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Epokhé – Everything at Once (Spotify)

“-Everything at Once- is an ambient chill electronica theme with anything at all. Epokhé brilliantly layers an emotive story which manages to dive you into an ocean of feelings.”

Artist shared with us few words about this song:

"I started writing this song in my analog synth studio after reading the Ancient Greek philosopher Parmenides who believed that time and change were an illusion and everything exists all together at once. I wanted to express what it might feel like to experience the whole universe and all of time as one single thing happening in the same moment."

About the Artist

Epokhé is a composer and electronic music producer born in Canada and based in New York City. He spent his college years studying philosophy, music technology and sound recording.

The influence of both his acoustic and electronic background is evident in the complex sonic textures he creates and the innovative music production and recording techniques he uses to create them. His compositions are often emotionally impactful and can range from subtle and relaxing to tense and grandiose.

In 2017, he launched his solo electronic project and began DJ’ing in the Montréal club scene. In 2019 he began his mark in the film industry by working with academy award winning composer Howard Shore, where he has served as a musical sound designer and programmer to create unique electronic and acoustic elements to accompany Shore’s music.

In addition to his music, Epokhé has been building interactive immersive sound instillations which allow users to interact with music in ways never before seen.

“Ancient Dialogue” – Narducci [Official Music Video] (Video)

“Through a stunning visual form of art and a hypnotic groove and shamanic world music vocals, Narducci brilliant blends together a story which turns into a break-beat electronica during and flirting partly with experimental electronica. Ancient Dialogue is a story line with depth!”

Time is an illusion. The past is memory, the future, imagination. From dark, dungeonous laboratories with hand-drawn sci-fi animation to bright desert landscapes and deserted towns, the visual language of “Ancient Dialogue” is rich and symbolic. “The title and the atmosphere of the sounds from the music inspired the visuals,” says director Chmiel.

From the opening notes, mixing percussion and acoustic guitar with haunting vocal samples of Inuit women, the music creates a new world, speaking with the ancestors. Airy flute pads alternate with bombing horn hits as a pulsating Drum ’n’ Bass groove gradually takes over, transporting the listener from the old to the new. Rich Baroque synths ebb and flow while the relentless drums and ancient tongues lift the listener into ecstasy. As the song ends, the echoes of children playing fade out in reverberated glory.

Produced by Narducci, who has worked with Miguel, Bilal, Daron Malakian, and Warren Cuccurullo among many others, “Ancient Dialogue” creates a rich sonic landscape that beautifully pushes director Chmiel’s vivid scenery.

“I wanted to relate to present day and beyond by bending the presence of time altogether. Our character is a cog used by beings from one part of our universe sending him through different parts of our known existence. He gets cut from his creators along the way and trapped in a place where he finds dialogue. We wanted this dialogue to transcend even death as our cog stumbles upon his own spiritual connection…”

Chmiel, who as a writer, director, and editor has worked with musicians STS, Khari Mateen, The Vivian Girls, and Sean Forbes in addition to writer Jerry Stahl and Fast & Furious films 6-8 in his capacity working in feature development at Universal Pictures, had a vision for creating “Ancient Dialogue.” Working alongside him to sculpt this vision was Corey Ulrich, the Los Angeles based Director of Photography who has shot music videos for artists such as Miley Cyrus and Mary J. Blige, directed commercials for clients including Volkswagen and Coca-Cola, and was the show runner for the nationally broadcasted automotive television series Head 2 Head.

What if we could fold the time-space continuum visually and sonically? That is what Narducci and director R.J. Chmiel and have acheived in the new music video “Ancient Dialogue.”

Skycabin – Secrets (Video)

“For all those music lovers who seek a fresh perspective on experimental electronica, Secrets is the newest release of the genre that will move them deeply. Influenced by great music bands of the ’90s scene the band manages to deliver a piece of extraordinary music quality ”

This song is about the inner conflict inside you when you are stuck in a toxic relationship. The obsessed heart wants to stay, the alarmist brain wants out.

Skycabin is a musical and visual project by Farbod and Sepand, two California based longtime musical partners. With major influences from Massive Attack and Nine Inch Nails, Skycabin aims to provide a new era of music influenced by the dark tones of the 90s under a commercial appeal.

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