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De Moi – Pencil Waltz (Video)

“In -Pencil Waltz- we find so unusual sound, which with ease and incredible trepid climbs under the skin and creates a unique and unforgettable comfort. IDM elements and a slight rustle effect is skillfully mixed with an acoustic guitar, which becomes so easily and serene. Present delicacy for gourmet.”

“В -Pencil Waltz- настолько необычное звучание, которое с лёгкостью и невероятным трепетом залезает к вам под кожу и создаёт неповторимый и незабываемый уют. Элементы IDM и лёгкое шуршание glitch искусно смешивается с акустической гитарой, от чего становится так легко и безмятежно. Настоящее лакомство для гурманов.”

High Vibe Records: “Stereopresence EP offers a curious, inquisitive peek into the soul of De Moi. Deeply textured, De Moi brings simple yet charming melodies by way of acoustic and electric guitar harmonics. Sparing use of upright bass adds dimension to the sparse arrangement, and the variety of ASMR triggers offer a deliciously tactile sense of percussion. A truly unique listen, Stereopresence EP will have you coming back again and again.”

Magnetic Vines – Constellation in B Minor (Spotify)

“Crafted with classic and electronic sounds, this piece seems to be a must for our relaxation time. Never underestimate the deep impact of Ambient synth textures which cuddle the body and take away all its tension.”

With shifting electro-acoustic sounds built around improvised piano, "Constellation in B Minor" is a soundtrack for a late-night bicycle ride through an empty city, or a summer night alone in a rooftop garden.

Barstool Astronaut – Phenomena (Video)

“Intricately interwoven sequences develop into a lush, full sound that in turn morphs into simpler themes, & then back again to an even bigger sound as instruments are added. A progressive ever changing composition full of creativity & experimentation. Ambient, melodic, percussive & at times cinematic. This track is packed with everything that makes Mike’s music so good to listen to.”

Barstool Astronaut is instrumental music fueled with experimentation and built for space travel drawing from influences such as Four Tet, Little People, Bonobo, The Flashbulb, and many more.

Denver, Coloardo based producer Mike Larson Schneider started Barstool Astronaut after years of touring and session work as a drummer. Feeling a creative limitation behind the kit in bands (and with the schematics of the music industry in general), he picked back up his first instrument – piano – and started making instrumental electronic music with borrowed software and semi-blind ambition. After a few years creating music with no artistic limitations in mind, Schneider has carved out his own sound from the electronic-leaning genres of IDM, ambient, and instrumental hip-hop, often blending them with a layer of acoustic instruments, inspired by post-rock dynamics and composition.

Serge Bulat, Dai Sekiguchi – Possible Plausible Reversible (Spotify)

“Minimalistic harmony, proportionate to the pulse of the time. A world in which an otherworldly landscape and a detached everyday life wander. It attracts your attention and grants the opportunity to embrace the immensity.”

“Минималистичная гармония, соразмерная с пульсом времени. Мир, в котором блуждает потусторонний ландшафт и отрешённая обыденность. Приковывает к себе ваше внимание и дарует возможность объять необъятное.”

The single 'Possible Plausible Reversible' (feat. Dai Sekiguchi) from the upcoming album 'Similarities Between Fish And A Chair'

Serge Bulat announces the new album 'Similarities Between Fish And A Chair'.

Moldovan-American artist Serge Bulat returns with a new record, international collaborations, and a psychological audiovisual installation.

'Similarities Between Fish And A Chair' follows the 2020 release 'Wurmenai', the genre-bending concept album with the video game companion 'Wurroom'.

The new album is a direct continuation to 'Wurmenai', a multi-cultural sonic experience featuring notable collaborators from Katie Buckley, Nino Errera, Pavel Vit, to Dai Seikiguchi, OYME, and Hirokazu Ishida. The artists from ten countries in total have participated in the project.

'Similarities Between Fish And A Chair', takes Bulat's ambition further into experimentation, collaborations, and format challenging; the artist fuses genres, cultures, and media to achieve an eclectic and non-conformist body of work.

One of such experiments is the project 'Inkblot': Bulat's take on the standard psychological test expanded by an addition of sense - hearing. 'Inkblot' has been presented at selected festivals around the world and aimed to connect previous and upcoming albums.

According to Bulat, "...the new work deals with identity, normality, and personality; it questions reality and perception as well as imagines future".

The lead single 'Sanity Matra' features Icelandic resident, performing artist Katie Buckley with which Bulat collaborated remotely during the lockdown.

Five years in making, the project presents instrumentalists from around the world, lyrics in Romanian, Japanese, English, and indigenous Erzya, field recording taken in four countries, sound design, and NASA samples.

