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Genevieve Sovereign – Savouring Today

“The Australian-Canadian Genevieve Sovereign melds her expressive voice with smooth Electronic forms of sound to offer a relaxing listening experience. A single that unfolds like fairytale and plays an introductory role for a special album.”

"Savouring Today" is track 01 on the debut EP "It's yours." from Australian-Canadian electronic singer-songwriter Genevieve Sovereign. Featured song on this album, "Savouring Today" was composed using one of David Bowie’s purported songwriting techniques - of devising vocal melody on an unrelated instrument (concert flute, in this case) around which the broader arrangement is then built, and then substituting out that initial instrument for lyrics written to suit.

Taken as a holistic auditory journey, the "It's yours." EP's poetically written songs intertwined with unconventional instrumental pieces invite listeners to explore and apply their own interpretations - whilst reconnecting with worlds inside and beyond the self.




Marion Doncoeur – Violence

“Such music is forever remain in memory. The originality of the approach to the construction of the arrangement structure, blurred, as if from another universe vocals -marion doncoeur-, experimental, some bold trip-hop rhythms and the overall depressing atmosphere of melancholy. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Подобная музыка навсегда остаётся в памяти. Неординарность подхода к построению структуры аранжировки, размытый, словно из другой вселенной вокал -Marion Doncoeur-, экспериментальные, немного дерзкие ритмы Trip-Hop и общая угнетающая атмосфера меланхолии.”

Artist said about this song:

"I wrote this song in Bretagne (France), in a house in front of the Ocean.

It was very cold, and the words came to me. I discovered them one by one and I understood that I needed to express it like that, in a very raw and energetic way.

This song is a cry from the heart of a woman who has been told too many lies, who has been told to shut up. It uproots the illusion that not saying things as they are is being at peace. She takes the power of the words and dares to speak, to express. She uproots violence with her honesty. She is powerful and she is not afraid of it anymore. It’s a vibration that runs through me and in this specific song, and that I’m happy to share with you."

Edward Newell x Esgazette – A Bandstand Romance

“The depth of the emotional message combined with the Cinematic sound, creates a complete musical canvas. This composition is like an entertaining monologue that helps you absorb all its beauty and really love this work.”

“Глубина эмоционального посыла, в сочетании с оркестровой музыкой, создают полноценное музыкальное полотно. Эта композиция как душевный монолог, который помогает вам впитать в себя всю свою красоту и по-настоящему полюбить это произведение.”

A yearning melancholic piece, ideally to be played on a lonely bandstand in a windy autumn park. Equally suited to the comfort of your own home. It is a wash of metallic effects with several cello parts, bass and keyboards.

Meelo – Reflets

“We all have a beat that moves us like spirits through the clouds. It can expose emotions and capture our attention. Ensuring we continue our dace with the mystical realms. This one took us beyond the clouds as we searched for another pert of ourselves. ”

Rising London musician / producer Meelo is poised to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘Reflets’, lifted from the forthcoming debut EP ‘Movement 1’ due this April.

Accompanied by a visually stunning choreographed concept video, ‘Reflets’ transcends into a new era, exploring the intricacies of sound, anchored by an emotional, meditative core. Meelo says: “My music explores a deep commitment to the values of introspection, self discovery and healing. We’ve all felt that strange mix of thrill and fear when we’re on the cusp of making a breakthrough, fearing it precisely because it is still in the unknown. Reflet dives into that feeling with a mix of shimmer and depth, unrelenting rhythm.”

When Meelo was well into his career as a touring session player and music therapist, (playing for the likes of Goya Gumbani and Tertia May), he was forced to stop everything on a fateful day when the front wheel of his bike jammed and he broke his arm. Shut away and unable to play he took some time for himself, his production skills and poetry; applying that to his already strong songwriting and compositional abilities he began to build an EP that represented this moment of self-contemplation.

It took another fateful moment to accelerate the project when Meelo met Frankie Mami, international Dj and production engineer master. Sat at the back of a session in Frankie’s studio Meelo slipped in and spun a track he was working on called “Gatto”; Frankie’s ears pricked up, and with a knowing smile the two of them recognised something special. Frankie’s enthusiasm, refined expertise and invaluable guidance propelled the project to new levels and kickstarted a beautiful friendship built on mutual respect and sharing.

Movement 1 is joyous, and at times despairing but loaded with the momentum and power that comes with exploring one’s self. It’s the result of years of the artist trying to find his way, releasing the fears of the past and ultimately finding his voice. Ambitious in his genre-spanning scope and fiercely committed to the redemptive quality of music, Meelo’s story can be heard and felt on every note of his debut EP.

Saafi Brothers – Mantra Dub

“Dubby Basslines with awesome atmospheric Strings and Dreamy sequences. Saafi brothers delivers a gateway to another musical psychedelic experience. Packed with percussion and great sound design ”

Make Pictures With The Sound’ is the brand new album by the Saafi Brothers on UK label Liquid Sound Design.

The release title is inspired by a quote from legendary British music producer John Leckie, who lends his voice on opening track ‘Beautiful Satellite’. With this album the Saafi Brothers do just that; make pictures with the sound, taking us on a breathtaking journey through their universe of sound, spiralling out from their deep roots in the Psychedelic Dub genre.

