist Sasha Sloan.

Fate interceded when a piano ballad she composed out of her dormitory apartment caught the attention of Atlantic electronic duo Ship Wrek. Essy’s first cut with NCS Records’ Star Party soon followed, and early graduation prompted a move to Nashville to begin songwriting full-time alongside some of pop’s most promising penners, including Johnluke Lewis (LANY), Jintae Ko (OneRepublic), Paris Carney (Adam Lambert), Mike Pappas (Meghan Trainor), and Hunter Hayes.

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