Serge Bulat, a multi-disciplinary artist, born in the Moldovan-Ukrainian border town under the USSR, immigrated to the USA in 2009, to pursue a career in music. Known in the electronic and avant-garde music circles for the IMA-winning LP 'Queuelbum'; the audio/visual installations 'Third World Walker'; and the experimental video game 'Wurroom'. Billed as an album in the video game format, 'Wurroom' has been exclusively designed to interact with sound. Developed in tandem with Russia's Michael Rfdshir, the game presents an immersive experience of a surreal utopia, taking the form of an exploration quest.

'Similarities Between Fish And A Chair' will be released on April 30th, 2021.

Claus Vega – Alma Vive (Spotify)

“The magic and unity of melodic sound, which so beautifully entwined slow pace and a variety of synthesized sounds. The call of -Alma Vive- is light, but its background is rich, because of the artist's special kind of discography.”

“Волшебство и единство мелодичного звука, в котором так красиво сплелись медленный, размеренный темп и разнообразие синтезированных звуков. Назвать -Alma Vive- лёгкой, фоновой музыкой будет неверным, ибо это своеобразное украшение вашей дискографии.”

This song is the opening song of Claus Vega's new Album GRAU including 17 tracks with various genres and many features and collaborations by local artists from Barcelona (Gitano Del Futuro, Kai Landre, Manu Chao, Fernanda Aleman and many more)

Paul Cousins – Assemblage (Video)

“The experimental sounds give birth to new ideas, which end up conquering the hearts of most listeners. -Assemblage- explores the horizons of ambient music, which boldly uses analog synthesizer patterns converted into digital audio.”

“Экспериментальные жанры рождают новые идеи, которые по итогам покоряют сердца своих слушателей. -Assemblage- исследует горизонты эмбиента, в котором смело использует аналоговые синтезаторы преобразованные в цифровой звук. ”

Assemblage’ is a study of reconstructing analog formats in the digital realm. The track is composed of 36 individual 1/4″ tape loops created on a 1965 Akai reel-to-reel. The video is animated from 1000 frames of 35mm film, shot using a Lomokino camera. Physical editing was applied to both formats before digital reassembly. Sonic and visual artifacts have been preserved to highlight the process.

Track artwork by digital artist Signalstar

Paul Cousins is a producer & composer based in London. Recently featured in FACT magazine’s ‘Patch Notes’ series, he creates ambient soundscapes using analog synthesizers, samples & field recordings. In addition to producing for a diverse range of artists such as Muck Spreader, August Child & Night Games, his other studio credits include Luke Evans, FOURS and Makeup & Vanity Set.

I Am Snow Angel – life breath (Spotify)

“The perfection of simplicity from "Life breath" directly at your speakers. So etherial and elusive Until you realize that it's over. Like water flowing slowly in a small pond carrying leaves to an unknown direction. Respect for that true artist!”

life breath is a textural, instrumental meditation on collective loss and rebirth. It is the second track on my forthcoming EP "elegy" (due out March 12, 2021). Fun additional fact: I am a sound designer for Ableton, the Germany-based electronic software/hardware company. I design midi instrument pre-sets for their digital audio workstation, Ableton Live. One of my recent creations is a midi pre-set in the "Drone Lab" sound pack (which was released alongside Ableton Live 11) called "lifebreath." I designed this drone-y sound as I was indulging in this instrumental meditation, and I wanted to share it with Ableton users and music creators around the world.

I AM SNOW ANGEL fuses digital and organic elements, creating a sound that is at once ethereal and earthy. The music is composed, performed, produced and engineered by recording artist and multi-instrumentalist Julie Kathryn. I AM SNOW ANGEL has been featured in MusicTech Magazine, TapeOp, American Songwriter, Magnetic Mag, Refinery 29, and many more for her “fluorescent beats and emotionally charged melodies” and “dedication to craft.” She is an imaginative and prolific producer, sound designer for Ableton, and co‐founder of Female Frequency, a musical collective dedicated to empowering women in the music industry. Her newest release, Elegy (due out March 12, 2021), is a creative meditation on our collective loss and rebirth.

Defset – Deadlines – Single Edit (Spotify)

“Let yourself enjoy some short of Experimental presentation. Dynamic loops, special effects, EQs and filtered synth samples result in a very addictive track. Warning! This one can cause mind alternation!”

Today, March 2nd, emerging electronic producer DEFSET unveils ‘Deadlines’, the first cut taken from upcoming album ‘Proximity’, due for release on May 28th through EMK - the new electronic music platform launched by Kartel Music Group. Stream ‘Deadlines’ here.

“Deadlines’ is about the end of days,” explains DEFSET; “writing this in my bunker when the world felt like it was ending, I guess it took on a sombre, dark tone. I was listening to a lot of Trentemøller, Apparat and other artists who lean towards the darker, cinematic, electronic spectrum. It’s dark but not without hope.”

Although new to the electronic music scene, DEFSET demonstrates mastery in delivering a deeply accomplished sonic blend of immersive techno, dub-step and atmospheric electronic music.

DEFSET’s ‘Deadline’ single is out now stream it here, debut album set for release later in the year, digitally and as a high quality vinyl package.

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