Fabián dos Rios – Captain Rasca (Spotify)

“Virtuoso -Fabiian Dos Rios- in its charming composition -Captain Rasca- creates the effect of all-consuming immersion. Melody is the most thoughtful and cling. Minimalistic work capable of calling a storm of emotions.”

“Виртуозная игра -Fabián dos Rios- в его очаровательной композиции -Captain Rasca- создаёт эффект всепоглощающего погружения. Мелодия максимально продуманная и цепляющая. Минималистичное произведение, способное вызвать бурю эмоций.”


Captain Rasca' is a minimalist Neo-classical piece composed by Spanish Pianist, Composer, & Illustrator Fabián Dos Rios. From all the places that shaped his life, from the North of Spain to where he currently resides in Germany, the landscapes of Asturias are what inspires his music the most.

The official song name was born on the last day of filming visuals for the track, when Fabián and his film collaborator, Lukas, found an abandoned dog in chains and rescued him.

Lukas, in his thrilled state of mind, said “I'd rather slit my throat than put the dog back into chains” and named his new grateful and highly energetic dog, Captain Rasca.