Keeping alive the Saafi Brothers’ reputation for chilled out eclecticism, the musical and emotional range for which they are renowned is very much in evidence here. From the rainforest tinged Dub Funk of ‘Ritualized Space’, through the epic deep Techno Sci-Fi soundscape of ‘In Far Away Places’ to the wigged out Acid House of ‘The Possibility of Change’, the album has much to offer for any connoisseur of contemporary Electronica.’

Komory -Secrets

“So fresh! That beat seems to catch us instantly. The heavily vocoded vocals are done well, good filters and stretched accordingly. We bounced along to that beat with the proper clap, thinking about that West Coast sunset this embodied. ”

Either let ‘Secrets’ occupy the space around you, or dive into its lustrous vision cruising on a cloud. Like an application of sweet-smelling aftersun when the need to cool off takes over, Komory’s EDM-scented chillout on Be Yourself Music mixes up long synth streaks with passages of playful, twittering keys. The follow-up to ‘Complicated’ bursts into colour before starting over from the end of the rainbow, acting cheeky, coy, confident and encouraging, and forwarding plenty of eyes-across-the-room groove within the calm.

The name Komory originates from the Japanese term ‘Hikikomori’, describing the act of withdrawing from social engagement and where adults seek intense degrees of isolation and confinement. This might sound like no accident given the events of the last few years, but Komory strongly believe this type of self-imposed segregation is a fundamental driving force behind their creative process and hence signature sound.

With cards kept close to their chest as they let the music speak for itself, Komory’s fusion of electronic, futuristic and melodic arts and inspirations have made them hot property. All chrome-finished R&B, neon-lit EDM, AI technology and minimalism shouting the loudest when it comes to tropical blooms, Komory offer a visual complement alongside what they describe as "the next generation of music performance".

Their ethos may speak for the secluded and titles such as ‘Complicated’ and ‘Secrets’ indicate deeper thought processes, but Komory also understand the need for instant enjoyment, their synthetic sentiments in tune with today’s audiences that are all about the here and now as much as they sound primed for and from the future.

Craig Lowe – Angels

“Exploring the mysterious side of electronic sound, "Craig Lowe" follows a dramatic and unpredictable motive this time. Multiple synth layers of crystal quality and progress variation are waiting you to click play.”

After experimenting with a range of sonic territories over the past 5 years, Craig Lowe’s upcoming EP ’SKY’ cuts through the noise to become his most direct sound to date.

Skys sound is achieved with galactic analogue synths, warm melodies and percussion that echoes Craig's youth growing up in the UK listening to 80s/90s clubs tunes.

‘Sky’ will be Craig’s first release on Steven Weston record label ‘Blank Dust’. Steven Weston has tracks on Last Night On Earth and Anjunadeep

Craig Lowe is a London based electronic music artist specialising in audiovisual performance and his new EP deepens his exploration into the world of audio-reactive visuals, developing the music to co-exist with the visuals.

'Sky' was written almost immediately after Craig’s Second EP ‘Solace’ was finished during the lockdown and showcases the befits of producing, mixing, creating/programming live visuals and creating artwork all himself.

‘Sky’ will be Craig’s first release on Steven Weston record label ‘Blank Dust’. Steven Weston has tracks on Last Night On Earth and Anjunadeep

Theodore – Voyage (Video)

“Theodore has combined his soft voice with a colourful palette of Ambient soundscapes, calling us to follow in his fantastic “Voyage”. Hold your breath and open the door to this high-level sound experience.”

“Voyage”, the final part of the journey, comprises some quiet synth arrangements in an ethereal soundscape and a cinematic orchestration that leads to a floating ambience with some elegant electronic outbursts. Here is where the traveller leaves the physical world behind, a world that used to define him. Now is when he evolves into his spiritual self. The destination, time and space are yet unknown. “Voyage” is the moment of awareness; The Voyage is a travel of the mind.

Goya – Dilli (Spotify)

“Melodic, experimental work with artistic images. Variety of field records blended with Asian vocals. A realistic picture eventually appears in front of the listener, where music plot and symbolism appear on its canvas.”

“Мелодичная, экспериментальная работа, в которой прослеживаются художественные образы. Разнообразие полевых записей, восточный вокал красиво ложится на душу и в итоге перед слушателем реалистичная картина, на полотне которой отображены музыкальный сюжет и символизм. ”

Artist shared few words about this song:

"Everything you hear in this track has been created using the sounds recorded in Delhi, no musical instruments have been used.

Dilli is a track that came about as a part of - 'Sounds of the City', a collaborative initiative between Berklee College of Music & MAP Bangalore where one music producer was chosen from 4 metropolitan cities each to compose a track by using sounds of their city.

When I stepped out to record, I realized Delhi is not just one thing or one sound but rather a diverse collection of it. Delhi is noisy, crowded, fast, and yet, serene and peaceful at certain time and places. I wanted to showcase this aspect through my track.

I went to locations such as Chandni Chowk, Nizammuddin Railway Station, Ghats of Yamuna, Lodhi Garden, some of the oldest restaurants, Bangla Sahib, Jama Masjid and several other unique places to record the rich and diverse sounds the city had to offer." - Goya

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